with Joanna Neff

This session combines the advanced healing techniques of Ramon Grace and other intensive healing techniques I have used for more than 30 years.

I had already incorporated some of master healer Ramon Grace's techniques in what I call "The Special Healing Session." Then, in mid-September, 2008, I had the good fortune to take an intensive 3-day workshop with Ramon in Boulder, Colorado, along with 35 other attendees.
Ramon has been doing healing work for more than forty years. The bases of his expertise are his early shamanic training, his mastery of dowsing, his spiritual guidance, and innate soul understanding of these processes.
What I learned during this workshop with Ramon has greatly expanded the scope of the healing work I do--so much so that I have created a new kind of session using Ramon's training.

Asterisks (*) preceding items on the list below denote
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This session includes, but is not limited to:

  "De-possession" (negative entity removal)
  Determining the true source(s) of the disease and neutralizing them. (Most often, sources are not physical.)
  Removing start programs, automatic re-start programs and repeating programs regarding the disease.
  Neutralizing negative karmic influences and genetic miasms.
  * Raising the desire for healing and lowering resistance to healing.
  Turning cancer-suppressor cells back on. (This was taught to me by an M.D./surgeon who also does alternative healing.)
  * Neutralizing self-sabotage, self-destruct, self-hate and self-punishment mentalities.
  * Removing the spirit(s) of the disease(s).
  Removing harmful Wernicke's commands regarding the disease (and "booby traps" associated with these commands. (I also remove these in the Negative Soul Programming Clearance / Soul Blockage Clearance session.)
  Neutralizing life-drain spells and energy-field dampeners.
  Neutralizing curses, hexes, black magic, sorcery, etc.
  * Clearing harmful cellular memory, harmful emotional memory & memory stored in the water of the client's body.

As with all healing, we cannot promise a "cure." However, as Ramon puts it: "If you keep on doing what you're doing, you're likely to keep on getting what you're getting . . . . If you do nothing, nothing will happen. If you do something, something may happen."

HARMFUL WERNICKE COMMANDS (includes other lifetimes). Words that are self-sabotaging are stored in specific areas in the right side of the brain called "the Wernicke's area." The key to removing these beliefs is that they are stored in the brain as though someone else said them: "You won't remember." The brain tries to make sense of a command and translates it, for example, as "I won't remember. This command then interferes with the person. Other examples of such commands are: "You'll never change," "You're not good enough." "You'll go to hell." "You're stupid." "You'll never make it." When getting rid of these with kinesiology, you have to know the exact command in order to remove it. Doing it energetically you don't! These harmful Wernicke's commands must be de-activated and then removed.

In addition, almost always, "Booby Traps" are associated with the harmful Wernicke's Commands. (With booby traps there are such implanted suggestions as "If you remove this you'll die.") These must be de-activated and then removed.

 All my work is done remotely (from a distance). There is no need to have an in-person session or a phone session.


I am feeling a general relieve [sic] since the session regarding my whole body, especially my extremity and also my eyes. It feels good and light. as if something has fallen off me. Again there appears the issue of having no forgiveness. Slowly I begin to feel that. Especially that I can´t forgive myself for making mistakes and so, even for not being able to forgive...! I feel it´s good (and also hard) to feel it. Your detailed worksheets are really a big present. It´s that good to read what you find out and to get things which one often knows already more into consciousness again and other things to get to know for the first time... -- (a Medical Doctor in Vienna, Austria)

i am so amazed and grateful for your gifts in these matters. words aren't going to get to what i am feeling about all this. i am so glad i set aside the time for this session so that i could be resting as the sensations were very strong and created a great 'pull' to be inward . . . . my first awareness was a lot of energy into head, face, eyes, sinuses, and left adrenal in particular. then energy moved down and around the body as the time went on and i would follow w/ the intention to support. i felt very safe, upheld and cherished. i did fall asleep for the last half or so and had some very peculiar dreams about being on two different planes (one above and one on earth) at the same time, receiving and delivering gifts of various types. very strange feeling and vivid. and for all the emotional issues at hand that were being addressed, the process did not result in an emotional response at all. i really was very calm and settled...peaceful really.

i do feel really well rested now, "fluffed up" energetically, a much greater degree of 'field clarity' in and around the physical body! there are places in my system that have felt 'frozen' for a while that have opened up or are in a release process (especially at the TMJs and left adrenal area) . after reading the worksheets, i can see why i was feeling like a part of me did not want to live (whole systems were moving toward throwing in the towel!) even though i have been doing so many things to and for myself to heal. its been a strange sort of split personality type deal. a 'do you, don't you wanna dance...' and how does ANYONE heal without addressing these fundamental issues?!

You are the best! know you have helped an iowa farmwife, like so many others, out in the frozen plains!!
-- J.H. (Fairfield, IA)

Thank you and Melora very much for the Ramon Grace 2 session of our family friend. She suffers from a multitude of physical problems; poor respiratory system requiring her to use an oxygen cylinder for breathing at times; a heart condition and diabetes. As your amazing worksheets show, she will benefit greatly from this profound healing session. -- S.K. (San Diego, CA)

Thank you so much for doing the Ramon Grace work for [the client's daughter]. I do understand when you say she must also make her own conscious effort. She is more positive, energetic, resolved and realistic than I have seen her for a long time. This is a great start for change. -- D.B. (Kambah, A.C.T., Australia)

Thank you so much Joanna. as always I am learning that i have to start trusting my gut and instincts more. and there's no way you could be making any of these stuff up. You were so right on with the worksheets. especially with the fear. last night and the past weekend. I've felt the "fear" within me. about the future and it was getting a bit overwhelming. I woke up this morning and felt cold in the hands and body. even though its 50 outside. i kept checking emails to hear if you had already done the healing session. Its so funny because i was watching a show at home. and for some reason. I just knew. i felt this warmth creeping up through my body. and my hands felt really warm. and I knew. You had finished it. :) -- Q.T. (Norwalk, CT)

After the Ramon Grace 2 and this NSPC, my brother feels good and his usrgery wound is healing much faster than when he had his previous surgery. His sense of well being is very good, thanks to you and your remote healing. I send the worksheet to my brother and he is indeed very grateful to you and your help you rendered. I thank you from my heart for the great works you done for my brother and myself. We are indeed greatly indebted to you! -- F.C.C. (Singapore)

Thank you again for your wonderful assistance. I must admit... this was a huge eye opener. It illustrates the areas I still very much need to work on, but it also shows that your sessions have had long lasting healthy and beneficial impacts. My committment and efforts to improving my well being are also reflected, but wow... I'm shocked by the new information regarding cancer suppressor genes and body part desires to live. How amazingly powerful of a session (96%effective - how awesome!), thank you so much again for your willingness to help me on my journey to greater health and balance. -- T.B. (Surrey, BC, Canada)

Session Fee: $135 U.S.



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