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How do you recognize reptoid/humanoids?

A client stated it perfectly in a June 7th, 2004, email message:

Reptilian people seem to have no emotional insight whatsoever. The ones I know focus completely on the physical, and can only "see" the physical world around them. They don't seem to have any intuition into other layers of reality happening around them. They merely see your appearance physically, your tone of voice, the exact words you say, your physical body movements, etc. They have no awareness of the mainy levels of conversation going on vibrationally. Maybe that's why they stay so focused and one- pointed, because their world truly is "black and white" with no shades of gray. If you just keep your mouth shut with them, they truly don't have any idea what you're thinking about or feeling. And of course they couldn't care less anyway, because their plans never include your needs, feelings or desires. They just know how to act as if they care. It's like a very intense form of "Super Narcissism" which amazes me time and time again! --T.D. (San Antonio, TX)

Included in these excerpts from a private session is an interesting discussion of Kundalini energy, described by the Hindu sages as being like a serpent lying, at first, dormant at the base of the spine. Also: a discussion of the 4th-Dimensional Pleiadians in a famous author's book that have said that humans on Earth (presumably those attracted to the book) are Reptilians--like THEY are! -- Joanna Neff


S: Jyoti thinks that the revulsion she feels regarding Reptoids may be keeping her from accepting a possible relationship with Athena in reality, and she wants to know if you'll speak explicitly about the existence of Reptilians, their commerce with people on Earth and whether they are currently operating on this planet at this time. And also, will you speak about why people throughout history have associated Athena with the snake--beyond healing energy.

This also leads me to a personal question for me: There was a woman who was giving me some sort of a body treatment (I forget now what it was), and out of the corner of my eye I saw her transform into a lizard. I wasn't afraid; I thought it was fascinating. Nothing happened, and then later on in the session, she seemed to feel not anger towards me but things changed. I just wondered if this seeing a "human" become like a reptilian works into [Jyoti's] question.

MELORA: Yes. The answer to most of the questions is "Yes," including yours. Let us try to sort this out. Give us a moment. Yes. The answer to the part about [Jyoti's] revulsion is "Yes." Again, it's the free-will thing: If she doesn't want to hear that this is true, then we are unable to address that. The last time she asked this question, we gave a short answer that made her say: "Okay. I'd better this again, because I don't think Melora told me everything." [laughs]

S: Yes. That's why she said "explicitly."

MELORA: Yes. This suggests to us that she's really ready to hear the answer to this. Because, yes, she personally feels revulsion for the reptoids, she does not want to think that Athena is associated with them in any way. But here is the truth: Because of [Jyoti's] resistance to the answer, we weren't able to tell her that the association is not that Athena is a reptoid herself but that she came to enlighten them, to help them come to higher consciousness, and to recognize them when she came to the Earth for the first time as being operative on the Earth in big numbers. She decided to help them the way an adult would work with a juvenile delinquent: to show the delinquent that he or she is loved and to give them something important to do--something that makes them feel important instead of just rejecting them the way the other beings did because they were so hideous, or because they were so funky or because they didn't understand power (or all the other issues that reptoids have).

Being the cold-blooded, larger, higher-dimensional versions of what you have on Earth, they came here sincerely to check the place out and people were: "Ooh. Awful! Get away from me! Ugly!" [laughs] The fear too, so that their understanding of beings on Earth became that of "They don't like us. They don't like me." Oftentimes you'll see this mechanism in human beings, warm-blooded human beings in the animal kingdom: "If I don't like you, then I might hurt you." When you feel fear, animals smell the adrenaline, and they respond: "I'd better kill you first because you're gonna kill me." All this fear based stuff is mutual; it's not just the Reptoids, where people say: "It's just the Reptoids that feed on fear," and so forth.

Athena had compassion for the reptilian beings who were hanging out here, some visibily but most not. So you hear about certain creatures in "mythology" like dragons. In ancient Babylonian times there were these funky looking beings that they worshipped as gods. They had strange reptilian heads, as in Egypt: There is a god with a crocodile head. These are "residues" of those that became visible, first to those of clairvoyant ability but oftentimes they just took form inter-dimensionally, saying: "Here we are. You're gonna do what we say."

Our Jyoti's fear is that somehow Athena is also a Reptoid, and she can't relate to that. We're saying no. She's seen with the serpent in the Parthenon that they fed cake to. That's part of her image--the huge snake at her side, just under her shield. People associated her with the serpents themselves, but what they weren't seeing is that she was probably the only being who had compassion for the Reptilians and to work with them and to raise their consciousness. It was part of what she discovered when she came here: She didn't want to eradicate them because they came here as visitors too. But she did want to educate them, and this is her primary role with them.

