MELORA through Joanna Neff


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This discussion focuses on the concept of "Soul Assignments," using Jyoti's Assignment on Earth with Athena as an example. In addition, Melora describes who she is as a group consciousness.


S: Okay. What about Soul Assignments?

MELORA: All right. Give us a moment. We brought this term up in this discussion of religion, in this discussion of aligning yourself with the appropriate, highest Divine aspect of you because we wanted to distinguish between this sense of aligning and that of worshipping some Earth-based god or gods of your understanding. Soul Assignments are group shared, are Soul Group shared, and they originate with the Being most highly evolved of that Soul Group. If we use Athena as an example, who she is in her most exalted and most evolved expression, we can explain that Soul Assignments have to do with your resonance, which we have explained before--what issues or aspects of [3rd-dimensional] Reality that the group wishes to explore in its many expressions, whether that's physical, just energy, or whatever that is. Whatever dimensions, whatever universes. ("Issues" would be the Earth term, meaning that in Earth embodiment that would be an issue or a challenge. "Aspects of Reality" would be the Soul-level term.)

And those qualities are what enable Ascended Beings to distinguish each other from each other, even though they are in Oneness consciousness. So someone of the Order of Melchizedek would be able to recognize a Christed Being because of that, even in the Oneness consciousness. Because there is not any evolved being or god, no matter how evolved, that is totally whole. That's what creates Infinity. That movement toward wholeness creates and moves into Infinity. This is a very important understanding. Therefore, one of the first clues on Earth that a person is not enlightened is when they say: "I am enlightened." [laughs] Do you see?

S: [laughs] Yes because a kahuna I was working with said, "Kahunas don't call themselves "kahuna"; other people do." Do soul groups vary in size?

MELORA: Oh, of course. And that would range according to not even time. It would vary according to that seeding--that concept of seeding consciousness, as in Starseed. There are "older" or more ancient (and we're not talking millennia [laughs]; we're talking trillions of years) groups. You could conceivably talk about a core group of beings that existed--not one, but at least two. Not ever one. You could probably get to that point, but their evolution from where they started has so many permutations, it's like fractiles. That's why there can't be One God--ever. That's why Yahweh of Genesis is not the same Yahweh of Ecclesiastes, because Yahweh keeps evolving.

S: Yes. Like we do. Of course.

MELORA: That's why in our Jyoti put her question in parentheses ("The Yahweh of the Old Testament?") Continuing to impose those static structures of Yahweh on Earth is holding people back from their own evolution.

S: I thought that was so interesting when you said that was the bondage of the Jews [in Part I]. Those words are just marvelous.

 I requested another session with S. to get more specific information about several topics Melora discussed in the 3-part "For Star Children" series. Here is more clarification about "Soul Assignments" from a session on 2/9/02. -- Jyoti Alla-An

S: . . . After reading the transcript [of the "For Star Children Series"] I was wondering: "Who is in charge of our lives?

MELORA: Yes. That is an excellent question. This also came through with a client yesterday, and that is: What does it mean when you say, "For one's highest good." This is related to what you were saying. This would be from what you would consider a Universal, Divine perspective--not even from your High Self level. Not even from your OverSoul level, and most certainly not just from your consciousness level in this current embodiment. So it would be your highest Divine Guide, as we mentioned this term before, as it is true and as it resonates with the true Creator Source--meaning, All That Is Good, All That Is. "All That Is Good" is important to say.

S: . . . Yes, and part of the question was: "As I get older, and I want to stay on the Earth as I know it, who decides when I leave?"

MELORA: We're hearing that your Core Soul decides.

S: . . . This is for everybody? The Core Soul decides when enough's enough, and it's time to move onward?

MELORA: Right, and the Core Soul is NOT synonymous with the High Self. Your High Self is part of what you would consider the Core Soul, because the Core Soul is the collective, including OverSoul, Higher Self, all of the embodiments (past, present & future), and to the highest level of what we were calling the integral part of the Soul Group that can be identified as your specific "vertical soul hierarchy." All of that, collectively, is the Core Soul. For most (or many) people, that is still in a fragmented state.

S: . . . Thank you. And Jyoti's next question is: "Could you provide more specific information about Soul Assignments?"

MELORA: Yes, and we will begin by reiterating that Soul Assignments are properly assignments WITH--not TO. That includes not being assigned TO a specific god. You're assigned here WITH Yahweh, or you're assigned here WITH some other god, or whatever--not TO. And so when one part of a vertical soul hierarchy, a Soul Group, or whatever, "gets too big for its britches," then we have the Yahweh phenomenon. The Yahweh phenomenon is that one part feels that it is above the others and makes the others subservient to it--for its own pleasure, for its own sense of power, or whatever other issues there are. The reality is that Beings are on assignment WITH other parts of their vertical soul hierarchy and that they are all interdependent.

