Part I - Conference Call of 7/26/98

MELORA: We are Melora, and we welcome you today.

GUDE: Welcome, Melora, and thank you for being available. It's really good to hear you again.

TERESA: It certainly is.

MELORA: Well, we thank you and we know that our Jyoti's been resting and that you two, as well, have been coming back to "reality" as you would put it.

TERESA: I'd say so . . .[laughter]

GUDE: . . . more or less . . . [more laughter]

MELORA: Yes, actually you know that you experienced REALITY on that weekend in Sedona. All right, so we know that you have questions for us today, and they are quite broad in scope, so we will try to stay on track with them.

GUDE: We would like to debrief the workshop weekend to get some clarity about it for ourselves and so we'll know how to improve the next one. I would like to begin by asking: "What is YOUR perception of how the workshop went and what we achieved and whether we did OUR part of the job."

MELORA: Yes, indeed, you did do your part of the job very successfully and very well. The image that was coming to us about how the weekend went was as though you have musicians setting up for a performance and doing sound checks and testing the electrical equipment and tuning their instruments, and all of that. There was very much of that sort of thing going on in the background--especially through Saturday. And with your prayers and your help on Sunday morning in setting up the space, that made it a lot more "efficient" for us as well.

GUDE: Yes. That's what it felt like. So the breakdown of protection on Saturday afternoon was because of that?

MELORA: We're not getting that there was a breakdown of protection; we're getting that there was, indeed, a breakdown of the structure of the energy. As our Jyoti put it, there was a breakdown of the structure of energy that had been created with all present--when one left because of physical illness and the other left because of great conflict and resistance. Since then, members of the group have come to realize that their group energy is very important . . . keeping the integrity of that group energy. And so we would say that you can look at this on a larger scale and see the inter-dependency of all of you in creating such an energetic structure in your Ascension.

This is what The Lady Master Athena meant when she was talking about the urgency of grasping some of these principles--meaning, taking responsibility for the quality of your energy, your intention, and your commitment to your mission in service to the Light. Our Jyoti listened to Athena's message again three or four times. We tuned in to the fact that she realized that what Athena was saying is that if you are going to ascend (and it is NOT guaranteed, by any means), you need to start detaching from these 3rd-dimensional concerns that still absorb you so greatly.

GUDE: I really do understand. Although I'm feeling better regarding 3-D concerns, they are present in everyday life. I would love just to step out of 3-D and go somewhere else. [laughter]

MELORA: This is not what we mean by detachment, as you well know, and we're laughing because our Jyoti frequently feels this way in her very 3-D-intensive job. The detachment is a consciousness kind of detachment, where you function perfectly and beautifully. As brilliant as you all are, it is really quite easy. The difficulty comes when you're attached emotionally, in consciousness, to the dramas that are going on.

The detachment is about being in another understanding--not getting spacy and "departing" in your consciousness but being fully present in the NOW and still having the wide scope of your spiritual consciousness accessible to you. This is what all the great living, enlightened Masters are able to do. Although they have that sort of dreamy effect when they're relating to you, we assure you that they are conscious in every moment. They just are not operating in the same "time zone" that you are.

GUDE: But I do have the feeling that I have a glimpse of the detachment you're talking about. I'm not able to stay there all of the time . . .

MELORA: Yes. It is not something that you can make yourself do. It really is a result of a shift in your being. And this is something that our Jyoti has been experiencing since the workshop, where she has a spiritual clarity about these scenarios people are running, rather than merely a mental clarity. With the mental clarity so often comes judgment. With spiritual clarity you don't even get a rise out of a person. So they're not getting the rise and then controlling their behavior so that they don't react. There is none of that present in that kind of detachment.

