Melora Talks: The Sedona Series

MELORA through Joanna Neff

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Part II: Friday Night -Questions/Answers

All right. We are Melora, and we wish to open up to questions that you might have. Any question, whether it seems "silly" or not.

S (male): I have a question. I wonder if you'd talk about the transition between carbon and silicon in . . . in two minutes. [laughter]

Well, our first questions is: Why do you ask?

S: I just wondered about the 666 being the carbon-based going to 999, being the silicon.

But don't you already know the answer? We would request that you tell them if you wish them to know. We're not understanding why you ask if you already know the answer.

S: Okay. I withdraw the question. Thank you.

As you wish. That stopped the questions, didn't it. [laughter]



N (female): I have a question. You mentioned briefly something about releasing karma from the DNA. Could you talk a little bit more about that?

Yes, and we explained this to someone on the phone recently. All of the archetypal possibilities for your expression, in form, and actually NOT in form, are encoded in your DNA. So we would say, for example, "memories" of your NOT being in form are in your DNA in terms of your connection through the Higher Self to "future" lives, other-dimensional existences, and so forth.

This is what makes it possible to do work such as that which we will do this weekend. At the DNA level, what happens is that we can re-played or revivify, almost the way you reconstitute freeze-dried food, these programs and turn them into holographic representations of the point in time where we're working. These can be "read" and come to your consciousness, where they can be used like merkabas, in a way, in their holographic form rather than in that sort of flat, digital encoding. When the memories go from that linear coding to the holographic, then you're coming into that circular thing that we described in the beginning. Now you have access to all the energies as they flow around, through, about, and so forth.

The reason that Shamanic soul retrieval works at the level that it works is that the shaman is going on a journey and coming into contact, usually, with a visual representation of some archetype, do you see? Some of these archetypes are medicine animals, power animals. These are not to be taken this literally as many think. They're to be seen as messages (as we told S. one time) from the Higher Self to you in a form that is dramatic and that you resonate with and that has meaning for you. If that's power animals, then that's what is selected by your Higher Self as the medium for the message, if you will.

What we're working with [in Higher-Dimensional Soul Retrieval] is the Etheric Template, your perfected blueprint, your perfected energetic structure, your perfected physical body too, all of your other bodies--your Higher Bodies--and even your CONNECTIONS to your Higher Self, other members of your Soul Group, and so forth. These are all encoded but not all activated. Part of what happens when we do Higher-Dimensional Soul Retrieval is that we energetically transmute karma encodings, as the client is ready to release them.

What you do, for example, when you come into your intention to ascend, is translating into: "I want to activate these programs so that I can work with them consciously" and so that they come alive instead of being flat (or one-dimensional) digital or linear. They're "puffed up" and spherical and have life, and you can work with them now.

So encoded in your DNA is that you might be a villain in some lifetime. You might be a predator; you might be a victim. You might be a hero, or you might be a coward. Every possible scenario expression, whether it be in a body or as a discarnate spirit, is there for you to work with. Inn coming into embodiment, you essentially make an intention that you're to play this role, now, in this lifetime, and you call to the template--not just for the physical body but also for the activation of certain scenarios, certain lineages (certain parents), certain childhood teachers, or whatever is going to happen. You're creating, essentially, holographic experience, which is what your experience in 3rd Dimension really is.

But you're doing it out of the DNA's core programs, which are more infinite than you might imagine. So the perception of scientists that there are these raw genes--and that you inherit these from your mother and father, and so forth, that's your raw material, and that's a static thing--is incorrect because there are ENERGETIC versions of these that run in tandem with, and parallel to, that. Do you see?


L (female): I'm somewhat new to the whole reality of Ascension. Could you give me any hints on exactly what that is and what happens when you ascend?

We are giggling in acknowledgement of how complex this question is. All right. Our perception of Ascension is expansion of consciousness. Consciousness is all. What you are not conscious of is virtually useless to you in terms of the Ascension process. And you become conscious, say, of this workshop, or you become conscious of something through an article that you've read. Suddenly you've opened up to possibilities that broaden this circumference within which you used to be confined--this smaller circle, this smaller sphere of consciousness. Now you allow more into possibility and belief, and the sphere of your consciousness grows even larger. There's an even greater circumference area to which you now have access. Even more of such flexibility allows a greater consciousness of all that may be possible for you.

After you do this for awhile, you soon come into contact with Higher Beings, do you see? And you soon come into contact with your own potential as an exalted being, your own Oneness, your own Divinity. As long as you're in this compressed, smaller consciousness space, you can't have access to what we've just described. So there are certain steps and stages of opening your consciousness that are required before you can get to the stage where you suddenly FEEL the presence of such Great Ones.

Ascension, as it was used in the Bible, is usually specific to the story of Jesus, who ascended to heaven--who took his body to heaven. Where you all are on your Ascension path is this infinite in description as there are people. So there's not just one Ascension scenario. Not everybody's leaving on December 31, in the year 2011. You're all in various stages of Ascension because you're all in various stages of consciousness. And it is true that NEVER in your recorded history, and in unrecorded history, has there been such a great moment in such great numbers--millions of people who have come into Ascension of consciousness--who are allowing that movement out of 3-D immersion in consciousness. You're saying: "I am letting my consciousness now start to leave its absorption HERE. Yes. I'm still in the body, so I'd better stick around in it. But I am not spending so much of my focused consciousness here. I'm spending more of it in 5th-Dimensional consciousness, where love is the center."

That reminds us to tell you that what has happened, what people are perceiving as more and more encounters with "dark" entities, is that in the ascension of your consciousness, you're moving through 4th Dimension WHILE you're coming into 5th-Dimensional consciousness, and so the perception is: "They're jumping out of the woodwork."

