WHO's IN CHARGE? Questions re: the "Higher" Self, Part I

Melora through Joanna Neff

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The following excerpts set the groundwork for a more in-depth session with another client, in Parts II and III (to come) on the theme of "Who's in Charge?" The excerpts from this session offer interesting insights into the relationships of one's soul aspects to the "current" consciousness with and for whom the session is being conducted.

(from a client session on 3/17/02)

MELORA: We are Melora and we welcome you today, [B.]. On the subject of "Who's in Charge?" what we wish to say is: "YOU are in charge." The other way to put this is: "Things have changed." In past times you could pretty much guarantee that the High Self was of a higher consciousness, and of a greater evolution, than the embodied entities that it is supposed to guide--not to control--but to guide and to communicate with, and to have a bi-directional communication and growth process going on--not just your communication and your growth process. As our Jyoti would put it: "It's not just us doing all the suffering and the High Self getting all the spiritual 'brownie points'."

Also, when our Jyoti and her Rosicrucian teacher did soul clearance in the past, when the High Self did not give permission, the soul clearance was not done. They have been finding in the past couple of years that the High Self is "contaminated," as you put it, and they realized independently that they would have to petition the Oversoul to get permission to do the soul clearance.

And so there is now this rampant problem of the necessity of re-educating the High Self, most especially among those of Ascension consciousness because what's happening is that the High Self has not always caught up with those of Ascension consciousness "beneath" it. Most High Selves have had a rather inflexible sense of their role because of lack of bi-directional communication and therefore an inability to get with the current program. Since those above you in your vertical soul hierarchy don't usually have a clue about what's going on in your physical life (they have a clue only about what's going on with you spiritually), they're getting all these wonderful wisdom values that you take from lifetime to lifetime without hearing your cries for assistance and your cries for an end to your suffering--your saying, "You know what? This isn't necessary!"

This takes us to your e-mail message for our Jyoti, which she would like everybody to know about: this old saw that suffering brings purification, that you're purified by your suffering, or whatever. What we have been perceiving is that, yes, in the past, for some reason, that was the method by which this happened because if people got too comfortable in their lives they said, "Hey! Let's coast. Let's have a great time!" and then they didn't really grow. What's happening with those of you who are of Ascension consciousness is that you don't have to be on your guard against coasting. Even if you won the Lotto and took your trip to Tahiti, you would still be on your path, and that's something that all of you need to trust about yourselves . . . and something that certainly your High Selves need to trust about you.

B: I'm almost feeling like there are aspects of me that absolutely demand attention. It's almost as if these are other lives as well. It's almost like they're screaming at me.

MELORA: Um hmm, because they no longer want to suffer either. They're going on simultaneously--not linearly--and they know that there's a better world for them, and they're not getting the help that they need.

B: I'm still getting that message: "This is war!" This is their perception--that this has to be a war.

MELORA: . . . to get the attention of long-neglected . . .

B: This has been building, actually, in a lot of people. I don't know if you're able to tap into these?

MELORA: All right. Give us a moment. Our Jyoti's very much into this too, and she feels fortunate that we are in alignment with her about the absolute necessity--and right use of communication and power which is bi-directional--that it is not appropriate for any aspect "above" you to feel that it is literally above you. And it's not appropriate for the aspect "above" you in your hierarchy to tune you out.

B: Who are all of these beings who are joining with me now? There's someone else here who's not me.

MELORA: But is it resonant with you?

B: Yeah, except I think that they're madder than I am.

MELORA: These are other members of your soul family who are in the same boat, so to speak, and that boat is adrift, and you're looking for the lighthouse, which is that "above" you that is supposed to be tuned in . . . there as your sanctuary, there as your point of reference, and so forth. That lighthouse is an apt image here.

B: So they're asking me to help?

MELORA: Yes. All right. Give us a moment.

B: So this is a really good call . . .

MELORA: Absolutely. First of all, in order to not just pacify the anger but to resolve it, please impart to all those there, your intention that we are going to resolve the situation. Say that we're going to do it in just a few moments . . . right now. Tell them all that and your intention.

B: Great. [pause] Yeah.

MELORA: And that we're going to put an end to their suffering, an end to their longing . . . put an end to the distance between them and that which can help them. They're saying, "Yeah. That's pretty cool."

B: Yeah.

MELORA: All right. Good. So you, as the primary and most evolved consciousness of all of them working with us today, are the focal point (sort of the Chairman of the Board here) in a meeting with them. We would like you to see them in a circle around a table. Give them all nice refreshments. It's a round table, as in King Arthur. Nobody's higher than anybody else. Ask them to tell you, one at a time, what they need most. We'll just take them one at a time and work with them. All right?

