MELORA through Joanna Neff


All right, so part of that is the actual recognition of things that you're checking in with, but part of that is coming into the Consciousness of One, where it doesn't make any difference if you know the person or not because you are One with them. Does that make any sense?

D: Yes, yes. It doesn't make any difference. It's almost . . . I'm kicking myself…

In 3D, when you establish relationship, what you're doing is taking away separation. And isn't it true that the more you get to know someone, the more real they become to you?

D: I have to say that I have to look a little harder, because I can't distinguish one person from the other.

But not distinguishing is a very good thing. (Laughter)

D: But in 3D, it's not a good thing.

So in knowing people over the years, those who have become good friends become more and more real to you…whereas, for example, if you see something on TV about a natural disaster that took place in Africa, that's not real to you. You can have a vague sense of compassion or disturbance that something horrible has happened, but until it is someone whom you know, someone who is real to you, you don't really incorporate it here, do you? And so we would suggest that when you come into Enlightenment you are self-realized, meaning that you are God, All is One, every single being that you encounter is as real to you as the person that you have been with for 20 years. Do you see? And that includes trees and animals and all the stars and all of creation and all that you weren't even aware of. They are that real to you, as though they are a person that you have loved and become closer and closer to for decades. Do you see?

D: Yes.

And one last question and then Jyoti is going to take a break here. We would like to do a guided meditation after.

T: I've got an interesting question for you, Melora. We were talking about the etheric crystalline body, and I often wonder, as far as the traveling at night in my dreams and that sort of thing, how is that structure set up for interpreting dreams and bringing in that information? Oftentimes I feel I don't always understand what the significance of the experience is as far as light-coding, but I feel like I got it somehow. Can you explain that?

We're not understanding your real question. We heard the first part of the question about interpreting dreams. What was the last part?

T: The last part is what is the function of the etheric crystalline body as we are in this 3D plane?

When you are in no-time, no-space, there is no interpretation of anything. It just is. And so interpreting dream experiences with the intellect is a function of the physical brain more than anything else . . . trying to make sense out of energy information that was trying to come into the consciousness. And so what is defined as consciousness in your civilization, especially Western civilization, is that part of you that is aware of itself, right? Self-awarenesss: "I am alive. I am breathing. People die. People live," and so on. Some would say that animals don't have this self-awareness, but of course you know they do. What people don't have most often is the ability to understand what animals are trying to tell them, and so they assume that animals are not communicating and that they are not self-aware, which simply isn't so.

T: I guess what I'm saying is that there's a certain resonance that's held in the dream that is somehow light-encoded in the body, and is that etheric structure, that crystalline structure, a part of this?

No. The etheric crystalline body is a transmitting/receiving device passively, meaning there is no cogitation, there is no processing, there is no symbolic interpretation. There are conduits for the information to pass in and out and through and so forth. Does that answer your question?

T: Yes.

All right. We thank you for this most interesting exchange, and our Jyoti needs to take a break, so we are going to sign off for now and let you have your break. And after break, we would like to do a guided meditation with you. And we will be checking in later. We are Melora.

All: Thank you.



Yes, and we are Melora, and we will save the question-and-answer until later so that we can help J. on her path. We will cut to the chase here. Is this agreeable to you?

J: Yes, it is.

We would like to come to this issue which is at the heart of the image that you saw yesterday and at the heart of what you have been working with with T. And that is that you allow yourself empowerment only to a certain point, and only where you feel that you are under control with it. And you feel more comfortable with your power as expressed in a feminine way. Is this not so? That you are coming out of what you would typically determine as feminine energies. We saw very quickly an image of a past life that is very critical in understanding why this is an issue in this lifetime and when you feel it. The image that we got is you as one of those wise Crones in another lifetime in which you were turned in as a witch. You were not burned at the stake, but you were put on a drowning stool, a dunking stool. Does this resonate with you?

J: Yes, that's my fear of water.

