MELORA through Joanna Neff

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In this article Melora explores the subject of "dark" entities--not "the garden variety" whose descriptions abound in many other publications but from the standpoint that these entities are "ignorant of the light," as Melora puts it. From her unique perspective, Melora covers the topic in a typically pro-active manner. She wishes people not to focus on fear but to understand that we, indeed, create every opportunity for learning self-empowerment--including acquiring negative entity "hangers-on."



We are Melora, and we are of the Light. Those who have come to us for sessions have wondered if they are "afflicted," or if others whom they know are "afflicted," with negative entities. When you say "afflicted with entities," we assume you mean with what you term "negative" entities? You see, WE are an entity--YOU are an entity. People say: "Oh. That person has entities," and they mean "dark" entities. Both dark and light entities look for "likely candidates" (those resonant to their quality of energy) and try to enhance the connection. Now, this question, as we understand it, has to do with when people come to you for healing, and you sense they have attached, dark entities, and you want to help them.

The person with the attached negative entities first must become conscious of this fact, and their will must be centered with the intent of releasing these entities to the light, because there is a sort of investment by the person in having the entities attached. It is much like the relationship between predator and victim. In the flicker of a moment, there's an understanding of consciousness between the cat and the mouse, you see. So the person who has the attached entities at some point has allowed them entry and has total power to release them because there is that relationship--the person is supposed to be learning about self-worth and self-love. And as that process takes place, if it is successful, then that person is no longer an attractive "host" to the entity because the person's resonance has changed.

As you increase your "bank account of love," your vibrational quality changes, and then you are no longer hospitable to the resonance of the entity. So if you're talking about a healing session, for example, in which you want to do something dramatic, and the person is ready, and they say, "I want to get rid of these things," then (much as in psychic surgery) you need to set up a vacuum tunnel of light. It's important to visualize this tunnel of light in a very specific place in the room so that you don't release the entities just anywhere, to go into your cat, or your husband or wife, or your neighbors. So you and the person you're working with need to be clear in your visualization that this is the "chute" up into which, and through which, the negative entities will go to the light. Now, many or most entities will say, "Okay." But the really heavy-duty ones, the deeply entrenched ones will say, "No way!" And this is when you send the person to a "specialist."

Now you may wonder about cases of possession, in which it's not just that someone is irritating or destructive--they act truly demonic. There are legitimate cases of full possession of a person by negative entities. This may be seen in such severe kinds of mental illness as psychosis and certain kinds of schizophrenia. Here there is an all-but-total loss of the original personality of the being.

It is also important to know "negative" entities may be passed through DNA as "inherited miasms" . . . or what you may think of as karmic issues. These you may bring with you into a physical incarnation, or you may (by prior agreement "between lives") inherit them from your parents and their parents, and so forth. It is much like having a "predisposition" to certain diseases like cancer. Although cancer may run in your family and, thus, you may have a latent possibility of getting cancer yourself, according to your resonance you have an equal chance of not getting cancer. It is the same with "activating" inherited miasms of the dark entity sort.

You may also "catch" a negative entity the way you "catch" a cold. Again, the mechanism is the latency of the DNA impression or viruses, which exist in your body all the time! (So you see, you're not really "catching" anything.) You say, "My resistance was down, and I caught a cold." We shall compare and say, "Your resonance changed drastically and you "caught" an entity. Indeed, negative entities can be passed among groups of people just like the flu--for example, among people who have a strong social, and sometimes even "spiritual" bond. Because the latter often are releasing their "stuff" at a heady rate, when they meet as a group they may effectively "swap" entities without being aware of what has happened.

The "Changeling" Phenomenon and Amoebic Implants (Channeled 1/28/99)

The information from our Jyoti's friend was very specific to the autistic young man that our Jyoti was working with recently. She saw some energetic "amoebic" forms. Not like the amoeba that you would see physically but having the same sort of osmotic function: pulling energy, being able to implant in the body, and so forth. You could think of them as alien amoebas. They are very large in terms of their ability, their power, their influence over a person. We will comment on that in a moment.

We would like to reinterpret the "changeling" notion in mythology in which babies are swapped at birth by magical beings like fairies. We have two levels of information about changelings here to discuss.

On the more general levels, a person who is a changeling is not like a walk-in, where another entity walks in, takes on the karma, and that person says, "I'm out of here. I'm not really enjoying my life, so you're welcome to use my body." Here, changeling would be that at birth, one soul had assigned itself to enter because of some strange complication at birth physically, or some situation with the mother and the family--almost a psychic impression or force among the members of the family into which that soul is about to be born.