B: [laughs] There's kind of a whole pile of them . . .

MELORA: Okay. Just point to one of them and say, "We're going to go clockwise" or something and then just start.

B: There's something playing out with males.

MELORA: All males? Is there one entity you're focusing on and on what it needs?

B: Yes.

MELORA: And something with males, meaning what?

B: The perception is . . .

MELORA: . . . the degrading of the goddess?

B: Yeah, and the philosophies that got them into these things, and it wasn't set for them to ever get out.

MELORA: What we would like you to do is bring in the goddess that you think is most resonant with her.

B: A warrior goddess.

MELORA: Athena?

B: Um hmm!

MELORA: Okay, bring Athena in, and have Athena not come in armor. Have Athena come as the true goddess of wisdom that she is. Say that these energies can be turned into wisdom, meaning that you temper your reaction so that you can conserve your energy. This is along the theme of "Do you want to be right? Or do you want to be happy?" If you constantly have to be right, you expend a lot of energy sort of "beating a dead horse." You can never get satisfaction from them, so the important thing is how you are with yourself. As you come into wisdom you conserve your energies and don't create more travail for yourself. You don't exhaust your energies. Is this making sense to her?

B: Yes. This is going through, and the resistance is an inability to exercise her full capacity . . .

MELORA: . . . and her beliefs. Is she able to go some place and be alone--just in nature, where no one would suspect that, inside, she is communing with the goddess? That maybe she's just taking a nap? [laughs] What we're seeing is that in order to exercise her longing to resolve this, if she would just go somewhere in nature where she can be alone or pretend she's asleep, she can commune with the goddess. It's not necessary to do formalized rituals, which is what she believes she must do and what she's unable to do because someone will see her.

[Melora guided the client through some DNA de-programming and other personal soul retrieval matters here.]

MELORA: [addressing soul aspects of the client] What we would like to say to you all is that together you form a beautiful tapestry. One of you might be a beautiful green thread over in the right-hand corner; and another of you is a beautiful red thread in the center; another you helps form a beautiful gold design on the left-top. Together you form a lovely design that, at the present moment, you cannot see. So it is totally appropriate for you to continue to be your individuated, unique selves because that is part of the whole composite creation that is beautiful in your group. You are perfect as you are in the way you are expressing that beautiful tapestry that the whole of you make. . . .

[regarding the soul aspects of the client] And if they would like to, together or individually they could create a new design so that if they're a green thread and they want to become a gold thread, they can. It's okay, because there is no right or wrong in the tapestry. There is just a sense of unity and resonance in the design of the tapestry--and as they appreciate themselves more and more for their ability to be fluid but to also be mindful that the others are involved in the changes that take place--then they actually give themselves more freedom and more leeway to create themselves any way they wish to, which is the opposite of incarceration. . . .

They just said, very pointedly: Who are you?! [laughs] So tell them--"their loving guide."

B: I said, "an aspect of you and your loving guide."

MELORA: . . . and confidant. Someone you can talk to. Someone who will listen very lovingly, so you don't feel separate from your source of spiritual sustenance. That's going over well; they like that. . . .

B: I'm getting that the males feel less than the females because they are male.

MELORA: And how many does that affect?

B: . . . It's just some underlying thing.

MELORA: Well, it may have been from a time of polarity--the polarized goddess. It's the same thing that women are feeling right now because of religions being polarized in the male deities. Give them a picture of a balance, and what we would suggest is the Native American tradition, in which the male and female have equality. They may have different roles. Women didn't usually go out an hunt, or whatever, but where the female was honored for who she was and the male was honored for who he was. Together there was a beautiful balance--not a polarity. Give them that picture as what is possible as actually balancing in your group that energy. See if that appeals to them. You can still be unique, but both male and female are honored and valued for their roles, together--in complementing each other, not in being polarized, one or the other.

. . . .

B: Melora, I have gone a couple of times to different lifetimes, and I don't know if this is true or not, but I've gone in and changed the past.


B: And then I've done it for other people too, and it seems to work really well.

MELORA: Yes, and that's what we do in these incarnational mergings--it's exactly what we do, because the critical nature of the past is the effect of the experience on you in that lifetime and then subsequently. So the impact of it is what you're actually changing. You're not really changing history in a linear sense; you're changing the impact.

[. . . . Melora guides the client through more work with alienated aspects of herself] Now, what you're doing, [B.], is what the Higher Self is supposed to be doing--really giving direct guidance, really doing direct energy work, really initiating direct communication--checking in to all the lives and seeing where it can help. It's not supposed to be as if it's going to the cinema and watching the movie passively, and then leaving. This is also an answer to your question in this process you're going through.

