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Melora through Joanna Neff

Edited version, published in The Sedona Journal of Emergence in November 1997 (p. 73)




During profound stress, pain or other trauma, human beings often experience what is called "soul loss"—meaning, the loss of aspects of one's soul. Such events as loss of a loved one, automobile accident, surgery, addiction, combat trauma, abortion or miscarriage, and physical abuse are the prime causes. When a soul is fragmented one may no longer remember the details of the traumatic incidents that caused the fragmentation. The "lost" soul aspect effectively has taken those memories with it. When a soul part leaves, it may also take with it a measure of one's vitality. The more severe the trauma, the more life force is depleted.

People who have lost soul aspects may suffer chronic illnesses in childhood as a result of this reduced life force. One example of soul fragmenting occurs because of childhood sexual abuse. Here parts of the soul literally leave because the event is too painful. If the soul fragmentation is severe enough, such illnesses as schizophrenia may occur. Because the integrity of the parts to the whole is broken down, recovery is seen as an impossibility. Further, the will may become vulnerable to negative entity attachment.

Having fragments remain "unincorporated" between lifetimes affects karma because issues encapsulated in the consciousness of those fragments remain unresolved. In addition, if we remain unconscious of our other multi-incarnational lives, we may bring them with us to our "next" incarnation.


The Shamanic Method

Soul fragments rarely can return without assistance. A time-honored, and proven, method is Shamanic Soul Retrieval. Although shamanic Soul Retrieval has benefited many, and is still appropriate for certain people, we have experienced that the shamanic method is much slower and can be quite uncomfortable. In this method, you undergo a linear process--a shamanic journey--and then, over time, the psychological and emotional integration of the parts. Once the soul retrieval is done, the client may be left to go through the rigors of soul integration alone.

Because shamanic work generally goes no higher than 4th dimension (or the astral plane), the work that is done is primarily physical and psychological. So the restructuring is really going on in your psychological consciousness--that is, personality consciousness--not at the Soul level. This is why we find that, for example, people come to us for higher- dimensional soul retrieval after shamans have done soul retrieval because the people are rife with negative entities.

It's not that the work itself created that; it is that the result of incomplete processing of psychological changes and structures leaves the personal vulnerable from the astral plane. This is where the negative entities "hang out": in the lower octave of the astral plane. If the person is not strong enough in their mastery or in their wisdom, then they are not really able to participate out of that wisdom, or out of a higher consciousness, in the work that is being done by the shaman.

Following is Melora's explanation of how soul retrieval is done with the help of our Light Guides, Angelic Beings, and Ascended Masters. Information Melora has imparted through channel [Joanna] gives us insight into how soul retrieval works energetically from higher dimensions.

We are indeed Melora. We are of the light, and we are pleased to work with you. Now—to explain how the guides do "soul retrieval": Recall that, energetically, the vibration of wholeness and love are essentially the same. Any vibration that is separate from the Whole can be said to be inharmonic, or even dis-eased. The affinity that you feel for another person is a matter of resonance, is it not? Where your resonance is the same, or similar enough, that you don't feel a disparate quality, you don't feel a separation. What you term as love often is that feeling of oneness, which is a very small glimpse of the Oneness that is.

And so in soul retrieval we're dealing with separation, and in addressing the problem of separation—or fragmentation—we work energetically with changing the resonance. So, what you would term "attracting" the fragment back to the Core Soul we would term as bringing their resonances ever closer and closer together until they are the same energetically. You can also call this communication. Remember that when you really communicate with someone they are "getting it," and you are in accord, are in one, with what is being communicated, are you not? And so you can term soul retrieval as setting up a bridge of communication. Again, the method is an energetic sounding that brings the fragment and the Core Soul into resonance. So you can term it communication or you can term it resonance—the fragment(s) and the Core Soul are now harmonic instead of dissonant. They are now the same, instead of a separate, "tone."

In order to get a person's first critical fragment back we enhance, or particularize, the person's resonance with our energy work, as you would term it, so that it closer approximates, for a time, the resonance of the critical fragment that we understand is the one to bring back first. Then that fragment's resonance and the Core Soul's resonance are modulated again to the healthier harmonic. It might be that the Core Soul, not just the fragment, needs adjusting. They are, nonetheless, adjusted and modulated in a sort of courtship, a sort of dance of subtle modulation until there is a harmonic that is the healthiest or "wholest" harmonic for both. In that harmonic they achieve their reunion.

