Certificate of Associate in "Interspecies Communication," through Joyce Leake's "Animal University"

Energy Healing Facilitator for more than 30 years;

Traditional Usui Reiki Master and Registered Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® Master

(Reiki is a specific healing ray: blue light sealed within white light. Photo, right: a Kirlian Photograph of Neff Sensei's fingertips-- two separate exposures--while she does Reiki.)

Reiki is a very ancient, spiritually guided life force energy that is said to have been used by Gautama Buddha for healing. Reactivated on the Earth in the mid-1800s by Dr. Mikao Usui and brought to the West by Hawayo Takata, Reiki is literally able to perform healing miracles. It can actually be seen by clairvoyants, and the energetic results of Reiki have been captured in Kirlian photographs. Reiki not only reduces pain and stress but also has a profoundly positive effect on health problems, minor and serious. Reiki works on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Applied through the hands of the practitioner on the client (or done from a distance), Reiki energy is more often experienced as heat. Practitioners also have reported a tingling or throbbing sensation in the hands, which is shared by the client as s/he feels these sensations in areas on which the practitioner's hands rest. Experience shows that hands-on Reiki releases endorphins, which partially explains the reduction of pain and relaxation clients usually feel within minutes of being treated with Reiki.

Reiki Students Write:

[After attending her Reiki Level-I Workshop (hands-on Reiki) with me this student wrote:]
I wanted to share with you the response I've gotten from one of my African Grey parrots that is a constant feather picker. I asked him if I could try Reiki and had the feeling he was good to go with it. (He really is my "baby," so to speak, because of his feather picking.) I held him on my right hand and placed my left hand gently over his back with barely any contact. On a normal basis he would not permit this for too long. His immediate reaction was one of maybe surprise and then he went into an extremely relaxed posture, which I could feel on the hand he was standing on. I've done a short session on him every other day since and can feel the relaxation take hold each time. I always tell him to let me know when he thinks he's had enough and after a minute or two he lets me know to move my hand off his back. I actually can feel the heat during and after treating him.
-- M.S. (Mead, CO)

[Right before this student attended her first Reiki workshop (hands-on Reiki) with me, she requested that I send Reiki healing, from a distance, to her puppy, to support the puppy after major surgery. I also set up support for the puppy's continuing recovery.]
My puppy is doing well. Her spirit is returning. It was a difficult journey for all of us but especially for her. Thank you for the healing support. The doctor and staff were amazed that after the surgery on Friday afternoon, when she came out of anesthesia, she stood up and looked around . . . and she's been going strong ever since. We're all amazed and mystified by the whole experience. -- S.W. (Longmont, CO)



Session Fee: $75.00 U.S.




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