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(Doing Master-Level, Distant Reiki; communicating with animal's personal devas and nature spirits for healing and insight)

Thank you so much for asking and being concerned. [The client's chihuahua] is doing really well! I am really surprised at how well she is recovering as she was in very serious condition. I know the Reiki that you did for her really really made all the difference! She goes to the vet tomorrow and should get her staples and drain tubes removed in a few days. I can't thank you enough!!! -- M.S. (Newberry Springs, California)

Note: In my Animal Communication and Healing session, I "saw" that a male had hit my client's horse in the side with his fist. In my session notes I recommended that my client tell her horse that she now knows what happened. (The horse had been afraid of virtually everyone.) Testimonial: I told [the client's equine companion], that I know about what happened to her - in this moment, she did put her head to my face - it was so wonderful ! Today I went for a walk (there is lot of snow now and it was not so easy to get along ) and every time people or dogs or horses came our way I stopped, let her have a look, gave her goodies when she lowered her head and she even approved a man who chatted with me to pet her . All the way we have been out there was no sweat. -- K.H-J. (Korneuberg, AUSTRIA)

1. Wow, I had no idea. [Lhasa Apso #1] has always sucked on my fingers. I figured he was taken away from his Mom too young. I had another Lhasa before who [Lhasa Apso #2] loved. I used to hear her talking to him. She passed, and that was hard on him too. I will get the essences, and get him started on them. He is sort-of melincoly, as if he is processing something. I can't wait to read about Lhasa Apso #2] .
2. I knew Lhasa Apso #2] didn't want to be that way, she is the most loving dog. She was talking to you the whole way through that. She snorts like a pig when she talks. They are both laying beside each other in peace now. I will get the essences for them right away. Thank you! Thank you! -- K.S. (Scottsdale, Arizona)

Thank you so much for all the multi-dimensional energy and exquisite efforts you have made for me. This little fellow ["Short Wolf"] has as his mother a 1/2 Malamute & 1/2 wolf, father 1/2 wolf & 1/2 Kerelian Bear Dog . . . He ran off and lived across the valley for 5 years, camb back almost a year ago. He [was] very shy and [wouldn't] come up to people. He suddenly started barking ferociously at the start of Spring (bear season) in my yard. I received a warning from the Sheriff, in my very anti-dog county. When I called [you] I was without sleep, nervous about the law. That very night [of your work with S.W.] he did not bark. He started coming into the house! My niece has been petting him! He was feral. He [now] feels lighter . . . amazing. Yesterday a friend said, " S.W. looks like a different dog--friendly instead of frightened. He looks like he is smiling. You are amazing!!!" -- K.A.. (Nederland, Colorado)

Thank you for all the wonderful healing work you have done on behalf of my kitty cats. I am especially grateful for your help with young Sparky who came to me abandoned and afraid at about 5 months of age. When Sparky first came to live with me, I seldom saw him except at mealtime, and even then he acted nervous and afraid. I adored him, but nothing changed for months until your animal coning session. Today, he no longer runs from me. He hangs around where I am, sleeps on the bed and other furniture "out in the open" and seems to thoroughly enjoy being near me and whatever action is taking place. Sparky not only accepts my attention and affection but also that of other human friends who come to visit. He has even initiated a friendship with one of their sweet doggies who visits with her person. Your gentle, professional and effective assistance with all these issues is so deeply appreciated. Many, many thanks! -- C.C. (Indianapolis, Indiana)

"I'm [the client's cat] feeling much better. It only hurts a little when I have to poop. Getting more love and help on every level and I don't meow so much, I sleep on Ma's bed all day and night, eating my special food and gently playing. Mainly healing sleep right now. [The client's other cat] now sleeps in another room so my nerves are settling. This may be a good place to live after all!"Your kindness and compassionate healing saved our family and saved me. Thank you very, very much!" -- T.O. (Columbia, Maryland)

Our cat, Lily, has never been so verbal as she has since you cleared her and we returned home. Whatever was repressing her is gone, and she is speaking up for herself very often and loudly! She also has a completely new and different (and much better) relationship with Thomas. It is fascinating to see, and thank you again. The house feels much lighter. -- D.P. (Bordentown, New Jersey)




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