Earth "Invaders"

Melora through Joanna Neff

Much interesting information comes through in the processes of Higher-dimensional Soul Retrieval. Here, there is not only insight into consciousness relationships between multi-dimensional life expressions. As Melora has said, it is not beneficial to help a client become merely intellectually aware of incarnational information. Indeed, it has been our experience that this often reinforces the fear that drove the client to seek help to begin with. It also maintains the illusion that the practitioner who is "helping" the client has the "power."

About half-way through the transcription of this session, readers can get a glimpse of the process Melora and a client's guides go through to help resolve less beneficial consciousness connections and memories (karma) for a client. This process is truly beneficial, for energies that are not optimal for the client are transmuted--with the client's full, conscious participation! In this facilitation by Melora and a client's guides, the client is empowered.

Questions Re: L. Ron Hubbard

(from a private session with Melora)

MELORA: We are prepared to answer your questions. We ask that you ask the questions, one at a time, about the civilizations that you mentioned in your e-mail. Before you begin asking those questions, if you would, we would ask you to express what you already know about your interest or your link with this information. This gets the energy "up" for us and for your guides to read. So why do you feel that this information interests you? What is your connection with that?

D: I got into what's called Scientology, and they have this device that's like a lie detector that helps show you things to look at. They ask me, "Do you have any secrets?" and I always felt like I had this dark secret that I couldn't tell anyone. I couldn't find out what it was, and I went through all this testing with this equipment. Later on, about 1980 or so, I was talking about spiritual things, and a friend of mine was also in Scientology, and I was asking her where she came from and stuff. She kind of spun it around on me and said, "Where do YOU come from?" And all of a sudden I felt that if I answered that question I would cease to exist!


D: I felt that I had actually disappeared for a second. I didn't actually answer that question. About a year ago, I asked my friend R. to look at this area within me and there was apparently some kind of an instance . . . a kind of being sitting in the middle of a circle. There was a body being created--or a template or an image of a body, a human body. The being looked like . . . I might have been influenced by Hubbard, but he said that it looked like insectoid sort beings that were creating a human-type body. And I was put into that human body, and I might also have been one of the beings in the circle too. Then he did a soul retrieval out of that, and that problem disappeared--that feeling that I had a deep, dark secret.

So I got wondering about all the stuff Hubbard had said about this certain group of aliens. He said there were five different waves of invaders that came into this universe from the one above it . . . to take it over and this was called "the 5th invaders"--the insects. They tend to be entertainers in this life in the general population of Earth, they tend to take on the lives of musicians and actors. Sure enough, if you look at the TV, a lot of your musicians and actors like David Bowie and Jeff Goldblum . . . almost all of them have some sort of an insectoid look around their eyes.

MELORA: Yes, and didn't Jeff Goldblum appear in the remake of "The Fly"? [laughs]

D: Yeah. [laughs] This is just something I kind of just wanted to know, because it doesn't jibe with a lot of the New Age stuff. You know: You come here to Earth from between lives and graduate out of that. This is a whole different scenario.

MELORA: All right. Let us begin to answer your question now. The main theme, if you will, that comes to mind is a misperception of "invasion." So let us put it this way: Any entity--any Soul--in the many universes can choose to incarnate on Earth, regardless of its own origins, regardless of the form that it had taken in other existences, in other Galaxies, even in other planets in your own Solar System.

So what could be interpreted as "invasion" by Hubbard are actually free-will choices of souls wishing to incarnate in 3rd-dimensional systems. And, just as there are many numbers of Star Beings on Earth during these times of Ascension consciousness, there are many other kinds of beings, if you will. (We would think of it as resonance or beings of a quality of energy who, in "past" lives, existed in insectoid form or in physical bodies on the Earth at this time. Now, if Hubbard interpreted strictly non-humanoid origins, then, because of the numbers, we could see that that was interpreted as an invasion, like an infiltration of a species type that we would call etheric DNA (carried by the etheric version of the physical version of the DNA), in numbers Hubbard is getting categories of types of . . . how shall we put this . . . races who incarnated in these other forms previous to coming to Earth in physical embodiment as humanoid species.