What you do is just go faster to the higher octave of 4th Dimension, and don't hang out in the lower octave as your consciousness moves through there, because you're going to become clairvoyantly aware of some of these reptilian beings, and so forth. Instead of contracting in fear and therefore ANCHORING yourself to the lower part of 4th Dimension, you simply keep going and don't get stuck there. When you keep going, you come to that silvery lining that is the higher octave, the "dividing line," between 4th Dimension and 5th Dimension. That's possible IN THE BODY. Dr. Joshua David Stone lists what he has been told are particular Ascension hierarchies. Yes. You can be ascended up to 9th- through 12th-dimensional consciousness and still be in your body--and still share 3rd-Dimensional consciousness.

The "forecast" for Ascension, as we understand it, is that you will bring your bodies to Light. That is most difficult to explain. How can that be? We would suggest that this will happen as you focus more and more of your consciousness on where you're going rather than on where you are now. So every time you let your consciousness be pulled back to the dramas of your life "here," and get focused there . . . (we're going to address S's question in a moment) [laughter] you go in the opposite direction, if you will, from Ascension.


S (second female): You mentioned that perhaps we have come here because we are connected as a Soul Group. Can you expound on that?

Yes. It's not a single Soul Group. All who have come to this workshop are related tangentially at the Soul level. We have described this as "cousins"--first cousins, twice-removed, etc. But that IS a close relationship as far as Soul Groups go. You are closely related , as certain "wings" or "arms" of a core Soul Group.

L: What do we hope, as a group, to express or experience in coming to Sedona?

Place your hand on your heart, and tell us what you would like to have happen, for yourself. What is your vision of why you are here?


L: My vision is confidence in my own coming of age and dropping off all the "little girl" parts and just becoming more aware of "God is within."

And we are receiving from your guidance that the issue is about fear of power, which many women have. Whether we're talking about power within or about the kind of power that has been unleashed on the world for so long--power over others. This kind of power usually results from deep fear: "I'm afraid, so if I have power I won't be afraid." This is not what power truly is. When a person has power within her, she no longer fears what other people will think of her. One can truly be in a loving expression and say, "I'm not comfortable. No. I can't do that for your right now." An empowered person can set her boundaries without self-censure.

Empowerment says, "I honor my own true feelings enough that I say them to you. And, doggone, if you don't respect this, I'm going to have to phase you out of my life." That takes great courage. The risk is that you'll be alone for awhile as you're forming new, more appropriate friendships.

L: Thank you. We did it right there. I did it right there.

Yes, exactly. And S (male). We were merely asking you: "If you already know the answer to your own question, why did you ask?" Do you know the answer to your own question?

S: I think I know parts of it. The information I got within me when I received it, which was a matter of a month ago or so, I found intriguing, and I thought I would pursue that.

We did not mean to "shoot you down."

S [laughs heartily]. Oh. Thank you.

We consider you a friend, and so we were really just toying with you.

S: Thank you for those words.


All right. We will give you our perceptions and, again, no channeled information or any other source of information is THE definitive information. The truest gauge of the truth for you come from your tuning into your own guidance and letting that information come in to you in a way that is resonant with you. And so we would say that there's not one Truth with a capital "T."


What we are receiving about your question is that if you look at it physically. You're talking about density; you're talking about the silicon ability in its lattice-work structure to store information. Yes. Coal is hard, but you don't have those structures that you do in silicate-based substances, on which your entire world of computer technology is based. The microcomputer chip is made of silicon dioxide. So are quartz crystals.

All of those crystals that everybody makes fun of you for saying, "There's information in there," do have information in them. If you had the devices to play back what is stored in some of your crystals, you would indeed find information encoded there. They're starting to use just such technology in laser discs, aren't they? Where you can watch a movie that's on a laser disc.

So, regarding your question, S, regarding changing from a carbon-based to a silicon-based body: With that transference there is also a consciousness transference. When in 3rd-Dimensional consciousness, you've been living in a 3-dimensional world, you've burned coal, you've cut down trees, you've kept yourselves warm, etc., and you've had your petroleum, and this sort of thing. The Earth GAVE to sustain you. When you Ascend you will not need these things. They will not be a part of reality anymore. You will come into higher expressions of energies that such substances as quartz represent.

It's like frozen energy in a way, and yet it still moves. Quartz can store energy, quartz can replicate itself, quartz can express that information in its environment. And guess what? That's the definition of DNA. Intelligent life can replicate itself, store information, and use that information in its environment. Quartz can do that; silicon dioxide can do that.

Now, this is a very interesting question because our perception is that there is much greater activity in the ley lines, in the silicate structures, not only physically but also energetically. There has been much destruction of quartz in Brazil and other places with the rape of the land during the wild crystal mania of the past decade or so--a depletion of the electromagnetic flow lines within the earth. But the energy of those lay lines is still there whether the crystals are there or not.

Because you are moving out of this density, not only in consciousness but in the very structure of your bodies (the DNA, the etheric crystalline body forming), so that you can be transported in that new energy form instead of just the physical body. As you go through the transition of consciousness, it is not like the movie "Stargate," where you walk through some goop and you're suddenly there. You do it gradually, because the integrity of your structure would not hold if you did it that fast.

So with the etheric body forming, the 12 strands of DNA reconnecting. This is not just like 12 strands or filaments; it's a holographic, gyroscopic kind of situation. These energies are becoming spherical, not linear. In the merkaba you have one "circle" going this way and another going that way, and so on, so it looks like what you've seen represented graphically as the orbital structures of an atom. This answers the question about what Ascension is as well.

We are Melora, and we wish you great Joy of the Light!


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