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ASCENSION: 4th/5th-Dimensional Consciousness

Excerpts from a group channeling with Melora.

(Melora through Joanna Neff)

QUESTIONER 1: I notice that in dreamtime . . . it seems to be when I'm about to wake up, I start judging the dream. Before then there appears to be the rather unconditional aspect of what's happening, and that's why in dreams things can flow and change. And it can happen in this world too, but everything changes as soon as you start judging. But there is that peace in lucid dreaming where you're there and it's okay. Now matter what happens, you feel grounded. Now, is that occurring that way as a learning experience so that you can get at . . . that you need to incorporate in your waking time?

MELORA: As we understand your question, perhaps you are describing getting a glimpse of the real, experiential value that the dream imparts to you many times out of archetypal symbols, archetypal characters and events. You recognize them, and in waking and re-evaluating the dream content, your mind is simply trying to help you adapt it in a way that makes sense to your mind. This is the mind's function, and the mind should not be flagellated for doing what is its job to do. But, much as with Shamanic journeying into the lower, middle and upper worlds, if you try to control the process and you try to impose rules of your rational mind, you go nowhere in your journey.

This is true of the dream, and so, yes--as soon as you begin to awaken you start reinterpreting your dream, and then you change it. This is why it is best to wake up and start writing down what you dreamt exactly as it happened, without any editorializing.

QUESTIONER 1: Okay. Then the parallel that I was making was that in the dream you can be observing different things (and there's a fine line between observing them and feeling them), and then there's this clicking-in of the mind and it says, "I should be getting scared now. I should be doing something else."

MELORA: In the lucid dreaming, where you are able to change the content of the dream as you go along?


MELORA: Not many are able to do this. At the point at which you're actually experiencing the emotion in your dream, your body that's lying there sleeping doesn't know the difference between what's real and not. And so, of course, you're going to get the same hormonal output into your body when you're lying there as you would if this happened in your waking state. That is the value of the archetypal content: feeling those emotions and releasing.

QUESTIONER 1: What I seem to feel is that I have the same thing in the waking world as well, so that the difference between dreaming and being awake is next to none because you're dealing with the same kind of thing. Certain patterns eradicate the "nowness" as you're evaluating and judging.

MELORA: Yes, and our perspective of this would be that what you're describing is something people are going to experience more and more as their consciousness gets more focused in 4th and 5th dimension and gets pulled gradually away from 3rd dimension. And there will be that kind of "iffy" (as our Jyoti is saying to us) domain, right where you're hovering between 3rd- and 4th-dimensional, and 5th-dimensional consciousness. There will be that blending in a sort of surreal way.

You do this sometimes at night anyway in your dream state--going out to multi-dimensional lives and working with those. You say, "This dream was really bizarre, but it made sense at the time." The rules that apply in dreamtime and in your multi-dimensional experiences don't often resemble the rational, linear kinds of ways that 3-dimensional reality is reputed to work. [laughs] The way that we perceive that it works. And so what you're describing is something that many people will be experiencing more and more.

For example, our Jyoti's friends have noticed that she's as much "here" as she is "not here." But she hasn't realized she's been "gone." They see that she's gone, and they call her attention to it, and she "comes back." Just walking down the street or eating lunch or something. And so there are these periods of time in which she just "goes somewhere," and we are perceiving that many of you are having the same experiences and are laughing in recognition. As Seth so brilliantly explained it in the Jane Roberts material through her as his channel . . . he said that your consciousness is like a light bulb. When you're in 3-D you perceive it as being on and then it's off, but the only thing you remember is that that light was on all the time. It was actually off as much as it was on. It goes on/off, on/off. That is what 3rd-dimensional consciousness is actually like. It is your perception that you are here all the time, but you're really not. Thank you for your question.

QUESTIONER 2: I have a question about polarity. How does polarity run? Does it go from your head to your feet or from left to right?

MELORA: You're asking about polarity in the body. Thank you for asking this question, because what is happening is that people's physical polarity is shifting.

QUESTIONER 2: Yes, and how do you notice that. How would I find out whether mine has shifted. Are there people who can see it? Can I see it?

