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 I do this work remotely (from a distance--not by phone or in-person), as there are no Time or Space barriers when working at the Quantum Level.

 My Methods

I am trained in, and experienced with, how to conduct a session "at zero-point". And how to remain at zero-point during the entire session. Zero-point is a principle of Quantum Physics. It is the point exactly between positive and negative polarities, out of which we pull into materiality everything we experience. (This principle of choosing what we experience is explained artfully in the film "What the Bleep Do We Know?")

I do Emotion Coding Release sessions remotely (without the use of surrogates), as there are no Time or Space barriers when working at the Quantum level, where 3rd-dimensional-reality rules do not apply. In other words, mental/ emotional processing is unnecessary. Very powerful!

In detailed, color-coded session notes I graphically track all locations in the body, energy field, chakras, and spinal segments where the harmful emotions are trapped. And so those relating to anger, resentment, menopausal issues, etc., will no doubt show up in other areas of your body as well. In your session notes I also show (1) WHEN the harmful emotions got trapped, (2) in how many other lifetimes they're also trapped in your body, and (if inherited at conception) from which parent you inherited that harmful emotion.


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