So he's picking up on . . . it's almost as if your ancestors came here from Italy to Ellis Island three or four generations ago, or whatever, and you say "I am of Italian descent." Even though you're an American, they have certain characteristics of the Italians from which they came. It's the same way with the insectoid or the leonine, the reptilian, and so forth. Now, the important issue here is not whether they're insectoid, reptilian or leonine in character; it is how they are choosing to express in their soul growth. Some may choose to wield power, to enjoy the benefits of power, but that is not specific to those races. Humanoid expressions also have that temptation, do they not? In fact, in any 3rd-dimensional zone, if you will--any free-will zone--that is always a primary issue.

So the interpretation of "invasion," we are hearing, is just in the sheer numbers of these species who, in the past, incarnated primarily in these forms as you describe: insectoid, leonine, reptilian, and so forth. We do not see an invasion or a conspiracy--at least not a the conscious level. We're seeing certain predispositions of choices and behaviors in what we're calling the etheric DNA level. That would be what you carry with you from expression to expression in your lifetimes in the many planes and universes, and then that is as an overlay on your physical DNA. Do you see? Just as your etheric body is the liaison between your physical body and your higher bodies, and as your etheric body feeds your physical body, so too would be what we would be calling the etheric or energetic or morphogenic DNA that's an overlay over your physical DNA.

That having been said, we can talk to you specifically about each individual race. We are not particularly good at finding specific names for places. Because our Jyoti is a conscious channel, if it's not in her brain database, if you will, we are unable to find the name of something. We can, however, give you energetic qualities. Because we do not work in the Astral plane, which is a lower plane to us, we are not psychic, so we may not be able to pull forth the name of the universe or the name of the galaxy or the name of the star they are from, for example, unless it is within our Jyoti's databanks.

We can give you energetic readings--qualities of energies and information about them that is not, for example, that they are from Andromeda. We will be able to tell you if it is from this universe, this galaxy, and so forth, but we may not be able to name names, if you understand.

D: That's fine.

MELORA: All right.

D: One of the things that is sort of at issue here is, Hubbard maybe science-fictionalized it, but he talked about the invader forces actually having equipment and getting into wars with other invader groups. He talked about certain beings that were on Earth, where in a sense like "little green men" kind of. They had been here previously, and then the 5th invaders came down about 50,000 years ago and [tape garbled]. He also said that they have these "screens" over the Earth so that you can't escape as a soul between lives. If you try to leave the planet you hit this screen and you end up on Mars or in some area where you're reprogrammed and sent back to Earth by force by either the 4th invaders or "the brotherhood of the snake" or . . . it's so confusing. There are so many levels of the invaders. There are the insects, and the "little green men" are the 4th invaders. So the brotherhood of the snake were the Egyptian gods. I can't figure out what the scenario is here.

MELORA: Yes, and at the beginning of the session you used the word "paradigm," and that's a very good word to use in this situation. As with all paradigms, at the Soul level you buy into it or you don't. Do you see? And this is a karmic thing. So there are many things one knows at the Soul level that one does not know consciously. The whole point of Ascension Consciousness is to become conscious of these things that you know at the Soul level but that you may not know consciously as a physical, psychological, intellectual human being. So we're saying these introductory remarks as a prelude to helping you understand that people buy into the paradigms--or we would use an informal word, the "scenario"--that they're going to live out, or that they're going to share with others with whom they have worked before, to explore alternatives to the way that they they have explored similar (or exactly the same) issues that they have explored in other lifetimes in other planes.

The thing to find out is the issue involved here that you're expressing and to realize that that issue is shared by so-called "past" and "future" lives. But it is expressed in different ways. When we do multi-incarnational merging, for example, we explore, usually, one central issue or two at most, that you in past lives are also exploring. As you know, it is simultaneous, and so it reverberates back-and-forth, depending how "successfully" you are resolving the issue karmically or you are making choices that are more appropriate with the same issue than you did in other lifetime. Do you see?

Paradigm here, regarding some of these races, or "brotherhoods," you describe . . . they don't think of themselves this way, by the way. This is only Hubbard's term. The way you explore that in human embodiment on the Earth specifically is going to determine whether, at the Soul level, you get through that "net" or not. In other words, it's not something that you're unaware of at the Soul level or that you have not chosen at the Soul level as a challenge for you. It's not a victim thing, where they impose this net and your Soul has to "bounce back" in return, or whatever. It is something that is shared as a challenge--meaning, you understand at the Soul level that this is going on, and hopefully you make choices so that this no longer will affect you. Do you understand what we are saying?