Indeed. That would do it. Of course, just as in any other persecution in the name of religion, it was, "Confess this or you die", but in the case of witches, it was a, "Confess it because you're going to die anyway". And the confession was only their notion of saving your mortal soul which they thought was a fair trade for disposing of you, their right to dispose of you. Now here's the thing about the women, especially of your type, there were some very brave women out there who were healers and they knew the medicinal properties of herbs and so forth and of course, people thought this was very powerful. If someone was dying and you found the herb that would fix them, then this gave you great power. And this was a gender issue as it still is today. We mustn't let women have too much power. And there are only appropriate ways in which you can show your power as a woman…still. But in this lifetime for you, you felt so centered and so strong and so passionate about not only your right to administer to people who were suffering, but their right to have access to this healing. You see? And the strength of that passion made you uncautious. You stood up for what you believed in. Isn't this an issue these days and maybe in contrast?

J: (Laughter) Oh, probably. Yes.

Why one would be afraid to stand up for oneself and one's beliefs? Even at the cost of your own comfort? Rather than say, "You're really annoying to me. I don't consider you someone I'd like to hang out with, so I bid you a fond farewell." You know who we're talking about. And that is your right. Your right to be with people with whom you feel resonant is your absolute right. And you can do that without accusing yourself of being judgmental. You can simply say, "I do not resonate with that person." There is a neutrality. It's like oil and water. It is a fact. It is reality. It is not a judgment. And you can let yourself off the hook there in a very truthful way. We do not resonate. It is as simple as that. Allright?

Okay. Now let's deal with this lifetime. The shadow male energy is a combination of 2 things - a real person, the one who turned you in, and a part of yourself that you have estranged from yourself because it reflects that person who turned you in. And so what we would like to do now is resolve both these issues, the past life person who turned you in in this lifetime, who happened to be your husband in this lifetime. And didn't you have to wrench yourself away in a act of expression of freedom, your need for freedom to believe, to practice what you believe and so forth? The same issue, do you see? The same trail, but in this lifetime, you took your power. You were able to exercise your power.

Let us not throw the baby out with the bathwater here. We now will resolve. Let's go to that lifetime and your hair, your hair was very similar only you didn't comb it as nicely (with laughter). It was pretty wild. You know: the Crone-look and the few teeth missing and so forth? And that became the stereotype and the archetype witch, didn't it? Add a few moles to make people look really grotesque so that they could justify their hatred. So you were a wild woman of the fields and the moors, and you still love the outdoors, do you not? You still love that connection with nature. That has not gone away.

We will take you to a point of the most power in resolving this for you and that is the point at which they strap you in the chair, the dunking stool. Now, what we will ask you to do at this moment is face the shadow person who is your husband who turned you in out of fear for his own life, who turned you in out of peer pressure, if you will. Who turned you in because everyone else needed a scapegoat, and his weakness, his ignorance and his fear caused your death in that lifetime. And humiliation, don't forget that, the humiliation of being roped into the chair in front of all of the people who you thought were your friends, in front of your children, in front of relatives, all watching this about to happen.

And so there's a humiliation factor that we wish to point out. Fear of being humiliated often keeps people from speaking their truth, does it not? And isn't that one of the worst feelings that one can experience? Allright, so do you see his face in the crowd? Are you able to look around and see any familiarity of the faces? And are you able to find him? And when you look into his eyes, we would ask you to forgive him and send that message from your eyes, as frightened as you are, as betrayed as you feel, as wronged as you feel. Look into his eyes and send him forgiveness. Can you do that?

J: I might be able to do it. I don't want to!

We will tell you why we are asking you to do this. In doing that at this moment, you will transform the rest of his life in that lifetime. You will turn him inward. You will change him. You will save his soul. If you go in anger without forgiving him, he will not learn this in that lifetime. And in giving him forgiveness, you go to a death in that lifetime at peace and do not bring that issue forward with you. Do you see? So there is something very much in it for you to do this. Do this for both of you if you can….because it was the death of your body, but here you are today! Splendid and beautiful. So it did not kill you. You're back! Can you bring yourself to forgive him? Bring Melchizedek to stand beside you in this lifetime in whatever form feels comfortable for you…in the form of an angel, perhaps. And you can tell us what you're experiencing.

