Riding Two Horses

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Melora through Joanna Neff

We are Melora, and it is our pleasure to speak with you today. For awhile now, we have been hearing about information coming through the channel, Sheldon Nidle, and we have some insights regarding the "mass landings" he has spoken of. It is our perception that the information coming from the Ashtar Command (from Ashtar Sher-an himself), is correct. It is our impression, indeed, that there are entities interfering with information coming in through Sheldon Nidle that tends to "rile up" more fear based people. There are those of you who are excited about it, but we continue to assure you that the beings in the ships that are seen in 3-D are not ones you will want to relate to.

The so-called mending of the timeline that you’ve also been hearing about--of the new timeline replacing the old--is true, but understand that this is true only for those of you who are of Ascension consciousness and that it will not be true for those who are not. So you will have the old timeline running concurrently, including alien "invasion," nuclear problems, and so forth. The interpretation has been that the new timeline replaces the old. They’re actually running in tandem. Indeed, where you are in consciousness will determine which timeline you’re going to live out. In that sense the Sheldon Nidle information is not wrong, but the information is coming through what is considered the lower octave of the 4th dimension, which seems "higher" to people who are not of truly higher consciousness. Those of you who are of Ascension consciousness are of the higher octave of the 4th dimension, which is Christ Consciousness, and you will enjoy the new timeline. The majority of people will still be in the old timeline, however, and you will be able to help only a certain number of these to make the shift to the "happier" timeline.

In order for the two timelines to run in tandem, there has to be a "seam," if you will, at which they meet and then diverge. And these times that you’re experiencing now . . . you’re sort of in the middle of that process, and this is why things are so strange for people. Until you reach the point at which you diverge, those of you who are of Ascension consciousness are experiencing both at once, seemingly--only, as you also understand, somehow you don’t seem to be touched by it. You’re vaguely aware that these other things are going on, but your heart chakra (which is going to be your base chakra at the time of Ascension) is opening more and more to take you to that point where then you no longer experience the fearful scenario.

Some of you have chosen not to experience the mass landings at all. You’ll just shift. Others of you have chosen to experience the landings so that you can--on the spot--say, "Wait. I now choose to go in the direction of Ascension, and I wish this now to go away." Some of you are testing yourselves in this way because you will need a really dramatic or intense choice in 3rd Dimension so that you feel that you have mastered the situation. Others will just say, "You know what? I don’t think I have to go through that. I’d rather not, so I’ll just go to the Light Ships that are in higher dimensions . . . that are here to welcome me home." But if you get all absorbed in the excitement of it, the idea of it, and how "cool" it would be to see mass landings, then you will be anchoring yourself to 3-D by doing so.

For those of you who have chosen to put yourself through this test as part of your Light Body initiation, it is going to be critical to know how to deal with people who will experience the "old" timeline. (If you talked to them about these sorts of things right now, they might think you were flaky.) Some of you believe that it is your responsiblity to stay and help those of 3rd-dimensional consciousness at the expense of your own soul journey! You think a lot about how mass landings would vindicate you at last and prove that you’ve been right in your way-out, Aquarian Age ideas--that, right there, makes you want to stick around. You believe that this would be a good time to talk to these people and help get them to higher levels of consciousness.

We would suggest that, at a certain point, part of your lesson will be that you no longer take responsibility for them. You will have that choice. We would also suggest that to those to whom you have access in the immediate moment of that kind of experience, the appropriate response would be: "Come with me and don’t look back," because as you are absorbed (and as they are absorbed) in that, it anchors you here in that. So if you feel some kind of mission to "save" them, then you may actually be violating your own Soul choice, because you’re forgetting that they chose, on the Soul level, not to take an Ascension path, not to wake up, or maybe they chose to be awakened in this dramatic, horrifying way. It is still up to them to make a choice. They can either succumb and be in total fear (as virtually ALL who are still of purely 3rd-dimensional consciousness will experience as they stay there), or they will be bi-located, or whatever, to another place to continue their 3rd-dimensional experience. You would be short-changing your own Soul growth and choice by taking on the responsibility for their choice.