When we gave as an example that our Jyoti is on assignment on the Earth with Pallas Athena, in that lineage, we were saying that Athena properly, in understanding the relationship of the parts to the Whole, can be no greater than the part that is struggling the most. She can be no greater than the fragment that still hasn't come back to the Whole. Athena, as a Being, understands that. Yahweh, as a Being, in the past did not.

This is why, people are told again and again by the Ascended Masters tht they consider you heroes and that you are actually standing beside St. Germain, for example, laughing affectionately as you, down here, have no clue that you are standing with St. Germain as another aspect of yourself. That is an example of the appropriate understanding of your relationship to those Beings whom you assume are higher than you are.

You had asked what the appropriate Divine Guide for you would be. We don't believe we told you that the word "God" just means "good" in Anglo-Saxon, which is where the word came from [in the English language]. It just means "good." That's it--not male, not female. It doesn't mean that there's only ONE. It just means "good"--"the greatest Good."

S: One of the things that's coming up now as you discuss Soul Assignments is, for me, something that I've been working on: pre-embodiment agreements. I'm assuming that Soul Assignment has entered into pre-embodiment agreement with others to work out or to be or to do something. Is that correct?

MELORA: Well, simplestically yes. But understand that when you say "pre-embodiment" what we would say is "between embodiments" because there are many more than one aspect of you between incarnations. Reincarnation is not successive; it's simultaneous. There are a bunch of aspects of you that are between lives and then deciding what their next embodiments are going to be--all simultaneously. So it's more complex because reincarnation is not linear--it's simultaneous. Everything that happens to one of you happens to all of you at the same time.

S: Okay. And Soul Assignments would be the mass of all that I am?

MELORA: Um hmm.

S: . . . and all tha Jyoti is?

MELORA: And the resonance of the entire existences of what our Jyoti has called "vertical soul lineage."

S: So I'm finding that it's more complex than the two simple words: Soul Assignment.

MELORA: Yes. It's not just you , singularly, here on Earth in this embodiment. All of the aspects of you --past, present & future or Earth, 3rd-dimensional, other-dimensional, other-planes, higher- dimensional versions of you (which oftentimes, but not always, can be considered future versions of you)--all of those together have a certain resonance and a certain assignment with the highest member of that group. It goes on, "up and up and up."

S: Is the highest the "Divine Guide?"

MELORA: The highest member of your Soul Assignment group would be your highest Divine Guide. Then, at the really high levels, all are related to Source Creator, but Source Creator does not have the ability directly to communicate with people at this level in 3rd-dimensional embodiment.

S: Well, this is like the last time we talked about "the chain of command" and you said it's more a "chain of communication." So is that what you're talking about?

MELORA: Yes. That's right. Your highest Divine Guide (being the highest member of your Soul Assignment group), can communicate with you . . . we won't even say "directly." It can communicate with you energetically in a general sort of way, because it's communicating to every aspect of that Soul Assignment "mass," as you put it, at one time: sending love, sending almost like energies of questions (question energies, like "How are you doing?") [laughs] "How are you all doing?" But very generically--not specifically, as in the conversation we're having with you. So, depending on the "expertise" or the absorption of energetic values that you call wisdom gained in the many lifetimes (past, present and future), according to that expertise, members "just above" you [laughs] . . . this is hard to describe because it's not literal . . . their expertise is going to determine whether you get your Divine Guide's messages clearly, directly and specifically. They're the translators down the chain of communication. But it's like the telephone game: People are sitting in a line, and the first person whispers something very fast into the ear of the next person, and the next, and so on [laughs], and by the time it gets to the last person it doesn't resemble at all what was said to the first person! That's oftentimes what happens.

S: [laughs] I don't know why, but this isn't real confidence-building in me. It makes me wonder, again, who the heck's in charge?

MELORA: Well, here's the good news: The communication is bi-directional. The clearer you are at this end as the anchor in 3rd Dimension--the consciousness anchoring being, the anchor in 3rd-dimensional consciousness--the clearer you get in your understanding, the more clearly you can send back questions about what you need, the reality of your Soul Assignment and whatever. When you have these questions that are not just intellectual but they're from your Spirit (they're from your Spiritual Body, your heart chakra), the integrated consciousness, then you're apt to get more of what you need "down here" that will help all aspects of you come into more wholeness.

