Higher-Dimensional (Non-Shamanic) SOUL RETRIEVAL
Done from a distance (remote session)

Note: in the case of soul retrieval, your Higher Self, in its wisdom, does not allow the return of all soul fragments at once. (As Melora has said, one accesses other lifetimes of oneself THROUGH the Higher Self.) Since getting permission of a client's Higher Self is the first imperative, no work of the Light can proceed without it. (This is about honoring the free-will permission of all Beings, and this is what separates those of the Light from those of the dark.)

Because of the interplay between the lifetime expressions of you "across time," the number of soul fragments that can be retrieved at any given time keeps changing! * Since soul fragments are shared across lifetimes--meaning the adverse effects thereof--it is a complex process. There is no way to determine ahead of time how many soul retrieval sessions will be required. And because your other lifetimes are involved, rarely is it possible to get back 100% of your soul aspects permanently.

* High numbers of lost soul aspects can not be retrieved without Etheric Cords Removal being done.

Since, in past lives, you have "worked with" virtually everyone in your current lifetime who is more than an acquaintance, I can guarantee that you have negative karma with all of these people. However, it is best to focus on de-cording from your more toxic relatives and other toxic people with whom you have a relationship.

That having been said, know that no session is wasted. In the process of healing, as you take each step forward, there are always beneficial changes that you can recognize and palpably feel.

Allowing time to integrate soul retrieval--or any other energy work--across lifetimes is imperative. Otherwise, one wreaks havoc on one's embodied consciousness in these other lifetimes. (Since the Higher Self orchestrates soul retrieval, it probably wouldn't permit such attempts anyway.)

by Joanna Neff, Channel

Melora (my guide, who links me to my Higher Self) has many times reiterated that "Ascension is expansion of consciousness" -- that where you focus is where you are in consciousness. Indeed, Melora states that in order to ascend it is important to understand this interdependency of consciousness among incarnational expressions. In order to ascend from this current lifetime, it is critical to retrieve lost soul aspects (or soul fragments). By the same token, to ascend it is necessary to merge in consciousness with other incarnational expressions, who are like soul fragments to one's higher self.

This emphasis on soul retrieval and multi-incarnational merging is the foundation of the work that Melora and I now do together to help people complete their Ascension work. Soul retrieval as performed by Melora and other higher- dimensional beings is done energetically. They bring the "fragments" and the core soul into harmonic resonance by re-calibrating the signature energies.


During profound stress, pain or other trauma, human beings often experience what is called "soul loss"--meaning, the loss of aspects of one's soul. Such events as loss of a loved one, automobile accident, surgery, addiction, combat trauma, abortion or miscarriage, and physical abuse are the prime causes.

When a soul is fragmented one may no longer remember the details of the traumatic incidents that caused the fragmentation. The "lost" soul aspect effectively has taken those memories with it. When a soul part leaves, it may also take with it a measure of one's vitality. The more severe the trauma, the more life force is depleted.

People who have lost soul aspects may suffer chronic illnesses in childhood as a result of this reduced life force. One example of soul fragmenting occurs because of childhood sexual abuse. Here, parts of the soul literally leave because the event is too painful.

If the soul fragmentation is severe enough, such illnesses as schizophrenia may occur. Because the integrity of the parts to the whole is broken down, recovery is seen as an impossibility. Further, the will may become vulnerable to negative entity attachment.

Having fragments remain "unincorporated" between lifetimes affects karma because issues encapsulated in the consciousness of those fragments remain unresolved. In addition, if we remain unconscious of our other multi-incarnational lives, we bring them with us to our "next" incarnation, hopefully to awaken us to the reality that they're "out there."

LIVE Higher-Dimensional Soul Retrieval

With the assistance of Melora and your personal guides, the process is much swifter, more comfortable than in the shamanic method. With your guides facilitating, we set up a bridge of communication that brings the fragment(s) and the Core Soul into harmonic resonance.

The guides bypass the brain by resonance modulation. With this method the guides sound out where the fragment is, locating it by the energy "signature" that ties it to your Core Soul. Once they've located the fragments they determine, by resonance, which is the optimal, first, soul aspect to bring back and, then, what the correct sequence is. In aligning the resonances of each soul fragment with the Core Soul, the guides effectively facilitate their re-union. Merely starting the process calls to those parts because the Whole keeps trying to form . . . magnetically.

(Your guides know how critical soul retrieval is to Ascension; however, they may not all be adept at doing soul retrieval. Therefore, it is most important to work with the guides of such human facilitators as Jyoti Alla-An who are trained and experienced in this intricate, life-transforming process.)

Integration of Retrieved Soul Aspects

As carefully as the guides work to modulate the resonance of both the fragments and the Core Soul, there still is an adjustment period, as there is with any change you go through on a human level. What was familiar to you suddenly is now altered. When your guides energetically do soul retrieval with you, however, this adjustment period is minimized.

What's more, the guides continue to work with you after your Soul Retrieval Session, for after the most critical soul fragments return, your resonance changes. This creates a "domino effect," magnetically attracting any remaining soul fragments.

Remote Soul Retrieval (session notes provided)

New energy "technologies" are being discovered that enable "experts" in soul retrieval (most importantly, the Higher Beings who work through us) to do pervasive soul retrieval from a distance through me. Therefore, all sessions are done remotely, and I email to the clients detailed worksheets that show the results of the session.

The only difference with distant soul retrieval is that you won't consciously be participating, so the changes might take place without your being aware, specifically, of what has shifted/is shifting. You would, however, be aware of the return of vital life force energy.

Certainly you would be also be aware of impediments having been removed. For example, it would be like having been near-sighted and then putting on eye glasses. Suddenly you're able to see the details for the first time, in this analogy. Clarity is one of the first things that is restored, along with the ability to feel joy again and remembering more of who you are AS A SPIRITUAL BEING.


Upon the return of lost soul aspects most clients feel a sense of well-being and wholeness. Often there is a return of childlike joy, exuberance and vitality. For many there is also a dramatic shift in consciousness--a sense of personal power balanced in a new level of heart/spirit connection. After soul retrieval, abilities and talents that previously were inhibited (or blocked) begin to be expressed fully once more.


The Shamanic Method

Soul fragments rarely can return without assistance. A time-honored, and proven, method is Shamanic Soul Retrieval. Although shamanic Soul Retrieval has benefited many, and is still appropriate for certain people, we have experienced that the shamanic method is much slower and can be quite uncomfortable. In this method, you undergo a linear process--a shamanic journey--and then, over time, the psychological and emotional integration of the parts. Once the soul retrieval is done, the client may be left to go through the rigors of soul integration alone.

Because shamanic work generally goes no higher than 4th dimension (or the astral plane), the work that is done is primarily physical and psychological. So the restructuring is really going on in your psychological consciousness--that is, personality consciousness--not at the Soul level. This is why we find that, for example, people come to us for higher- dimensional soul retrieval after shamans have done soul retrieval because the people are rife with negative entities.

It's not that the work itself created that; it is that the result of incomplete processing of psychological changes and structures leaves the personal vulnerable from the astral plane. This is where the negative entities "hang out": in the lower octave of the astral plane. If the person is not strong enough in their mastery or in their wisdom, then they are not really able to participate out of that wisdom, or out of a higher consciousness, in the work that is being done by the shaman.

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