Before you began the session you had mentioned that you wished us to talk about the shifts that have taken place in each of you. In our Jyoti this is one such shift, and it's "sticking," as she would put it. It's staying and not going away, and the great enthusiasm that our Jyoti has emotionally and spiritually now--almost a childlike enthusiasm that she is not at all embarrassed to show--is really the way she is as a being. There is a physical fatigue in all of you that is because of your body holding so much light and continuing to hold light. You know that oftentimes when you go to these sorts of workshops it wears off after awhile . . . after a few days. You have that tremendous light quotient during the weekend but then somehow it's gone again, which is why so many people keep going to workshops. But with the three of you, especially, that light quotient is remaining. You have stepped up your ability to hold light, and that is going to be maintained.

So your physical body is adapting to that, and as these transmutations take place in your physical body, you're going to notice that there are certain foods that you crave. With our Jyoti . . . she burns so much protein in her basic metabolism that she's requiring tremendous amounts of protein, which is really broken down (Gude, as you know) into amino acids, and they're the communicators that go right to the DNA level. So, yes, this need for protein is about these processes going on at the very DNA-level. If you feel like eating a hamburger, eat a hamburger.

GUDE: I had a chicken yesterday. I had almost a whole chicken!

MELORA: There you go. [laughter]

TERESA: And I've had a lot of beef, a lot of chicken this past week.

MELORA: So has our Jyoti. She has had meat two times a day, and she just can't seem to get enough meat. We would also advise the three of you to take colloidal minerals that have the trace minerals in them. This would be very important and very helpful for you. We recommend the strong tasting colloidal minerals from Utah. You need to take them with pineapple juice or some other very sweet juice to mask the rather metallic flavor. The colloidal is the more accessible and less expensive; the ionic is really the most efficient. If you can find these trace minerals in an ionic form, then they are absorbed right through the cell walls, 100%, immediately.

TERESA: I've been taking the weak ones up until now. [laughter]

GUDE: I would like to go back to our discussion of the energies of light that we're carrying and holding now. To me it feels like it is increasing on a daily basis. Is that so?

MELORA: Yes. Not exponentially but gradually. Once the basic light quotient is maintained . . . and there are levels in this just as there are levels in Ascension. Once you're able to hold a certain light quotient, then more light can come in and fill out those filaments that we talked about in Sedona . . . in the etheric crystalline body, and so forth. And, yes, what you're building when you do The Heart-Axis Mudra Meditation is your communication network that links you directly to the Great Beings and to The One. Our Jyoti interpreted this correctly--that this is not synonymous with the merkaba.

All of these vessels (or "vehicles," if you will), all of these orbital structures work in conjunction with each other in a way that would be very difficult for you to understand or to visualize. They don't get tangled up in each other. (Our Jyoti is getting this picture of all these light filaments getting tangled up like fishing lines, because you've got the merkaba, and you've got the orbital structure, and you've got your communication webwork.) But since this is light energy, the trick is to have it work harmoniously.

TERESA: Is it holographically? That they work synonymously with one another?

MELORA: No, they're not synonymous. We're not quite understanding what you mean by "holographically."

TERESA: As far as them working together in a holographic way . . . almost like the way pieces of puzzle fit together . . . the light filaments.

MELORA: Our notion of "holographic," rather than the technological notion of hologram, would be that some form, some substance of some sort or some energy comes into form expressing sacred geometrical structures energetically. Whether you can see them or not, those energies form certain structures for certain purposes. So "hologram," for us, would mean that there are certain energetic structures set up, and when you are in 3-D, your hologram is your everyday life, and the people in it, the objects in it, and the events in it.

TERESA: So is what is created when we do The Heart-Axis Mudra Meditation a new energetic structure?

MELORA: Yes. Yes. What you create when you do The Heart-Axis Mudra Meditation is a new structure. Now, certain spiritual adepts have created structures similar to this, but because of your relationship to so many others who are of this consciousness, it is somewhat different. It is much more evolved. It is much more high-tech, if you will, because it has the supporting energies of others, as well.