You can actually teach your Higher Self to be a better communicator, and this is exactly what our Jyoti does with us! Our work with her is just as much for our benefit as it is for hers. Her being our anchor in 3rd Dimension and the highest consciousness and such a great communicator, she teaches us how to communicate better with her and to communicate what she needs "higher" than we are.

S: And then you would pass on the request higher than you are?

MELORA: Exactly. And then all connect more clearly and more fully. This is the mechanism and why we desire it. We are not trying to pat ourselves on the back at how great we are, better than other Higher Selves at doing this, but you can probably see from the people in your environment how well their Higher Selves are doing, or not, in communicating with them.

S: Well, yes. There's a lot of people walking around in a fog. I mean, not that I'm not. But they just seem to be absolutely lost.

MELORA: But, again, we have said that this is bi-directional, so it also depends on the consciousness embodied how much it desires to go the other direction and communicate because the "High Self" and the embodied consciousness teach each other. This is the appropriate relationship--not that the Higher Self is telling the embodied entity what to do all the time.

S: Right, which is what you said being in a free-will state.

MELORA: Right. So in the ideal situation, the Higher Self is listening and learning from the various incarnational expressions that it is responsible for.

(1/6/02 session, continued)

S: So Jyoti's Soul Group is huge?


S: . . . because I was wondering if you could measure it on one hand or two. [laughs]

MELORA: [laughs] This is very brilliant on the part of the guide of one of the two members of our Jyoti's Soul Group, meaning this wing of her Soul Group. He said that we could be termed as residing in Classical Greek times in the body as females, as priestesses, and so forth. That wing of the Soul Group is what we termed as Melora. (Ora means "gold" in Greek.)

S: Right. So you are a grouping--

MELORA: We are a wing of the much, much larger Soul Group, so our group consciousness could be considered one wing, if you will, of the much larger Soul Assignment group.

S: Are you in contact with the other wing?

MELORA: At the Athena level, yes.

S: So Athena really can access the other wing?

MELORA: Yes. Exactly.

S: And then she could pass that information to Jyoti?


S: Would that be helpful or would it be overwhelming?

MELORA: We wouldn't be able to do that right now, but we will be able to do that, yes. So we are our Jyoti's point of access, if you will, to that source, Athena, as the highest member of that Soul Assignment that can contact our Jyoti through us.

S: But there are things out there, just like the writing on the mountain for the Jews--there are things out there that [Jyoti] would not be able to comprehend at this time?

MELORA: . . . because that is not her lineage. She is not of the Yahweh lineage, so she wouldn't be able to access that because that is not encoded in the etheric DNA of any members of her Soul Assignments or lineage.

S: No, I mean from you. The wing that you are . . . there would be other wings, but if Athena has access to them, it's possible that the information would not be appropriate for Jyoti at this time.

MELORA: Yes. That is true, but she will be given higher and higher access to that information as she allows that merging that we were describing. And do you have questions for yourself?

S: I wondered about something I saw regarding the Jews in concentration camps and the Nazis. And then there was a sort of flash and a shimmering, and I saw them all laughing. I got that same feeling with Mohammed Atta, one of those pilots who hit the Twin Towers. Again, like that whole group, they got to laughing at the whole "game." I wondered if that's a cosmic joke.

MELORA: If you see Mohammed Atta laughing, it is more that . . . you know how you laugh when you go, "Gosh! I should have seen this all along"?--not laughing as in joking but more like, "I can't believe that I fell for that" or "I can't believe that I did this." But at the level out of embodiment, where you come to terms with your incarnational "mistakes" . . .your soul education. In that sense.

S: Is there any thing else that you would like to say to Jyoti?

MELORA: Yes. There was this unfortunate soul who e-mailed her and claimed to be the embodiment of "The Mother" on the Earth. When we told our Jyoti that this was not true, and our Jyoti did a soul clearance on her, our Jyoti made the mistake of telling her that she did a soul clearance, and this person e-mailed back and said that our Jyoti was going to be damned to hell for having the gall to clear The Mother. Our Jyoti e-mailed back and said, "The intensity of your rage exposes you as an imposter."

There was one thing that this person said to our Jyoti in a phone conversation that was frustrating to our Jyoti because she could never get this person to get to the point. The statement that this person made that has haunted our Jyoti is that in working with us, Melora, our Jyoti has forced us to descend and is holding us back from our Ascension or our evolution. This is preposterous.

S: [laughs]

MELORA: We, as Melora, make our own choices according to our free will and our love of our Jyoti and our desire to retrieve lost soul aspects . . . what would be our version of soul retrieval: our desire to come into alignment with Athena in totality, our desire to help our Jyoti in coming to Oneness consciousness, and so forth. We are not limited by some person's deluded notions, or jelousy or envy of what our Jyoti is able to accomplish. That is our answer.