We're seeing that it is more like a Soul Transplant. And if there have been negative things going on the family (negative emotions, and so forth), what might be drawn into the body is a demonic force, as in this autistic young man that our Jyoti did soul clearance on. And so, that is different than a walk-in. That is different than having a child be born, make its choices and then, later in life, falling under negative entity attachment because of the particular nature of these choices. It is like a soul transplant, or a soul "switcheroo," that took place at birth because of influences in the family.

Now, this particular family is a good example of that, and our Jyoti uncovered that there were two older cousins on the mother's side that were actually doing sorcery on this autistic young man. One of the other incredibly negative forces that were were creating the autism. And so this is how we would describe why, when our Jyoti did the soul clearance, in the examination part the pendulum responded affirmatively when she asked whether the young man was a changeling.

Now, what our Jyoti's friend was describing picks up something more specific. (This friend is in our Jyoti's soul group and this is a specialty within the soul group: discerning these energies, describing them and even getting rid of them.) The alien, amoebic,we will call them "entities," but we do see them grouped, coming in like bacteria or clumps of viruses--not just one but in groups and overtaking the other cells. The changeling forces coming in right at birth, this "soul swapping," sets up a predisposition for this amoebic attack to take place. Our Jyoti's friend was picking up on something that was an after-effect of the changeling phenomenon. What we're describing is the generic changeling process.

This continues to undermine all the person's bodies: etheric, causal, astral, and on up. It is like having cancer cells. They divide and multiply, divide and multiply, until they take over. And so Jyoti's friend was correct in saying, "Jyoti, what you need to do is go back in and do a prayer request to get rid of these amoebic implants." Although this is correct, there is a cause-and-effect relationship that she missed. She brought other end of the information that our Jyoti would not necessarily have picked up on.

We wish to talk about the mechanism and the effects. Give us a moment. The amoebic entities that implant themselves within the bodies of a person come in just below the Higher Self level. They come in actually through a higher chakra. We're hearing that it is the 8th chakra, and this is not going to sound right because only "good stuff" is supposed to be coming through this chakra. We're seeing it come in as though on the wrapping of a vein. It would be like an outside covering of the 8th chakra that takes place if there is cording from negative entities.

So they are coming down the covering. They are not coming down the central channel of the 8th chakra but through an outside covering that comes into place out of the changeling dynamic--out of the willingness to experience inter-dimensional interference or even "commerce," as you might call it.

Yes. This is a free-will choice, and it is exaggerated by the energy being fed to it by the anger, the sorcery and past lives in this particular case, as would be the case in others experiencing this changeling dynamic and expression. All in this person's family are contributing energetically to the sustenance and maintenance of this invasion, as it were.

Our Jyoti is asking us: "Well, how do we get rid of them?" Give us a moment. Create a paragraph within your soul clearance prayer requests with what you are now understanding as the dynamic of this, and ask for the soul retrieval back to before birth. And ask for protection for the person from the other members of the family as they continue to make free-will choices that negatively impact this. We can remove these like treating a virus with antibiotics but on the energetic level. In the paragraph you write, go higher than the Higher Self. Go to the Overbeing level and petition to have these amoebic invaders disconnected from the host and dissolved. They may have to be sent back to where they came. It may not be appropriate to kill them.


Regarding the more serious variety of entities, whether you are dealing with what you perceive as demonic possession or karmic-miasmic expressions, as we mentioned, we recommend turning to a specialist in these matters, whether this be through psychology (therapy), soul clearance ("exorcism"), a spiritual master (or guru), or higher guidance (channeling). In recommending appropriate sources who specialize in the help that needs to be done with this particular clearance, point the way, and do the usual work that you understand is your higher purpose: to lead people to the light. This work can include referring people to others who specialize in areas that you sense that the referral needs to be made. Understanding and being clear about where your work needs to be passed on to someone of a higher level of mastery is a very important distinction to make--and also your unique area of work with the light--sending people to a specialist, as it were.

After the entities are successfully released, both you and the person you're working with will feel the difference in their vibrational quality. Whenever everything is fine, you should experience an energy envelope, if you will, of peace and love. If the person is still agitated there may be a sort of residue, even if the entities are now gone. It is like almost being "over" a cold. The virus has run its course, you don't have a fever, and you're not contagious, but you still have some sniffles.

You may treat the residue with Reiki, but we would suggest that when you're dealing with anyone who has negative entities it is always best to do Distant Reiki with them. Hands-on Reiki is a bit more risky because when that person is in your physical proximity (remember, just as we come into your aura), their energies come into your aura. The energy of the person who has attached entities can come into your energy field, you see.

