on the Goddess Athena

(MELORA through Joanna Neff)

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Part II of this discussion offers information about Joanna's Earth Assignment with Pallas Athena (as the Ascended Being Athena has become), thus introducing the subject of "Soul Assignments."

S: Okay. Let's see. Joanna says she needs a new kind of approach to connecting with the version of God that is appropriate to her. Is it that worship is inappropriate outside the Yahweh structure and teachings? Is that why she can't figure out how to connect with Athena, for example? Would Athena be an appropriate Goddess/God for Jody to commune with? To pray to?

MELORA: All right, and our Joanna asks a number of questions there. Athena would be an appropriate God/Goddess [for her] but not to pray to--to commune with, not to worship. Our Joanna, for quite some years, has been able to commune with Athena. Again, this is a major shift in her consciousness understanding and allowance of a possibility in terms of not structuring a relationship in terms of the old Yahweh paradigm . . . not structuring her relationship with an Ascended Being or Deity, or whatever you want to call who Athena is in all her many dimensions, or in her multi-dimensional evolution. If our Joanna can indeed incorporate what is coming in to her very DNA today this morning, then she will realize that she can not only commune with Athena but she can BE Athena, in a major sense, as an incarnational aspect of the Goddess and be liberated from the separation that she has experienced, not only in this lifetime but in other lifetimes in that assignment with Athena here.

S: That's wonderful. So she'll be able to do that?


S: Soon?

MELORA: Now--in this understanding.

S: Thank you. Joanna's next question is: "The ancients in Crete said that Athena created Mankind on Earth. Could you comment on this?"

MELORA: [Athena] created some people on Earth. [laughs]

S: What is the correlation between Athena, Shekhina, Mother Mary, and so forth?

MELORA: Again, they are various expressions of Divine Feminine energy and lineage.

S: So they're all basically the same?

MELORA: There are qualities of each that are distinguished in certain ways. Just as you would think of certain people having certain predominant personality traits that others do not have, they embody or express various aspects of the Divine Feminine. This means the more predominant aspects--not that each one is not whole in itself but on Earth and in all of Creation, whether you're thinking physical or energetic into the many universes. Individual Souls will be at various stages of, as we would put it, of "whole expression." Another answer to the question "To whom is it appropriate to connect as your Divine?": We would say your "Divine Guide" is an appropriate expression--the highest Divine Guide that can communicate with YOU, because beings evolve so far, they become so advanced, that they cannot resonate with the density here or have communion with it. Do you see? That is why it is necessary to have "intercessors." That is why it is appropriate to say to your Higher Self: "Please pass along this request to my appropriate Divine Guide."

S: Yes, so we're talking about "the chain of command."

MELORA: "The chain of communication" is how we would term it.

S: That's even better. Thank you. I want to get back to the question about those in ancient Crete who said that Athena created mankind on Earth. You said "some of them." Could you get a little more specific about Athena's creations?

MELORA: Yes. If you follow the embodiments of Athena (or the legends, as it were--or the history, as we would call it) of her successive embodiments on Earth and the interactions she had with people on Earth, you're really tracing the Greek civilization back to what they called its ancient roots. These roots are more ancient than recorded history can give you because you go back approximately only to the Iron Age, or you go back to some particular 3rd-dimensional Age on Earth in written history and then before that you don't have any information.

S: Are there any names that we would recognize?

MELORA: We would really like more to dwell on how she was expressed in more ancient times (or how she expressed herself in ancient times). This goes to our Joanna's question about the expression of healing energy as it was seen and experienced clairvoyantly and its having been associated with the snake, which was latched on to for the whole thing about the Garden of Eden and Satan and all of this kind of thing. In the most ancient times, Athena embodied on Earth in a form of what we would call a priestess type being and did have some commerce in Atlantis and Lemuria. But there were civilizations previous to Atlantis that are unknown, or unmentioned, in your time now.

Athena has always come as a voice of clear understanding of the reality not only on Earth but also above and has been variously misunderstood or misinterpreted, as all other gods have been, according to the limitations of human consciousness. Her healing has always been aimed toward mental misunderstand- ings, clearing up illusion, expressing the truth--meaning, the Higher Truth--even as it tries to come through and express through 3rd-dimensional life and consciousness. Part of that healing energy, for Athena, is expressed as though coming out in those finger-like flames that Jean Houston described--coming out of her body and out of her energy source, which goes very high up indeed to what we would think of as a Divinity even higher than she . . . or her Overbeing at the level of God/Goddess.

With her energy source almost like a computer hub, if you will, she was able to draw energy from that source and have it come through her body, without harm to her physical body, and actually envelope chosen people with it. As we follow her into Classical Greece, she is interpreted as having helped the Greeks against the Trojans, and so forth. What happened at that point is that after many millennia of association with the Greek ancestry as it comes into expression in Classical Greece, people were long-familliar with Athena's attributes but begin to impose certain qualities on her and certain decisions and certain commerce that didn't actually occur. This is much like the patriarchs of Judaism starting to impose their agendas on the established religion.

