SUICIDE (from a Higher-Dimensional Perspective)

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[MELORA through Joanna Neff: in a session with R.B.]

This channeling is related to the "Dark" Entities piece by Melora. I hope that including this information is not unseemly. Indeed, it is my feeling that including this will be helpful to people who don't usually receive such help in understanding what happens at the soul level to someone who commits suicide. --Joanna Neff

We are Melora, and we would like to discuss the difference in the impact on the soul when a suicide is by one’s own hand and own free will vs. suicide that has happened because dark entities in that person have driven the person to do it. As you know, oftentimes destruction to the body is something that these entities seem to enjoy doing as they feed on fear and are actually nurtured by torturing a person at the soul level as well as at the physical level.

The subject came up because our [Joanna], as she may have told you, has recently been thinking about her friend Jaine. Certain people in the street will remind [Joanna] of Jaine, and so forth. We would like to explain this first, before we move to the other question. Jaine’s energy consciousness, as we would put it, is focused here at this time because of the various portals of consciousness and the various portals of light bearing that consciousness back and forth between "places." Back and forth in time and space - back and forth in no-time, no space. And so it is not as though Jaine’s consciousness is in the astral plane, looking back and haunting somebody.

Our [Joanna], being an Energy Sensitive to begin with, being a channel and also caring about Jaine from Jaine’s life here, is very sensitive to those energy signatures that we describe as being Jaine Peters. The number one concern that our [Joanna] and others have about Jaine Peters is, of course, her soul well-being and what caused this horrible suicide (setting herself on fire). They still wonder why she did it and what effects this might have had on Jaine at the soul level. Having worked with her after her death, you [R.B.] understand what she was facing at that time.

As we recall, she was under attack by five archdemonic realms and, indeed, they drove her (flying on the coattails of her own shame, her self-destructiveness as a result of that shame). They "rode those coattails," as you use the expression through and pushed her into the suicide. Now, as you know (having worked with these elements and energies), they at some point become virtually indistinguishable from the person’s personality in terms of how the person relates to herself, and in terms of how those who know that person receive that person.

This is thorough entrenchment of a person by these entities. It has happened gradually, over time: greater and greater power exerted by the entities, greater and greater entrenchment. To those around them, and to the person herself, this is still that same person who has somehow "changed" over time. It really has been almost like an accumulating poison or an accumulating toxicity, in which at the beginning it wouldn’t harm you. However, the accumulation over time then becomes deadly to you. On the energetic level it is much like this analogy.

RB: I speak of it as amplification, and it increases.

Yes, and accumulation, so it is as with arsenic given in small doses and then in greater and greater doses, and so forth. It finally kills a person.

This is important to know because there is so much judgment about suicide. This is mostly because of religions. You can see how, coming down through history from ages of tribal living, there would be a taboo against suicide as murdering someone - yourself. That is a sort of common-sense, bottom-line kind of understanding of suicide: You are taking a life, and that is not okay karmically.

Part of why we wish to discuss this is that there is so much judgment, guilt and fear among those who are "survivors" of the one who commits suicide, who remain living after that person has died. There is the prevailing belief that suicide impinges on the soul progress of the person after that person’s death. Beings of the light ask you not to hold people here by continuing to grieve for years and years, and to remember that grief is about you- not about them. We remind you that sometimes you can hold a person’s spirit here by your not being able to let them go.

By the same token, the fears and guilt and shame surrounding the suicide and those who remain alive after, also holds them here. It creates karma. In having this discussion, we’re hoping that we are able to disseminate this information and have people realize that when someone commits suicide, generically it is harmful to them at the soul level for you to keep asking "Why?" It is harmful because you’re essentially saying, "Don’t go yet because I need to know why you did this." You’re holding on to them energetically and you’re holding on to them karmically in this lifetime as well as in other lifetimes in which you have worked with them.

In holding them, you create almost a suspension of energy in consciousness so that the person cannot move on. Thus, there’s a double role here. It is just as harmful to the soul for people to be continuously asking, "Why did she do this?" as it is harmful to be judging them for the suicide itself according to some religious belief. It is just as harmful as that suicide itself is to that soul. Therefore, all are contributing to holding the soul back from its evolution and from its travels forward in its education. That’s the generic suicide we’re talking about, and we don’t mean this flippantly, of course. We mean the person who, our of her own consciousness, killed herself of her own free will.

Now, yes, it is true (and we have said this in our discussion of "dark" entities) that there is a choice all along the way. People choose to be in a state of self-abuse, whether it’s negative thought forms, repetitive negativity about the self, feeling down on the self, feeling less than or unworthy. By the way, these are typical of those who choose to come into incarnation and have difficult early childhood lives so that they can evolve spiritually and not be "distracted" by totally blissful lives in which why should they do "spiritual" things because life is so enjoyable that they wouldn’t go in that spiritual direction.

Many have chosen that route, but not all are strong enough to overcome what they chose to keep them from forgetting, in incarnation, what their missions are here. Yes, there is that part of the participation that is free will. If the person keeps going in that direction, then negative entities do have that portal in. In Jaine’s case, there were drugs involved. [passages omitted] Because she didn’t have the strength or sense of self-respect that would have been required to avoid these, they contributed greatly to the final act of self-annihilation that was really a result of the entity possessions.