J: I'm experiencing total war…(tears)… this feeling of self-righteousness….There's this tug of war between that feeling and the feeling of Melkizedek. The love that's there engenders total forgiveness, knowing that he could do that…

Do you feel comfortable in asking Melchizedek to enter your body, in that life that you were (in), in that chair?

J: Yes.

Is he there now? Is he inside your body now?

J: Yes.

Now, can you have him look through your eyes? Look out at the faces and tell us what you experience as he looks out through your eyes to the crowd, including your husband. What feelings come up as he looks out through your eyes and sees these people?

J: I'm feeling warmth and compassion. These people are so backwards.


J: They are so enmeshed in darkness.


J: They're just so frightened and I feel so much compassion for their experience.

Okay. Are they looking into your eyes as he looks out through your eyes? Are they looking into your face, all of them?

J: Some of them.

And for the ones who are looking into your face as Melchizedek looks out through your eyes, can you have him send them a message of forgiveness and light through eyes to them? Is he doing that now?

J: Yes.

And there's this flicker, this little flicker of recognition in their eyes as they see this. And do their faces change in any way? Are they getting the message?

J: Yes.

What about your husband in that life? And what is he saying with his eyes?

J: He's asking forgiveness.

It's changing him, isn't it? It's so powerfully changing him that he will not be the same. We thank you for doing this because you have saved his soul, not only in this lifetime, but in future lifetimes as well…a great gift of love…and a great sacrifice in that lifetime. And now we wish you to have Melchizedek take you out of your body so that you're looking down on your body from above. You don't even experience the choking sensations. You don't experience any more of the humiliation. You're rising above with Melchizedek and you see the people from above as they still look at the body that you have left behind.

Are you seeing the light and going into the light? Now see yourself emerge from the light again with Melchizedek and you are coming closer and closer with him. And you're coming into the conference, and he's with you and you land softly in your very chair where you're seated. He's immediately at your side. And now we wish to work with the reflection of this experience, the reflection within you, in your DNA encoded like a shadow, the remembrance of your husband in that lifetime. This you've objectified and separated from yourself as a fragment because you did not wish be reminded of it because you did not wish to feel that that was a part of you.

Now we would like you to, as you experienced yesterday, face-to-face, almost nose-to-nose, there is that shadow aspect of you facing you. Are you able to recapture that and be there with that energy? Go back in time, if this helps, to yesterday where you experienced this, does that help? Allright. So Malkeizadek is now standing on your right, is that so? Facing you, facing each other. We would like you to see Melchizedek pass his hand over the shadow and it ceases to be a shadow. It now turns into a shimmering light. Are you experiencing that? Now come down from the top like liquid if that helps. The shadow starts disappearing from the top and is being replaced by this beautiful, shining, shimmering light. Now see that turning into sort of molecules where it's not just coating the shadow, but the shadow is lighting up with these particles of light. Now what is your comfort level with this at this point? Does it still feel threatening or alien?

J: It doesn't feel very dark.

Oh. Isn't that interesting. The energy that used to give it form and substance because of karma is now withdrawn, and so it is not a presence separate from you anymore. It is not merged with you; it simply is not an objectivized separate aspect that you're guarding yourself against. Do you see? Like shadowboxing? And so we would ask you to see Melchizedek passing his hand down the front of your body and removing any of the residue of the experience of that lifetime and any of the residue of that experience from this lifetime as you guarded desperately against contact with this shadow. He passes his hand down the front of your body, transmuting any energetic residue of this experience.

And tell us what experience you are having. He can pass his hand down your back if this is necessary. He can place his hand on your heart if this feels appropriate, with the intention of healing this. And understand that the balance between the male and the female selves exists automatically unless a human being objectifies the other half and calls it "my male half" or "my female side", and separates them. Otherwise, unattended, they blend quite easily and nicely… and in fact are blended much more in you than you might ever imagine already. So lack of balance is only an inner energetic disparity that has existed because of what we have been talking with you about - this past life and so forth. The experience with the husband who is the same one as that past life brought it to your attention. You resolved it in certain ways and in certain ways not in this lifetime… until now. And so, are you feeling complete with this now? Is there a question?

