on The Earth God Yahweh

(MELORA through Joanna Neff)

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ACCORDING TO MELORA: "The Arc of the Covenant is really restricted to Yahweh's interactions with mortals on Earth--Yahweh as one Father god. And so the Arc of the Covenant is not the end-all and be-all, is not a covenant between the SOURCE CREATOR and all people on Earth. Yahweh really designated himself as the Father God of Earth-lings, meaning--of the planet Earth. His domain is the planet Earth primarily and not beyond. This may be a shock to a number of people. Therefore, if you are star-born, then such associations with the Arc of the Covenant are not going to be appropriate for you. If you are not an Earthling, then you do not fall under the 'tyranny' of those proscriptions, you see."

JOANNA: For years I had been trying, in vain, to find a link with the highest Divine entity with whom I felt resonant and comfortable, for I feel no affinity with Yahweh. I thought my strong association with the Goddess Athena could "take me there." However, I kept getting stuck within myself when trying to worship her the way people worship the God of Judaism and of Christianity. I asked a client to do a session with me so that Melora could shed some light on the dilemma of Star Children on this subject, for it had become clear that this is a problem for many, or most, of us.

I include here some excerpts from this request . In it I articulate what a number of my clients have tried to say:

"I am a Star Child, and I have been struggling so long to connect with a god/goddess appropriate to my lineage, as Melora informs me that 'You have to go a lot higher than Yahweh to get to Source Creator'. And yet, here, on Earth, Yahweh is pretty much the Supreme Being. This desire to connect with my true god/goddess has become
so intense lately that I really need resolution and communion or I feel I'll bust!

"I've tried to connect with Athena, and yet I feel this fear/guilt at excluding a male deity. Silly, isn't it, because for centuries people haven't felt guilty for excluding a FEMALE deity! There's obviously major karma here to resolve, and I need your help.

"Here's the main thread I want to explore: Melora has intimated that Yahweh is the God of Earth and only of Earth! Although, she hasn't said so, I have inferred that this means Star Children don't have indebtedness, if you will, to Yahweh as their 'creator'. Do you see where I'm going with this? Most of us can't connect with this Earth God because of this, but because of the consciousness programming here, if you will, most of us feel guilty about not being able to connect with Yahweh.

"I believe that if I can get answers about this and post it on Melora's website, we can liberate Star Children from this programming and head them in the direction of their own true grace--communion with their appropriate Source Creator(s)."

At the beginning of our session, I told the person who was about to ask questions some other information I had just received: "You need to distinguish between Starseed and Star Children." Melora is going to talk about 'soul assignments' in the context of my questions about gods and who is appropriate for you. She wants us to think of Yahweh as a sort of Governor of a territory, in that he implemented certain structures or rules to obey, and the rules in 3-D [3rd Dimension] regarding karma."

I just took this down as fast as I could. MELORA: "Many Great Beings have 'visited' Earth and have, therefore, been proclaimed by humans as gods. Their commerce with humankind has been recorded in what you consider largely as myth or legend. True Gods and Goddesses came only to help--not to damn or to restrict freedom, as long as no harm is done to self or others.

"Many races were created or seeded in the image of gods who created them. Stating 'the god of our people' would be appropriate, but then there's karma or reincarnation. That complicates it. Never should a culture or race try to impose its god on another race or culture. As in your 'Star Trek' programs, these gods were supposed to honor a sort of prime directive of non-interference in human 3-D affairs. Rarely, however, did such beings find it possible NOT to interfere, as in times of war."


MELORA: We are Melora and we thank you, [S.], for agreeing to ask these questions this morning. We also guided our Joanna to approach you with this idea because "it will kill two birds with one stone," so to speak. Because of your particular quality of intellect, you will somehow track and question in a way that will reveal the most information on this subject.

S: Well, thank you. And Happy New Year to you.

MELORA: Well, thank you. It is all the same to us . . . [laughs] But we thank you for your intentions.

S: I have a question about something. Genesis, being "the gene of Isis," if you look at it that way. If you also take Isis Ra Elohim and you combine the first two letters of each one of those, you get "Israel." I'm just wondering . . . Isis keeps popping up, and I know somewhere in here [the pre-prepared questions] Joanna keeps asking about . . .

