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with Joanna Neff

DNA possesses a vibratory and electromagnetic field that responds to intention stated by human beings. With the use of such principles of Quantum Physics as manifesting at "zero point," DNA can be reprogrammed/reharmonized. Therefore, it is possible to reprogram DNA purely through the power of intention, using specific "protocols."

My DNA reprogramming work is based on Dr. Kishori Aird's* books: DNA Demystified: A Practical Guide to Reprogramming the 13 Helixes at Zero Point and DNA and the Quantum Choice.* (The 13th helix is like an infinity sign that, when activated, encompasses the other 12.**) What many do not realize is that not only do we have 12 helixes but also that our 12 helixes may be reconnected. However, their percentage of current activation may be zero! The first two foundation helixes are also in various degrees of activation.


In his New York Times Bestseller The Source Field Investigations *. . . author David Wilcock presents scientific evidence of the fact that
". . . the DNA molecule has some bizarre relationship with quantum mechanics that our scientists have not yet discovered in the mainstream world. We now have proof that DNA is interfacing with an unseen, yet-undiscovered energy field that is not electromagnetic but which obviously can control electromagnetic energy . . ." (Wilcock, 162)

" . . . our thoughts can actually create physical and chemical changes in the structure of the DNA molecule. This is the microbiological proof for the connection between angry thoughts and cancerous tissue growth . . . and the implications are just as profound for healing effects as well." (172)

". . . we do appear to have the power to heal others with nothing more than our own thoughts…." (183)
"The senders with the most coherent brain wave patterns had the strongest ability to change the structure of the DNA." (Wilcock, 171)

Indeed, the protocols and other tools provided by Kishori Aird in DNA Demystified provide the coherent focus required to reharmonize clients' DNA.


In my experience, a main reason that the process of DNA programming is infinitely complex is that, among other things, we share DNA energetically with other embodiments of ourselves across lifetimes! In fact, there seems to be a dynamic interplay between lifetimes as these reprogrammings/ reharmonizings take place.

The DNA Reprogramming sessions reveal that we, in numbers of other lifetimes, are struggling with specific emotional/mental/spiritual issues. We struggle especially with the same negative emotions in many past-lifetime embodiments as well as in the current lifetime. Therefore, it is "normal" for the first several sessions to focus mostly on emotions. The good news about this is that the reprogramming really addresses the sources of what is still unhealed.

When you're working with the DNA, you're re-harmonizing the transgenerational energies that express physically, relationships you've had with your parents in other lifetimes, unresolved karma, and so forth. You're also retrieving gifts latent in your DNA, "spiritual brownie points" that you've earned in other lifetimes, and reversing your own suppression of spiritual gifts. For example, say you were about to be burned as a witch and you exclaim/ordain: "I'll never use my knowledge of herbal healing again." Until you find that vow and rescind it, it is operative across succeeding lifetimes. (You have so many complex things going on in your DNA.)


In the late 1980s, a colleague did what she called "DNA De-coding" for me. Ten years later I published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence a foundation piece by Melora: "Reincarnation as Multi-Incarnational Expression." (Below is an excerpt from that article.) What I experienced in the DNA de-coding session is totally supported by current information we now know have about reharmonizing DNA:

 Understand that the experiential values one gleans from each lifetime are what are encoded in the DNA. In the decoding process the "karmic" memories are exposed for what they are; brought to the consciousness is a sort of holographic recreation. After her own decoding work, Jyoti Alla-An sensed that the decoding process is two-fold: One part is literally like decoding (or translating) an already existing code, and the other part is un-encoding, or removing certain codes at the DNA level. Thus, the decoding would be an intensification of knowledge that the coding exists at the DNA-level—i.e., this knowledge is brought to an individual's consciousness. The un-encoding would be the releasing of a kind of implant that suppresses the consciousness of certain kinds of information.

During the decoding process, you see, the etheric blueprint is cleared of "programming" from the current life and from other lives. The cells are infused with more light (photons) so that every single atom starts to vibrate at a higher frequency and dormant parts of the DNA become activated. When the DNA is awakened, realigned and evolved, you no longer have to keep experiencing issues from the past. -- from "Reincarnation as Multi-Incarnational Expression", Melora through Joanna Neff

Since so many of us now have direct access to our other lifetimes because of our consciousness of, and potential for, Ascension--and because the Masters in the Etheric are helping us so intensively--we can do a lot more work across lifetimes than ever before.