Now, if you are secure in your light body these energies effectively bounce off of you. They can neither come and "cord" to you, nor siphon off your energy, nor hang on to you in any way. But don't take it for granted that your guides are always going to be there to protect you. They always need permission; those working in the light always need permission and we must wait for you to ask. So, as Jyoti did with us, say: "Whenever I need information, give me that little rush that you give me that I know is your energy. Whenever I need protection, whenever I'm missing something that I need to see, whenever you're saying "Yes" or you're affirming something, give me that rush of energy that I know is you so that I will pay attention."

And when she did this, clearly, with her intent, meaning always protect me, always give me information, always make me see something I need to see, always guide me--that is the sort of thing that you need to do, because otherwise all you're doing is asking, in the moment, for right now, for one thing. Share this with other people. It seems so obvious, and yet few seem to realize this.

Those of you doing healing work these days may find yourselves in situations in which you are taken by surprise. All of a sudden you know there's something "dark" there. And you know that soul clearance is not a line of work that you specialize in. Appreciate at these times the appropriateness of referring severe cases to those who are adept at taking care of these things and whose life work is appropriate to this process, and whose choice of higher purpose and understanding of higher purposes are appropriate to this process.

Also understand that these events are not only a matter of choice on the personal level, and that each of you learns something from the other. What you all are to learn in this is your own power. The impact of the light in which you grow stronger and stronger, and in which you seek to grow even higher--do not underestimate the importance and the impact of your light on others. And this you will understand on a person-level, not out of ego but out of a sort of relief that you needn't be constantly on guard and that you needn't constantly try so hard. Be patient with those who cannot yet see their own light, and understand how important and how loving this work is.

Some of you have been taught that if you say, "In the name of Christ," then the entity has to leave. But this does not always work. We would suggest that this varies according to the strength of people's true belief in Christ. We know that many, including Jyoti, have a problem with Jesus, and this is a residue, if you will, of the patriarchy, and they ask, "Do I really buy into this kind of thing?" Our first comment would be to say: "I [your own name], in my name, command you to go to the light." You are the sovereign of your own self.

If it's just mere talk, and you just use the word Christ, and there's not much force or belief in it, then it probably won't work. So if people are not really sure if they have negative entities, it's probably not a good idea to look to see if there's something clinging to them. It is our suggestion that focusing on them makes them strong. Focusing on them can indeed bring them to you if you didn't already have them. And so our message is basically that consciousness is all, and that what you focus on is what your state of being is.

So one of the other methods of expelling entities is to shift your focus to something that will instantly raise your vibration. If anyone is wondering if they "have entities" they start calling to them. They're saying: "Come on down." As soon as they focus on the dark entities they are effectively becoming resonant to them. This is how we work. As guides of the light, we look for those whose resonance matches ours. It's a simple law of all entities, and the so-called dark entities do the same thing.

People with very low self-esteem, with self-loathing, will attract the entities just by not thinking enough of themselves. And remember that many people are not conscious that they have self-loathing. Understand why this makes them resonant to certain dark energies. It is not as though the entities have self- loathing. They just have a lack of love for others, of desire to serve. We have spoken before of entities "achieving" higher dimensions of consciousness. We need to point out that you can, through self-love alone (like Genghis Khan), achieve a higher-dimensional existence, and yet we would not associate that with working in the light. We would associate that with achieving the power that is derived from total self-love, you see.

And this is what many "spiritual" human beings these days fear (and what keeps them in a state of disempowerment)--they fear they will abuse their power. But you cannot come into your full power until you have that level of self-love. Again, WE suggest that working in the light means that you balance the self-love with service to others in the light. And this is the other side of the coin.

So, now, say you are totally on the end of service to others. You are not necessarily empowered yourself if this is not balanced with an equal level of self-love. These levels can be tiny, amount-wise, and still be in balance. You might not be as "evolved," but you would still be in balance. As you grow, try to maintain that balance. If you're exhausted all the time from doing service only for others, and are not doing equal work with yourself to allow more self-love, then you are out of balance. Remember: None of these things can be achieved by working. All can be achieved by allowing. So you do not climb a ladder. You relinquish impediments; you let go of what is standing between you and Love. The Love is constant; your awareness of Love fluctuates.

Say that you want to help raise consciousness-for example, in a bar, where people imbibe too much alcohol--it's a wonderful place for entities to slip in. You may wonder whether there something that some people who work with the light can do to keep this from happening?

But people have free will, so essentially each person chooses what he or she is working with.

We praise people's desire to help, but understand what sorts of reasons people have for harming themselves.

