WHO's IN CHARGE? Questions re: the "Higher" Self, Part III

Melora through Joanna Neff

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(from a client session on 4/17/02)

S: Jyoti's next question is: "Of the various religions, including the Catholic church, seem to be in chaos right now." Jyoti thinks that the issue here is taking personal, individual responsibility for one's life and actions instead of deluding oneself, for example, that it's not one's personal love of violence but done for the sake of Islamic jihad.


S: She also thinks that this is connected to the Higher Self question but is not sure why.

MELORA: Yes. It is. If you recall, what happens with fundamentalist religions is that more and more rules are created to control people. Instantly, then, you have a violation of free will. The Catholic church has done this since practically the beginning. The patriarchs of Judaism and the fathers of Christianity also set up strict rules. Doing this sort of thing always involves fear. Notice how the fear based element is addressed in all the rules. Many fundamentalist Christians believe that if you don't accept Jesus as your Savior, then you are going to Hell. In Islam, "There is no god but Allah, and Mohammed is his [sole] messenger."

"Your god is not my god, and so you're a threat to me if you don't believe the way I do," which is what the Christians did to those whom they called "heathens" and extremist Islamic groups have been doing to those whom they call "infidels." And so, "I either convert you or I kill you." In the name of religion, this has been done for centuries and centuries and centuries. None of this, however, is in the original teachings of any of these religions. In the Crusades, during the Spanish Inquisition--whatever--if you do not accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior you are a heathen . . . or if you're already in America, and we come ashore, it's okay if we kill you because you're just a brute. It's okay if we massacre all of you because you're heathens." Or "The Arian race is supreme and you're Jewish, so we're going to kill millions of you." (Essentially what Hitler did was to create a "religion" in Germany, and it was fear based.)

When we say that the movement for you in Ascension is to take total responsibility for yourself, this is what mastery is. This is what enlightenment is. If you'll recall (maybe you don't know the story of Buddha Gautama), but he studied with a great meditation master because he sought enlightenment so fervently, and he was able to recognize is that all he did was attain certain levels of meditation but that he did not attain enlightenment from that master, so he left that renowned master and went off on his own . . . went off on his own, alone, and attained enlightenment.

And so even Buddha said, "Your relatives on Earth, your parents on Earth are only of the flesh." He was Prince Siddhartha and he left his kingdom, and they were mad at him for that. He did not feel guilt or debt to them just because they were his Earthly parents. He did not let that stand in the way of his enlightenment. Do you understand?

S: Right.

MELORA: This concerns part of the question about moving away from being controlled by established religions and coming into your own . . . "sovereignty" would be a good word. You are sovereign of yourself. This plays directly into your relationship to your Higher Self. What's been happening is that in order to become sovereign, you have to rebel against your own Higher Self sometimes. A lot of you have to do this and say, "You're not paying attention. You're not giving me what I need. You are worthless in my process. You are standing in the way of my Ascension."

Those of you who so fervently desire Ascension and whose Higher Selves are not cooperating, are now saying, "I'm going ABOVE you," and that is your right. This is the critical acknowledgement. Instead of saying, "The Higher Self is sacrosanct. If I go against what it says, I'm afraid I won't ascend." If you go into that fear relationship you will not achieve, or allow, Ascension. What we're seeing is that the desire for Ascension will attract to you from your "soul hierarchy," if you will, to the highest level that is required--the first, next-highest level that is required to make that happen for you, and that may be above your Higher Self or above your Oversoul, as in the case of our client in Canada.

So the first step of your mastery is to say, "I'm not gonna accept 'No' for an answer from my Higher Self. It is my right to say, 'Get with the program or I go higher'." Acknowledging that this is your right is the first de-programming step because, in the past, you were taught that the Higher Self is your guide that you go to and that you obey when the information comes in, and the "Thy will be done" kind of thing. That is the old programming of fear, meaning: "I'm afraid that if I don't do this, I won't ascend." Or "If I don't do this I'll make a wrong choice." The point is that you have a free-will choice, and you might make a mistake. So what? That is what happens.

S: Now, again. Where does the Soul fit in here?

MELORA: The Core Soul we would put as the source, signature energy that can be identified as you, so that all aspects that express that Core signature energy which you would think of as a god-spark-created new consciousness (spiritual consciousness), individuated enough that it can express uniquely . . . What we're seeing is like your Sun in the sky--like a nucleus of a certain resonance and signature energy with some tendrils going out and expressing as embodied aspects and disembodied aspects--but all having that identifiable signature energy that are collectively of that signature energy. The nucleus part would be your Core Soul.

S: And can that Core Soul communicate with the High Self?

MELORA: (Emphatically) Yes.

S: . . . and re-educate and work with it, if necessary?

MELORA: Its consciousness is not directed in that way. For example, your intense input would travel back in a complex resonance energy packet, much the way we communicate with our Jyoti in what we call "energy information packets." You can direct that to your Core Soul, and it will be synthesized, and then there's a mutual choice about how that is expressed and shared. If your Higher Self "turns a deaf ear" to what the Core Soul is sending back after hearing from you, then that is its choice too because aspects of you (including your Higher Self) have free-will choice. Permissions and allowances and what is accepted and rejected, all aspects of you have the right to do.

S: So that really is like the corporate ladder. I can voice a complaint in the mail room, and it can go up however high, and that individual can either reject it or not necessarily send it all the way to the top.

