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I had already incorporated some of master healer Ramon Grace's techniques in what I call "The Special Healing Session." Then, in mid-September, 2008, I had the good fortune of taking an intensive 3-day workshop with Ramon here in Boulder, Colorado. (There were 35 atttendees!)

Ramon has been doing healing work for more than thirty years. The bases of his expertise are his early shamanic training, his mastery of dowsing, his spiritual guidance, and innate soul understanding of these processes.
What I learned during this workshop with Ramon has greatly expanded the scope of the healing work I do--so much so that I have created a new kind of session using Ramon's training.

All items on the list below are copyright © 2012 Ramon Grace.

This session includes, but is not limited to:

  Removing non-beneficial spirit guides
  Assigning spiritual bodyguards
  Removing spirits of Fear, Victimization, Guilt, Greed, Anger, Self-Punishment, Co-dependency, etc.
  Neutralizing harmful memories contained in the water of a client's body
  Raising the amount of Love, Gratitude, Forgiveness, Prosperity, Peace and Freedom in a client's body and home
  Neutralizing the harmful effects of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF), AC current, Electromagnetic Controllers (EMC), Satellite transmission/reception, Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) waves
  Neutralizing the negative karmic effects of ancestors' heritage, culture and religion
  Rescinding old vows of poverty, silence, obedience, loyalty, suffering, and "love eternal"
  Reducing resistance to healing and self-healing; increasing desire to improve
  Removing fear of success and/or fear of failure
  Increasing "desire to live": in organs and in other body parts
 Removing miasms (disease or event experienced by an ancestor that affects descendants)

As with all healing, we cannot promise a "cure." However, as Ramon puts it: "If you keep on doing what you're doing, you're likely to keep on getting what you're getting . . . . If you do nothing, nothing will happen. If you do something, something may happen."

 All my work is done remotely (from a distance). There is no need to have an in-person session or a phone session.


Many many thanks to you and Melora! I woke up today full of energy and enthusiasm for the day! I also found the session notes quite insightful, and I am looking forward to what further healing and changes this session brings to me! - D.S. (Tamu Nadil, India)

Thank you very much for the special healing session for [the client's wife]. Your diagnosis of issues were right-on. She really suffers from several physical issues caused by many emotional and mental issues. She has a weak nervous system causing her to have seizures when she gets emotionally overloaded. Eventhough, you were not able to address the sympathetic nervous system, she is so blessed to have her other major afflictions removed.
I did notice that her body frequency did not change from the Ramon Grace 2 technique done a few months ago, but I did see you also cleared programs which prevent her from increasing her frequency. It is much appreciated. Her aura balance has improved since her original Ramon Grace 2 session and I am very pleased.

She really needed this session as she has been through a lot in terms of family related emotional issues. I am so blessed that you and Melora are here to help with our challenges. I look forward to the manifestations of this profound healing session. -
S.K. (San Diego, California)

Thank you so much for doing the session, and for the worksheets. I find it fascinating to read all of those things which have been affecting my well being. Very many thanks for doing this!
- K.W. (Greater Manchester, England, United Kingdom)

Session Fee: $105.00 U.S.


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