Now, as we extend from that, the resonance of the Core Soul has become modified, because it is now greater—it has this fragment back and has been adjusted for this reunion. In that resonance it can "call "to the next fragment. Then it calls to the next, and to the next, and so on, as the resonance adapts, modulates and changes between them in this courtship of the parts and the Core Soul. Then this resonance in the Core Soul changes subtly, achieves more of a wholeness as the parts are re-integrated, is now greater than, more whole than, it was before, and therefore can now attract each next "fragment." With the help of your guides, that "courtship" of modulation takes place. Again, this is at an energetic level, and at the level of wholeness, love, and light at which all things are at a level of maximum efficiency.

We're modulating both, together, until they achieve one arc, as in a voice match. We can do this energetically at levels—and at "speeds"—that are not otherwise possible. (Speed, here, really means that you're not experiencing a time factor in the integration process as you would if you took the shamanic route.) Not all guides are adept at doing this. We would suggest that it's not something to mess around with—that one needs to know who is really able to do this and work very carefully. There is also an adjustment period, even in doing soul retrieval energetically.

If you were to look at soul retrieval from the guides' point of view, because we do not see images the way you do, it would be much as if you were blindfolded and you were in a sensory deprivation unit, and someone played a tone that you could not hear—but you could feel the vibration of the tone in your body. We will add something else that may help you: As with a dolphin using sonar to locate food, we first sound, as it were (without meaning that we hear something). Using a sonic method almost, we sound out where the fragment is and locate it by the energy "signature" that ties it to the Core Soul. Its signature is the same as that of the Core Soul. This is how we know that we have the right one, or ones. Then, almost with a sonic wave—without sound but with a sonic energy—we [snaps fingers] sound, and we find the fragment(s). Once we've located each fragment we're able to determine by its resonance which is the optimal one to bring back first and then what the sequence would be. It's almost a gradation, the way there are different hertz/megahertz assigned to each tonal value. It's just something energetically that we can identify automatically.

The fragments are tied to the Core Soul energetically . . . with that signature—almost like the way DNA is your signature, where yours is unlike anyone else's. They are "attached" by what you could term an "energetic bridge," but remember that the fragment and the Core Soul normally have no consciousness of each other. That's the problem: the separation in consciousness. Setting up communication makes you conscious of each other—you as the Core Soul and the fragment as a signature part of you that needs to be reunited with your Core Soul.

So, energy-to-energy, there is a communication and understanding and clarity about what belongs with what: There's a signature trace that belongs to the Core Soul. We identify it; we track it. Now we start modulating the resonance of each so they come more into alignment. We are able to determine where the "healthy" resonance is and to bring both the Core Soul and the fragment to that ideal reunion. We do the same with each successive soul fragment.

They're not just "floating around somewhere 'out there'." They're right here [just over the heart chakra]—in the intersections of your etheric web. They have no beliefs; they have no dynamic consciousness. They're encapsulated. They're stuck in time; they're static in the sense that at the point at which they left . . . it would be almost like a person who was in an accident who has memory only of the recent past—or you have one memory that plays over and over again, but there's nothing beyond that.

The soul fragment is in that kind of static state, almost as though whatever it took with it at the point of trauma is all that it has consciousness of. There's no consciousness of the connection to the Core Soul. The only reality it experiences is whatever trauma provoked it to leave. That is its main and, usually, only memory. And so you can see how traumatic it must be as the fragment returns to the Core Soul if one is integrating it by oneself, or even in therapy what difficulty might be experienced emotionally and psychologically, considering what memories that fragment is bringing back to the consciousness of the person housing the Core Soul.

What may interest you from your mind level of curiosity is that the Ascended Masters and guides helping [Joanna] were given permission to select the Soul Fragments in a certain order. In working with the higher wisdom what actually happened is that it created a sort of "domino effect." With these critical parts back, a couple of them (which surprised [Joanna] intellectually as being that critical to the process), in a certain order, started magnetically to call to the other fragmented soul aspects that were still "out there." Merely starting the process magnetically calls to those parts because, remember, the Whole keeps trying to form. The fragments magnetically want to come back to the Whole.

The lost soul aspect has no consciousness until it is reunited with the Core Soul, which has access to the "data banks," has access to the intellect, the mind. The Core functioning of the consciousness of the Being is with the Core Soul. So when the fragment is approached, it's going to be in a state of trauma, remembering only what was happening at the point at which it left. When it is "approached," then a communication connection is made to the core consciousness, and then it remembers everything. (However, it doesn't have access to the consciousness of the Core Soul until it is fully integrated.)