MELORA: This is not a hemispheric change, as in two brain hemispheres. It is that the left side of the body used to be the more receptive side. And then the energy used to "come out" through the right side of the body. Many people, for example, if they want to explore the energies of a crystal, will hold it in their left hand. You've been told this. Well, you may find that that's not working for you anymore. When you shift the crystal, now, to your right hand, you're suddenly feeling its energy more.

You may also notice a sensitivity shifting from . . . normally when you're right-hand dominant, your left side feels more sensitive. It feels more vulnerable; it feels weaker, and so on. This is not a matter of muscle development. This is a perceptual thing with the body, with the nerve endings. You may now notice that this is shifting to the other side. Where suddenly on your right arm you'll get goosebumps when there's danger, or this sort of thing. But the most pronounced effects right now are in the bone structure, as we have described. Your body polarities are changing.

The Earth's poles will not shift but her polarity will. So when they're saying there will be a polar shift, they forgot the -ity on the end of it. And so you'll actually be more comfortable as your polarity changes. But many are experiencing this effect at the temporal lobes, which feels like the brain is trying to burst out of their skulls. Others are having TMJ problems when they've never experienced it before, and the neck problems and other skeletal, structural problems are going on.

It is our suggestion that people deal with these sorts of symptoms with your whole relationship to Ascension. Focus your consciousness on where you wish to go. Focus your consciousness on the Ascension and the healing of the Earth. Focus your consciousness on releasing that which is an impediment to your Ascension consciousness. And so the work that so many are doing now is getting in touch with their multi-dimensional lives, which is emphasized in Bringers of the Dawn and which was one of the true things that the Pleiadians brought to people's consciousness in this book. Become aware of your other incarnational selves. This is critical.

QUESTIONER 1: So whatever pain we're experiencing in our temporal lobes, the TMJ, and so forth are just drawing our consciousness. If we put our attention there, then we become a little bit more unstuck?

MELORA: Yes. Once you acknowledge what you see--for what it is--and release it, then you have released another impediment to Ascension consciousness. And you have ceased to focus on something else that is here in 3-D. And you can see, for example, when people are holding grudges . . . "My mother was a lousey mother and I can't relate to her" . . . what you do is to anchor yourself in 3-D back there somewhere. And so in the fluid NOW, in coming to a resolution with Mommy and with however it is that she "failed" you--in releasing that, then one frees oneself and cut that anchor line. You can lift off from what used to be that 3-D anchor.

QUESTIONER 3: I wonder if you could tell me in more detail of what you experience when your consciousness moves more into 4th dimension.

MELORA: Yes. In the past, the 4th dimension was called the Astral Plane, and in the old days this was a higher plane. Now it is not a higher plane. 4th Dimension is actually a dimension you should pass through rather quickly--if you don't get caught up in the allure of being able to manifest instantly. The "danger," if you will is the temptation to exert power over people in 3rd-dimensional consciousness and "messing with their minds." Within the 4th dimension you will find many entities who are rexperienced as negative entities or possessions . . . entities that are fed by people's fear and so attach to them.

Understand that the 4th dimension is not a plane to stay in for any length of time. It is sort of like taking a vacation to Tahiti for the soul from 3-D because of the difficulty of manifesting in 3rd-dimensional reality. Many, especially those working in the Light and in healing modalities, as we're sure you're aware, are struggling financially. In the 4th dimension, for a time, you can enjoy seeing your movie script come to production or see your art viewed by millions of people. Whatever it is that you wish, you can manifest instantly, so it's like a reward for what one has gone through in 3-D.

But it is really more like a vacation dimension. And so in the higher Soul work, those of consciousness know that it's been a vacation and that now it's time to go back to that spiritual school that is ongoing. You move to 5th dimension, which calls to your experience of harmony and cooperation.

QUESTIONER 3: Would your experience in 5th dimension be more purely vibrational?

MELORA: You still have your Light Body but you don't have your dense physical form any more. You still have a cohesive . . . what can be seen visually by physical eyes, for example. With physical eyes and the developed inner vision of clairvoyance, and so forth, could still see you as a Light Body. And you could still perceive each other in that way in 5th dimension.