S: That reminds me of what you said [in another session] about Medusa--the males being afraid of female power and creating a myth / legend / lie, whatever, to discredit . . .

MELORA: Right. To discredit. Turning Medusa into a gorgon's head with snaky hair that can turn people into stone, etc.

S: But that wasn't Athena . . .

MELORA: No. Of course not. And neither was the springing forth in full armor from Zeus' head business true. So they begin to create a myth about who Athena is.

S: Joanna's next question is: "Is the most exalted expression of Athena as high or higher than Yahweh?"

MELORA: Higher.

S: "Meaning the Yahweh of the Old Testament?"


S: "Is there any place Joanna can find information about Athena in her true goddess form?"

MELORA: Some day, when our Joanna is able to go to Athens and to visit the Acropolis, she will be able to receive that information--quite a lot of information--right into her energetic DNA and is able to tap into that in certain "channeling" states, and already has, by what she's posted on the website and experienced in that way. That resolution is incomplete. As it says in the article, the session [re: soul retrieval for an embodiment of Athena in Classical Greece] ended abruptly, but we are telling [Joanna] now, as she comes into full communion with Athena in this appropriate and new way of understanding, that much of this can be healed and resolved.

In this embodiment for our Joanna, going to the Acropolis is going to flood her with information about many incarnations in that lineage that she not only shares but that she has also embodied. This, for her, would be the most direct way to retrieve that information. Although it is possible to do it in states of meditation, although in meditation she is going to get fragments that may not be related to each other very easily for her, whereas actually being in that energetic space is going to give our Joanna this information. (By the way, the Parthenon still holds its sacred morphogenic structure--as the Temple of Solomon still exists morphogenically, as all great such as the Pyramid of Giza have. These sacred structures have the etheric architectural plan that precedes the physical expression or materialization.)

S: Right. I think that's what happened with me in Egypt, when I went to the [Great] Pyramid. When's she going to Greece?

MELORA: This may not be for a time, just financially. We're seeing that it may not be for another five to ten years.

S: The next question is about Joanna's friend, W., who said that Athena is a vibration of radiation. That's why people are so often physically uncomfortable with Joanna. This W. person said that Joanna also has this vibration of radiation. Is this true?

MELORA: We're receiving that this, again, is a partial understanding of a quality of energy that all in the Athena Soul Assignment have. (And please remind us to discuss, further, Soul Assignment concepts in case we get diverted.) It's a certain resonance of energy, and it may lie dormant. It can be latent in a person, but as our Joanna continues to develop, this energy predominates more. This is akin to what she said in the other new piece up on the website about passive versus active spiritual energy. So you have the passive Buddha-like or Quan Yin energy, which is like the Moon Faced Buddha--of Grace operating without any directed energy. It's just a being-ness energy. Then you have the Buddha with the Sword, like the spiritual warrior energy of Archangel Michael, and so forth. In that sense Athena has that more warrior-like energy. It is an active, dynamic energy.

Now, when our Joanna was young, she expressed this in activity, so there would be a dynamism in her activities--not so much in her personality or in the energy that she emanates. As time goes on, this energy is starting to be drawn from that Source, as we described Athena drawing this energy from her Overbeing, where it now permeates her physical body and her Higher Bodies and is now contacting other people just in the space around her. In that sense it radiates, but it is not like radioactive, which is more the connotation that W. made.

Now the rest of the question regarding the so-called Reptilians comes from those archaic associations bad-mouthing Athena, stomping out the Goddess and saying that "snake" energy is bad, and of the Devil or whatever people did with it to make the Goddess seem so frightening and overwhelming. This was really a description of that power and the way that power moves. If you can imagine this power moving like fingers of flame now from our Joanna and now affecting other people around her, they're going to have somewhat the same reaction as those in ancient times did. Because they're not conscious of what it is--they're not conscious of what's happening and they're not clairvoyantly seeing anything--then the first thing that happens is that people go into fear when there's power there. This is why lesser gods were able to control people and why lesser beings on Earth are able to control people-- because people of lower consciousness fear power. Rather than trying to understand and then empower themselves, they either fear it or they become subjugated and bonded to the one who's exhibiting power.

Our Joanna's conflict about this quality of power has been described in the two soul retrieval articles regarding an incarnation as Athena, actually. She actually embodied the statue of Athena in the Parthenon. There was this whole thing where the other priestesses were jealous and felt so uncomfortable that they said she wasn't really who she said she was. Therefore, she sort of self-immolated or "crisped" herself out rather than ascending in that lifetime because of deferring to their lower consciousness, jealousies, and misunderstandings. In that experience our Joanna asked, "Does that mean that I might be doing the same thing in this lifetime--letting others' opinions of me keep me from ascending?"and the answer was "Yes."