If there are negative entities, other misqualified energies or entity possessions that cause the suicide, when the soul leaves the body and goes through transition, that part of the influence drops away. This is why entities are so obsessing about using bodies in 3rd dimension: Once the person’s soul has left the body in transition, there is a dropping away of those entities’ ability to follow that soul - except where the person still doesn’t come to consciousness at that point of "Oh. This is what happened.. I would do that differently next time." Do you see? If the soul consciousness at that point does not recognize its own responsibility in what happened, does not re-remember if you will, what it had chosen to accomplish vs. what really happened - and stays in denial - that’s where the negative-entity karmic attachments travel through successive lifetimes.

That’s where you say, "Oh. These specific dark entities are also the same ones that were attached to the person in his or her life in Medieval England" or however many other lives. With Jaine, as an example, Jaine knew a lot consciously. She had a lot of soul consciousness of what you’re calling New Age/Old Wisdom. It was the personality level of Jaine through which she filtered her perception of her reality in the body. Indeed, all problems, all suffering, comes from this source. You call it ego; we call it the intersection of ego/intellect/personality in combination. The personality element is important because this involves what one feels about oneself.

When the ego, negative ego, intellect and personality are fused, which they so often are in those who are victims of abuse in childhood, there is the potential for this self-perception that is very negative and self-punitive. These aspects become fused over repetitive time in the person’s surviving. That pattern appears to protect the person from pain. It appears to protect the person from the feeling of shame. People use all kinds of other emotions to keep from feeling shame, because it is the worst, the ickiest of all.

When the ego, negative ego, intellect and personality are fused, that is the greatest impediment to the evolution of consciousness. At the same time, at the soul level, whatever consciousness exists about spiritual matters, this consciousness is allowed to filter-in, is glimpsed and recorded at the soul level.. Thus, as with Jaine, those who are driven to suicide by negative entities and by the fusion of the personality/intellect/ego) at the point of death, when that spark of soul consciousness returns as the soul leaves the body, that is the moment of truth.

That is when Jaine effectively said, "Oh. Now I understand." However, this is not common. For others, at this moment what would happen is that they have no clue whatsoever. The result is denial of death and hanging out in the astral plane - not going to the light right away.

That is our main message about suicides We do have a little bit more about the dark entities themselves and what’s going on in the background, is it were: At that point at which that person commits suicide, the negative entities no longer have control over the body. Thus, there is no point in their sticking around.

RB: They no longer have a source on which to feed.

Yes, and we’re talking about Jaine because, obviously, this is the last residue of healing that our [Joanna] needs on this subject and because we perceive that it would be helpful to others, as well, to know this. Jaine is a very good example of this case in which a person is driven by demonic forces. This has "haunted" our [Joanna] for awhile in terms of Jaine’s "future," if you will.

As with Jaine, at that moment when the soul leaves the body, the negative discarnate entities say, "Oh, well. Nuts! Now we have to look for somebody else." As with Jaine, the person says, "Now I see" - and they have that instant remembrance from the soul level of the spiritual values that impelled them to come into physical incarnation to express and to learn certain things - when they see that, then those entities are out of there so fast you can’t believe it. Whoosh! They’re gone, for those two reasons: the person’s conscious understanding and the fact that they then need someone else to feed on.

That moment of truth - and not the suicide - is the important and indelible, if you will, impression on the soul. Now, if the person does not come to that soul remembrance at that moment, their soul is impacted gravely by the suicide, whether driven by dark entities or by their own hand. You may infer from this that what we’re saying about Jaine is that she successfully entered that moment of truth. She successfully remembered consciously, energetically, at the soul level what it was all about and where she "made her mistakes." Therefore, her soul was not impinged by the suicide.

Now, when you were doing the examination, you did help her, because it is not like a moment of "time" as you know it. It is an energetic intersection - an inter-dimensional consciousness energetic intersection. As you say, "All souls must attend their own memorials."

RB: Yes.

There was a period of time in which for you it was "time" but for Jaine it was not What we are calling "that moment" of Jaine’s consciousness in which she understood it all, for you, and for our [Joanna], that "time" was weeks. Therefore, it doesn’t matter when you did the exam. Understand that this is why prayers for people who have passed on are so critical. Your work with her, our [Joanna]’s work with her, various shamans’ work with her, and the prayers of so many other people, allowed her in that moment to escape the karma of what could have been. Your work and prayers allowed her in that moment to come to soul consciousness. Do you see? She did not do that alone.

RB: That’s where we help one another..

Absolutely. As you are brilliant enough to realize, we have given you several messages about that process, and we thank you for helping us get this on tape. We perceive that it will benefit many.

RB: Would it have helped, had [Jaine] had IntraSound* [see channeling excerpts on IntraSound] powder or gel at that time to raise her vibration above what the entities were bringing in?

Yes. This and a number of other things that would not have been her choice at the time.. We are hearing that, even if it had been available to her, she probably would not have availed herself of it . There were elements of her personality that contributed directly to this downward spiral that she entered.

Remember that our [Joanna] had initiated Jaine into levels I and II Reiki, and these initiations also helped her at the soul level because they are portals to enlightenment as well as imparting the ability to use Reiki. These sparks of God-consciouness that went out of the body when Jaine’s soul left her body contributed to her successful passage into the light.

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