There is much co-dependency in these environments, the desire for instant "intimacy." And if you understand the reasons why people go to such places and drink, you will understand that they are at least going through the motions of self-discovery. But to go in like the spiritual police to clean up the place would not be appropriate, and we believe you know why. We suggest that people "clean their own houses" first. It comes back to the state of your own being. In working on your own state of being, you are in the appropriate house, doing the appropriate thing.

(We would suggest that you can do the highest work in being an example. This is much the way with Buddha and other great spiritual masters. People were instantly "converted" because of his state of being; it had that powerful an effect on them. He never said: "I am going to change these people.")

When people are in trauma, that is also a time for entities to be able to come in. It can happen any time you are not the "captain of your ship"--any time you have given your will over to a consuming emotion, to obsession with another person; with focusing on illusions, dramas; not being centered; being inharmonic; being out of balance in any way. These change your resonance. And, again, without meaning to, you will call to like energies. You may also question what is appropriate for you to do in these situations.

The "Triple Protection"

The first thing to do is to make sure that your resonance is healthy, meaning whole and protected. That is your first duty--not to the other person, who is being destructive to themselves, to their environment, to everyone around them. A very fine "protection" is called "the triple protection." This is a series of three etheric shields that allow only love to pass through from outside and back from you. You intend, visualize and feel-very close to your physical body--fine particles of sparkling gold energy fitting over your form. Next is a layer of fine, gold mesh, much like the chain mail worn by knights. Finally, you create a literal shield of gold as the third, outside layer of the triple protection. Other protections merely set up a barrier so that nothing penetrates either way. The triple protection lets your love come through to them and nothing but love to come back through to you.

Now this really is the answer to your question: Compassion comes from the heart, not from here [indicating the solar plexus]. It is very difficult for human beings to distinguish between true compassion and something from here that really is fear. The reason we say it is fear is that it really is pity and not compassion. With pity, you go out and put yourself in their place and you say to yourself: "Oh. This is what I would feel like if I were that person." This is so subtle and often quite an unconscious reaction. What you have done in that moment is to breathe-in that pity, and there your resonance changes.

True compassion doesn't reflect to self, doesn't come back to the consciousness of self and how self would feel if self were in that other situation. True compassion comes straight from here [indicating the heart]. It's a pure love. There's no thought process, there's no "becoming" that person for a moment, there's no "There but for the grace of God..." None of that is there. Whatever you experience at the heart level or above protects you. If you are experiencing from the lower chakras only--and we make an exception when all chakras are open and balanced--then your protection is gone.

If you go into the first chakra it's about physical survival and the need for power based on fear . . . controlling others. You open yourself up when you come from that place of fear. That is why some people seem to have problems with attached entities and others never do. Those who don't have these problems . . . do they ever talk about negative entities? No. Those who do have these problems . . . do they ever talk about them? All the time.

You Create Your Reality

You see? Those who focus on such entities will indeed invite them in. The person will be sure that the entities made their appearance and then s/he started focusing on them. This is the great illusion of three-dimensional reality: that something happens outside you, and then you form a belief out of that experience. The truth is that you believe something first; then out of that belief you create events that you "seem" to experience. You create everything in your world, and although there are now a multitude of books that affirm this fact, it is still one of the hardest things for people to believe. We strongly suggest that understanding that you create your own reality is critical to all all acts of personal empowerment, most especially manifesting abundance in all areas of your life. And we will cover this thoroughly in the next issue of this publication.


Some of you have wondered whether those who commit suicide exist in the fourth dimension.

The fourth dimension is not a realm of their existence. The human being who takes his own life has a deep impact on his multi-dimensional selves. It is a big setback for them. Those who move to fourth dimension are largely those who have completed three-dimensional learnings and issues. What you term as "entities hanging out in fourth dimension" really has more to do with those who have learned to manifest and materialize instantly but are not content to grow with that and move to fifth dimension. They still feel the third dimension calling to them and wish to apply their manifesting skills there for the temptation of ego-gratification. This temptation exists at all dimensions of development.

You may, for example, achieve seventh dimension and turn too much to power over others. For example, those entities (who may well be channeling through people) such as Ramtha got very attached to three-dimensional temptations. So what you are interpreting as entities interfering . . . they are not normally what you term "dark" entities from the fourth dimension; they are merely interfering in third dimension with their newly discovered abilities to manifest. They are much like spiritual pirates on the high seas. Your laughter at this moment is exactly the way you should relate to them--giving them NO power. They are "outlaws"; but they have no power over you when you are truly in the love vibration--in what we referred to as a balance between self-love and service to others.