B: Right, and that is so cool!

MELORA: [The Higher Self should take] an active and loving role. Good.

[Melora and the client work with yet another aspect of the client.]

. . . . See if she understands that the work is being done on what is called the Soul level but not like being in church. This is you and your own Soul . . . being in touch with your own Soul--the one that lives on forever and not the body that dies. We're getting that she doesn't understand the concept that you're all the same Being. She still thinks that you're just a group of people that got together.

B: Yeah. [laughs]

MELORA: We suggest that you say to her the following: "You know how you're one way with some people and another way with other people? With some people you're a little bit more mischievous, or with other people you're more quiet. Or, you know: There's your mother who knows you really well, and you're another way with her rather than the way you are with your father or the way you are with your best friend or the way you are with your boyfriend. And this is the same as this whole group together--they're like the ways you are with different people." Is this sort of helping?

B: Yes.

MELORA: But you're still all the same person, or Being. And so also suggest to her, if she sort of checks out everybody else who's sitting around the table she'll get a lot of insight into who she is too and who else she could be, other ways that she could express herself that she may not already be doing and that would be a lot of fun. . . .

B: When I do energy work I include all embodiments. Do they know that?

MELORA: They do now! [laughs]

B: Do they like that?

MELORA: Ask them.

B: Okay.

MELORA: Just say, "Do you realize that I work with you all energetically, however impersonally in the past" (meaning you weren't sure who they were), "but I sent loving thoughts and energy to you to help you. Now that I know who you are I can do this in a more effective way. What do you think about that? Just like we're doing right now. . . would you like more of that same kind of stuff?"

B: Some of them are saying that, yes, they remember this kind of energy. They have felt it. They like it, and some of them do that even better.

MELORA: Ask them to describe how they perceive you. Describe to you what you look like. Describe to you what you feel like and what this interaction today feels like to them for your information, and then see what they say.

B: "Young, intelligent and somewhat foolish."

MELORA: [laughs] . . . . And ask them if they think they can help you in some way. Help you see something, help you solve something.

B: Yeah. Quite a bit.

MELORA: Okay. Just let that information come to you now. Again, this is the true relationship that there should be with aspects of the self, including the so-called "Higher Self," back-and-forth. [emphatically] Bi-directional--not just the Higher Self controlling you and telling you what to do.

B: It [the client's Higher Self] said that (I use the word "it" because I never figured out if it was male or female . . . whether it was ever in a body or wasn't.

MELORA: Let it tell you what it is.

B: All right, so "You naughty little Higher Self. Male or female?" Male. More male quality. Now I'm going to ask it if it was ever in a body.

MELORA: "Preferably not," is what we heard. [laughs] That's part of the problem.

B: Well, it is part of the problem because it's really easy to do sorts of things to people if you don't have to receive it . . .

MELORA: All right. This is a good opportunity for the re-education of the Higher Self, and so tell the other aspects of yourself in the group to talk to this "naughty" Higher Self and tell it where it's come up short. Let them speak now.

B: They want to give it what it gave them. They're gonna give it what it gave them--residue of . . . its tamperings, not theirs. They do not choose to have it.

MELORA: All right. If it's something they want to release from themselves and give that back to the contaminated Higher Self, that's fine, as long as there's no revenge factor. If it's something that belongs to the Higher Self and it's, as you say, a residue, then that's permitted for them to give back.

B: I couldn't really stop it: Some of them are flinging back what they choose to fling.

MELORA: As long as it's inappropriate things that the Higher Self, out of its ignorance, cast upon them, that's fine, because that belongs to the Higher Self . . .

B: It's like muck.

MELORA: Okay. Just let them do it then, because that's releasing karma that is not theirs but that has been affecting them.

B: That was a big one. Yeah. It was sidestepping . . .

MELORA: It doesn't belong to them, but it's been affecting them adversely.

B: Okay, wait a minute. I don't want to miss out on my chance. [laughs] I've got buckets . . .

MELORA: And do that with the intention, "This is all in your education, Bubba." "This is your re-education, Bubba." "You blew it." You're effectively disowning the Higher Self and saying, "You know, you didn't deserve to be controlling us, and you've been removed because of that, but we want to make sure you understand what you did wrong."

B: Right, and there's no point in saying, "Okay. You can go."

MELORA: Right, because then it wouldn't experience what it's done to all of you. We're hearing the refrains from two songs here. One of them is "Walk a Mile in My Shoes" and the other one is the Janet Jackson song, "What have you done for me lately?"