J: I still feel this wave of tightness in my heart. Melchizedek released a lot of it, but it's still there.

We're being asked to have the group extend their hands towards you now in this circle of love and see your fingers and your hands and your arms as light hands, light fingers, light arms. With you etheric arms and hands, reach out to her from your group heart and see if you can get any images or sensations of energy blockages or residues, like tar-like residue, or whatever it would be. And just work with that in whatever way seems appropriate for you to transmute it, to sever it, to surgically remove it, or to call in help or whatever might be appropriate. Take just a few minutes.

We are asking Melchizedek to assist in this now. And J., just sit back and enjoy this and let it happen. There is so much light in your heart right now--like a little star, sun, big rays coming out. Very nice. All right. We thank you so much, J., for doing this very difficult work. Now that it is of the greatest benefit to you as you progress on your journey. This has been a major obstacle for many lifetimes since then. It will free you to do even more healing, to do even more empowered communication with yourself, with Melchizedek, and with all the others whose lives you touch. We thank you and honor you. We wish you a safe and happy journey home. And take your candle. Our energy goes with you to protect you.

J: Thank you.


We are Melora and we would like to now rework your energy structure since J. has left the structure. So we would like you to fill in with your imagination some filaments that connect you through where her empty chair now is. You could also actually picture her sitting in the chair. That would be good. Not so that we would distract her from her driving--just her image. We're creating a holographic image of her with her resonance, all right? Almost like a clone, so that we don't take any of her bodies away from her while she's driving. Are you able to see her holographic image in the chair as she was before she left, with those boots, those fringe boots and the tights and her beautiful eyes and her beautiful hair and her sweet energy? There, do we have it now? You can tell her later how she was actually here whether she knew it or not.

And R. Give us a moment. What we see with you, R., is big open eyes taking in information almost like with a parascope in a submarine so the eyes are somewhere else and then the part of you that you're protecting. Does this resonate with you?

R: Keep going.

So that you connect with your world, the part of the world that you're unsure of, by taking in information through your eyes but at the same time shielding or disconnecting with your emotions. This is what we keep getting. Do you have a sense? This is not the entire way you relate to your world, of course, but this is how you get information about something that you're not quite sure of, something of that nature. We'll see what this has to do with the issue you're facing. Again, we just see these eyes, big eyes--you as a child, you in other lifetimes, you in this lifetime--wide-open, big eyes, taking in information almost as though your head is separated from your body. It is as if what is going on in your head is separated from what is going on in your body. Is this making any sense at all to you?

R: Yes.

And there's a sort of disconnection between your prime method of accessing your world-- severed from an experience of your world in the body. So it's as though your eyes do one thing, and then your body does another. You relate to your world with your eyes in certain compartmentalized ways and you relate to your world with your body once you're comfortable with whatever that is . . . and it can take some time for that to come into experience in your body. Is this so?

R: It feels like it resonates, yes.

This is rather vague, so we might ask your help in this. Are you feeling uncomfortable with this process?

R: I'm getting clashes. It feels like a recognition of what you're saying.

Can you breathe from your diaphragm? Focus your attention on your diaphragm. Look within etherically and see if you can see anything in there in the solar plexus. Just describe it as colors, textures, impressions, feelings--whatever--for us, into your solar plexus center. Keep breathing deeply. See if you can see anything in there etherically. It doesn't have to be objects or shapes; it can just be colors, textures, or even just a pressure or weight…

R: It just feels like a dark knot.

What we are seeing here is that you have a tendency to sever the upper chakras starting at the throat . . . maybe right in the middle of the throat . . . even just above the actual notch of the throat, which is where the throat chakra is--so maybe just under the chin, separating these chakras from all of the other chakras. Do you have any idea of what we're talking about? That they keep disconnecting from each other? At this point.

R: Yes.