It varies whether certain beings who have "passed over" but have not gone to the light exist in fourth dimension. It is possible to ascend after the releasing of the body in three dimensions. As we have explained, what you call reincarnational lives are really simultaneous lives. Each of these other three-dimensional lives is affecting your growth in this life, and vice-versa. It has been suggested in the various books on this subject, truly, that in order to ascend you (and this is one of the few times that we use this strong language of "must)" must become conscious of these other lives.

What is holding many people back is that they are still immersed in the illusions of three-dimensional reality in all of their simultaneous lives. If in just one life the consciousness expands to a certain point, the consciousness of the One (which some have termed "Christ consciousness"), this opens up the same possibility for the other multidimensional lives. You see, you are a seed self of your Higher Self. Each of your other lives in third dimension is a seed self of your Higher Self. So as each of these multidimensional lives achieves the consciousness of that Higher Self (meaning your Core Soul Self, your Exalted Self), then it is possible to become conscious of the next level, which we have termed the Oversoul. This is apart from your conception of dimensions. These are all expressions of the same Self. And this is the microcosm that the First Set represents: the relationship of The Source to all its creations.

More on Suicide

Consciousness Bridges

One of the people with whom we recently worked mentioned that she believes some man at work has attached entities. He always seems out to get her. We suggest that people not give importance and energy to people whom they perceive to be causing them problems. The work place is a perfect example. There is always someone who seems to be someone's personal irritant in the work place, and one lets them have an impact. Since what you (meaning "each of you") believe is what you experience, your belief that someone else has the power to take your energy makes it happen. You then become sincerely, truly fatigued. Theoretically their "stuff" should be inconsequential to you in the higher work you're doing. This is not a judgment; this is a sincere concern about where you may be putting your energies. Again, all you do is shift your focus to the thing that is more fruitful for you.

Try not to analyze; stay in the moment and trust your guidance in the moment. Don't ponder what others (in our example at work) are doing. Don't try to forecast future events regarding these people, because then you cut yourself off from the immediate guidance that is available to you. If you jump forward in time you disconnect from the Totality. So your more powerful, more appropriate, perfect understanding and response will be borne out of staying in the moment and by following your guidance moment-by-moment in these peoples' presence.

Don't be worrying about what other people are doing, because every time you get focused intensely on someone outside yourself you lose energy. This will exhaust you; this is self-undermining. It creates more questions, and none of those people deserves the sacrifice that this means to you. They have to do their work for themselves too. They are not your responsibility, and as you let them affect you they will affect you in whatever degree.

We suggest that you shift your focus into you and all the things that bring you joy and fulfillment, and in that way you effectively cut off their influence on you. This is always the process to go to. So in allowing your own Wholeness, provide that for yourself. This calls for a leap of faith--in yourself, and your own worthiness, and your own power, your own talents, your own beauty as an individual soul. All of the things that you would so quickly give to others if they asked you, you won't give to yourself. So the real breakthrough is seeing yourself in your own wholeness in the now, moment-by-moment.

You may also be draining other people's energy! If you are coming from a needy space--loneliness, if you're looking to someone to provide something for you, then it drains them. The impulse of a child who has been neglected and abused, for example, is: "If I give you some of myself, will you then love me?" Again, this impulse comes from having the illusion of powerlessness. Learn to see yourself as the source of your own nurturing, the source of your own entertainment, the source of your own health.

Say: "Okay. I will believe this for a time because Melora said I should try this." As difficult as it is, whenever you are uncertain and you need answers, don't focus energy on people outside yourself. Come back and say, "It's all here, whole, now. What can I do for myself in this moment to nurture myself, and to answer my own questions, and to be rejuvenated and replenished? Every cure for every thing, every answer to every question is here. You don't try to annihilate something here that's not working for you; you merely shift your focus and energy to what it is that's going to be appropriate for you. All of your answers will be in the Now and in bringing your focus, again and again, back to your needs and how you can answer them for yourself--not what other people out there are doing.

Etheric "Implants"

People have noted that implants seem to be more and more commonplace these days. Certain entities use these implants to control people's energy patterns. They broadcast to these devices, which can literally "suck" the energy out of your chakras. Etheric implants are more prevalent now because light workers are more aware of "protections," more conscious of certain techniques to use. And we would suggest that these entities implant the devices as a way around these protections. It is more interesting for the dark forces to "recruit" someone very high in the light.

For example, when channels open themselves up to communication from higher beings of the light, it's as though a door opens, and they forget that other beings can come in too. We would suggest that you state your permissions before you begin. There's no advantage to them, and they cannot gain power over you, unless they violate your free will. And so because we honor free will, there is a moment of hesitation in which if there is an uncertainty about your intentions we are unable to do very much. We cannot interfere.

