Thank you for such "clean," "elegant," "transformative work." It is profoundly moving and I have shifted accordingly. The "free floating fear," that has been a part of my consciousness since I can remember is gently leaving all aspects of my being. Where I "rest" in consciousness has changed, indeed I have changed. I am connected in a much deeper way to my Soul and have a new compassion and appreciation for myself . . . . I have been held by Spirit and now understand that cleansing, transmutation and wholeness was/is needed, and that Spirit has me on the fast track for "purpose." I am grateful for connecting with you. -- L.L. (El Sobrante, CA )

Many thanks for this session and for all the past sessions as well! I'm grateful that I was led to you. You were right on target with the trauma that occurred early in my childhood in this lifetime. I am happy to be aware of the role that my past life-times has played in my current lifetime as well. Thanks for all you do! -- M.M. (Worcester, MA)

The Native Americans (I am an Amerindian chaplain) think exactly like you . . . Your channeling . . . is 1000% correct! I worked for 8 years on the staff at a home for psychotics (50 residents), founded by Dr. Moira Fitzpatrick, and soul retrieval is [also] very, very essential to heal psychotics. --The Rev. N.V. (San Diego, CA)

[After my doing a Soul Retrieval session for her two-and-a-half-month-old son, a client wrote:] We had a bit of a disjointed start. Right after I gave birth, I was rushed to the O.R. with some complications. [A.] suckled my mother's finger for an hour until I returned. We were home for 2 hours, when he was rushed to emergency and he spent the next 5 days in a little incubator and went through a series of traumatizing tests. I slept outside the hospital door the entire time until he came home. Prior to June 1st, [A.] did not sleep more than 2.5-3 hours at a time. After the soul retrieval, the night of June 1st, he slept for an unprecedented 7 hour stretch followed by another 4 hours. I can't wait to help him more! -- J.A. (Vancouver, BC, CANADA )

[Note: Higher-dimensional Soul Retrieval is done across lifetimes. This is why even such very young clients as the baby boy above can become more whole in the current lifetime.]

Thank you dearest Joanna, brilliant as always and very very helpful! I'm so glad you nailed the critter snatching at my soul fragments, quite amazing really, and a bit frightening when you don't know when such a thing may be occurring. -- R.W. (Aviemore, Scotland)

I want to thank you for the wonderful session. Already I have been feeling a subtle change in my energy level and
all those negative thoughts that have been playing over and over in my mind have ceased.
-- C.Y. (Hollywood, FL)

IWhat phenomenal work . yes I did indeed feel it during the session. it was also visually quite stunning . I felt the swirling of energies, coming in and out and I felt as if pieces of me are coming back. THANK YOU . so excited that [the client's son] will have a session with you as well -- L.C. (San Clemente, CA)

I have had some lovely follow on experiences since you did our Soul retrievals for S. [the client's daughter] and myself, and feel that the Neg. family lineage is starting to loosen up. I was with S. and A. [the client's grandson] last friday evening and they were both independently engaged in their own happy activities (S. cleaning , A. playing with his cars ) and both singing quietly to themselves. This is a wonderful difference from previously. No tears no tension. S. and I had a bit of fun and laughter later in the evening ...first for a long time. -- D.B. (Weetangera, A.C.T., Australia)

Bless you for all of your good but hard work! Looking at these worksheets, it seems that we are struggling on the low end of self-development. But the affirmations that you have installed will be a huge step towards personal and spiritual freedom. What wise and thoughtful work you do. At each step I am in awe of the techniques and dedication you have for your clients. You are a jewel in a coal mine! There must be a better analogy but I can't think of it right now. - S.P. (Sacramento , CA)

Thank you very much for bringing back so many fragmented soul aspects for my son. I can see a change in my relationship with him after you have work on me and him. Our relationship has got better, no acrimony between us and we can communicate better. I know that the change is not possible without your intervention. The energy you have infused into my family is tremendous. It has done so much good to me and my son. I thank you very much for all that the help you have given me. -- C.F.C. (Singapore)

By the way, the last session-soul retrieval, was fantastic, amazing, wonderful...... thank you so much!
-- H.U. (Portsmouth, NH)

I am feeling great! I feel more positive and I am feeling like I am living my 'reality' if that makes sense. i am normally in a dream world state, but recently I have been compelled to make changes in my life!! YEAH!! You are truly AMAZING! -- C.G. (Houston, TX)

Thank you very much for the soul retrieval session. The initial changes were very subtle.... But the very first day i could feel the difference. There was no fear. I literally have to contain myself now .. I feel so alive, confident and laugh a lot. My work is crazy at the moment and I juggle 3 million things but I doesn't feel stressful and burdensome any more. No matter what, I can access my inner self and get answers and produce some awesome work! People come to talk to me for no reason. They use to ignore me especially at counters. I feel beautiful like a goddess. I'm really loving being myself and having the healing sessions with you and melora is helping me letting go what doesn't supports me. I am beginning to find my step and my place in the world. I can't describe this wondrous feeling I feel. I feel so connected with the universe. You are really awesome Joanna. -- R.K. (Waikato, New Zealand)