TERESA: So, does this come through our Soul Group that we have this information and that we can share this information now?

MELORA: Yes, and this particular energetic structure that you have depicted in your poster would apply more to, or resonate more with, your Soul Group, because the creation of this structure has imprinted within it the identities, or resonances, of those in your group--not just you individually.

GUDE: Yes. It definitely feels to me like the energy field (not only my person) is just expanding. It doesn't feel as if there's any limitation to it.

TERESA: Exactly. I feel that way too, Gude. Very much so.

MELORA: "Linking up" is indeed the correct term, because you're re-joining existing structures that have sort of missed you for awhile. It's like lighting up your attic when you haven't been up there for a long time, do you see.

TERESA: Yeah. My attic's not lit. [laughter]

MELORA: . . . or lighting up your basement when you haven't been down there in a long time.

TERESA: What I'm feeling now is that this has to do with unlimited potential. Is this an aspect? Just opening up this whole thing? Is it like opening a new door?

MELORA: It is very much unlimited potential as it affects you at the Soul level--not at the 3-D level. Although it will definitely enhance the rest of your sojourn here, it is really designed for your spiritual evolution beyond 3rd-Dimensional expression.

GUDE: Thank you, Melora. Could you talk about the beings who were present at the workshop. Teresa saw four light beings around Jyoti while she was channeling. I'd like to add that I, too, saw all of them--especially a very bright golden tube that came from above and entered and surrounded Jyoti during the channelings.

MELORA: Yes. At first Jyoti wondered if these were members of The Council of 12, but we would like to tell her that what Teresa interpreted as more "ET-looking" entities are really personal helpers of Jyoti's at the Soul level. This has to do with her expression as a Hut-Ronite Eagle Priestess in the Sirius system, and so forth. She has a whole cadre of guides who are actually from that consciousness in that time, and time is not a barrier to them. They were working with her personally in helping us calibrate the energy, meaning not just those guides who are with her now, in this embodiment, but also beings who are of her same resonance. Her same family at the Soul level were actually present there to work with us.

TERESA: And of the golden cylinder?

MELORA: The golden cylinder is a calibration device. You could think of it as a direct channel to The Great Central Sun. The Great Central Sun is a sort of Grand Central Station of communication between Universes, between beings, and inter-dimensionally. This golden cylinder extends all the way to The Great Central Sun.

GUDE: Thank you. Regarding the workshop [in Sedona] on Sunday, it was really exciting how intense and deep your work was--all of you--with the participants and to see the shift that happened in each one of them. Again, do you see from your side (please excuse my wording) that they got what they came for?

MELORA: Yes. Absolutely. And more. What we would like to say before we describe this to you is from our "point of view" is that without the three of you doing what you did, this shift would not have taken place in them, much less in you. So your dedication and commitment, and your prayers Saturday night and Sunday morning, really gave us permission and empowered us to come in full force and set up these energies that would allow people to have the understanding and the confidence and the assurance that they needed to take that step forward.

And so what you had was: The three of you were totally committed to the workshop and the other eight weren't sure. Everyone's allowance and prayers and commitment allowed these energies to persuade, if you will, to draw the other eight forward to make a commitment. This is the big difference, and this is why we are suggesting to our Jyoti that she write to people in her update that the difference is the commitment that they now have.

GUDE: I felt what we did on Sunday morning before we started set up the energy to get ourselves moving and invoke whatever . . . that was very important too--the three of us as facilitators, together, and join our intention or join our energies.

MELORA: Yes, and we would ask you to take a good look at that and not to underestimate the power of your prayers here--to see fully the power that that prayer had. And also Saturday night . . . [laughter]

GUDE: Yes, which brings me to our favorite story. [laughter] Jyoti wants to know whether the UFOs we saw are from Vega.