Now it becomes conscious that it has been separate and that the desire of the Core Soul is to bring it to union, or reunion. This is because of the fragment's experience as an energy essence extension of the Core Soul (separated in consciousness while it's a fragment). The newly returned fragment suddenly "realizes" that it has been separate in consciousness from the Core Soul. It becomes conscious of the fact that its separation is due to the event of which it has such an intense memory. Then the consciousness connection with the Core Soul exaggerates what will happen if it returns, because now it realizes that it has left its Core Soul as a result of the traumatic event. Now a fear starts: "Well, if I return, then I'm going to experience this again. If I stay, this is all I'm remembering now, but at least it's not going to happen again. If I return it's going to happen again." The fear element is one of the greatest impediments, and so the shaman, for example, coaxes it by saying "Well, here's how good it's going to be when you come back," and the Core Soul says, "I promise that things are much better now, and I'll protect you," and whatever else one says in full consciousness that this is what the fragment needs.

Again, consciousness is the key. The Core Soul consciousness is saying, "I understand that you're going to be freaked out," and so on. So there's this negotiating (as when you do the process in the shamanic way) on a conscious level, usually with thoughts, words and emotions. There can be much fear attached in the reentry of the lost soul aspect, and the memory in the physical body has to be released from the physical body as well as on the cellular level.

It is different when we're working energetically with the resonance. When you're working with the etheric body, that then heals the physical body. When you're working only energetically with the guides, we're doing the resonance modulation without running information through the brain, without your experiencing "Oh, my God! I'm so terrified, and I'm having nightmares, and I'm having emotional reactions because of the fragments coming back, and I'm trying to integrate—only I'm going through this depression," and so on. You see, that is the modulating process, but it's much slower in the shamanic way because it's being directed through the consciousness of the person. That's why there's more suffering involved in [the shamanic way] of integration; that's why the process takes much longer, in your terms, and so on.

As we assist energetically, we send love and radiant light to replace the darkness, the fear, that the soul aspect felt . . . to neutralize any dark energy that was adhering to the aspect. With every breath out, the residue of that aspect's experience is washed away. We energetically give the person the absolute knowledge and belief that all of her/him is totally of the light. We endeavor to make this as comfortable as possible. We manifest golden light energy for the warmth, the love, and the safety.

After soul retrieval, integration of the returned soul aspects is necessary, and it is our perception that this is what is so difficult when you do it the shamanic way. In the latter, once the retrieval is done, then the client is generally left to go through the rigors of integration on his or her own. And we suggest that in having the assistance of guides who specialize in this and who understand this energetically, the process can be much swifter and much more comfortable because of what we termed as the subtle modulations.

As carefully and subtly as we work to modulate both the fragment's resonance and the Core Soul's resonance, there is still an adjustment period because what happens is: With any change that you go through as a human being there is an adjustment period because suddenly what seemed familiar to you is now altered. This is minimized, however, by taking the energetic approach with your high guides of the light rather than by undergoing a process on a linear level in a soul journey, with its psychological and emotional integration of the parts that takes many months to complete, that is often disturbing and that requires much strength on the part of the person undergoing the process. (We're not suggesting that there's only one way to do this. What is appropriate for some is the shamanic route, and so on.)

When you have several "soul fragments" in a particular lifetime and you do not incorporate them, this contributes to what you call "karma" if you are not conscious of those fragments and/or of multidimensional lives, which you term "reincarnational." Then for each multidimensional life there are soul fragments that need to be brought back. Merging with the Higher Self requires the soul integration process of returning these lost soul aspects.

(In case you are wondering, it is not really possible for the integration of soul fragments in a non-incarnated state. If you had some soul fragments missing, you died, and your soul left your body—what you would think of as "past lives" or lost soul aspects, you could not decide NOT to incarnate again: You couldn't just arbitrarily decide NOT to have the fragments retrieved.)

The Core Soul is what would reincarnate because of the laws of what you call Karma, which really have to do with where your growth stopped when the body died. So if you're unable to achieve that integration in this body in this life,, that still must be achieved, and that's what you call Karma. So you go to the next incarnation and the work still needs to be done to integrate that. (And in each multidimensional life—what you term "reincarnational" life—there are soul aspects of other beings sharing each of those "past" lives with you; there are also "future" lives and present lives.)