Because of the more recent higher protections, there are now only very small windows of opportunity for these beings to implant devices for control, but if they find such opportunities they take them very quickly. These devices can affect your chakras so that that energy is no longer available to you.

That is why Reiki doesn't work 100% in preventing etheric implants, for the efficacy of such treatments depends on when the implant was placed. For example, an implant may have been placed in a person some time before they began doing light work. And so, if you understand, the integrity of the lower bodies [physical, emotional, mental and spiritual] has not been absolute because the device was already in place. Even one's guides may then have difficulty in removing such a device unassisted.

Therefore, it is often necessary to call in higher forces to help you remove an implant such as that. We often require, and encourage, a healer in a human body to do this work with us; for example, a light worker in the body who is gifted in using crystals and what are termed "soft" lasers. And there are other kinds of healing that can be accomplished only with an adept crystal healer, such as repairing the etheric web when it has been damaged.

You would probably not be conscious that you have an implant; you would, however, be drawn to such a person as one gifted with using crystals for healing and balancing. We would not tell the crystal worker ahead of time, either. Before the "offending" beings can energetically tune-in to the fact that we are removing the implant, we would quickly remove and dispense with it. Then we would add extra protection so that the entities couldn't replace that implant with another.

The protection is set up once you give permission for total healing to take place, with your desire to move to Ascension, and your permissions given for the necessary succession of healing modalities (including the retrieval of lost soul aspects). If the wholeness and integrity are to remain, the protection must be securely in place so that that is not violated. This is a part of our duty to you in responding and serving you: Our work is enhanced when you are protected--when the integrity of that wholeness remains so that you can continue, unimpeded, to expand.

Once your guides discover a device (and certain healings need to have taken place, and there needs to be a certain vibrational thing with your soul aspects coming back), what would seem to you a rather complex combination of things that actually has set up a resonance makes it possible to remove such an implant safely and quickly--without arousing the suspicion of those who implanted it. We feel that it is not necessary for you to know what these beings go through at the moment of removal--only to know that you are totally protected.

A client recently mentioned that she had heard of this sort of thing happening when people channel certain Pleaidians. She also talked of the Pleaidians "consorting with the Orions." As we have said, like-energy attracts like. And so, it is the same as when an army from one country allies with an army from another country because they want to invade a third country and take it over. But, just as in war, there is a whole "civilian" population that wants no part of such a war. They are of a higher consciousness than those who wish to gain power over others, you see. For the latter, it's for increasing power, for gaining knowledge, to enhance that power, including gaining knowledge of technical devices that make it easier to control people in human bodies.

The Orions are well-established and have settled here before, according to St. Germain in Earth's Birth Changes. In fact, they are too well-established. But, again, remember that Earth is a free-will zone, and our work is, as swiftly and pervasively as possible, to wake people up to what's happening to their higher legacy, to their Higher Selves, to what they have accessible to them to fight this. And until that consciousness is awakened, you are all virtually puppets of whatever forces come in to control you.

And so when we find those of you who have done so much work toward this consciousness, we try to help you as extravagantly as possible, because what happens to you affects us very dramatically. And once your consciousness gets to a certain point, we want to help you all we can to get out of this trap that incarnation represents: this trap of forgetting, this trap of being puppets of other beings. This is our mission.

Jyoti suspects that she got an implant in her heart area several years ago while she was reading Bringers of the Dawn. This is a very interesting point, because what made her vulnerable (and this may have some meaning to others) is that at a time in her life when she was at a major turning point in understanding self-empowerment, she got a real boost of identity, if you will. In understanding that her Soul #2 is Pleaidian, she had this vast, powerful, other-star-system group of beings to identify with, and to say: "Oh. My Soul #2 is Pleaidian and I'm big stuff." And that's what made her vulnerable. Now, in one sense it was very positive because she got a boost of self-empowerment but there was a tradeoff. This is what, shall we say, the Pleaidians of a "less-savory" intent count on. And this is one of the more subtle, but powerful, ways in which they seduce people into being at a point where they can do an implant.

And for Jyoti, remember, again, the issues are that she wants to go home, she wants to feel like she's not "alien" (if you will excuse our pun), and she's always known she wasn't really from this Earth, and so on. And she started to invest so much of her identity in what she was reading in the book that she made herself vulnerable. Do you understand how this works? They say: "You're one of us; you're of the Family of Light, and you're a renegade."

Understand that there are any number of not-so-good entities waiting "out there," and thus implanting a person of a higher level of advancement calls for beings, shall we say, more highly developed in the negative sense to do this because of the person's level of development and awareness. Not all Pleaidians are "bad," just as not all people are bad. In fact, there are quite a number of highly evolved Pleaidians working in the light. They, as all, experience growth. But back to your question--what would make such a person vulnerable is the solar plexus involvement we spoke of earlier. So when your solar plexus becomes involved, a door opens right up, and then negative entities try to rush in.