It's like your third eye and your crown are off doing something else, and they're not communicating with your other chakras because of separation. Sometimes they come back, but most of the time they go away. They come back like a docking spaceship and then they go away, and so you're not getting that total accessible communication between all of your chakras that brings that light, brings that information, straight down through the crown into the rest of your body. It's as though your body is getting information from these sources and then your third eye and crown are getting their information from totally somewhere else. This is what we keep seeing, these images. All right. In the solar plexus, you're seeing this dark knot. Can you describe it? Is it a rope? Is it a fist? Is it just a glob?

R: It feels like a rope and it's very tight.

So it's like a naturally knotted rope?

R: Yes.

Is there one knot or more than one knot? Is it double-knotted?

R: It's one big knot.

Like ship-rope sized: big thick rope?

R: Right, right, exactly.

Have you been acquainted with your main guide? We believe you have.

R: I've been given the name.

Then state that name now.

R: Raphael.

Call Raphael in. He's standing beside you on your left, a little behind you. Is that correct?

R: Yes.

Ask him to gently come in and like magic, like with a magic wand almost, tap on the knot and you see it relax. Tell us if and when you perceive this.

R: It feels like it's relaxed a little.

Is it relaxed enough that Raphael can help you loosen it?

R: Yes.

Are you helping him or is he doing this all? Which do you experience?

R: We're doing it together.

Both of you are doing this. Okay. Can you untie the knot?

R: Yes.

Let us know when it is totally untied.

R: Okay.

Is there anything else now that you have untied the knot? Do you see anything else, or is it just the rope?

R: The rope is just really black and it has all this residue around it.

What do you think is the fastest way to get rid of this? And the most painless way? Does it need to go out through your body or does it need to be dissolved in some way?

R: It needs to go out through my body.

Experience that in whatever way seems the best way to do it and describe what happens to this if you will.

R: There's sort of a hole created and it's pulled out.

It was pulled out by whom?

R: By Raphael.

Okay, so what does he do with that now? We need to get rid of it. What method does he use?

R: He removes it with his hands and transmutes it into light.

Good. Now as it transmutes into light, does this feel like something separate from you or something that should come back to you transformed? Should it go away or should it come back and be a part of you now that it's transmuted?

R: It should come back to me.

Are you comfortable bringing it back in now that Raphael has transmuted it?

R: Yes.

And do you feel that it should come back into where it was before or should it go somewhere else in your being or in your body?

R: It feels like it would go into the same space, but it would spread out.

All right, do that now. Experience that happening. And as it comes in, it's sealing that opening, is it not?

R: Yes.

Is there a shape to it?

R: Yes. It's like a star-shape.

And you said that it is reaching out or is expanding?

R: Well, it goes all the way to my head and down to my feet, not just radiating in that one area.

Good. We would like you to center the star in your heart, if that is agreeable to you.

R: Okay.

Where is the top of the star now?

R: Actually, now it extends to a point above my head.

Good. This is how you're reconnecting the upper 2 chakras with the rest of your chakras. This is going to remain in place now and is going to be the core energy on which you will radiate to your world or to your reality. Excellent. Now does this star feel likes it's integrated with you or like it's a thing that's inside you like a pacemaker or something? Does it feel like it's organically part of you now?

R: Half-way, not quite all the way.

What would make it feel like it's not an implant or like a pacemaker or some device that's there? What would make that feel like it's a part of you, comfortably integrated?

R: I just got the word, "trust."

And how about softening the edges somewhat, so the edges aren't so sharp? Would that help?

R: Yes.

M: Good. So soften that and see what happens and get Raphael's help, if that is agreeable. Is that working now?

R: Yes.

Good. Can it still maintain that shape, but be soft enough that it feels like it's organically part of you now?

R: Yes.

All right. Look in the center of that star and tell us what you see.

R: I just get a sense of pulsating colors . . . and white light.

Are there patterns, or is it just random?

R: No, it's not random. It looks like patterns.

What does it feel like? Are there emotions? Do you have a reaction emotionally to this?

R: I feel really joyful and really sad (tears). It's like something I've missed my whole life.

Do you feel the presence of Raphael at your side?

R: Yes.

Do you permit him to touch your face?

R: Yes.