S: But she can change that?

MELORA: Yes. That's what this whole process we're working on today with your help is leading to. In order to come into full empowerment as who she is, our Joanna needs to trust that she's not going to run rampant over people when she comes into empowerment. She needs not to have these false structures, these cross-checks to make sure that she doesn't violate karmic considerations here. Once she's liberated from the Yahweh guilt and from the other religious guilt things that are so inculcated in people here, she will be able to step into alignment--this is the term we wish to use--step into alignment with her lineage and her Soul Assignment with Athena. She will have that particular resonance and the power of that connection, and get rid of the necessity for human embodiment as all comes together at the Soul level in a massive soul retrieval.

Now, this is not instantaneous, but it can be discerned and be more powerfully felt, more at some times than others. At least she will not be taking two steps forward and one step back.

S: That's wonderful. So this will be accomplished in this embodiment?

MELORA: It is possible in this embodiment, and the rest is up to her. We cannot predict for a certainty that she will be able to allow this. We're saying that what we have moved out and through today, and what she has come to understand (starting even before the session) empowers her to move in that direction much more intensively and much more effectively.

S: Let me ask what your relationship is with Joanna.

MELORA: Our relationship is that we are more and more her Higher Self. We are a group consciousness, and so therefore you must infer that her Higher Self is a group consciousness as well.

S: It is possible for you to descend into her?

MELORA: We have already been descending into her. She understands that she is not channeling us. She is currently calling it "linking" with us, but we are saying to her that we have been merging with her over time more and more. Only the limitations of her consciousness allowance and understanding keep her from experience that merging as fully as she could in everyday moments.

S: Do you have any steps for her that will help to accelerate this process?

MELORA: The steps are much like you described and like what we discussed with you about just letting that happen. The prescription or recipe, if you will, is much the same as what we were describing for all who wish to come into total communion with the Divine aspect of them--the highest Divine aspect of them that is able to communicate with them. That is, again, to keep refining the relationship with Ego as it is necessary in the physical body for your survival. Ego is your survival tool in 3rd Dimension. You don't want to annihilate it; you just need to re-train it and to come into a different relationship with it, so that your Ego becomes a tool instead of your master.

Now, when you come into total Heart/Spirit connection, then that Ego tool has no more control over you. You are using it not only to keep you grounded enough that you can complete your work here [laughs] but also to help you relate to other people. Don't use it as a tool to resolve spiritual questions. Don't use it as a source of answers for spiritual questions. Don't use it as a tool anywhere but in 3rd-Dimensional survival issues, if you will--meaning, "I have to go to work today. I'd better set my alarm clock." That's it. Retraining the Ego means not allowing it to tryp to process such questions as those that have been asked today.

S: But if we're going to have at-onement with the Ego, it is possible to have the Ego not be greater or less than the mind.

MELORA: You do not wish to attune to the Ego, which is what at-onement is. You wish the Ego to attune to you.

S Ah!

MELORA: . . . and to work with you. This may be a revolutionary statement for most people.

S: I was think of the joining together of, but you're talking about bringing the Ego up--

MELORA: . . . to a higher-vibrational association with the true Being that you are. Most people are bringing themselves down vibrationally to the level of their Ego and serving their Ego.

S: I'd like some more steps on elevating the Ego.

MELORA: All right. Any choice that is not made out of love is inappropriate, will tie you to karma, because you're attached to the outcome through your Ego. So when the Hindus describe detachment, they're saying that any attachment you have to the results of what you do, say, or think is to be avoided. It's like a Higher part of you monitors the choices that you make, and you can be sure that it's not the higher consciousness if you're thinking, I'm going to give her this valentine because it will feel so good when she gets so excited about it. [laughs] However, that doesn't mean NOT to give her the valentine.

S: No. No. No. Just give it out of love.

MELORA: Right. And not be attached to the outcome.

S: It's out of love, totally.

MELORA: Yes, and that's not an easy thing, is it? So you refine and re-train, so that through your free-will choices, instead of knee-jerking to an Ego choice, you now stop and examine it with your higher consciousness and say: "Am I invested in this? Am I doing this because of my Ego need?" If I am, I don't slap my Ego on the hand with a ruler like an evil nun. I just say: "No. I'm going to make this choice instead." You keep re-training your Ego that you will no longer allow it to rule you. You train it so that it no longer dictates the choices that you make and the actions that you take. This is a process. You just start now, and those are the steps. You continue to have your higher consciousness monitor the choices that you make instead of doing things out of habit--instead of just going in to your Ego-based emotions as the source of why you make certain choices.


Part 3: "Soul Assignments," etc.


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