So if you are so intensely concerned for someone else because of how you've been cautioned and how you've been trained regarding "negative" entities, you come into the solar plexus way of dealing with them. You don't stay detached. You get afraid, and you became vulnerable. There are "observers" all the time. They say: "Well. This looks like a likely candidate. Let's hang out and see what's going on." We do the same thing. We say: "This looks like a likely candidate for our light work and for doing crystal work," and so on, and we try to enhance our connection. They do the same thing.

Dark Force Recruiters

This is the biggest trophy. It is much like during what you call "The Cold War" times, having a Russian defect to the West. What power would there be in overcoming someone who has only a tiny glimmer of light? We would rather not be too explicit about this at this time, and the reason is simply this: We would like people to focus on their expansion in the light, and our help, and the mission that we share. This is a very critical point: When you focus on those forces, you call to them. Fear makes you the most vulnerable because it makes you become resonant to their energy, so, for your own protection, we wish you not to set up consciousness bridges with them.

To avoid these energies you can call your guides and say: "Please be there for me now." Say, "I recognize that these are not the good guys," or however you wish to term it, and give your guides permission, again and again, to come in and intervene and set up protection, because there is a moment when the forces of dark and light are poised there and waiting. And after a certain, as you would call it, "time" passes, then the dark forces say, "Well, she didn't say we couldn't . . ." Boom! They go in. So we need you constantly to be clear that you are inviting us over and over again to come and serve you, and protect you, and work with you.

Balancing Self-Love with Service to Others

Now you understand that there are beings from "higher dimensions" that are of the dark, that have followed the path only of self-love, which is not the balanced light work. Know that love includes self and service to others, and the beings that have mastered self-love are totally empowered, have no problems feeling that anyone is going to put anything over on them or control them. But because of the level of purely, only self-love and empowerment, they abuse the power by controlling others. And they are higher-dimensional. Their vibration is not low; it's just different.

A lot of people believe that they're really spiritually better off by not loving themselves, but this a question of balance. In each part of the yin/yang symbol, for example, there is the seed of the other. You see a circle of white in the black part and a circle of black in the white part. The movement of both keeps them from joining into wholeness. The balance point is between them--not on one side or the other. Do you see that being only of the light is still an experience of duality? The dark forces have kind of separated from the light, and the key word here is the "separation" because for these beings it only seems "more powerful" to work with the dark than it does to work with the light. This is because of a sense of separation. But the self-love here is not the "dark" part; the dark part is craving power over others.

The core of self-love is total self-acceptance; total understanding of one's own power, only self-acceptance versus acceptance of everyone else; lack of judgment about self. Of course these are not "bad" or "dark", of themselves. Darkness is stopping there--having only self-love. The power part is attached to what is expressed in third dimension as what you call "ego." Ego merely means "I am" in the Latin--the mind-consciousness of the self that humans and some other third-dimensional expressions have. Understand that what you term as evil or dark forces are merely ignorant of the light. They are attached to and craving power, and that is the difference. But the self-love part is not of the darkness; craving power and attachment to controlling others is of the darkness.

It is true that you can't really love other people unless you truly can love yourself, but there's a choice here, and when the total self-love is achieved, the choice is between power and service. Yes, you must achieve the total self-love and acceptance first; then you choose service to others, and then you are able to impart that love and non-judgment to others and being of service. We call that state serving the light.

Some people believe that dark energies try to take the energy of light workers, and when they see the light they're attracted to it. But if someone can raise their vibrational rate high enough, these energies are actually repelled rather than drawn to them. This is correct. The entities try to attach, if you will. So if there is any residue of fear, what happens is that you come out of the protection of the totality of understanding of total protection, and you essentially open a window that is created by fear if you say, "Uh oh. They're trying to suck off my energy." And at that point you become vulnerable.

In the total protection of the light, you may interpret that something is trying, as you say, to "suck off" your energy, but if you continue being in that light without going "uh oh," then they are indeed repelled by the force of the light in you. So it is that moment of hesitation, when the fear comes in and says, "Uh oh; I'm vulnerable" that [snaps fingers] you are vulnerable. But if you could quickly say, "uh oh; I was afraid; now I'm not going to be afraid," then you would bounce them off at that point too. So until you are in total experience of your own wholeness and light, if you sense yourself going into fear, just bring yourself back to your sense of your light, and you will be protected again, instantly.

