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Communication with you--bi-directionally--is enhanced by, and is the result of, the coming into etheric form of the etheric crystalline body. It starts almost like a rock wall, where you have a stone here and a stone there, and together they create a shape.

We have described [as in the Sedona Journal article] that the third eye is the third etheric crystal. It is a holographic crystalline device not only for clairvoyance but also for manifesting your entire reality. So you can think of the third eye as a projection device that actually projects forward into material experience human relationships, various events, and so forth. Think of it as one of those thousand-dollar, ceiling mounted projection devices that is actually projecting the results of your thoughts and your intentions as you then experience your world.

The illusion is that you experience something and then you believe it. The reality is that you believe it and then you experience it. That gives you great responsibility. The moment of your liberation occurs when you take responsibility for the fact that you do indeed create your reality. Now this is not a state without compassion, because on your road to embracing the reality of this understanding, you have to "have that garage sale"--you have to get rid of core beliefs that you now know are inaccurate, that you now know are illusions. This is the great challenge of human embodiment: Do you resolve all of the pain and remove all of the obstacles? Do you remember that you are divine?

Now, you could think of the beginning of the etheric crystalline body as your DNA programming and as that etheric-silicate counterpart (what you think of as cords, substance or silicon dioxide). For every material expression there is the ideational version that precedes it--or what we call the morphogenic structure. Just as there is physical force there is etheric force. Just as there is your physical body there is your etheric body.

Within your very DNA are "microchips," which are not static as they are in your three-dimensional form. In other words, their capacity continuously to store information as it is changing your experience is infinite. And so, as we said the other night, DNA is not just the physical part that scientists have been able to track. DNA is actually multi-dimensional. And so you have there the Akashic Records of everything that you have ever been, said, done or thought, and everything that you can probably become is all there too.

Then you have the etheric crystalline structures here [indicates the top and back of the head]--you know, the various places you get headaches. And there's a sort of antenna-like spiral here at the each side of the head, coiled flat here at the temple. In the process of reconnecting the 12 strands of DNA, a sort of webwork version of you (like a fish net) is created. You may have seen computerized, 3-dimensional depictions of a human form that has no skin but is just like contoured webbing. This would be the representative form most like what we're describing as your etheric crystalline light filament structure. This would also be a good way to picture your etheric template.

All right. So think of the building of the etheric crystalline body as a communication network of contoured, intersecting lines that approximately describe your physical form or shape. And we're seeing a movement of energy almost like electrical things happening with that. It might be helpful to see this filling in of light structures so that those "rungs" or lines now light up. It doesn't happen in a regular pattern such as from the head down or from the center out.

Depending on which chakras are open or not, there will be a lot of crystalline formation there. It is like creating a temple, which is what this process really is. And it's even more: It's communication. You can see that you can have only limited communication if you have just part of this communication structure open and set up as a crystalline focal point but that you don't really have full access to your connection to the ONE, which would mean: "Now I feel no separation from anything else."

So you have these pockets of "construction" in areas about which you've allowed yourselves to come to consciousness and that you've developed. And so when you come into your spiritual path you start to develop the structures that fill in these intersecting "lines" around the heart area--in the front and the back. You see, it's coming into manifestation as you work with issues, become conscious of them and resolve them, and so forth--for example, solar plexus issues such as fear and survival.

As you lose your attachment to them from your brain and ego focus. You release what impedes the light filaments from creating these structures in full, so that the ideal, "finalized" etheric crystalline body would mean that every "area" of the body template is now filled with light filaments.

Now this is true only as physical existence intersects with consciousness creation. For example (it is very difficult to describe), it's not as though you don't already have a Light Body or light structure. This etheric crystalline body is like your communication liaison between your physical form (while your consciousness of Ascension is still in your physical body) and then as the body's energies are transmuted by association with the etheric crystalline structure (gradually here and eventually then filling out more and more), at some point there's a transmutation of the body which you're calling bringing your body to light.

When you bring your body to light you don't discard the physical body as in death, where you drop it like you're molting and your spirit goes into a discarnate form as you await your choice for your next life. We're saying that there's an alchemical process, or a transmutational process that the etheric crystalline body is part of. It's almost as when you see construction workers setting up scaffolding in constructing a building until they have all the infrastructure in place. The process of building the etheric crystalline body is much like this. At some point the light scaffolding can be removed. Then the physical structure will disappear.