Shifts in Energies . . . Again

As you know, the energies have shifted once more. In this part of the country you have been experiencing much more rain in Colorado than usual, including flooding in Ft. Collins. Then there El Nino. We wish to discuss what sorts of effects these weather patterns are going to create, both physically and spiritually. (If you have the feeling that your heart is opening more widely than ever before, you are not alone!) As you understand your own emotional patterns changing, and as you move more into the heart, the polarities in your various bodies shift. As your own energies shift, you are feeling them almost more profoundly than the ones on they earth (although they are parallel). Perceive the Earth as a being like yourself, and her heart chakra is also opening and shifting, and she is having to do a lot of releasing.

Like many of you, the Earth is revisiting energies she thought she had released and, like you, she’s finding that there’s still more "stuff" there and having to work very hard to get rid of that. A number of you are now letting yourselves experience anger . . . sometimes rage, sadness, grief, and so forth. And you’re right on schedule. The weather patterns are the expression of the Earth’s rage, the travesties that have been perpetrated against her, her polluted body, the toxins, the emotions of the people, the violence that she has experienced millenia after millenia. She’s going through the same processes that you are, but for her these are expressed in El Nino, in volcanic action, in tectonic shifting. The rains and the shifting of the polarities of the electromagnetic systems of the Earth are her tears . . . and her aches and pains--just like yours. Of course, people who live on the Earth take it very personally, and say, "Oh. We have flooding in Ft. Collins. Isn’t that terrible!" Well, what about the Earth? The opening of the heart is what is going on with the Earth, as well, in her Ascension process. Your individual feeling of shifting is being magnified by the size of the earth physically and then of her other bodies as well.

Native, indigenous people are correct in saying that the Earth needs healing every day, just as you call upon each other as human beings to heal each other, whether you’re Reiki practitioners or Magnified HealingÒ practitioners, or whatever, you ask each other to heal each other. The Earth needs your assistance as well. It’s not as though because, relative to hers, your "size" is so tiny that you can’t possible do anything to help her. She is profoundly aware of every one of you who sends her healing. The reason it is so critical for you to send the Earth healing is that it accelerates the process, it buffers, so that the energies can be released less "harmfully."

Some of you report a feeling of being unusually grounded recently, which is an interesting way to put it because so many of you believe that the "spacier" or more "out of it" you are, the higher the spiritual state you have attained. Coming into alignment and integration requires that all of you ground. Otherwise, you can get in to Spirit polarity. That’s when you totally ignore emotions and body, and usually with the Spirit polarity you might allow Heart in but not Will, which is really the emotions, the Mother and the feminine principle. The Spirit would be the Father, masculine expression, and so forth. So without intending to, there you go again, denying the validity of the feminine expression by getting into Spirit polarity! This is why so women still feel, rightfully, that they (rather, their emotions, especially the "negative" ones) are virtually ignored.

Those of you who are feeling grounded now are coming out of that Spirit polarity--you’re no longer "out there" the way you have been, perhaps for several years. During that time you may have felt that your spiritual guides were actually more present. You may have been feeling lately that we are no longer talking with you or guiding you the way we were before. That is really the result of a shift in your consciousness. It is just a perception. As you have been most profoundly aware, there really has been a heart opening in the true sense: without effort instead of the mind’s saying, "I ought to feel" this or that. In other words, there’s much less running of experience through the intellect, so that you no longer jump ahead in your conversations, which is what the intellect makes you do. You’re more able to pause, listen and absorb what someone tells you because you’re dealing much more with the heart now.

As you shift in consciousness the tendency is to be in polarity, not in integration. We wish to assure you that you’re all doing brilliantly. Know that after a certain point you don’t really "go back" in the building of your Light Bodies. Your perception of where you are is affected by the 3-D experiences that are still, of necessity, based in what ego you have left--what you need in order to have the body survive until you bring your body to light. So remember: You NEED your body so that you can bring it to light, so that you don’t experience physical death. This is the difference between what you, of Ascension consciousness, are going to experience in this lifetime and what you experienced in other lifetimes physically.