My beloved guide Melora says that, regarding Ascension, "It's not just little ol' me in this lifetime . . ." Ascension means that we merge with expressions of ourselves in other lifetimes as well. In spite of all the information that is available, our brains still seem unable to fathom this.

Thus, regarding how many DNA Reprogramming sessions one could do, it appears to be ongoing--just as spiritual growth is ongoing! As we do healing across lifetimes, our not only does our DNA keeps changing in the current lifetime, but our DNA also changes as expressed in our embodiments in other lifetimes. (I have been reprogramming my own DNA for more than six years now, and still there is work to do because of the dynamic effects of these reprogrammings across lifetimes!)

Another main reason, logistically, why doing DNA reprogramming is ongoing is that we're working with only one helix per session--and only 3 (at most) items from the Table of Indicators (DNA Demystified, page 68) per session. One might work with, say, helix 6 in 2008 and not work with it again until 2009 sometime. Or one might work with the same helix (different items from "The Table of Indicators") 3 times in 6 months. We never know which helix a client's Soul knows is "best" to work with until I sit down to do his/her session.

In addition, certain afflictions are "stored" holographically--often at the cellular level and certainly in the DNA (across helixes). And so it can take a number of sessions to remedy certain "stubborn" afflictions. For example, through DNA reprogramming since 2006, I have been trying to resolve my problem with allergies--and I have many environmental and food-related allergies. They still prevail; however, I believe I'm getting closer to knocking out this problem, which I see as being at the cellular level.

Something notable that seems to be happening with all DNA Reprogramming sessions recently is a reaching into people's ancient lifetimes and reharmonizing what is most intensively coming through to the current lifetime. In addition, the two "foundation" helixes have been accentuated in these reharmonizings to bring them into full activation. This is exciting because it clearly has to do with people's Ascension commitments, and so our Souls are really "rolling up their sleeves" to pitch in and help us!

Over the years, since 2006, DNA Reprogramming sessions for myself and for clients continue to demonstrate why complete healing cannot result from one or two sessions of any kind! A main reason is the high number of lifetimes involved--and the incredibly complex emotional, mental, spiritual and physical "tapestry" that comprises our gestalt across those lifetimes.

However, any DNA reprogramming is better than none. There is never any pressure to keep having these sessions--or to have them scheduled exactly on the first date we can do more work.*** It is up to the client whether s/he wishes to continue with this work in the current lifetime.

As we seek healing and wholeness, at some point our Higher Self will have helped us work through the emotions and mental "sets" that are holding us back from healing and from spiritual growth in our current and past lifetimes. Then we experience accelerated changes.

So we must not give up. We can be confident that even if healing/ reharmonizing seems to be in the background, it's still happening.


Regarding the DNA reprogramming and emotions, this works in layers. Usually in the first several (about three) sessions, a LOT of emotions come up for reharmonizing. But these seem more to do with the client's current lifetime. Later, when we get to doing more spiritual reharmonizing, the emotions will come up again as patterns from other lifetimes. It is ALL related!

So far with clients, the pattern seems to be that for about three sessions there are a lot of emotional issues to deal with. Then things kind of "settle down" and we start working more on spiritual reharmonizing.

In August of this year (2012 I have been doing DNA reprogramming on myself for six years. A session in 2009, during which I requested of my High Self to focus on allergies, took almost 4 hours! And there were still emotions involved that echoed early sessions I did for myself in 2006.

* Kishori Aird, N.D., is a medical-intuitive practitioner, professionally trained in Naturopathy. She also studied the art of Reprogramming Kinesiology and perfected this technique working with Chiropractors & Naturopaths.

** However, until the other 12 helixes are fully activated and reharmonized, a person's Higher Self may not permit the activation of the 13th helix.

*** The Higher Self knows how long it will take to integrate the DNA Reprogramming work. It is usually less than a month before we can proceed to reharmonize any given helix.



I do this work remotely, as there are no Time or Space barriers when working with the Higher Beings who actually do these healings. However, I do send you detailed notes.

I require payment via PayPal up-front before scheduling a session.
When I have received notice from PayPal that you have sent your payment, I will email you with your session date.


DNA REPROGRAMMING BASE FEE = $90 U.S., invoiced after I finish your sessionn.

If your session extends beyond 60 minutes, I'll include in your PayPal invoice an additional charge on a pro-rated basis.

To schedule, please contact Joanna Neff:

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