In your work this weekend all of you have added etheric "structure," especially around the heart. You're also filling in the gaps in your etheric crystalline body around your third eye and throat, do you see. As you are conscious of work that you're doing in this area, and as you open your awareness and come out of lack of knowledge (meaning, as you come into acceptance of these possibilities for yourselves in remembrance), you can make great leaps and great accelerations such as this weekend. Maybe there was nothing here and then suddenly you have this whole area filled with light from here to there--front, back and sides.

This is what these great opportunities you provide for yourselves do for you as you go along in your journey. On the Soul level, and under the direction of your guides, you realize that this indeed is what will take place. Whether your mental body and/or emotional body approves, on the Soul level you're creating this for yourselves in doing such work.

QUESTION: So the etheric crystalline body--is that an intermediate to the , or does that actually become the Light Body?

Your Light Body is with you now. It is with you between incarnations as the "part" of you that can travel out to other universes, but this is not the same as the astral body. When you come to a certain level of Ascension consciousness your astral body goes away. The astral body, at least in the past, has been your connection to higher planes. Now we're saying that the Astral plane is a lower plane. It is actually unnecessary to connect to the Astral plane to come into this spiritual understanding.

The relationship between your Light Body and your etheric crystalline body is much like when moonlight reflects on window glass. So there's an effect on the etheric crystalline body from its proximity to the Light Body. By the way, if things become too intense and people aren't aware of their right to call their wandering light bodies back, then the Light Body sometimes can take off to enjoy more pleasant experiences, for example, in some other universe. This is not "kosher."

This calls to mind an important exercise to do when you're not grounded. Every morning when you get in your car, call your Light Body to come back and be with you. This grounds you in its association with your other bodies--especially with your etheric body. You receive energy through your etheric body, and so if you have chronic fatigue, maybe you have some lost soul aspects that need to come back, or maybe your Light Body is not with you, where it belongs. So know that you can say to your Light Body: "Hey! Come back here. It's your duty." And then the Light Body, as it might be experienced clairvoyantly and clairaudiently, might say: "Oops! I forgot."

Just for your understanding, you can see your bodies in layers. You have your mental body, emotional body, physical body, spiritual body and so forth. You can see these bodies as parts of a composite that's stretched out for you the way medical diagrams look. They actually are "superimposed" over each other and are actually unified unless you really have a lot of blockage going on in the heart chakra, and so forth.

People who do clairvoyant work and cranio-sacral work, and so forth, often see this little protrusion of the etheric body coming out the top of someone's head when it's slightly askew and out of alignment with their physical body. This can happen when the physical body experiences trauma; for example, if you got thrown from a horse, your etheric body might be "jarred" and become misaligned. Doing cranio-sacral work actually helps gently to realign all the bodies.

QUESTION: Is the etheric body damaged when the physical body is damaged? In other words, if the Light Body is damaged by certain experiences, would you have to rebuild something?

Yes. The etheric body can be damaged. You would have open portals that would need to be sealed, and these are also created sometimes by trauma or addictions, or by a person's constant denial of something. You can actually damage your etheric body by your thoughts. To heal these open portals, you can call in St. Germain, who's an expert on working with the etheric template. That template is your perfected form--especially your physical body--and its condition determines how your physical body relates to all the other bodies. Call in St. Germain, ask him to bring in the violet transmuting flame, seal those open portal ways and repair the tears in your etheric web.

QUESTION: Once your etheric body is healed, then your Light Body might return to you too?

Yes. That would be reasonable to expect.

QUESTION: What happens, for example, with someone who has had many addictions and self-abuse? Would they want to come back in another body to ascend with a "better" body?

No, because, as we perceive it, that karma still has to be resolved. And so it's not so much an issue of coming back in a better body but, rather, the karmic issue will still have to be explored again.

QUESTION: Why did my body react the way it did yesterday? (This attendee reacted to the workshop energies with nausea and diarrhea for much of Saturday.)

In the intensity of such workshops as this, you can only hold so much. This depends on where you are in your path, in your understanding, your physical comfort, etc., because of the light energy coming in. Where you start to shut down first is in your physical body, as a human body, because it is trying to protect you from what it considers to be an invasion of sorts when you start to feel uncomfortable. Only a disciplined consciousness can say: "Just ignore that." When your muscles are on fire and your whole body aches, you can ask for Divine energy to come in and clear out these things that block you from absorbing these light energies.

All right. We thank you so much for your kind attention, and we are Melora.


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