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Edited version published in The Sedona Journal of Emergence in September 1997 (p. 69)

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Melora through Joanna Neff

Melora discusses "reincarnation" from her vantage point as a higher-dimensional being. As usual, her perceptions are not only unique but they also "ring true" for those who are open to hearing about what reincarnation really means in our current experience. As always, Melora emphasizes the importance of coming to consciousness of our multidimensional existences so that we may accelerate our Ascension process.


About "Historic" Lives
The human mind in Third Dimension often questions how there can be entire, apparently linear, "histories" that you can study, like the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Victorian Era. Why is it that simultaneous existences seem to be linear? If they're simultaneous, then how can you read in history book that this age occurred first and that age occurred next? In the rules of 3rd-dimensional reality there is TIME, and there is the restriction of 3rd-dimensional understanding. In order to make that play out for you as convincingly as it does, there need to be some "bleed-throughs" of other multidimensional existences. For the most part, you receive only those of the "past," because your belief structures (at least, until more recently) have not so readily accepted that you can access "future" events the way you access "past" events.

Of course, from our perspective there is no difference. It is all fluidly in the NOW. In the rules where your consciousness is focused, however, it is necessary for there to be a bleed-through in a linear fashion so that you have some sense of time passing—some sense of a "chronological" history, so that you can experience a relationship of the past in a progression. This progression is designed to seem to be chronological and developmental, or else these rules would simply disappear and you would not have the structure that you need to learn the life lessons that all have incarnated here to learn. Thus, your reality is a sort of holographic creation, a sort of psychodrama, if you will, with this rule of time. If you did not have a sense of starting somewhere and progressing and coming here, then it would not work in this way.

The Pleiadians said (in Bringers of the Dawn) that you must become conscious of your multidimensional selves, and this is true. However, this does not have to be a total awareness. If you understand that, say, in a past life in the moment before death when there is the common experience of going toward the light and understanding the Oneness—that moment of awareness links all of your multidimensional selves together in consciousness. This particular state of enhanced being in which you find yourselves as you come to the end of this milennium is much like having the "veils" taken away. The curtains part, and you literally see: "Oh! There I was in such-and-such a life." Then those lives become conscious of each other. In the instant of such a consciousness connection what you are really doing is coming into oneness with those selves, and if you have only a glimpse of those past lives and they of you, then what the Pleiadians noted is accomplished.

By the way, we do energetically perceive the difficulty of understanding this with the 3rd-dimensional brain because in trying to explain it clearly we have experienced great difficulty. Reincarnational relationships are complex in many ways and simple in many ways. Picture yourself in that life standing on the left . . . and, say, this is your life in Saudi Arabia as a woman who has to wear veils from head to toe. There is a sense of restriction being expressed here, and inequality. We will say that these are the issues, hypothetically, so we'll have the Saudi experience be in the "past" (not parallel in time), just so it's not too mind-boggling.

Now picture the Higher Self just "above" this as part of what will be a triangular kind of form. Thus, in the Saudi life you are suffering and feeling totally disempowered, and the Higher Self, of course, is in constant communication—at least from the "location" of the Higher Self. We're now drawing a line "up" from the Saudi woman to the Higher Self, and this woman is bemoaning her experience. As the Higher Self we "get" this.

Now see the other side of a triangle coming "down" to the expression of you, "now," on the right, over here. In that way you're connected here at the base of the triangle, energetically, because through the Higher Self you are getting what is termed as a "bleed-through" from another life. The bleed-through is made possible because of the resonance to the Higher Self back-and-forth, not between the incarnations "sideways."

The intention is that with the increasing intensity of this "beam" relating to the issue(s), hopefully one of the incarnate expressions is going to get it. That is, you go into your higher mind, your higher emotion, your Higher Self, and you focus there. Not only do you get relief from your illusion of suffering but you also grow spiritually as a result of going to a higher level of consciousness in experiencing a Oneness instead of feeling imprisoned, incarcereated, unequal and disempowered.