The Role Fear Plays

Relinquishing fear is critical to soul growth. Releasing fear may be the greatest boost to your spiritual development at this time. Did you know that fear is the opposite of love? In order to become truly one with the Love Vibration, fear must go away. And many, like [the Channel], are so sensitive to the energies (when you receive them in your auric fields) of dark entities and dark energies in other people, and this was largely developed in childhood. Because of the invasion of your boundaries, you became acutely sensitive. And so there is a residual fear of icki-ness, and as beings, not only physically but as sensitive beings etherically and emotionally, of course your reaction is going to be: "I don't want to be near this energy. I don't enjoy experiencing it, and I would rather not subject myself to this."

Understanding the nature of your fear is a different process, and actually it's a lot more fun. So perhaps a process of dissociating, where you're stepping outside of your ego-consciousness, which is where the fear is based anyway. You're standing aside and you're looking at it almost as though you were a scientist. You say: "Okay. This is going to be interesting." And then you look at the fear, and you say: "Where did this come from?" "What's it about?" "What does my ego think it's protecting me from?" And then, as an empowered adult, you say: "Oh. Is that all it is?" And then you release it, because you're understanding that the fears are stuck in time the way soul fragments are stuck in time. And so you essentially give your ego a big dose of what you term current reality, and you say: "Look. This program isn't appropriate anymore. Thanks for your efforts, but let's do something more fun now." And then you empower yourself to replace whatever that was with something else that's more fun. And it is that simple.

We would ask you not to look at techniques for releasing fear. We would ask you to understand the nature of your own fears as clearly as you can, which will mean not so much facing them, which is what you really fear--that you must face them, because you believe you must face them in order for them to go away.

So we would especially encourage anyone who channels to go through what seem to be tedious procedures that you are fully aware of so that you give your guides permission to intervene if you are threatened by "dark" entities. For example, it would be helpful at the outset to say, as Jyoti has said: "I know your energy. I know that you are of the high light. I give you permission to come to me when I need protection, when I need information, when I need to notice something I'm not noticing," and so on. And she showed great trust and also great taste in doing this [laughs]--this sort of thing, where every single time you channel you go through these techniques that you have been taught, and then say explicitly, as [the Channel] just did: "So-and-so may come in; no one else may come in. Period." And "I am asking that my guides protect me throughout and that if these portals open and any negative energies come in, you have my permission to keep them at bay, to blast them, or whatever it is you do." Say something like this to us every time.

We know you know us, we believe that your feeling safe is important, and we would encourage you to do this [set up Reiki and other protections] every time. We will never "get tired" of having you "check us out" to make sure we're all right. And give us a permission list so we know who's allowed to come through and who isn't.

We wish to emphasize again our pleasure in working with you and with your readers. You should "pat yourselves on the back," because we can not do our higher work without you. And through you we have a glimpse of--let us say, not being in the body at this time, we cannot fully say in consciousness that we know the difficulty of being in a body. We certainly appreciate it; we certainly respect it. We understand energetically by what we receive from you what a great achievement it is, in a body--what a great overcoming it is, in a body--to attain what you and others like [the Channel] have been able to attain and what you continue to attain.

And just the fact that you continue striving when all around you there is such forgetting, millennium after millennium (the Atlanteans being an example)--the seductions of being in the human body, like the metaphor in the poet Homer's story about "The Land of the Lotus Eaters": Ulysses' crew eat the lotus and forget why they were there, the battles they must fight, even where they came from. Remember? And this is a simile for what happens life after life after life. So when you step through the threshold of consciousness and away from the forgetting, it is the cause of incredibly great celebration and excitement among us guides, and we rush in to embrace you and to help you all we can because, among the great numbers of people, so few achieve this.

We thank you and leave you now, in the Light. We are Melora.


Soul clearance may be needed when a person feels "hounded" by negative thought forms (of their own or others' creation); addictive, obsessive or self-destructive behaviors; chronic and complex health problems that conventional medicine may have dubbed as "psychosomatic illness"; chronic depression and panic attacks. In such cases, people need assistance to remove these harmful influences. Working with Higher Beings, the facilitator first does an "examination" in which s/he requests, and receives, information about what is harming the client. Then, as a result of a very methodical series of prayer requests, the soul clearance takes place. Finally, shielding is set up and the client is "sealed" to protect him or her from being influenced further by these harmful agents.

Examples of the ways in which Soul Clearance helps the client are removing negative entities and etheric implants, sealing open portal ways, healing the golden web, removing negative shamanic or sorcery influences, rescinding karmic oaths and obligations, and clearing the person's home of harmful geopathic and other negative electromagnetic effects. The session also focuses on removing these effects from a person's past-life associations.

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