Wow, Joanna! Thank you so much! I am feeling glorious! The light has been pouring in all day and I've had to take mini time outs to receive it fully. I am so grateful for the work you did today. I just read the worksheets and they resonate deeply...things I've been working on for awhile and have known, but gorgeous to heal them in this way.... And right on about the ages where I started losing aspects of self. -- J.G. (Broomfield, CO)

After working with you and Melora a couple months ago, I thought I would write say that I feel the two sessions I've had with you (over three years) have been the most significant single point of healing I've ever experienced. I'd also like to thank you for helping me intellectually realize that time does not exist by bringing a 'future' self to heal me in my current consciousness. I am becoming a hypnotherapist and experienced a regression that took me back to play with my very creative inner child - what fun. This 'child' told me something about wholeness being the absence of fear. When I just now re-read one of your online postings that love and wholeness are the same thing, well that brought together a wholeness and intensity of feeling very strong and powerful I've not felt before. -- L.J. (Denver, CO)

I´d like to let you know how much relief your wonderful soul retrieval brought me and how my life and my struggles are / were !!! exactly the way you wrote back to me in your papers. You wrote that the degree I felt wanted at birth was minus-64% . I have always felt that way my whole life and this circumstance has made me struggle since I´ve been here on earth. I am so grateful and full of hope that life will get lighter- thanks to your help ! -- C.K. (Graz, Austria )

I have read your website and concur with much of what you write there. I took soul retrieval training with Sandra Ingerman through the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. As the result of my own soul retrieval work personally as well as with clients, I have found out the same things as you…that the shamanic way is slow and painful. My spirit teachers have given me numerous ways to speed up and soften up the path both during the soul retrieval itself and through the rapid followup work. Often there is past life or other extra healing work done. Thank you for sharing your account in this way. (My book: "SOUL INTEGRATION, A Shamanic Path To Freedom And Wholeness" tells of this work <>). -- Maryphyllis Horn (Pittsboro, NC)

I wanted to let you know how well that last session worked. If just keeps getting better! I understand my whole life more clearly and see who I really Am. It really did clarify a lot of issues and my life is now more focused on working with the Light. Seriously, I have never felt more joyful than I do now. I got much more out of the session than I ever thought was possible. -- D.G. (Hyattsville, MD)

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for the Soul Retrival three days ago, which is making an astounding difference! I am already communicating much better about my boundaries, and my whole outlook is full of exciting posibilities! -- J.H. (Escondido, CA)

THANKs again for the improving sense that I am connected to the Earth again and feeling my heart . . . . Slowly, I feel enervated and connected again. I do not turn on the TV when I come home, I go to bathe and rest in other ways. That means I am unhooked from something that was very pervasive. I am planning to disconnect the TV cable now. Also the job I was told I would get, did not come through . . . and the sense of relief told me that I did not want it . . . and a lot of my bronchitis is because I was worried about that. I feel that all these little gifts which have been missed for so long, have been a result of your clearing. -- R.T. (San Diego ,CA)

Thank you for an extraordinary healing through soul retrieval. I had no idea how transforming it would end up being. I watched as a series of events unfolded in my life immediately after the healing and how I began to bring to light effortlessly other areas of my life that required my immediate love and attention - areas that I know I would not have otherwise been aware of. I believe as I am seeing it with my own eyes - the retrieval set off a domino effect within my life and I realize now it has its own momentum. I feel as if I am going along for the ride feeling anxious and safe at the same time. . .feeling so very present in my own life. In gratitude. -- S.S. (Vancouver, BC)

I can hardly fathom the magnitude of weight that has been lifted off of me. This was the relief I've waited so long for. The relief I knew was possible. WOW! I've worked so hard on this. It changes just about everything. Thank you ever so much. -- S.W. (Ft. Wayne, IN)

I just want to say "Thank You SO Much!" I just remember saying "I want to go ALL the way" and "I want to cure first separation" to whoever was working on me. It was really wonderful. I have so many questions but honestly the mind levels are not that important if I can keep this energy. I haven't felt this sort of "soul recognition" in a long time. -- T.S. (Seattle, WA)

Thanks for both Soul Retrieval sessions. For my part Everything has become clearer and what looked like a tricky prospective 9 month timeline has now become easier to the point where I can even do the mainstream job I am in with a lot more ease over that time and bring in other things to help me in the timeline that I hadn't even considered before as an option and now are working very well already. In other words a lot more freed-up energy.
For J. I can only say what he told me, which was he felt it was one of the most powerful things he had ever done and he has spent about twenty five years working on himself mostly no outside help. In particular he felt the second part of the Soul Retrieval at the end of the session was very powerful.
-- M.R. (Dorset, England, UK)