[Joanna] was thinking that the connection was more "lateral," meaning that, for example, she would go "sideways," if you will, to her Elizabethan life in a direct line through the DNA. This is not how it happens. The connection is through the Higher Self—as the Higher Self is able to "break through" in consciousness to each individual life, then through the elevated consciousness of each of the expressions back through us, through the next one and back to us, and to the next one and back to us (center-out-across) with the Higher Self as a sort of Grand Central Station.

Multi-dimensional Selves
There is an infinite number of possible selves. Take our "group" as an example: It is just the group of one Oversoul, Higher Self, all the multidimensional seed selves (past, present and future in your terms), the fragmented soul aspects, the possible selves, and so on. This is ongoing. With your interpretation, the suggestion always seems to be that there is a sort of finite point at which these things end, and that you can then count them all and say, "There are this many, and this is when they ascend." This is all going on simultaneously at a level of infinity that is not possible even for us to fully "understand" in our consciousness. If we could, we would not be "merely" where we are now, if you understand.

We shall attempt to explain. Each multidimensional self has a separate consciousness—individuated out of the One, as St. Germain is, or as we are when we come to you. All are "tied together" in consciousness. We are an indiviudated being, a manifestation that "steps out," if you will, of the consciousness of the One and expresses itself as a "personality" so that, on this plane, people will recognize us and because of your need to ask, "Who are you? What is your name? What message do you bring?" This is an individuated consciousness as an expression of the One, as one of the infinitude of expressions of the One that you call the Universe, and all of the inhabitants of it, and all of the stars and planets in it—all of the creations that express it.

Thus, it is not just you who are ascending from this life, at this time, on this Earth. Soul groups, as a whole, go through the Ascension process together. If you remember that the process of what you term Ascension is ongoing—and that it always has been, always will be—it will seem more like moving up and up and up in "rows." As many of you as there are in your soul group are as many of us, and as many of us as there are, there are those higher that we are "collected under," much as a Higher Self is related to an Oversoul.

If you would picture an Oversoul that at one time was one incarnational expression of the Higher Self—then you will see that in the so-called process of ascending from one level to the next, and to the next, and to the next, there is a direct connection "linearly" from Oversoul, to Higher Self, to once-incarnate expression. Now, the creative relationship is that when Spirit allows a certain consciousness it is able to create extensions of itself, spiritually—to come into incarnation (as a main example), although we do create other kinds of possible selves that you might interpret as "future" or alternate selves, meaning that we might also be expressed as a nature elemental or as an angel. If you see us as creators or co-creators, these would still be individuated in their expression. Because these creations have the same source, even though they have what are apparently different expressions, they are connected energetically through the Higher Self.

As your consciousness develops, when you access your Higher Self you are also given access to your other multidimensional expressions. Since this doesn't go across laterally, it's not as though you can resonate "sideways" to your just-previous life or your just-next future life. This is why it is necessary that each individuated expression of the Higher Self directly connect to the Higher Self, and in this way it gains access to its other expressions. Each individuated expression, you see, is sort of "assigned" to a Higher Self, and all of its multidimensional expresisons share that same Higher Self.

We would define "Higher Self" as an aspect of the Core Soul that has ascended to a point where it has the "ability" to create seed selves, which is the way the God Source created the higher beings . . . the Angelic realm, the great Elders of the planetary systems, and so forth. So there is always this imagined "hierarchical" structure based on an ability to create greater and greater manifestations of the Self. Many Higher Selves share the same Oversoul. Then there are many Oversouls that "report to" an even higher entity, and then those are groups as well. This goes on and on and on. It is very difficult to understand at this level.

The critical thing to emphasize here is that the access point to retrieving information about your other incarnational selves—past, concurrent (because you have in the same "lifetime" other expressions of you that are in other parts of the world), and future selves—is through the Higher Self, always. This is like going to your mother to get information about your family history. However, it is important not to explore these other expressions of you merely out of mental curiosity. Do become conscious of the existence of these other expresions of your Higher Self that are your other multidimensional lives, but do not become enamored of them to the point where you essentially lose your now.