If you understand that there are simultaneous lives going on, exploring this all at the same time, directed by the Higher Self as an example, or even the OverSelf, you see that one individual entity expression is going to have a hard time fathoming the complex orchestration as it's done through the Higher Self with all its many lives, and so forth.

D: Hubbard comes from a scenario of a very hostile universe, and this doesn't jibe very well with the scenario of going on for a certain amount of time or a certain number of lives and then just graduate out of that. It's a scenario of: We die and we hit that screen and get implanted and made to forget everything, and then drop back down into another body.

MELORA: But this is not everyone. This is not every single being. We are hearing to make this individual to you. We understand your concern for maybe masses of people, but the most important thing here is what is your relationship to this whole process? Should you be concerned about your own individual relationship to this possible process or scenario for you--or paradigm for you? Is it all right with you if we focus on that?

All right. Give us a moment. We're hearing that there is one particular group that you fear or that you think you might be associated with. Is that true?

D: Yeah.

MELORA: They're saying, "Name that group."

D: I think it's the one with the entertainers and the musicians.

MELORA: The insectoid types? Okay. You've probably heard in the past that if you blow yourselves up with nuclear weapons, and so forth, no matter what happens, what kind of creatures are still going to be surviving upon the Earth? It's usually insects, isn't it?

D: Right.

MELORA: We remember that cockroaches were the specific reference here, because they can adapt every generation to pesticides. So the physical survivability of insects, because of eons and eons and eons of development, is very high. There are advantages to associating in those forms or those vibrations. If you're looking for a vehicle to survive in while you do your growth and make your choices and do your karma, that's probably a pretty decent choice for survivability, and we're talking not so much about looking like an insect as we are to having a vibration of physical survivability.

Then we move to the aspect of the entertainment world, communication. Where is all the money? In television and the entertainment industry. We see that that certainly is true. The question would be: Why is that influence important to individual members of the species? Why is that particular expression or influence important? Are you sensing conspiracy, or are you sensing just the maximum ability to express as freely as you like?

D: It's not like conspiracy; it's more like a group that has an impact on this universe through creativity and art and things like that. It's not necessarily the highest art forms.

MELORA: . . . although some of that is there.

D: Right, but mostly it's the popular art forms rather than high art, and it seems like that's the slant of the insectoids for some reason. I'd like to know why. Maybe it's just a natural ability.

MELORA: What we're hearing about the insectoid vibration, or through DNA, or whatever expression-- however you'd like to look at it--is that it continues the more intensive 3rd-dimensional focus. So the insectoid beings, although at points in "time" have had very high technology indeed, continue to remain at a more 3rd-dimensional kind of consciousness. If you doused with a pendulum, for example particular stars and at what level of consciousness they have, certainly the majority are sub-Ascension-consciousness, which you probably already know. If you take an actor such as Tom Cruise and you douse with a pendulum (or if you have another way to do a little applause-meter kind of thing) about where he is in his Ascension consciousness, you would find that he's pretty much in 3rd Dimension in his consciousness. We're saying that the insectoid types tend to prefer 3rd-density expressions. Of course this is not all--but a majority do prefer 3rd Density.

D: And so you can go out of that pattern?

MELORA: Of course. That is always the potential, but, again, Earth--having been one of the predominant free-will zones--no-holds barred, there are many more temptations because of free will again to seek the pleasures of power, to seek the pleasures of influence. If you have a predilection of a species to go into 3rd Density or 3rd-type density, then this is one of the best places for them to be. This is one of the most dense consciousness zones in the many universes--not just in this one universe. So you can see why they would be attracted here.

It's about a tangible feedback and gratification for expression. It's a need for attachment. As you may know, the Hindus always say, "Detach from the outcome of your words and deeds," and then you become liberated. In the context of that net you describe, the motive is just the opposite--and that is a great attachment to the results, which all entertainers have. "Do they like me?" "Do they like my work?" "Are they applauding?" "That's where I get my strokes." This is a very 3rd-dimensional attachment kind of motivation.

D: Hubbard said that the Insectoids have a slogan: "The paymaster is sensation."

MELORA: Exactly.