MELORA: All right. What we are perceiving is that the term Vega came through because . . . our Jyoti looked up the term "Vega" on the Internet and found that it meant "stooping eagle." Her hearing this term was to lead her to this information. Our Jyoti's Soul Number One is an Eagle Priestess from Hut-Ron, the event of the disappearing and reappearing eagle feather, the eagle rock, the eagle stone, the baby eagles [up on Cathedral Rock] . . . all of these eagle emblems and symbolism you've only begun to explore in your work together. We are receiving that there is an influence of Vega but that they were not actually from Vega, meaning that there is some kind of signature, some kind of influence, in their work, in their understanding, much as if you would travel abroad to go to school . . . or you would be exposed to other cultures. These beings know those from Vega, have worked with those from Vega, and so forth. So there is that signature, that influence, there, but not that they are actually from Vega. And you are going to ask: "Where are they from?" Right? [laughter]

TERESA: Exactly. Curious.

MELORA: Give us a moment. We are searching here for the name. We are receiving that you did not see these in 3rd-Dimension.

GUDE: Right. That's what I got.

TERESA: Right.

MELORA: This is why there was no sound, and this is true with all encounters with so-called UFOs. When there is sound, you have 3-D vehicles. All right. So you were seeing these interdimensionally. Give us a moment. We have 7th-dimensional Pleiadian.

GUDE: Yes, and we saw them because we extended our consciousness and were open to see them?

MELORA: Yes. And because of the intensity of your desire, and because of the sincerity, and because of the opening that you had already enjoyed as of Saturday night, and so forth, and as a reward to you, in a way, for shifting consciousness. You could not have seen them if you had not been in an altered state, if you had not shifted consciousness.

GUDE: It's been my feeling that the whole weekend we were in an altered state . . .


GUDE: . . . and in expanded consciousness because there was no thinking of doing. It was just in a flow, and it really felt like being in a different dimension at the same time.

MELORA: Right. And, again, because of setting up this communication web with the tonals and everything that you three had practiced, and in your several-month commitment to doing this, many changes have taken place as well. You had your network of communication set up, and this is the sort of experience you have when your communication webwork is set up. Really, the part that is personal to you is the etheric crystalline body. The energies that you're creating to surround you give you an extension, or a receptive, communicative, transmitting-receptive power that you wouldn't have just within your etheric crystalline body itself.

TERESA: So an energetic exchange took place on that particular evening?

MELORA: Yes, and therefore the goose bumps and the hot palms of your hands. So, in communicating, do you see, in seeing them clairvoyantly (as you would put it), you're really getting information. The information comes in to you as energy; it gets transformed into images that you saw as ships. So the energy that came in communicated: "These are light ships" and your imagination gave that information form. So you got the message. Our Jyoti used the term "Travelers of the Light." Do you remember that? She was saying, "Travelers of the Light, please make yourselves visible to our eyes." And so Travelers of the Light is a very good translation of the energy, the information, that was communicated to you, do you see? And so essentially you channeled their presence in. Does that make sense?

GUDE: Yes. That makes sense. Being in Sedona, I have had similar experiences and I can best describe it as being in different realities or dimensions at the same time. Sometimes I don't know if I really saw it or just dreamt it. Sometimes I have the feeling that I have experienced it before but also right now in this moment.

MELORA: Yes, you're experiencing the extension of time right now.

GUDE: Yes, the extension seems almost "out of time" because I don't have any feeling for time. My feeling is that this is where we are going. Our perception, our experience will be more and more like that.

MELORA: Yes, and this is why it is good to start getting used to it now. This is what people want of Ascension. You know, all of a sudden they lift off. But what would happen with that sort of experience is that people would shatter. Their psyches would shatter. They wouldn't be able to hold it, to take it.

Before we move on with that, what we wanted to say about the ships that you saw is that you essentially called them in. They did not happen to be "coasting by." When they appeared to go into a cloud . . . the cloud just happened to be there because you were looking with your physical eyes, as well, over the panoramic scene, but in their dimension, there was no cloud. When you called them in, they were hovering right before you, essentially, to show you that they were really ships, but your physical eyes were seeing clouds there.