It is important to become conscious that they exist, and that little spark, in itself, makes the energetic values which you term "life issues" or "life lessons" apparent to you: "Ah, I see that this has been with me for several lifetimes. Isn't it time to do something about it? Let's resolve this, and then perhaps it wil be resolved for another incarnational life as well"—this sort of thing. Here you use the knowledge as a tool for growth and not as an obsession for self-aggrandizement: "I was Napolean! Aren't I wonderful!"

Our purpose is to have people understand that what would really be optimal to focus on is always ABOVE and not "sideways." Through the direct contact of the Higher Self, yes, you become aware—and should become aware—of your other multidimensional expressions, much as your Higher Self is the "mother" of you and your other "siblings." The source, therefore, is the Higher Self, so in that direct contact you allow a consciousness that takes you one step closer to the experience of the ONE. This is the important thing about becoming aware of your other multidimensional expressions. It is how they relate to the Higher Self as an act of love and creativity, their having been created to begin with as expressions of the Higher Self so that the Higher Self can learn and grow as well—and that your future is also to become a Higher Self to multidimensional expressions!

Sharing Soul Growth
Another factor that may be news to you is that when your consciousness shifts, when you realize something, it affects all your other "selves." When they allow a higher consciousness (as you understand about the dynamic nature of DNA resonance and imprinting), you may also allow a higher consciousness. It is the same with your relationship to your other "reincarnational" existences, because when another expression of us . . . we will use ourselves as an example of a "Higher Self": When [Joanna] allows a certain consciousness, WE grow! In our growth, we are able to make contact with another expression of us that you might think of as existing in another lifetime of Jyoti Alla-An's. Because of her growth, and then our growth, we are able to contact another expression and awaken it in a way that we were not "able" to do before, and this goes all the way "up" to the God Source level.

Something that [Joanna] read recently struck her profoundly: When you deny your own soul growth you deny God's growth. This is very true, so we are absolutely interdependent in this growth process. This is why we revel in, and feel such joy at, these breakthroughs, because it allows us growth. Yes—this thing that you think of as your "little" life impacts the God Source directly when that growth occurs in you. This is a wonderful way for people to understand that they are totally worthy.

An incarnational expression's negative experiences also affect other lives. Getting involved in so-called "dark" energies does affect your "vertical soul hierarchy" up to the Oversoul level but not beyond that. The reason is that at a point "above" that, the frequency of such "behavior," or of such vibration, becomes neutralized and balanced. It is not as though if you are "fallen" in one life suddenly the God Source loses some light. At our level, for example (what you term a Higher Self), we would feel this profoundly. In situations such as this we might go in for a "rescue," or another life in your multidimensional expressions might become even more "enlightened," if you will, to balance this.

A phenomenon similar to negative-entity attachment also occurs between lifetimes. If in many lives you have a fear of a certain thing or person, you create a thought form. What you might interpret as an entity actually is a limited form or being—not a being in a full sense that you have created an entity consciousness—that is capable of plaguing you in several lifetimes simultaneously. You have created the thought-form entity because of the intensity of the fear generated or whatever the other issue is: deprivation, victimization, or whatever.

It is common for there to be a consciousness bleed-through (which usually occurs when a common issue is resonating between multidimensional expressions) from another of your incarnational expressions, and you are affected—you feel the impact of another life. You may suddenly feel very strange and know that it has nothing to do with what's going on in your life here, right now. We would suggest that (your intent is enough), when you feel this sort of thing coming from you, direct light energy back in the direction from which you're getting the strange energy, and you can help that other expression with whatever s/he is going through.

We feel the energy change in that direction, at our level, as a distress signal. Depending on the "time period" in which that expression understands itself to be living, we would send an appropriate emissary. It could be an angel. Sometimes it might be a "demon" to scare the person into mending their ways—to scare them into understanding how much they have separated from the One. Again, it is still up to them to get it.

Cellular Coding/Decoding
[Joanna] has sensed that multidimensional lives share DNA memories in a dynamic way—that energetic strands may connect them. This is how one is able to remember those other lives. There are many parallels to the process of soul retrieval as described in the bringing to resonance of the soul fragment and the Core Soul. The same is true in the interconnections of what you term "reincarnational" lives. Again, this is all on the energetic level.

