"Lady Masters of Karma"

Melora through Joanna Neff

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Following is information Melora has given us regarding the Great Beings who are supporting our workshop in Sedona, AZ - July 11-12, 1998. For more information on the workshop itself, please go back to the main web page and click on the desert scene graphic (or on the text above it).

We're being asked NOT to focus on the names of The Council of 12, because they do not wish to be interpreted as a static group; rather, they flow in and out of "membership," as their consciousness of their roles shifts in service to the light. Melora and St. Germain promise that ALL will "go up" several levels in their own ascension during the weekend intensive. According to Melora, "It is about how each attendee, with her or his unique gifts, will change colors and develop more, even after the workshop." -- Joanna Neff

MELORA through Jyoti Alla-An (6/15/98) :

The Council of 12--as it is comprised for this workshop--is not a static council. The 12 represent higher expressions of all those who will come to the workshop. So the Council of 12 could be considered to be the "great-great-great-great- great-great-great-great-great-great grandparents." Do you see? [laughs] . . . some incarnate at one time . . . some who still have incarnate expressions. So you can see what our Jyoti is understanding as the magnitude of the work being done.

One of the important messages that we wish to give people is: YOU are related to one or more of "Lady Masters of Karma" in your soul lineage. The other part of the message that we want to give is that, just as each of the 12 Lady Masters of Karma has a specialty that is recognizable, so do individuals in the composite of those attending the workshop. Together, as a group, there's a beautiful wholeness. And so a major part of our message is: "Do you understand that honoring your own uniqueness is critical. It is not anti-spiritual. Having everybody act the same, having everybody conform to some notion of what they think is spiritual behavior, is ruining the composite. And this is why our Jyoti understands how critical it is to get the information out about the members who wish to be named. (There are those who wish NOT to be named.) People attending need to understand that, together, these energies as expressed as The Lady Nada, and so forth, create a whole "spiritual" gestalt in their Oneness--as the workshop group will.

This is the way people would interact and flow if there were no fear, if there were no greed (which is a kind of fear that there's not enough of something, you see). If people were all-embracing, they would continually have The Renaissance, Classical Greek Utopia, etc. Artists and the arts were honored, uniqueness was honored, and so forth. If people could not only allow but also tolerate each other's uniqueness within the One, their lives would be so much more enriched and they would have a sense of how important each person is to the well-being of All. That has been lost, especially in your modern society. There's been a great reduction of the number of different things that you are allowed to be, has there not?

This is, again, one of our messages for the workshop: Yes, you can be unique. Yes, you can also be in harmonious oneness, and isn't that wonderful? But you can do that successfully only if you are reacting in the NOW, which is the only way that you can ever act appropriately. If you get ahead of yourself or behind yourself, you can never be appropriate in the NOW. There are so few living in the NOW moment that there are very few being appropriate at any given time, in any given situation.

If one can be totally conscious in each NOW perception, then one becomes self-realized; one becomes enlightened. It is total awareness of Oneness with all AND of one's special, unique contribution to that Oneness because one is able to see everything in totality and still see one's own role within that wonderful vibration of wholeness. And this is what the 12 represent in their beautiful balance.



This is the most difficult part for us, and we will tell you why. So much of the information that we share through our Jyoti is made possible by a synthesis of what she has in her "data banks" and what we receive energetically about that information. We interpret that and feed it back through her in the channeling process. We have often said that we are not "psychic." What we mean by this is that it is not our forte to know what people have written anywhere in history about Portia, for example. Unless our Jyoti has read it--unless we have some energetic information that is to the contrary or that confirms what she has read, our information is going to be purely energetic. We have said that we know "Portia" by a higher name as she serves on The Council of 12.

Most associations with these beings have to do with their Earthly expressions or information that has come through and that applies to a specific situation or person. For example: information about The Lady Nada would come through a specific channel, and it would relate to that channel's client and would be interpreted in ways that would be comfortable for the consciousness of that client OR that channel. Therefore, the interpretation would be limited. Through different channels you would be getting various representations of these energies/beings. Human beings have a need to categorize things: "Ah. This is the Lady Nada. This is what she's in charge of and this is what she looks like." This is her "one" quality, and that's it!

What we will endeavor to do is to call forth the energies that we are calling The Council of 12. We're asking The Lady Nada, for example, to individuate, and we will read her energy and tell you about that energy. This is difficult for us, because we're re-defining, reinterpreting, just by pure energy, and trying to correlate that with what is already thought about each of these Great Beings. And this is the first time we will have attempted this, so our Jyoti is now immediately asking for us to increase the strength of our connection manifold. And our Jyoti has asked us to focus this on the role of each in the workshop.

ARCHANGEL ARIEL - DNA decoding and Energy Clearance (feminine counterpart of Uriel)

PALLAS ATHENA - Truth & Wisdom (Also see 2-part article on Athena)

ISIS - Resurrection & RE-Creation (but known on the Council by her higher name as an expression at the Melchizedek level)

MOTHER MARY - Enfolding/Enveloping

MELORA - Soul Retrieval & Multi-Incarnational Merging (but known on the Council by her higher name)

LADY NADA- Creation/Dissolution

PORTIA - Justice/Righteousness: The Spirit--not the Letter--of Spiritual Laws (but known on the Council by her higher name)

QUAN YIN - Grace,Compassion & Mercy

In closing, we would like to say that not all are at the "level" of the beings that we have described. This doesn't matter. We would like to say that there are those that are almost like workshop helpers, so you have the primary coordinators. At the level here you have Jyoti, Gude and Teresa coordinating the workshop. Each coordinator is contributing her particular gifts to getting this ready. Then there will be those who will just be responsible for the music for one day--making sure that it's cued in and played at the right moments. There will be someone standing at the registration table.

All of this sort of thing is necessary in higher realms as well. So, some of the members of the Council of 12 are effectively helping coordinate. You have the caterer; you have the person who sounds a bell a couple of times, etc. And these other members of The Council of 12 are also in the same lineages. They are also of the same energetic qualities of those they serve, who are also serving in the light. There are resonances there that are very comfortable and harmonious among all 12. And, say you were in the presence of one who is sounding that bell. You would still feel an enormous rush of energy because you're dealing with very high beings. There are several angels involved, you see, and we would like to say that those would be examples of what we mean by not an archangel, not Isis, but, nonetheless, angelic helpers.

Wishing you great Joy of the Light, we are Melora.


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