QUESTIONER 4: When the Earth ascends in 4th and 5th dimensions, you had talked in the last public session about how we don't have to stop there?

MELORA: That's correct.

QUESTIONER 4: You had said that you could "set your sights" as "high" as you want to go and not limit yourself to . . . is it going to be detrimental to go soaring on out for the Earth as a whole, or is it better to just say, "Well, we'll hang out in 4th and 5th dimension until we get everybody to this level, and then I can go on"?

MELORA: The boddhisatva question . . . that's a consideration made on the Soul level by specific individuals and is more than just an expression of Buddha, who is a boddhisatva, as you know. Light Beings in service, such as those of the Great White Brotherhood (which is neither "white" nor just "brothers" exclusively . . . it's not a very good description, really [laughs]) . . . beings of the Light are always looking for ways to be of service in the Light, and so when you go on you can go home, which our Jyoti would really like to do. She's saying, "Well, I know that it would probably be cooler to come back as an Ascended Master and help people, but I just want to go home. I'm really tired." There's no penalty for that.

And so the heart of the question is, on the Soul level, what is appropriate for you. There are those who wish to work with Ascension, as the Great White Brotherhood are doing, and those who will ascend and bring their bodies to light and return and shock all of their friends on the East Coast who haven't even heard of Ascension [much laughter throughout the room], like our Jyoti's friend in New York City and her sister in Dallas. (When our Jyoti told her sister she channeled, her sister quietly cleared her throat, and that was it.) So imagine how greater an effect it would be if you took your body to light and you appeared to your sister in Dallas in your light form, and then she would say: "Oh." [laughter] "I think I'd better look into this." Do you see? And so that's another way people are going to be awakened. But the choice is really on the Soul Level.

There are those who have come from much higher dimensions than 5th and who, upon Ascension, will be returning home to their starry groups--their starry origins--spiritually. They have been here and have done a great job. Just getting into a consciousness of Ascension is a major miracle in 3rd-dimensional density. That is a miracle, and all are honored for that. And so it is an individual choice. As we said, there's no penalty for saying, "I'm tired and I want to go home."

QUESTIONER 5: Recently in meditation I had a blockage that I couldn't break through. I guess I'm trying to discover or embrace my own divinity, to become in touch with my "I AM" presence. What's been coming to me is the subtlety of my Ego, and I think my question is: How do I recognize that subtlety of my Ego on a regular basis so that I don't beat my Ego up or punish it? I'd like my Ego to feel okay but not interfere.

MELORA: Yes. And one of the first signs that Ego is the one at the helm is when you're not feeling a sense of well-being, when you're not feeling good about yourself, when there's anger, when there's frustration. Anything that is non-love, non-peace and non-joy is being filtered through the Ego. It's not that the Ego should be shot or hanged or something, as you know. But the filter of the Ego in doing its job is to protect you from harm, and this also includes acknowledging that you're wrong.

Hence, the expression: "Do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy?" is very important here. And so many go through the dramas of 3rd -dimensional reality because they need to be right. Why do they need to be right? Because the ego is protecting them from what it judges to be harmful to them. "I have to admit I was a schmoe." [laughs] "I have to admit that I was really opinionated, and I wasn't seeing the whole picture. Now I have to apologize," or whatever. The Ego sees this as something it has to protect you from experiencing.

The way to know that you're in balance with doing what your Ego is intended to do, which is to help you survive in 3-D reality (which it does very well), is to re-negotiate between your will, your heart and your intuition, and say, "Let's be more flexible and have more fun. What do you think?" We've said this before. We've said to give your Ego new jobs to do, and what we term as your "child issues"--these ticks, these issues that don't go away no matter how many self-help books you've read or how many workshops you've gone to--they're usually tied into a mechanism of Ego that was used to help you survive. Alas, for many, this is literally survival of childhood.

When these things come to the surface, you're supposed to examine the issues. Understand that these are patterns and habits that your Ego has gotten in to from a long time ago to do its job and protect you. So you can, in intention and consciousness, say to your Ego: "Wouldn't you like a break? Let's do something fun. Let's change the program here. Gosh! You've been doing a brilliant job. I praise you and honor you for that. But you know what? You really deserve to have a good time now." So then you, out of your will, your intent and your heart and your spirit connection acknowledge your Ego and say, "Let's do something fun."