MELORA: Yes, and depending on the specific energetic values synthesized by your Core Soul --and all the other aspects of you simultaneously in their lifetime expressions and in their disembodied consciousness and all of that--have a play into that. This is why we're saying that it is totally appropriate, that it is totally all right, as you, to say, "Wait just a darned minute there! This is where I'm going." That information, that intention, those energetic values will be communicated to your Core Soul and will be resonating throughout all your embodiments and whatever, and they individually choose whether they want to accept it or not.

S: One of the other things that came up is: Am I the only embodiment that my Core Soul has?

MELORA: No way. [laughs]

S: I mean, on the Earth at this time.


S: So there's more of me . . .

MELORA: Yes. What Joshua David Stone calls your "monad" . . . there are 6-12 incarnate at the same time. Sometimes you meet them in your lifetime and sometimes you don't.

S: I theoretically could run into one, then?

MELORA: Oh, absolutely.

S: And would I recognize that as a part of me?

MELORA: So do you see how complex this is? Understanding that you can evolve to a point "higher" than your Higher Self should show you that you can keep other aspects of yourself from standing in your way. That's a new concept to a lot of people. They think that they're held back by having to "obey" the Higher Self, but if the Higher Self is sort of retarded . . . You know?

But in the infinity of the expression of All, you need to understand that it's not like cookie-cutter Higher Selves that are all at the same level and that all have the same function. They're at various stages of evolution, so there's a sort of novice level of Higher Self that begins to create incarnate expressions of itself for the "wisdom factors" gained in incarnational existence in 3rd Dimension. And then there are those who have been doing this a lot, and so they have many more incarnational selves that they're working with. A number of Higher Selves are bringing those embodiments back to them in consciousness, which is what you call Ascension.

S: Okay, when we started this session, the theme was "Who's in Charge?" And it sounds like it's almost shifted over to the individual . . . I'm in charge.

MELORA: Yes, and if you're not getting the kind of input that's helpful to you, then you can say, "Okay" . . . We're not suggesting that you should not have any guidance from "above." We're saying that you can discern that you need to go higher and circumvent your Higher Self if that's necesary. We're saying that it's not taboo, that it's not punishable by death or hell. This is what people need to realize: that you can continue to make choices, and mistakes, without being condemned to hell, which is what religions tell you, so people have been afraid to bypass their Higher Selves. Because of that program, people say, "Well if it's higher than I, then I should listen to it." We're saying that it's not necesarily true that it's higher than your consciousness. Even if it is higher than you, it's supposed to be cooperating with you and not punishing you for not listening to it.

S: Well, very good. This is interesting because it's almost like when we were talking earlier, I was getting depressed. Now what you're saying is really empowering to me in this embodiment. I don't have to sit back and wonder who's in charge if I know I'm in charge.

MELORA: You don't have to listen to an incompetent Higher Self or "obey" it or defer to it or make it feel better than it ought to about "where" it is in its relationship to you. You don't have to "shmooz" your Higher Self. [laughs]

S: I was wondering . . . in some of our previous sessions you talked about wings of a Soul Group. Could you talk about or define this concept? I'm having a hard time visualizing what you mean by "wings." I tend to think it's a bird.

MELORA: [laughs] No. It's more like the wing of a building complex, but we would like to describe this in terms of music. You might have a complete song with all the harmony, melody, background, percussion. All of that is one entity--a musical piece or song. We would describe one wing as being only what the drummers are doing. Or the melody by itself. Or what the bass is playing. Or what all the violins are playing together. So you have the holographic resonance of the whole song, which would be your Core Soul resonance. Then you have aspects of the song that you can isolate. If you had an 8-track recording, in a studio you could listen to just one track at a time, to put it simplictically. That would be like one wing of your soul group.

S: This is what you said before about Athena, regarding your being able to contact certain things . . .

MELORA: We would be able to go through the studio console and listen to the other tracks too. We would be able to listen to the whole song at once.

S: The synchronicity is more than the group because you need to have everything in there.

MELORA: Yes, and this is about communication, so if you don't have the studio console you can't just tune into one track. And if you don't have the ability to play all the tracks at the same time, as on a CD, then from your point of view you might be listening to only one violin and not have a holographic experience of the entire group. So Oneness consciousness is being able to hear the whole song at one time. That requires not only the music of your own Core Soul resonance but also an entire way beyond a supra- or macro music of the many Universes. Do you see how complex that is?

S: Yes.

MELORA: So there is the greatest song, or the macro song from Source Creator, is what Source Creator can hear all at once that you and we cannot hear at this point. Is this a good analogy for you?

S: Yes. That's very helpful. I also see it like skyrockets, you know, when they explode. The rays go out, and each one of the rays that goes out is coming from the oneness of the core.

MELORA: Yes, and this is a variation of the Big Bang and the thing about how in the past it was the outbreath of God and now it's the in-breath of God. Shiva separates aspects of himself, and the game is for them to remember that they're Shiva. And so, Ascension can also be seen as the in-breath of God, where all the fragments are brought back. Now this is very depressing to our Jyoti, because she's thinking, Well, then the next thing (and we'll use her nasal tone) is the outbreath again! Just when we're getting back to the Whole, the out-breath happens again and fragmentation and suffering! [laughs] And she's right. But she finds this to be Sisyphian. In infinity this is rolling the rock up one more time, and she finds this very depressing.

S: [laughs] Yeah, I can kind of see why. Is there anything else you'd like to add?

MELORA: Well, we're very pleased with how the information has come through.


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