MELORA: The codings . . .

S: . . . the relationship between Isis and Yahweh that keeps popping up, and I know somewhere in here [the pre-prepared questions] Joanna keeps asking about . . .

MELORA: All right. Give us a moment, please. What we would like you to remember on this subject is: The transcriptions of names, or the transliterations of names as they come forward into English, are not to be taken literally as the way they were spelled [originally] or derived [later]. Do you see? In seeing "Gene Isis," you're getting a concept of a co-creative process that was not just patriarchal or male, which should make sense to anyone who has an iota of rational mind, meaning: there are males and females of every species. Why not created by both male and female deities or creator gods, as it were? What we're hearing is, Yes, conceptually read it that way, but if you trace it back in a scholarly manner, those derivations would not be there.

You're playing semantic/linguistic games in English. If you had a Hebrew equivalent going on with that, truly, then that would be different. We're saying, don't confuse the word games with an actual etymology of the words, as they came up through Hebrew.

S: Okay. Did you want me to start with [Joanna's] questions?

MELORA: Yes, please.

S: All right. Melora, you have commented before that we’d "have to go a lot higher than Yahweh to reach Source Creator." And you have said that Yahweh is a Father God only to Earth. Why were the Israelites his chosen people? Why not others on Earth (just referring to the Old Testament)?

MELORA: Yes, and this was what our Joanna was referring to in the information that came through to her this morning--intact, by the way. (This is a new level of working with us for her in her desire to merge in consciousness with us more and more. We're wishing to point out to her that this is an example of how she can access information from us that clearly and that explicitly without going into a "channeling" state. We want to signal her to this breakthrough.)

All right. As she was reading to you, it is no accident that the Hindus, for example, clairvoyantly, clairaudiently and clairsentiently experienced such beings as Krishna--and that he looked like them, although he had blue skin, and so forth. The other gods weren't just made up, as though people said, "I feel that God is there, and I will make Him look like an East Indian!" In very ancient times, people actually could experience the gods with all of their senses. It was a Golden-Age, ancient ability that people had. This is true of the many races. If you look at the Hopi Indian tribes, if you look at the Hindus, if you look at the Nordic people and their gods, if you look at the ancient Greeks and their gods--their gods looked like them. More properly, they looked like their gods.

This was not just anthropomorphism [by human beings]; this was not just projecting that they looked like their gods. This was star-seeding, or genetic expression, in the interplay between many creator gods and beings on Earth. So we have described before the relationship of the lower creator gods versus the higher creator gods. The crux of the matter here is that there was a time millions of years ago when the Earth was a sort of botanical garden of creation and many star beings, including star creator gods, had an opportunity to express themselves in giving form with their DNA (etheric or physical--no matter how you want to look at it) and to create the many races that you have.

Genesis tries to explain this in terms of Yahweh and only a limited number of races, but if you look at how many races there really are and compare them to how many are named in Genesis, you will see that Genesis names only four or five, including descendents of Noah, or whatever. When [Noah's son] Ham saw Noah naked, he and his descendants were scorched and so became Black people, or whatever. We're saying that this is rather simplistic, but it is an attempt to explain that process. However, it attributes this only to Yahweh, and there were many other creator gods. They were not all doing this at the same time, of course, or in the same millennia.

S: All right, but [Joanna] asks why the Israelites were his [Yahweh's] chosen people.

MELORA: Because they were the seeds--the true seeded humanity--of Yahweh, the creator god. And that's why it was written: "Sorry, but they're the chosen people, and you guys aren't included." The Egyptians had their own gods that they resembled, and so forth. Also, in what our Joanna read to you, it is not okay for people to try to impose their gods on another culture. Many wars, including a very current one that you're all aware of, are on this subject--where people say, "This is the only God, and you must believe in him or we're going to go to war with you." If people could accept and understand that there's not just one god at this level, and embrace each person's right to embrace the one appropriate to them, then none of these wars, including the Crusades, would ever have happened.

S: Well, one of the questions that's coming up for me in this is that the trouble that we're having right now is the holding on of the old male power system versus the female . . .