I wanted to thank you for the Soul Retrieval session. Indeed, today at approximatlley 4:00 pm, I felt the work being done. As my eyes were closed I could see many colors, especially violet and gold they kept entering my mind like a flashing comet. Both my hands kept "jumping," this lasted what seemed like several minutes. I kept getting the sensation that I needed to write something. Thus I got a pen and paper, I closed my eyes, and I received a message. "Greetings, from Melora, love and you are healed. L" which I wrote down.. I did feel much clarity.. I could hear messages and see images... Much Love, Peace and Faith... -- J.N. (Diamond Bar, CA)

I wanted to express my gratitude for last Sunday's session. St. Germain and you and Melora helped me very much. I released a lot of tension in my body and I don't feel the load of garbage I felt I was carrying around afterwards. It's just so beautiful to experience this. -- A.V. (Kirtland, OH)

I very much enjoyed the retrievel session . . . I feel lighter and much more alert. My knees are feeling better than they have in months. Probably the biggest change is the loss of needing those things that I thought I couldn't have. Like the pieces of my childhood. I no longer have the need to go back to the places that I thought I needed to go. For years I have been yearning to go back to where I was raised. Now I know that it was because of the need to recover those lost pieces. So now I can wake up every morning and feel complete. When I am outside in the woods, the enviornment seems much more alive. My energy feels whole on the inside of my body, so now I can feel so much more outside. I continue to feel the pieces coming back to me, through my crown chakra. Your retrievel techniques work very well. I have been lucky enough to be a participant in Native American Inipi and Yuwipi ceremonies. That's when I truly discovered firsthand that the world is not as it seems. I have been searching for someone who does what you and Melora do for awhile. I knew you were out there. I just had to get into that frame of mind so I could attract your ideas. Thank you so much for such a complete healing. -- D.M. (Hancock, NH)

I feel so much better after the soul retrieval, my self-confidence is no comparison to how [low] it was before. Is it possible to do a second one? -- M.B. (Richmond, UK)

I cannot begin to tell you how much this work with you has meant to me. And in fact, I believe it is just beginning to "sink" in, if I may use that term. Or perhaps assimilate it would be more precise. The information about the work being done between our OverSouls . . . bears this out and was very exciting to hear. I would like to thank Melora for being the channel and you for being the instrument. -- T.O. (Eliot, ME)

I've been back from Kenya for two weeks now, and I just wanted to let you know that I have been feeling the effects of the work you did in the middle of December. I am feeling personally stronger, and courageous which is something I could not admit to feeling before. It's as if I can achieve anything and need no longer be afraid. Also I had the most amazing experience with some trees in my aunt's garden in Mombasa. The energy I received from them was phenomenal, and working with them and my aunt caused the incoming electricity source to spark in two places for so long that I thought someone had let off fireworks. The point of all this is to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your work is subtle and one could be mistaken that anything actually happens. But I feel so incredibly energised by it. I feel as if I'm becoming the person I was always meant to be. -- S.S. (United Kingdom)

I've met some powerful healers, but your healing is at the top. The effects were immediate. I've always had a feeling of being ashamed of myself. That disappeared. Next I had four major issues come up on Sunday. Thankfully I had the whole day to myself because I figured it was going to take five hours of work to release. I started and ten minutes later it all fell away suddenly. No issues. Just gone . . . . Next my dreams began to change. Suddenly I could hear people talk in my dreams. My dreams have always been like silent movies. I never knew there was audio. I have more energy in the mornings and I'm able to do housework which I always neglected. I only did the bare minimum to get by. Each day I'm getting a little bit more energetic and I've been able to clean the house, do my prayers and meditation and still be on time for work. Blessings. --D.H. (Okeechobee, FL)

As far as my Soul Retrieval session, my fear of undertaking tasks or projects immediately disappeared. I can't even begin to tell you about the feedom, joy, and exuberance I've started feeling after about five weeks. In meditation, I feel I've been pulled together at higher levels; it's hard to explain. And my health is finally improving! . . . . The past life [expression] you helped me merge with who was stoned and burned at the stake in Salem, MA, for trying to heal people has been a very beneficial influence on me. I think she had a lot of common sense. There was a part of me that had me valuing myself based on my level of education, position, and productivity (society's values). About six weeks after the session, I noticed I was valuing myself for what I am rather than for what I do. It resolved all the anxiety I'd been experiencing about this for years. What a profound change it is to finally begin to feel good about oneself! . . . . [You] say in the soul retrieval material that depression can be caused by missing soul parts. I think my husband . . . had a low level of depression at times which seems to be lessening since his Soul Retrieval Session. [His] features have changed, too. The tense and rigid look on his face has gone and he's much more relaxed and loving. His session was on July 15th so I have a feeling there's a lot more good stuff coming. Incidentally, you/Melora were right on target with him and his parents-- incredibly so! -- T.W. (Amherst, NH)

