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St. Germain through Joanna Neff (Jyoti Alla-An)

Every great age represents a shift in consciousness (for example, the Renaissance), only none will have compared to the one you are going through now in your Ascension. Undertand that this is not the first time Ascension will have happened. It happens with regularity and in cycles. Change is the nature of all existence, but in 3rd dimension it is the most difficult to relate to change because "just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water," there's Bruce the shark! One of the greatest fears of all human beings is big changes, and yet so many of you are actively seeking these shifts now. However, you imagine that if you shift in these ways in your Ascension path it's all going to be beautiful and that you can now coast for 5,000 lifetimes, or whatever.

There is never any coasting at any level. In the density of the human bod this infinite sea of changes seems intolerable. Ascension work does seem like a sacrifice to the human body, to the human ego and brain, for whom it is so difficult to understand what the rest of you is doing at the Soul level, that notoriously has no clue about your spiritual body and consciousness that are driving you. It is those parts of you--not your spirit, not your soul--that rebel and say, "I want to lie on a beach in Mexico." The irony of this is that you are the person who is "taking care" of yourself, the person who is creating the tools for your own Ascension. When you accept this responsibility, then the resentment goes away because then you have to say, "Oh. I'm the one who's not doing this for myself."

Actually, you gain many more "brownie points" by doing what you're doing in a physical body than you do in a disembodied state . . . which is why you decided to come here. (Unencumbered by the body, you experience changes as great adventures and opportunities.) This is why your achievement here is great and why you're heroes to us. For all of the angels and all the Ascended Masters and all the other great beings of light--every "tiny" thing that you accomplish here, in the light, is magnified exponentially. Only YOU, yourselves, do not see the greatness of your being. You are really here in service to a larger proportion of those souls incarnating who will now have a jump start in their spiritual paths that would not have been possible otherwise.

The effect of this work reverberates exponentially throughout all the angelic hierarchies and through all the other great Light hierarchies, great rays and the Elohim. The gigantic vibrational repercussions of this are beyond even the Ascended Masters' comprehension. What you think of as your small proportion of these processes is actually a tremendous role that you have chosen to play. When we have told you this before, you've said: "Yeah. Yeah. Right. Right. They're just trying to keep us going here for our Ascension work. They're just paying lip service to us." Again, these are the illusions of this density, and you win the game by saying, "What I'm going to start allowing into my perceptions, into my belief structures, is that I am an exalted, Ascended master already. " That is really what you're doing. You're not evolving into something that you haven't been already. You are just slowly remembering who you are.

Some very dear people are frantically gathering information about the Ascension as they try to comprehend it. They are simply trying too hard! If you trust in your higher guidance you know that you have infinite Heavenly help. This would actually be the "faster" way to Ascend. Reading complex books on the subject is for people who need to learn it first through the filters of their brains. In understanding it intellectually, you may not actually be doing it, because this approach assumes that you are mentally in control of the whole process and that if you don't do this or that, it won't happen.

Which way seems the more pleasant to you? It is really preferable to determine how much you can relinquish of what is standing in your way. This is different than acquiring something with the illusion that it will make you able to ascend. It is the real essence of what the Master Jesus meant when he said, "With faith all things are possible." With full consciousness that there are higher beings helping you, you then take the step to say, "Okay. I can't verbalize this; I don't really understand it. Yet I am aware of its reality." In that space you leap, and in that leap you have made more progress than someone running to read The Keys of Enoch because someone told them that it would be the "vehicle" of their ascension. In that leap to say: "Okay. I know I'm here, and I know that this is here, and a book is not going to take me there. I know you're out there helping, and I reach out to you from my heart and from my full intent." Then our hands come toward you, and we pull you to the light . . . "merkaba vehicle" or no.

I AM St. Germain.

The Great White Brotherhood

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