This is something worthwhile to mention to others. Whenever they get "down" on being expressed in a physical body, remind them that in their Ascension they’re bringing their bodies to light, so they’d better take good care of them! Thus, the part of your being that requires the ego to make sure the body survives is necessary. That makes you straddle those two horses at the same time. You are "bearing more weight" on the horse on the right, which we’re seeing as the Ascension horse, and you have just a toe or foot on the other horse. You’re getting ready just to let that other horse go. (We picture this as a trick rider in Buffalo Bill Cody’s Wild West Show. The dappled grey horse on the right is the Ascension horse, if you will. The Chestnut colored horse on the left is the earthbound horse, which is actually richly colored. For some reason we’re seeing them that way. You can ascribe your own symbolism if you wish . . .)

Those are the two timelines, and so you can understand your confusion about these. At one point the chestnut horse will just keep going around the circle for those of 3rd-dimensional consciousness. The rest of you will simply go out of the ring, out of the arena, and take your Ascension. So you will leave this tight circle, aoff the wheel of karma.

About Light Workers’ Ongoing Financial Struggles

So many of you still experience that frustrating contrast between your sense of spiritual wealth and the difficulty you have in supporting yourselves financially in 3rd Dimension. We would attribute this to what we were describing earlier, where you are sort of riding two timelines at one time, and you haven’t reached the point at which they diverge. When you get to the point in your personal evolution and releasing where you start riding "one horse" in the new timeline, then the difficulties will go away.

It is the previous progression of energies, the accumulation of the effects of those energies on you before this change, that are still holding you back. At one point in your Ascension process you do reach a point when you can transcend solar law (your astrology chart, if you will). Until then the old timeline scenarios are still playing out. Whether you’re doing everything you possibly can--or need to--do as a physical being to accelerate the process of moving out of the accumulated energies, it is indeed true that when you’ve reached the ninth level of initiation into Light Body you transcend solar law. However, right now, the part of you that’s still in 3rd Dimension has to sort of catch up with the rest of you. This may not be comforting, for it still doesn’t solve the problem of supporting yourself in 3rd Dimension. Once you do catch up with your higher-dimensional consciousness, however, it will be like going from impulse engine to warp drive.

For a number of you, these changes have already taken place on the causal level; the part of you that is still of 3rd-dimensional consciousness just hasn’t caught up with that yet. This is the area of concern here: How does one support oneself in 3rd Dimension? We understand that this takes quite a lot of your energy. This really is the slave situation that was set up so long ago in Atlantean times when the lower-dimensional Pleiadians and other beings interfered with the process of populating Earth. It is, therefore, with good reason that even light workers buy into this slave mentality. It is because of a mass consciousness that has prevailed over many millenia, only right now many more have a chance to escape that belief.

Regarding people’s financial struggles, we guides often hear, "Why can’t you help me?" "Why is it that I have to work so hard and I still can barely support myself" "Why am I not receiving the rewards for all my creative work." "With running all this energy just to support myself, I have no time to feel creative joy." "I simply don’t have enough time and energy." Sound familiar? We feel much compassion for you when we hear these sorts of pleas. Unfortunately, that this is indeed true makes too many of you perceive that there is much more separation now between you and your guides than there was before. You have had a loss of faith in us and in your own spiritual paths. Lately you may even have felt you have "regressed" in your spiritual evolution. But this really is an illusion. It is the part of the self that is in 3-D, programmed to survive, and it knows you can’t go off into "La-la Land" and expect to be provided for.

So, again, that is the riding of two horses, which is the predominant image we’re seeing here. You have one foot on one and one foot on the other, and only the most adept are able to do that. We are suggesting that all of you on the Ascension path are actually doing this now! Ending up on "the right" horse is coming sooner for you than you imagine. You will simply take your foot off the old timeline horse and ride the new timeline horse right out of the show ring, out of the 3-D tent and into your Ascended world.


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