I seem to be in a hurry to clear as much as I possibly can, and St. Germain and Melora are exactly what the doctor ordered - as are you! I want to explode through my barriers - and this is the most stimulating, exciting work. Each step forward is more amazing - and fun!- than the last. Each guide that comes to me is even more extraordinary than the one before. I am bursting with gratitude towards the Universe for all the loving guidance I am being given. And my work with you has been just amazing. Thank you. -- S.F. (New York, NY)

Although you and Melora are very humble, you do seem to have a much more elegant and thorough way of helping, and I feel deserve praise and credit for doing God's work. -- D.W. (St. Louis, MO)

I'm impressed once again with the accuracy . . . . I think I'm already feeling the benefit as I felt energy coursing around me as I read the worksheets. I'm keen to get as close to 'completion' in energetic terms as possible, in as short a timescale as possible, while acknowledging the need for integration. I appreciate how your work enables this far more than any other I know of, and I'm very grateful. -- D.N. (Brighton, East Sussex, United Kingdom)

First of all THANK YOU so much for the magnificent work you did! There is no doubt that much has happened and shifted. For about the first week after the retrieval there were several ocassions where I felt ‘fragments reintegrating’. I had a number of very intense dreams (that kind of continued as I woke up and went back to sleep again), including one about drowning at some point…because I did not know just what point there was for living being cut off from my ‘original family’, etc. Life is definitely more interesting, it has a completely different context…-- M.D. (Bothell, WA)

I am so excited to share this with you. It has been almost 3 weeks since my session. The most amazing thing happened when I got home today. I was on the phone with a friend when I saw what looked like a spiraling line of sparkling stars appearing before me, changing shape and form. I started to question my eyes... (smile) As they came closer, they hovered close to me in my peripheral vision and then disappeared. As I stood there in disbelief, my mind quickly went through what I had done differently today. Then it hit me!! [more of] my soul fragments have made it home. Yea! What a magnificent sight to grace my eyes. I was in total awe. I thank you soooo much Joanna/Melora for following your heart and sharing your work with the world. -- N.R. (Atlanta, Georgia)

I just thought I would let you know that I am feeling great. It is very good to know the detailed information I have learned about my past life, among other things you have shown me. I was lucky to have found you on the internet. It was very easy to talk to you, even though I am nervous around people usually at first. You have inspired me in positive ways, and helped me to change for the better. I will do my best to serve the force of good, open my mind to things I need to see, and have the courage to spontaneously move forward. -- C.S. (Baton Rouge, Louisiana)

This phenomenal work has allowed me to go deeper into the core of the issues that need to be healed and it is done in such a gentle and loving way. I am always amazed at how quickly I am able to move through the healing, once those fragments of my soul are merged back into myself. Highly recommended work!" -- B.S. (Denver, CO)

Thank you so much for your wonderful work this evening! It has really helped me to move some energy that was difficult to do on my own. I really appreciate your energy, dedication, focus and warmth. . . . . I also appreciate your guides for bringing in such valuable information and guiding me through the process. . . . I also wanted to let you know that your website is great!! Since I've found it . . . , I've been going back to it to read more. I felt a great shift in energy . . . when I read your articles on soul retrieval and dark energies. It gave me a boost of inspiring energy and was a wonderful reminder. Your website has been helpful, inspiring and enlightening. I look forward to reading more articles there. -- L.I. (Irvine, CA)

Thank you for your wonderful gifts. I feel my session was very powerful, and I look foward to the changes over the next few days, and the rest of my life. -- J.C. (Tucker, GA)

THANK YOU so much for the magnificent work you did! There is no doubt that much has happened and shifted. For about the first week after the retrieval there were several occasions where I felt ‘fragments reintegrating’. . . . The retrieval initiated my turning back to deep exploration; I started looking for resources, some of them you mentioned in your book (Seth), some I remembered (Bringers of the Dawn), some just sort of fell into my lap. I started drawing again (first impulse was to capture the soul fragments) . . . . Life is definitely more interesting, it has a completely different context. -- L.D. ( Bothell, WA)

I can not begin to tell you how important your work has been, is, and always will be. God has led me right to your doorstep and I have thanked him from the bottom heart. . . . You are a truly amazing person and I believe that your Work will change the way healing is performed. -- B.M ( Haverhill, MA)

Thank you and Melora very much for the session. It was so interesting, incredibly helpful, and the energy was wonderfully high and loving. It was so cool to "feel" so much energy around me. -- S.B. ( San Francisco, CA)



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