TERESA: So in feeling them energetically . . . they were right there with us. They weren't up there in the sky or in the clouds?

MELORA: Right. So they were actually present there long before you translated that information energy of their presence into forms.

GUDE: Yes. That's why we got goose bumps, and my hands got hot. The energy was there already.

MELORA: That is correct. And so, you see, you had contact with them for a good, perhaps, half hour or 45 minutes actually.

GUDE: And was there any information transmitted?

MELORA: Give us a moment. Yes. We are hearing something very funny. [laughter] "Howdy, pardner. Howdy, pardners." [extended laughter]

GUDE: That's wonderful. That's what it feels like.

MELORA: Yes, and it's very playful, very joyous. [Teresa keeps laughing] Checking in. Nothing heavy, nothing very serious or intense. Just "Howdy, pardners." That's exactly the feeling. Yes. That was the message.

GUDE: Okay. Thank you, Travelers of the Light. [laughter]

MELORA: Travelers of the Light indeed. And don't rush by "Pardner" too quickly. You are their partners and they are your partners in this work together . . . not just slapstick cowboy "pardner."

TERESA: So we are working with that 7th-dimensional Pleiadian energy?

MELORA: Yes, the 7th-dimensional Pleiadians are very highly evolved, and they have what we would call "ultra-terrestrial" forms. They are very beautiful light forms. (It's the 4th-dimensional Pleiadians that we caution you about.) They are also very interested in what is happening here on Earth at this time, and, in their evolution, have learned from their own evolutionary mistakes about not interfering with the course of events in human history. So those in 7th-dimension have learned what those of 4th-dimension haven't.

GUDE: I would like to get an answer about the meaning of the butterfly I found under the candle on Sunday morning.

MELORA: Well, the first butterfly that you found on Sunday materialized there. It was an inter-dimensional butterfly. We would predict that you would be hard pressed to find that butterfly in any Earth account. If you remember its colors, you probably have never seen anything like it anywhere.

GUDE: Right. I can still feel it on my hand.

MELORA: Yes. The Monarch butterfly that followed up Cathedral Rock . . . now we're getting into our Cathedral Rock reading . . .

TERESA: Yeah. What about Cathedral Rock? [laughter] What about that Rock? [laughter]

MELORA: There was a pair of Monarch butterflies--a main guide, not just for you but it was about the notion of transformation or rebirth that the caterpillar-to-butterfly signifies in a way that is like the Phoenix. It is like the resurrection of Osiris. The caterpillar, in its tomb, metamorphosing and getting wings and flying like a Soul--all of that. But it was really being a guide for you and sort of whispering things in your ear, if you listening . . . hovering around your face and really telling you things . . . urging you forward but also telling you things about your state of being.

GUDE: Yeah. This state of being really felt inter-dimensional again, and I was so tuned-in to the energy and to the mountain that I hardly responded to . . . I don't know. It's hard to describe. I just did what I did, whatever it was.

MELORA: Yes, and you needed to have your solo journey for what Cathedral Rock was giving to you, what you experience there was giving to you. Not to be a guide for mountain climbing or whatever. So this is getting into why our Jyoti and our Teresa took off, back the other way [laughter] and you went your way. You were to have your own, solitary experience of finding your way down on a new path, and that feeling we would suggest would be beneficial to carry into your life in 3rd Dimension as well--finding your own path down, or away from whatever challenges face you, which is what climbing Cathedral Rock really represented. Not only challenge but your intersection with 3rd-dimensional existence and how gracefully does one do that or not? Do you see?