D: And also he said that the ones that are here are in pretty bad shape. And he says that they value darkness. They're hiding in the darkness. It's pretty paradoxical that they're entertainers and their souls are basically hiding. I've felt all my life that I've been hiding. What else did he say? Let's see. Any time any spiritual energy is glowing, they get scared of that. It really bothers them. They feel that they're just not worthy, and that's why they're really kind of messed up sexually, confused sexually. When I ran that thing with R.and creating the body template, I noticed that there was this sexual compulsion and then after I ran that, it went away. One of the things I realized was that having sexual experiences and orgasm, it was feeding that body template in some other place. In other words, it was energizing that body and keeping it alive. By withdrawing all that from my body there and bringing it back here, all that compulsion went away. It wasn't an animal compulsion. It was a spiritual compulsion.

MELORA: We were kind of latching on to what you said a couple of minutes ago about hiding in the darkness. We got some interesting feedback on that interpretation too. It's a vibrational thing. Even humanoid beings who have been humanoids in their many incarnations, if they're at a low vibration--or intensively in 3rd-dimensional consciousness--when they're around someone of a high vibration (not necessarily someone of the "peace and light" vibration but a warrior of the light), they feel threatened. Now people don't feel threatened by the Dalai Lama; they just feel peaceful. That's also the quality of energy of the Lady Master Quan Yin, for example. But if those of intensively 3rd-dimensional consciousness were around, say, Archangel Michael, they would be afraid indeed. So we're talking about a passive high-light vibration that just is versus an active high-light vibration that does.

When they're around an active high-light vibration such as that of Archangel Michael or a warrior of the light who casts out demons, who clears negative entities and so forth, they're going to get riled up and they're going to get catalyzed by that. Do you see the distinction? The passive high-light vibration does not judge, and so there is no threat there; but the active high-light vibration says: "Are you with me or not? If not, you are my enemy and I cast you out." [laughs] There you have the crux of the so-called battles between "good" and "evil" over the many eons and across many planes and dimensions.

That is the impulse that creates fear in the insectoids and in the reptilian types--not the leonine type--because they're used to being cast out of civilizations in which they have come to reside. Because of people's fear, because the primary issue is power and survival, anybody else who has fear of that is going to come up against them. When you were talking about hiding some part of yourself to avoid detection, this is the same way insects scuttle about when you lift up a rock. They scuttle away because you have exposed them. It is the same impulse of survival.

D: It's a hiding from God's light?

D: N

MELORA: It is a very strong survival impulse, purely. What the insectoids are really afraid of is judgment. We would not agree that it's a fear of God's light. It's a fear of judgment. These are not synonymous. Human beings impose a sense of God's judgment that doesn't exist. It's also a fear of being unlike those who are doing the judging. And do you know how this applies to you?

D: There's a fear that I didn't do good in my job. A fear of punishment.

MELORA: All right. We would like to go to that moment when you saw the insectoid forms creating you into a human body. Because R. has helped you resolve this, we are just looking at a sort of hologram. There's no reason to fear that we're revisiting something that's already resolved. We wish you to look around the circle and see if you see a prominent insect entity. It's a sort of leader.

D: Yeah.

MELORA: Focus on that entity now, and tell us if you as the being who is being created into a human form recognize this leader--has some connection to this leader--at the Soul level.

D: It's hard to relate to this entity.

MELORA: Is that you now? Or you in the hologram?

D: Me now.

MELORA: You, now, are revolted by it?

D: Yeah.

MELORA: Go into yourself that's the body in the middle of the circle and then perceive that same entity and see if you have the same revulsion.

D: It's a parent figure.

MELORA: All right. Good. So you're not feeling yucky about it, when looking from that perspective?

D: No.

MELORA: Look deeper and see if you feel feelings of relationship. You said it's like a parent figure. See if you can go into feelings now.

D: It feels like some kind of hive . . .

MELORA: Hive consciousness?

D: Yeah. I think it's the queen of the hive.

MELORA: Good! Excellent. That's what we're seeing. See if you enjoy the feelings of connection with the hive consciousness. Does that give you some sense of security or connectedness?

D: Yeah. It's very interesting.

MELORA: Okay. Stay in your beingness there instead of coming back to now. Stay in that circle that the hologram is showing you. Be in there as that being, from that viewpoint, as you're looking around that circle. There's a comfort in that. There's a feeling of connection. Now withdraw your consciousness from the circle and go back to the queen figure, the parent figure, and see if there are really positive feelings that you have for that entity.

D: It's worship, really--a feeling of worship.

MELORA: Okay. What else? What kind of being is it? Is it someone you trust? Someone you're afraid of?

D: Afraid, I think.