S: . . . and that the way women were treated and the power all leaned towards the male, and now that's changing. I don't know if that's going beyond what you said?

MELORA: No. Not at all. It's very important. Again, it is about coming out of spiritual polarity so that in the days of the Goddess there was still polarity. If people could let there be a co-existence of male and female forces in their 3-D life--the way many North and South American Indian tribes allowed--there would be that harmony. There would be that reverence for the Earth. There would be that communion of points of view, if you will, that allows for a balance. It was just as polarized to have only the goddess reigning as it is now with the father. This is imposed by humans for their own agendas.

S: Yes, and it's also bringing me to the question of the male and female that I am. The co-existence of the masculine and the feminine in me.

MELORA: The problem [with integrating the two] in the physical body is hormones, is it not?

S: Yes, it's hormones. But it's also the . . .

MELORA: But there is that infinitely fine-tuned chemistry of hormones that is different in the male than in the female, including the way the brain develops, including the way communication centers do or don't develop, including vast socialization that affects you. We're saying this because we're thinking that perhaps the question underlying what you're saying is: "How do you overcome or disallow the effects of those very powerful influences in the physical body, in socialization, and so forth?" That is by desire and allowance and heart-spirit connection. Many in this Age think they're into spiritual work who are really into acquiring information intellectually that is metaphysical information. Many males in the spiritual community are still really being metaphysicians and not allowing the heart-spirit connection, which requires them to abdicate Ego control and allow Spirit control.

S: That's the next point I was going to make: I think of my male and female being together and I think of my High Self as being part of me and that in this embodiment I am a male.

MELORA: You are part of your Higher Self.

S: Yes. Of course. Okay, shall I go on?


S: Joanna saw a program on TV about very elaborate codes in the Old Testament that point to YHWH—for example, from Genesis the codings are TORH (or Torah) and then pointing back from Ezekial it is HROT (or Torah backwards). Then between them the codings are literally YHWH. Then the program talks about such events as the World Trade Center Twin Towers being struck by planes, etc. The program claimed that the Bible has our whole history—past, present and future—encoded in it, so this YHWH must be some God indeed. Can you verify these codings and how YHWH was able to do this?

MELORA: Give us a moment, please. The answer to this question is in the context of reincarnation being simultaneous and in the computer-like processes of DNA programming. A god of Yahweh's adept abilities as a creator god could certainly have access to information over the many planes, and over time, and encode that in there. [That would mean that Yahweh knew the entire "history" of the Israelites into the far distant future too. --JOANNA] What we're hearing now is important to state here: The effect of the Biblical passages--actually more in the Old Testament, for those of less personal-responsibility consciousness (meaning, "I give my power over to God instead of taking responsibility for what I create in my life")--these encodings are what inspire people, what cause fear in people or what draw people to the power of those books still, after all these millennia. They are what also bind --especially Jewish people--to a static text, meaning: It was laid down and it has not been updated. It's a binding, a being bonded to it. This was the true bondage of the Israelites. They are literally unable to update their history, their karma, their understanding. They are even unable to fathom or allow in their consciousness a possibility that Yahweh himself evolves.

S: Also, the Bible, as we know it today, I think is quite differnt than a lot of people believe. There have been a lot of changes throughout the centuries. Is there a Bible available that has the whole source?

MELORA: Yes. The Torah is the closest. When the Old Testament came into King James version (Old and New Testaments), liberties were taken. You know how there are synonyms for words? Like whether the nails were put through Jesus' wrists or his hands. From the Greek they could have chosen "wrists" but they chose "hands." It was proven that the hands could not have supported the body. When they translated "shekinah" from the Hebrew they forgot to emphasize that it is a feminine noun. "Holy Spirit" is feminine. These equivocal translations were done on purpose.

S: They were done on purpose for power and control.

MELORA: Yes. Exactly. To continue the answer to the previous question, another thing the program brought out (and this is the answer regardomg the Torah being much closer because it's been transcribed in many different, beautiful forms out of the lifetime rabbinical scholars, who would recopy the Torah in new, beautiful scrolls) . . . What was brought out in this program is that originally there were no spaces between the words--that the words of the Torah were all run together. This is how they get the coding, where they go, "After every 49th letter there is a coded Hebrew letter." This is part of their first approach to finding the codes.