Then we would suggest that you make a prayer request to Raphael. The prayer request is: "Raphael, can you help me open my heart as wide as my eyes are open so that I can feel it, how open it is . . . so that I can feel it?" And see what he says. He's promising that it won't hurt.

R: Yes, I got the sense that he thought I would like it.

Are you willing to have him help you with this?

R: Yes.

We would like to have you participate in this. This is his wish as well. And so with the star centered in your heart, now in a softened, integrated version, see two little doors like the cuckoo clock doors--you know . . . where the cuckoo comes out on the coiled spring? Only they're not wooden. They're going to be of a color of your choosing, and what color do you see?

R: I saw lavender and turquoise.

All right. Two little doors in those colors, and you're going to open them. Now we promise you it's not a cuckoo ready to jump out on spring, but you're going to open your doors and there's going to be something in there for you. Open the doors now…and what do you see?

R: It felt like two halves of a circle, one half in one side and one half in the other.

Can you bring them together and see the line go away so that it's one again instead of two?

R: Yes.

Now can you see light? Can you see that light up?

R: Yes.

And can you see the doors disappear?

R: Yes.

And see that sphere of light expanding within the center of the star? Expanding still more? And about how big is it now?

R: It's out to my shoulders and my hips.

Make it big enough so that it surrounds your entire body.

R: Okay.

. . . like you're in a bubble. Okay. Very quickly now, if you could go anywhere in this sphere of light, where would you go?

R: If I could go anywhere within this sphere of light?

As you are within this sphere of light, if you could go anywhere, where would you go?

R: "Home" is the word that came to me.

Where is home?

R: I just get a sense of it.

It's a star, isn't it?

R: It's way out there, I know. It's like right up there.

In your bubble, all you need to do (like Dorothy) is to say, "There's no place like home. I would like to be there now, please," and you're instantly transported there. And what do you find? Do you find any others like yourself there?

R: I'm surrounded, yes.

Can you count how many?

R: Oh, I get about seven or eight that are immediately around me.

Are they all the same height?

R: Oh, gosh. I don't know. No, they're not all the same height.

Do you get a sense of who they are to you?

R: They're old friends.

Any relatives? That's Okay. They might be the greeting committee. Let them encircle you. Step out of the globe of light and let them make a circle around you. Let them put their hands on that star that is your heart. Tell us what you're feeling with their hands on your heart.

R: I just want to cry.

It's joy, isn't it? So intense, so intense that it's almost too much. But they're smiling. They're very light-hearted about this. You know? You had to be there, right? They don't understand how far you've come. They don't understand the experiences that you've had in this body, and other bodies, because they've never done it. So just relax now. You needn't explain anything to them. You needn't apologize for anything. They are just surrounding you and they're so glad to see you and you're so glad to see them, to be with them . . . because you are home here. And there is no home on Earth that would ever satisfy the longing that you have to be with them, the longing that you have had lifetime after lifetime to return to them. And so now what we would like you to do is to have them get into your beautiful globe of light with you. And how does that feel?

R: Really exciting. I feel like they're really excited.

Yes. You're going to bring them back with you in a way that you incorporate their love, their energy, their relationship to you to help sustain as really projections of them so you're not actually making them go through third-density life. But projections of them are with you so that you have their energy to support you as you continue your mission here. Does that feel right?

R: Yes.

And so you have that sense of adventure and excitement through them, their projections of them being with you. You are able to see your reality with new eyes and to perceive your mission with new eyes through them, with excitement and a giggly sense of wonder . . . and a freshness that you have been missing.

R: Yes.

They are with you now as you come back to the room, and you can create this beautiful globe of light from that starseed heart energy and travel to commune with them in their real states of being, your real home, any time you wish. Now that you are connected with them in consciousness, that communication connection stays. Now you will always have that . . . right up until you actually do return to them . . . for good. All right? Let us see if there is any last thing we should be doing here. There is a female among them--a female energy that is like an older sister? Do you sense that? First we thought that it was a mother, but then we realized that it was a rather older sister, not just what you would think of as a few years, but maybe 10 or 15 years older--almost like a mother to you?

R: Yes, I feel like I met her in a dream. I know I did.

So she is a special one, especially close to you.

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