How you do that would be your individual way--according to your personality, according to your gifts, according to your imagination, and so forth--you would make up these ways to keep addressing your Ego in almost a dissociative way for awhile until it gets retrained, it "calms down," and it starts to function in a balanced way with all of your other mechanisms.

QUESTIONER 5: You stated that it's wise for us to become aware of our multi-dimensional personalities or . . .

MELORA: Incarnational lives--multi-dimensional existences.

QUESTIONER 5: What is the best way to do that? And why is it wise for us to do that?

MELORA: We stress the importance of this because our perception of Ascension is much broader, maybe, than many people have interpreted it. Our mission is to help with merging, and merging is what you do with your multi-dimensional lives when you bring them into integration with you as you bring your body to Light. Not just you, yourself, in this life. Do you see?

And so, as we said in another public session, the greatness of allowance and achievement of Buddha was just this. This is why he is acknowledged not just as another one being who attained enlightenment, but his allowance and achievement were that he experienced that merging with all of his multi-dimensional existences--past, present and future--in the body at age 35 and went on to teach until his 80s. And so this is the greatness of his being.

Our work is about such merging. You are the ones whose guides are pushing your forward to consciously understand that this is possible and desirable for you. So as an example, you do not access your incarnational lives laterally, through history linearly. You access them through your Higher Self. There's a triangulation effect. With your intent and your asking, your guides, your Higher Self, and what our Jyoti calls your "vertical soul hierarchy," you are able to identify possible "past" lives. Understand that there are also other, concurrent, present lives and future lives.

We will work on the "past," which is most people's impression of reincarnation. So there's a period in history which, since you were a child, you were completely enamored of. The El Amarna period in Egypt of Akhenaton and Nefertiti, or the Dynastic reign of King Tut. You've always been fascinated by that time. There's music from that time. There are movies about that time. There are books about that time. (We know you're thinking about at least one of these right now.) And again and again, somehow you resonate with that period in history.

You can be sure, especially if there is intense emotion involved there, that this is an incarnational situation. There are also clues in your major life issues, and you can be sure that these issues are being expressed in other incarnational lives as well. They may be expressed in a different way. We will give you an example. With our Jyoti, automobile accident. Whiplash. Two times. Beheading in Elizabethan life. See the correlation? All this chronic neck pain and TMJ, and so on. It is just that obvious. And so in each life you have the same neck pain, but you have it expressed in a different way. [laughs]

We are laughing because we are remembering the time she was in meditation and heard: "You became too attached to your body." [general laughter] She is saying to us now, "Cruel joke, Melora. Cruel joke." Yes. Well, she had integrated that part, and so it was not something fierce anymore.

Phobias are another way you can identify experiences of your past lives. Vertigo, fear of fire, fear of drowning, fear of getting too cold, fear of getting pneumonia--these recurring life fears. Recurring dreams can also be clues to reincarnational lives. Basically, however, you state your intent to your guides (this is the practical part) or to your Higher Self (whatever you're comfortable with as a high being of the light) and say, "I wish to be given information about my multi-dimensional lives." And you can say: "in my dream state" or "in meditation" or "just directly, energetically" or "in pictures." This sort of thing.

What we stress again and again is that your guides are waiting for you to ask. They're sort of leaning over the fence towards you, but a being of the light cannot violate y our free-will permission. It seems a simple thing to do, but so few people remember that all they have to do is ask, and so the guides' perennial "compliant," if you will, is: "Please. Why don't you just ask." So, with your clear intent that that's what you wish to do, they start that rolling for you in a way that's comfortable.

QUESTIONER 6: I have been told by another channel that I have never lived on this Earth before. Is that possible?

MELORA: Oh, that's definitely possible. A person may have had 3rd-dimensional lives many, many infinite numbers of places but not on the Earth but also must go through the every-dimensional experience. It just may not be somewhere you would recognize as Earth. There are other star systems, there are other planets, there are other locations where you can experience cause-effect and karma besides the Earth.