S: Are most of these reptilians vegetarians?

MELORA: No. They feed raw hamburger and flies to some of your lizards in your pet stores. They like their meat. Alligators, crocodiles eat fish and ducks and whatever. We want to discuss higher-dimensional reptilians. People think that if beings are from higher dimensions, they automatically are of the light and are good. People don't understand that there are higher-dimensional beings that are Reptilians or are beings of the dark.



S: I've heard about certain Pleiadian beings that tend to be more reptilian, and I wondered if that is so and if that fits in to the scenario.

MELORA: 4th-Dimensional Pleiadians . . . it's not that they are Reptilian but there's a relationship to Reptilian energy. We're hearing that this occurred when the Pleiadians were interfering with Earth races--this whole karmic thing where now they have to work with the Sirians to undo their karmic interference. So the Pleiadians inter-bred, in a way, energetically with Reptilian forces because they were too interested in what was going on on Earth, and because the higher-dimensional Reptoids were here. Not all 4th-Dimensional Pleiadians are Reptilian or of that resonance, but there is a group that is. Those are the ones who channeled through that famous person who brought you their message.

In this book they say, "We would like you to reconnect your 12 strands of DNA so we can use you as human libraries," and they tell people this very much up front. That's their agenda. But people are going, "Oh, this is cool!" They forget that the emphasis is on "We're going to use you." In the book they say: "You are Reptilians. Why don't you just admit it and then you will see us and embrace us." Well, the clue is that they're not talking to all humans in incarnation; they're talking to the ones that they are related to. So when you read this book, if you don't understand that they're really hearkening to the ones that are their essential (as in essence) progeny, in a way--or that are related to them in their karmic hierarchies--then you buy into the idea that you're a Reptoid too, and you forget that they're interested in using you.

S: I have felt that in reading [the book], and there's another one out [by that author] but I can't think of the name of it right now. The words are very pretty and all, but I had a feeling about those words that that's exactly what they were doing.

MELORA: Right--because they're 4th-Dimensional, not higher-dimensional, Pleiadians. They're operating out of the Astral Plane [4th Dimension], looking back towards Earth and not toward the higher octave of the Astral Plane, which is bordering on Christ Consciousness. They have their backs to the light, to the higher octave of 4th Dimension. From that part of the 4th Dimension (or Astral Plane) you can manifest instantly, and so you can do magic tricks for people to impress them. This is how a lot of people on Earth have been controlled by disembodied entities, negative E.T.'s, and ghosts, and so forth--because they do all these magic tricks, and then people are either afraid or amazed, and worship them and let them control them. The Astral Plane is a lower dimension to us, and if people aren't careful they start to give over their free will to these forces.



S: Okay. Good. I want to switch gears again to the idea of the snake and some of the Eastern teachings that I've gone through regarding kundalini--you know, using the cobra. The cobra's rising from my base chakra and coming up as rising kundalini. Does that fit in with what you're talking about?

MELORA: This is very complex. Remember that science sometimes calls your primitive brain stem "the reptilian brain." The relationship is only on issues or on focus of consciousness. The most basic--as in base chakra--is physical survival. So the reptile consciousness, as it's expressed on Earth (not necessarily in the Reptoid races that came here but as it's expressed in their smaller counterparts) is pretty much at the physical survival level. And so, allegorically, when the kundalini energy rises it's coming out of base consciousness (or reptilian consciousness of basic survival), but it rises from there and starts going to higher levels. That's the allegorical part.

S: This would be almost like the Ascension process.


S: So we're going up from the base and up to the crown chakra.

MELORA: Right, so, regarding kundalini energy, if you're in basic, base consciousness (or in survival consciousness) it is indeed like a reptilian or snake coiled, meaning it's asleep--it's dormant, it's on auto-pilot, in physical survival mode. When it's awakened (and that's the term that's used: awaken your kundalini energy), then it's as though the snake rises out of its base consciousness, or just physical survival consciousness, and now rises in consciousness through the various levels that you think of as the issues associated with each chakra. This is allegorical, but it's also been experienced physically, of course. When the kundalini shakti (divine energy) rises, people often have very dramatic physical sensations, but that's just because of the opening up of the nadis (or physical energy channels) and also their associated consciousness counterparts.

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