If you still remain unconscious of those other multidimensional lives, you bring their "influences" with you to your "next" incarnation, hopefully to awaken to the reality that they're "out there." We will qualify this: It really more concerns "issues" that are so dramatic and intense in certain lifetimes that they carry over, if you will, to other lifetimes. Say you have this issue going on in five or six lifetimes, and you're not "getting it" in any of the lifetimes. It will continue to magnify and goad you intensely, and then, hopefully, at least in one lifetime you will get it. Coming to that consciousness will then filter through the Higher Self (and the Higher Self's growth as a part of the process) to the other lives. And that can be neatly resolved so that you no longer carry that with you.

If—imagine it—you have this "problem" in six lifetimes and you're not getting it . . . you're being very dull, indeed, about the whole thing or very stubborn, or whatever it might be that is keeping you from seeing this. Of course it's going to compound and find expression further, and then it can be sort of nightmarish because the problems resonate back and forth to each life expression until the lessons are learned. This is what this has to do with becoming conscious. When we say you must become conscious of your multidimensional lives we really mean: Become conscious of the issues you're carrying that you haven't resolved.

There are extreme cases of soul fragmentation in which a person can be "occupied" by another entity, or other entities—unfortunately, usually of what you term "the dark." In schizophrenia, for example, you have the nature of the extreme separation inherent in the term: the schism, or split, between the parts and the whole of the Core Soul. Say you have so many pieces and there's some integrity that holds them together. Say you lose 50 "pieces" out of 100. (We're just using this figure for the sake of example; it really doesn't make sense to us). You're still functioning, but people are going to think you're very odd, indeed, at this point. If you lose more than that, however your personality was expressed is going to become very vague. Actually, you may well be inhabited by a negative entity because of the weakness of your will. Because of the breaking down of the integrity of the parts to the whole, then the will may become prey to entities that are "up to no good," as you would term it.

For soul retrieval to occur, a person needs to realize that s/he has fragments and intend that they return. Without these two requirements, it cannot happen. Now (and understand and feel that this a more hopeful answer), for those of you who are conscious of being on an Ascension path—and who are consciously working with your guides—with your intent and your consciousness that you do indeed have soul fragments, a sort of package is created in which your guides have an understanding. This understanding is that in order for you to ascend, soul retrieval must be done. Eventually this will be taken care of between you and your guides out of your own consciousness anyway, not even necessarily because you decided one day actually to go through the process of soul retrieval. Although it is rare for parts simply to come back on their own, this can sometimes be achieved with your just being conscious that they might exist . . . and the having the intention that your guides help them merge again with you. The consciousness that you may have the lost soul aspects is prerequisite to having this process be possible without assistance. Primarily we wish you to know that we do this energetically.

The illusion of unwholeness is what we're addressing here, so you simply let go of the illusion of unwholenss and you automatically have health, love, and everything else you ever dreamed of. However, you are so fond of your illusions—you know: Your ego says, "Well, I have to work really hard for this or I won't deserve it." If you want to make it hard, and your belief system says, "If it's not hard, I'm not going to value it," or whatever other illusions are there, it will indeed be difficult. If you want to buy into its taking longer, you can make it be even harder . . . or you can have it now.

The reason you can have it now is that the Whole exists whether you see it or believe in it. The Whole exists for all time and always—now, and in the past, and in what you call the future. Everything is all there NOW. So all you do is choose to experience the whole thing now, period—instead of just experiencing part of it,, but first you have to believe it's possible to do that. Looking at a hologram and seeing the whole, all the possibilities at one time, is what reality is, what Totality is.

Separation from that union is the illusion that you can experience this part only between now and five minutes from now, or for this lifetime, or whatever other restrictions you want to put on it, or "until I get well," or "until I have enough money," or "until my mother starts acting like a normal human being." So you can restrict yourself in as many ways as you can imagine, but the simple truth is that you are already whole. You are already well and healthy. Only the illusion of not being whole keeps you from experiencing it.

It's the relinquishing of illusions, again. It's that easy. Whatever you need to set up a session in the light, bring in all your guides and say, "This is what I want. I am intending that I relinquish anything that's standing in my way of joy, love, and wholeness," and so on. Of course it CAN happen instantly, but typically there are too many sorts of hidden beliefs back there saying that this can't happen.

All of these suggestions are to bring you back to your own sense of control and power over your destiny, and your health, and your wellness, and your wholeness, and so, yes, you start with techniques that you believe are tools that you need in order to accomplish something. You can always take the shortcut, however, and then just BE it—or you can use the tools.

(done from a distance; session notes provided)

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