S: That's very good. Um, who is above Athena? Is it a name we would recognize?

MELORA: Give us a moment. Athena came from another universe . It is not in your lexicon what Being would be above her.

S: And so she was really the representative of that universe on this Earth?

MELORA: We would say the only representative of that Universe who was embodied on your Earth.

S: The only one?


S: How lonely that must have been.

MELORA: Exactly, and why it is so difficult for Athena, in coming into incarnation and creating fragments, and so forth, who are separate in consciousness and seek reunion, as our Jyoti does. This has been a very difficult dilemma and challenge for the Athena Being, in choosing to come here. This is the very heart, the very core, of what we're trying to resolve not only for our Jyoti but with our Jyoti's help, as an embodied "anchor" in this work. We need her as a conscious, embodied anchor to help us to complete this process with her and for her and for us. Do you understand?

S: I understand, and it struck me . . . almost feeling that I am in the same lonely position. It may not be; it may have to do with all sorts of things.

MELORA: Yes, and this is true. We'll use this as an example: Athena's being the only Being from that universe to embody on Earth would make it understandable, would it not, that we would need the physical embodiment most highly attuned to this truth, to this Soul Group, to this alignment, and the embodiment that has the highest probability of anchoring this process. That would be our Jyoti. There were other embodiments, and there will be future embodiments that may not even have this consciousness. And so what happens is that as our Jyoti is "successful" in this process, then that affects her future embodiments and the probabilities for this retrieval "back" to the Athena Being of the aspects that became separated through karmic embodiment on this Earth. The loneliest of all, in that sense, is Athena herself.

That would be the same for you and for whoever is your highest being in your Soul Assignment, in your lineage, who can still communicate with you through intercessory beings. So if you're feeling lonely, you can imagine the vastness of loneliness for the many lost aspects that your Highest Being of you--your exalted you--must feel.

S: Do you know who that is?

MELORA: Give us a moment. The closest that we can come to (and, again, do not take this literally) relates to your interest in shamanism. Whatever original, but now evolved, notion of Great Spirit that Native American people held and experienced and interacted with, that would be the closest.

S: Oh, okay.

MELORA: Is that helpful?

S: Well, it is, and I know I have a real connection with the feline races and the dolphins and bears. But I wondered why, in what we're doing here today, I was chosen to help Jyoti.

MELORA: Give us a moment. There is a relationship of resonance that has to do with being willing to come to Earth and embody to help people. But this takes many forms. The Christos Consciousness, as an example, is to sacrifice--to make great, sweeping changes in consciousness on Earth. This is not necessarily the same Soul lineage as another group that came to help people. There are certain specialties, if you will. If you examine Native American races incarnationally or energetically--not just what you look like or whether you were born of a tribe but what you carry energetically because of previous incarnations--there is a resonance with Great Spirit. The connection with the Earth and with Earth creatures and the notion of guardianship of the Earth--that would be your more specific resonance issue or expression. Do you see?

S: I do. I get the word "stewardship" of the Earth, and I like that. It feels very good. Again, I was wondering about the context of working with you and Jyoti, but we're not necessarily of the same Soul Group?

MELORA: Yes. That's correct. You could say that you have come together almost as a committee does, so that when you work together you're able to do more than if you work alone, as we believe this session has proved. [laughs]

S: Yes. It's been very nice.

MELORA: We thank you so much for giving your time and energy to our Jyoti in this process.

S: Is there anything else you can think of that you would like on this tape?

MELORA: Give us a moment. Yes. We would encourage our Jyoti to remember (as she made a mental note this morning) of the miracle of answers that can occur when she asks very clear questions. In the process of e-mailing you and in the process of detailing the questions on paper first, then typing them in an e-mail message to you, she solidified in her consciousness those questions, and the answers came flooding in. If she wishes to have answers that she might not necessarily wish to put up on the website (but we're saying we want people to see this information that we have brought forth today), for her personally in her process of merging with us and contacting the Athena Divinity as she so intensely desires--the very personal relationship--she can still do it in this way. It helps to set down the questions the way she did, so that they're not just nebulously flying around, so that they're set down in her consciousness this clearly.

S: That's good advice for everybody.

MELORA: Yes, it is.

S: Thank you, because I think that applies to me also.

MELORA: Of course.

S: Well, thank you, Melora.

MELORA: We need to withdraw because of our Jyoti's getting over this upper-respiratory thing, and we wish not to tax her body further. We thank you again, [S.], and you are most blessed. We are most blessed by our work with you today, and we are Melora.

Joanna Neff's Earth Assignment with Pallas Athena


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