And, now, with Teresa and Jyoti . . . our Jyoti was given very intense guidance to turn back and to come down the way that you came up. And it wasn't just her 3rd-dimensional brain saying that. What Teresa and Jyoti haven't really talked to about is the actual experience of going across and up, and every time they would look down it was too steep a climb. And then they would think that they had found the way down that you had come up, and that wasn't it. And finally our Jyoti was starting to feel very light-headed and she said, "We've got to make a commitment." A commitment. And so in saying that, it wasn't just "We could wander around here all day, and we have not more water, and the vultures could come and get us [Teresa laughs], or we can make a commitment because every way down is difficult. And so we need to make a commitment and go down now."

But the emphasis is on the word "commitment." And that applies as well to your journeys, especially now, in the shifts that you have made, because without that commitment (as Athena said), you continue to go laterally. What that means in 3rd Dimension, as Athena said, is more karma, more incarnations. What that means spiritually is not going higher or vertically, in your Soul attainment. And so this is a call for you to come down from the mountain of challenge in 3-D, and attachment to those rocks in 3-D where you feel them, and you slide down them, and all of you are totally intersected in 3-D . . . Coming away from that can feel like a perilous journey because it is all that you know. And so there's a feeling of descending from (we hope this analogy is not getting too forced here) your climb up the 3-D ladder and all that you have achieved and all that you've focused on your entire life and all that you have "built" in 3rd Dimension. You see? That's what Cathedral Rock represents.

Beyond that are the energies. So then there's the experience of this tremendously sonic structure--the vibration . . .


MELORA: . . . that's ultrasonic vibration. If you could picture above Cathedral Rock, you would see a similar cylinder but, of course huge--and entire portal all the way up.

GUDE: Um hmm.

TERESA: Oh yeah.

MELORA: Um hmm. So you were lying on the rock behind the central spire, and our Jyoti reached out and she said, "Hey, Buddha" instead of Gude. There you have it. And buddha really means "knowledge" in Sanskrit--knowledge of the spiritual kind, meaning knowledge of divinity, experience of divinity.

GUDE: That's how it felt. Being up there and going down and really opening up. I've seen that cylinder sometimes at twilight. There wasn't a moment of feeling of fear or of not knowing. I just trusted whatever was there and it felt wonderful.

TERESA: Melora, on the night before on the full moon, or what was almost a full moon, what kind of communication did I receive while I was looking at Cathedral Rock from Gude's place? I felt like I was spellbound in sitting there and couldn't really move. It was just that the energy was so strong. Can you enlighten me in this?

MELORA: You have two lifetimes in that area, and so you had seen that before many times with the full moon coming up behind Cathedral Rock. You were compelled to stay and watch that because you were tuning in consciously to other lifetimes in which you saw that many times.

TERESA: Is it important for me to know what these lifetimes are?

MELORA: The important part of knowing about these lifetimes is not about event; it is about the spiritual connection that you had in these lifetimes--these very simple lifetimes--and the sense of awe and the sense of being a guardian of the Earth. What we're hearing is that what Gude told our Jyoti in their conversation previous to the session that going out and doing more Earth rituals would help you connect to the Earth and above even more.

TERESA: Is there a connection between Cathedral Rock and Glastonbury?

MELORA: Give us a moment. Well, this is not directly connected for you personally. What you're doing is going to other lifetimes. There is a resonance there about the power of these mammoth stones. The power of these celestial bodies--not just what you're seeing visually and the awesomeness of that but their very energetic fields.--the power that that has over you as beings made up so much of water . . . You might remind yourselves of the effect of the full moon on the tides and remember how especially women are made up of so much water.

GUDE: At least 80 to 85 percent.

TERESA: Right.

MELORA: Yes, and so these have very strong effects on you electromagnetically, and so forth, and actually at the DNA level. As you allow remembrance of other lives, of watching the moon and feeling her presence, and so forth, these memories will open up to you. That is to make you feel your connectedness with the Earth and with the celestial bodies and with all the energies of the Great Beings, and so forth. Your oneness with the vastness of these creations.


Part 2: Sedona Debriefing


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