Just as any experience leaves an impression on you at the DNA-level and the etheric level, on the cellular level, there may be transmitted genetically to your progeny the same energetic imprints that can be shared between incarnational lives in the manner that we described earlier—through the resonance of the intensity of the issue to the Higher Self. As you can see, having those issues prevail occurs across the spectrum of lives, into the future and into the past, having those issues prevail. Until the issues are resolved, they resonate quite intensely indeed in several simultaneous life expressions.

Even one's ability to manifest abundance may be inhibited at the DNA level. You are limited by the coding of the DNA. (Incidentally, the reconnection of the 12 strands of DNA has more to do with opening vaster communication channels to relationships on the higher soul level, enabling light communication to reach you and open your consciousness to vaster and letting the body absorb much greater light values.) The encoding is in the form of limitations, which you may have read about as an "implants" of sorts that inhibit certain abilities. According to the human belief and experience of what you call "karma," you might come into this life having chosen to inhibit abilities to create challenges for yourself to overcome and to learn the karmic lessons for which you embodied.

This is why doing cellular decoding work is so beneficial to the Ascension process. (We have termed Ascension as expansion of consciousness. In the decoding process it is much as if a scientist touches part of the brain with an electrode. You experience something from the past in a holographic manner: smell, touch, taste, sight, hearing. In the cellular release of the encoding, you see, the "memories" of your lives may be revisited, much as when you "see your life flash before your eyes" before a death, or near-death, experience.

Soul retrieval and multi-incarnational merging are other important methods of releasing "karmic" influences from an individual. Merging consciously with other incarnational lives is just as important as retrieving lost soul aspects from this life, for if you remain unconscious of incarnational lives, you bring their issues (which are also your issues) to your "next" incarnation. Life issues on which you've worked seemingly "forever" without success often indicate consciousness "bleed-throughs" from other lives.

One benefit of tapping in to your other incarnational lives is that you can recapture the energetic imprint of the positive experiences and skills expressed in those other lives. For example, if you were a wonderful horseback rider, say, on the Steppes of Russia. In suggesting to yourself in this expression of you that you wish to remember those abilities as a rider in that life, you could actually recapture those abilities and "suddenly" be a crack rider now. The energetic (or experiential) values, which are the vehicles for what you bring from one life to another in the form of DNA. Those values are the ones that survive the destruction of the physical body.

Understand that the experiential values one gleans from each lifetime are what are encoded in the DNA. In the decoding process the "karmic" memories are exposed for what they are; brought to the consciousness in a sort of holographic recreation. After her own decoding work, [Joanna] sensed that the decoding process is two-fold: One part is literally like decoding (or translating an already existing code), and the other part is un-encoding, or removing certain codes at the DNA level. Thus, the decoding would be an intensification of knowledge that the coding exists at the DNA-level—i.e., this knowledge is brought to an individual's consciousness. The un-encoding would be the releasing of a kind of implant that suppresses the consciousness of certain kinds of information.

During the decoding process, you see, the etheric blueprint is cleared of "programming" from the current life and from other lives. The cells are infused with more light (photons) so that every single atom starts to vibrate at a higher frequency and dormant parts of the DNA become activated. When the DNA is awakened, realigned and evolved, you no longer have to keep experiencing issues from the past.

(See: DNA Reprogramming, a modality offered by Joanna Neff.)

Melora's Agenda
In giving this information to you, it has been our intention to explain how an entire group can ascend. In order that this happen, we make suggestions about what is the most opportune, at this "time," for all would be. These are portals of maximized opportunities for all in a soul group, and this is one of them—what you're terming coming to the end of this milennium and the ten years or so after that. The sense of urgency is to take advantage of the acceleration that's possible in this optimal time. We take advantage of this opportunity by amplifying conscious awareness of the multidimensional selves through our connection with Jyoti Alla-An, as an example—facilitating it, intensifying it, clarifying it, raising it vibrationally so that her energetic field becomes elevated more and more, as we are also doing at our "levels"—all of us as a group. This group may be considered all the "selves" of [Joanna].



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