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 MELORA CHANNELING (Boulder, Colorado)

Melora, by the way, does not approve of walk-ins. She says that when beings agree to this, it's the walk-in who benefits--not the one walked in to--because having the walk-in being take on the current lifetime of karma prevents the Soul growth of the one walked in to. According to Melora, that karma still has to be worked through in the "future" incarnations of that being. So the benefit to the one walking in is that it can get down to business right away in an adult body and not have to go through the birth, early childhood, adolescence and young adult process of forgetting, developing and then maybe not remember the business it wants to do.

What Melora doesn't approve of is what she perceives as the walk-in being USING the other. It is moot that permission is given because the walk-in entity gets all the advantages. The walked-in-to entity just gets some respite from current business of the Soul. If the walked-in-to being/body were really finished with its karma, it would ascend, much as when great gurus take "maha samadhi." Or they would live out their lives, in service to the Divine, and go through physical death. If the new inhabitant, and the original body inhabitant/personality, are both parts of the original consciousness or Soul Group, this would make more sense to me. Then this is NOT a walk-in situation. It is merely a merging of other parts of the Core Soul unit.

(Excerpts from a session with Melora)

S: Jyoti wanted to know more about walk-ins. She said that you, Melora, don't particularly approve of walk-ins and wanted you to comment on this.

MELORA: As we recall, what she wrote to you in her e-mail message was that we disapprove, but that's not a word the we would use. We would say that we are not resonant with that, or that we find it inappropriate to Soul growth or inhibitive of true Soul Growth, to be more accurate.

When an entity talks to another entity and they agree at . . . we're seeing that it's at the Higher Self level and not above . . . the agreement is not even at the Soul level. An entity that is not of your Soul lineage--but who wants to come into incarnation without having to go through the birth process, the learning process and, as our Jyoti said, the danger of danger who it is, and all of that--speaks to the consciousness of the embodied entity (oftentimes in the dream state) and says, "You know, I see you're really having a hard time. I can let you off the hook here. I will live out your karma." (And it's not always explicitly stated, but it's only the karma in the current lifetime--not the karma before and not the karma after. Only the karma accrued in the current lifetime, which everybody thinks is such a great deal, but it's not.) "I will live out the karma of your current lifetime, and you can take off and not have to be in this body anymore." But this is like a temporary reprieve, and that consciousness or that being still has to come back into another body to live out what it was supposed to learn when it came into the current lifetime body.

S: Okay. Well, again, that brings me back to the question: "Who's in charge?" Apparently, from what you've said, it's the High Self and not necessarily on the Soul level.

MELORA: It is permitted through the High Self but it is actually initiated by the consciousness of the person embodied. The Higher Self doesn't say: "Okay. I'll let the walk-in come in." This thought is actually initiated by the embodied entity, and the Higher Self says, "Well, okay? If you must, you must." Free will . . .

S: The other question I've got that is sort of related to this whether reincarnation in the same body is possible.

MELORA:We don't see that it is, because it's not necessary to do it that way. You can also have simultaneous lives so, as in The Seth Material that was so brilliantly and clearly brought in by Jane Roberts, you have possible selves that are living out lifetime choices that you didn't live out. You have possible selves; you have concurrent lives. Some say you have a pod of 6 to 12 concurrent embodiments on the Earth and that it's possible to meet and recognize them. So why would you need to reincarnate in the same body?

Again, what we're hearing is that these are misinterpretations. To be a clear channel or to be linking clearly, sometimes you have to wait long enough to make sure you're getting the really specific and accurate version of the energetic information. We call this "energy information packets." Writing would be a good parallel to use: Good writers don't settle for the first thing they hear in their minds. They go: "Okay, what do I really mean?" It might take them an hour to think of the one word in a poem that really conveys their intention, and they can't be lazy about it. In order to be really accurate you sometimes have to search. You can't say the first thing that comes to your mind just so that you can move on to the next thing.

When some people bring in information they'll get the energy information packet of very complex answers (such as the way we work when we're answering your questions), and they will settle on the first thing they "see" or "hear." Actually the answer is maybe two or three below that or under that or behind that.

S: Like reading between the lines?

MELORA: Or just waiting until the resonance says, "No, that's not it but I'm getting closer. Oh. This is it." People are clairvoyant have the worst problem of distortion because they see an image and they take it literally, but they often change what they're seeing because it's going through the egoistic process. It's much like when you're dreaming, and in the dream it makes sense but after you wake up and remember it, it seems really ludicrous. While you're dreaming it you know exactly what it means, but when you try to tell someone else about it, your mind reinterprets it to fit 3rd-dimensional "reality," and then it loses its original impact and meaning. What the clairvoyant sees is already a reinterpretation of the energetic message that came in, so then the egoistic structure tries to make sense of it in 3-D, and then it gets changed forever in ways that distort the pure, energetic information that came in.

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