QUESTIONER 7: When we're bringing in our multi-dimensional lives, would there be any beyond this planet to be learned [garbled] . . .?

MELORA: Yes. But understand that because, as you know, these lives are simultaneous, it's almost impossible for the brain to grasp. We will give you an example, and our Jyoti is saying, "Oh, don't talk about me again." But just to serve as an example . . . her origin, as we answered her, is the Sirius System, but in a time so ancient that it pre-dates human life on the Earth--but it is simultaneous with this life.

And so the lives on star systems, or your "future" lives being simultaneous with these lives, are no less accessible than "past" lives in the fluid NOW. All continue to affect each other in the ongoing Now--all your lives will affect each other. So the answer to a hidden question is: "Yes. When you progress "here," they do too." We like that expression, "Do you understand that God cannot grow if you don't?" That is how great you are.

Regarding so-called "future" lives, look at them in the same way as in this example of a very ancient origin on Sirius B, third planet. When you're considering future lives, you're really more dependent on your guides to put you in touch with them on some level, If only in the dream state, you're connected. Even if you don't consciously remember, that connection is still needing consciousness because that Light effect is exponential. In other words, if there's one glimpse of consciousness from one life to another through the Higher Self, then that's all that's necessary.

People tend to want to explore, you know, "my life in Pompeii," or whatever. (We know of one person in this room who died of suffocation in Pompeii. She's clearing her throat. [laughter]) And then they get lost in the allure of that life. What they're forgetting is that the value of connecting is to acknowledge, to have that spark of acknowledgement, but then to move on. Understand that those other lives are doing the same with you.

So, for example, one of the things that our Jyoti has determined recently from the work with Pallas Athena is that she is a priestess to Athena and to others (such as Nefertiti) in many lives. Understand that such priestesses were really channels. These are some of the exciting revelations that you can experience when you touch other lives and the connections that you can make in your consciousness that you, now, are what is important.

So our Jyoti says, "Okay. The high priestess channeled Athena and became the emodiment of Athena, and the people of that time treated the channel as if she were Athena." You know that this was true of all history regarding the various "gods" and "goddesses." There were certain incarnate beings who embodied that god or goddess and who were treated as if they literally were that god or goddess. All the Caesars and, in fact, all the monarchs of Western Europe, were supposed to be embodiments of divinity.

Yes, they were channels. And so our Jyoti says, "Wow! That's pretty neat. I'm doing what they were doing when they channeled." And this is very true. So, in getting in touch . . . we've never been known for our brevity [laughter] . . . with your other lives you receive such revelations that help you relate to what you consider "history," which is really very static--a linear "recording." The static version, not the energetic version, of the ongoing changes in history simultaneously. As you look at what's written in books, you have a whole new viewpoint of that historic period because you connected with youself in that "time." And because you now understand it in your consciousness that you share. Understanding that in some way that expression of you has bridged to you for such a moment and had such a revelation about a future life is very exciting. We may not have answered your question. [General laughter.]

QUESTIONER 7: I'm not sure. [more laughter]

MELORA: Future lives are more difficult to access because you don't have anything written down. You have an orientation to past lives because you have linear history, but it is so much more difficult to get into a space where you can connect with future lives because you don't have this point of reference.

QUESTIONER 7: I think the main thing I need cleared up would be whether . . . from what I've heard, if even my Higher Self connects with this, I don't consciously, on this level, have to know about each life that I'm connecting with. Is that so? Or do I consciously have to know?

MELORA: There has to be at least a moment in which you have a sense of the reality of that life. Just energetically for a moment. This is often what you experience when you're seeing . . . our Jyoti was thinking of the Titanic three or four times recently. She knows she was on it. She knows she went down with it. And when you have this sort of attraction/repulsion for something--this fascination with very strong emotion--then when you can acknowledge to yourself that that may very well, indeed, be a past life and accept it on that level, then that connection in consciousness is indeed made.

You don't need a hypnotic regression in which you relive it. Some part of you already is connected and senses that with that life. Regarding the strong emotions attached to things you have not experienced in this life you might say, "That's irrational. I have this unreasonable fear of . . . such and such." You can be sure you're in that territory of sharing consciousness with that past life.

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