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Joanna Neff

About the Author

With 1,000 clients in 45 American states and in 45 countries abroad, Joanna Neff has been doing energy healing for 18 years. Author of Soul Retrieval: Return to Wholeness, first published in 2003, Joanna is a developed channel of angels and other Higher-Dimensional Beings of the Light, who do these healings through her. She conducts remote (from-a- distance) healing sessions from her home in Largo, FL, USA.

An experienced editor, writer and college educator, Joanna Neff is also a Teaching Reiki Master, Master Dowser and Master Teacher of Magnified Healing.

In 1994 Joanna began receiving information from "Melora," a personal guide who links Joanna with her High Self. Several years after receiving energetic (non- shamanic) soul retrieval from Melora and St. Germain, Joanna published in The Sedona Journal of Emergence an article that has become Melora's signature piece: "Soul Retrieval: The Return to Harmonic Resonance."

Other articles Joanna published in The Sedona Journal include "Reincarnation as Multi- dimensional Expression" (Nov. '97), "Soul Groups: Your Soul Niche" (Feb. '98) and "Etheric Body Crystals" (Apr. '98). Joanna presented her Soul Retrieval workshop in Sedona, Arizona (July '98), and in Boulder, Colorado (Oct. '98).


About the Book

Soul Retrieval: Return to Wholeness provides the context, gathered from more than a decade of channeled sessions, for why and how this higher-dimensional (not shamanic) approach to soul retrieval works. The book also offers a glimpse of the author’s own soul retrieval process (including past-life merging), excerpts from private and public sessions, and actual exercises from soul retrieval workshops.


"I came to understand my deepest desires and longings for spiritual knowledge, thanks to your book 'Soul Retrieval.' I learned a very important spiritual lesson of True Purpose in my life. Thank you." --I.B. (Chicago, IL)

"I adore your and Melora's book. It has answered many points I have wondered about. I was sad to come to the end of it." --N.S. (Athens, GA)

"Your book is fantastic!" --T.D. (San Antonio, TX)

"The glory of you. Melora. Your gifts of service and love to me, humanity and the World are of vast importance. As we heal one another, we heal separation, the illusion, and do indeed 'Return to Wholeness." --B.P. (Sarasota, FL)

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I have read your website and concur with much of what you write there. I took soul retrieval training through the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. As the result of my own soul retrieval work, personally as well as with clients, I have found out the same things as you—that the shamanic way can be slow and painful. Often past-life work, beliefs work, or other extra healing work need to be done. —Maryphyllis Horn: Shamanic Practitioner; MEd, CMHt, CTFT, Rev. Reconnection® Practitioner (Pittsboro, NC), author of Soul Integration: A Shamanic Path To Freedom And Wholeness

I am becoming a hypnotherapist, and after working with you and Melora a couple months ago, I thought I would write say that I feel the two sessions I've had with you (over three years) have been the most significant single point of healing I've ever experienced. I'd also like to thank you for helping me intellectually realize that time does not exist by bringing a "future" self to heal me in my current consciousness. — Lyn Johnson (Denver, CO)

The Native Americans (I am an Amerindian chaplain) think exactly like you . . . Your channeling . . . is 1000% correct! I worked for 8 years on the staff at a home for psychotics (50 residents), founded by Dr. Moira Fitzpatrick, and soul retrieval is very, very essential to heal psychotics. The Rev. Neil Voight (San Diego, CA)


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