B: [laughs] Uh, yep!

MELORA: Very appropriate; very cathartic.

B: And someone is telling me, "Revenge would be becoming the High Self and doing the same thing to that one," and that this is not that.

MELORA: That's right. Just say, "We are returning nothing that didn't belong to you already, and now you must take responsibility, because now we see clearly that it doesn't belong to us."

B: That was a big problem because it was a fantastic mimic, and it was very difficult to differentiate what was me and what wasn't. It was extremely clever; it was such a shame to lose it to the Dark

MELORA: Um hmm. And now it's appropriate to complete the "exile," and say, "We now disown you. We are not resonant with you, nor you with us. We choose, out of our free will and out of the very core of our being, not to associate with you ever again. We hope that you will re-ignite your God spark, but that is your choice. Whether or not you choose it, it will not affect us anymore. That is our decree. So be it. Bon voyage."

B: Yes. "Go in Peace. Just go."

MELORA: Forever, in all planes and all dimensions, across all time. . . . Suggest to all that they go through the process of sorting out what is they and what is the former Higher Self.

B: Okay, but now there's a worry that that is taking away something of benefit to them.

MELORA: Okay. Say to them: "Go to the highest authority over this former Higher Self . . ."

B: There was something taken from them before this as well as . . . some of it needs to go back.

MELORA: Petition that highest authority clearly to reveal what needs to come back to every aspect and what they still may need to return to the former Higher Self. This can be done very quickly. They don't need to mull it over. [laughs] Just accept it and allow it to come back very quickly and very quickly to release whatever is appropriate as well, with the assistance of this highest authority in your vertical soul hierarchy. . . .

B: I'm getting some gold light coming into the mouths of everyone around the table. What a good image.

MELORA: It's also about ingesting and digesting, taking it in, and the ability to articulate it and to communicate within the group of the aspects of you. To take it in as sustenance and as communication, to communicate clearly among the aspects continuously, not just in this moment or in this meeting. Continuously, simultaneously, as time goes on, as you continue to work together and come more into merging in your consciousness. Also ask for your Divine Guide. Make sure that your Divine Guide is tuned in to this process and is available to assist--that is its appropriate role, just as you are doing with this group that are aspects of you that need assistance, so that all benefit, including the Divine Guide.

[more personal work with client]

. . . The strength of your group is that you all are conscious of, and sensitive to, yourselves as spiritual beings in bodies. The real idea is to come to Earth, at first forgetting and then remembering, to enjoy your life with all of your senses but in moderation--to be a balanced and integrated being and to see clearly from spiritual eyes. To be compassionate with other human beings, and you don't have to suffer to do that, as long as you keep remembering about what is important about Being-ness and about your Divine Spark. You can do more to advance yourself by your interactions with others, your compassion (neither love nor hate)--detachment, meaning being neutral, unaffected by or triggered by. . . Staying centered in your power, you do not need to empathize (taking it all in, experiencing it for yourself and saying, "Oh, no. This feels awful," which is really about you--but, rather, staying in your center and dealing with the person appropriately--not letting them siphon your energy, not letting them siphon your money, seeing them for what they are. Having compassion but not letting them ride rough-shod over you in the process.)

 (Excerpted from a session with Melora)

S: After reading the transcript of our last session [the 3-part, "For Starseed" pieces, recently posted] I was wondering: "Who is in charge of our lives?"

MELORA: Yes. That's an excellent question! This question also came through in a session with a client yesterday, and that is: "What does it mean when you say, '. . . for one's Highest Good?'" This is related to what you have asked. The answer would be from what you would consider a universal Divine perspective--not even from your High Self level, not even from your Oversoul level, and most certainly not just from your consciousness level in this current embodiment.

It would be your "highest Divine Guide," as we mentioned this term before, as it is true and as it resonates with the TRUE Creator Source--meaning "all that is Good, All That Is." "All that is Good" is important to say.

S: Part of my question is: "If I get older, I want to stay on the Earth as I know it." I was wondering who decides when I leave?

MELORA: Um hmm. We're hearing that your Core Soul decides.

S: Is the the same for everybody?

MELORA: Yes, but the Core Soul is not synonymous with the High Self. Your High Self is part of what you would consider the Core Soul because the Core Soul is the collective, including the Oversoul, High Self, all the embodiments (past, present and future), and to the highest level of what we were calling the integral part of the Soul Group that can be identified as your specific "vertical soul hierarchy." All that collectively is the Core Soul, so for most or many people, that is still in a fragmented state.

# # #


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