MELORA: So you worship out of fear?

D: Yes, it's awesome. It's the kind of fear you feel about a leader.

MELORA: Is it, then, almost like a military relationship in a way? Where you're all soldiers or workers, and you report to that entity?

D: Yeah, there's that kind of an attitude.

MELORA: So your connection is of rank?

D: Yeah. It is a military thing.

MELORA: Okay. Good. See if you can sense what would happen if you somehow departed from that hive consciousness. Would they kill you? Or would you be banished?

D: Nothing would happen because they lose people all the time.

MELORA: So there's no threat of death if you decide not to hang out with them anymore? You just lose the advantages of that mutual society?

D: I don't think I've been with them for a long time.

MELORA: In service of a different kind than what you would call "service in the light," for example? It's like blind obedience, right?

D: Yeah.

MELORA: Now withdraw your attention from that holographic memory and come back to the present. Now, in coming into embodiment as a human on the Earth, you come into individuation. You come out of hive consciousness, and even if there are others of your race here, those connections do not happen automatically anymore because you're in a different paradigm. You agree to come; they agree to have you come. We're being told that originally you were sent almost as a spy and to recruit others. But when you came into this dimension of free will (and not just in this lifetime, by the way--many lifetimes ago), you rather liked the idea of being an individual. You rather liked the idea of being able to make your own choices. When you were with them, you did not like the obedience part of it.

The part of you that feels guilty . . . and we're going to use the word guilt because this is what's going on . . . you used the word "hiding." You're not hiding from people on Earth; you're hiding from the insectoids because you feel guilty.

D: Because I haven't been reporting in?

MELORA: Right. And because it's like a person who has come here from the Middle East to live and to become a U.S. citizen: "Now that I'm here, I realize how oppressive it was, and I have no intention of going back there and living the way I was living there."

D: I'm a native . . .

MELORA: You've changed your "citizenship" spiritually, as it were. This is why it was important to determine what the stakes were--whether you could have been killed when you were among them for leaving, and your answer was "no."

D: Maybe when I was alone with them, but not when I'm here . . .

MELORA: All right. We agree with you: not in being here. But because there are still residues of the hive consciousness, consciousness bridges are still being established between you and them--intermittently--and those you may have felt. What we would like to do now is go through a process in which we disconnect if you wish.

D: Okay.

MELORA: Before we do this, we would like to ask you: "With whom do you wish to have connection?" This could be Ascended Masters; this could be Creator Source; this could be your Higher Self. We're talking at the Soul level, with whom would you most wish to have a conscious connection with? We're not saying bridging. With bridging, one always has power over the other or is trying to affect the other. But consciousness connection is always of one's choice.

D: Maybe the angelic realm.

MELORA: The high angelic realm. Is there a particular Archangel that you feel attracted to?

D: Outside this paradigm I feel like I was a warrior angel . . . I've had dreams and everything.

MELORA: Good. So the predominant warrior angel is Archangel Michael, and there are whole legions of angels that are Soldiers in the Light. Is this the realm that you wish to associate with?

D: I don't know. I'm wary of signing up with anybody right now.

MELORA: Mm hmm. This would not be signing up; this would be as a source of help. This would be a free-will choice. All beings of the light honor free will. It is only beings of the dark that do not honor free will. The choice of association is always yours. They do not impose upon you any connection that is not initiated by you. At each moment of your day you can choose to associate with the angelic realm or not. We are not asking that you take on an oath or an obligation; we are just trying to get a positive subsitute for the bridging that has been negative in the past.

D: It would be Archangel Michael.

MELORA: Give us a moment. We are asking for the presence of Archangel Michael, Michael, Michael: Micha-el, Micha-el, Micha-el. The subject here [client] wishes to ask your help in severing the inappropriate consciousness connections made by insectoid ancestors . . . in the vibrational sense--not at the Soul level . . . insectoid incarnational connections with [client]. We're asking that the inappropriate and harmful bridging consciousness attempts be severed and that any bridging of consciousness by any entities on all planes with which [client] has been associated, any bridging that not for [client's] highest good and not by [client's] choice be prohibited and blocked. We wish for Archangel Michael's help in reinstating complete, true and clear free-will choices for [client] at the Soul level and in [client's] consciousness in the current lifetime in this paradigm sector of Super Universe 7. That is this universe.

# # #

Part II: Insectoid Karma Resolved


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