S: This writing in the Torah . . . was this channeled? This was presented in old by Yahweh? How was the Torah presented to the people?

MELORA: We're getting that it was actually inscribed on the face of the mountain [Mt. Sinai] but that it could not be brought down in that form for obvious reasons. Actually, the inscriptions were made, laser like, inscribed as through a magnifying lens. The encryptions were very small, because the entirety of what was then called TORAH was inscribed on the face of that mountain.

S: Is that the thing of Moses going up and bringing down the tablets?

MELORA: Right. And so what he [Moses] did was to sort of copy what he was directed to copy out of that, but he absorbed in his consciousness the entire contents.

S: Are those words that were carved in the mountain still there?

MELORA: Well, no, because of sheer weathering, and this is not recorded anywhere because of that. Moses had to be selective about what he brought to his people. You have to remember how primitive they were. He, as their leader, was told to divulge only certain kinds of information or certain amounts of information.

S: Is the rest of that information available to us?

MELORA: Well, what we haven't said is that over time (this is really the answer to your question), the information that was recorded there came through in a channeling process to a number of different prophets, and it was more or less accurate. You have to remember that in the channeling process if you're 85% accurate, that's pretty good. All priests and priestesses who were any good, who were truly divinely inspired, were channels, and they interpreted and brought forth information directly from their divine sources . . . whichever those sources would have been.

S: What I'm thinking about is: Nothing, basically, is lost. Everything exists somewhere. I'm wondering if it's possible to bring the entire text into the world as we know it now.

MELORA: No. But what we would like to do is to distinguish between information that was inscribed on the mountain in laser-like fashion (where Moses got the tablets . . . brought down the tablets of the Ten Commandments) and the Torah itself. There is much, much more information that was encoded there on the face of the mountain. It was actually blasted flat and then inscribed.

S: That's why I asked the question: Is that available to us now?

MELORA: No. It was an intersection of Time and Space event, and certain aspects of it that were retained and channeled through as what was called the Torah were selected as only that which people of that time would be able to process.

S: Right, but the idea that it was all there--Moses took what was given to him at the time--if nothing is lost, then the entire text is available somewhere, but you say that it's not.

MELORA: Well, we thought we were answering whether you would be able to retrieve it or not? No.

S: Oh, that's what I mean.

MELORA: Yes, it does exist, but you wouldn't have the means to retrieve it.

S: Yeah, but someone like you could.

MELORA: No. [laughs] because it requires an intersection with a language understanding in 3-D [3rd Dimension] and . . . for example, our Joanna is a conscious channel. She does not speak ancient Hebrew. [laughs] Therefore, we do not either. We access the Akasha in the context of our work with clients--not symbol-by-symbol, letter-by-letter, moment-by-moment in the many-dimensional aspects of existence of one point in history. Does that make sense?

S: Well, it does, but I just think that where you are, you could find someone who could do that.

MELORA: Well, if you had someone who is channeling Yahweh you could. [laughs]

S: [laughs] Okay, Joanna's number 3 question is: "Tell me if the God of the New Testament is the same as the God of the Old Testament."


S: Okay. And "Is 'the Lord' the same as Yahweh?"


S: "Is Jehovah the same as Yahweh?"


S: Okay. That was quick. [laughs]

MELORA: We would like to elaborate on That. We're seeing an evolution (and this is part of the question coming up, about whether Yahweh evolves) . . . we will call this a Council of the Gods, and picture this if you will: A Council of the Gods gets together after all that the Israelites have been through (the whole problem with Phaoroh and this idea that Moses can't go into the Promised Land after all that he's done for his people, and so forth) . . . this Council of Gods who have commerce with people on Earth (there were many other religions as you know going on simultaneously with this), get together and say: "Look, Yahweh. This is not cool! And what are you going to do about it?" [laughs]

One of the Council members is what you think of as "The Christos"--or a Being of Christ-Consciousness. There are a number of such Beings. "Christos" is a title like a Melchizedek. There's not just one Melchizedek. If you are a Melchizedek, that's a title bestowed as a result of a certain level of evolution of consciousness--but also of a certain spiritual council as well: The Order of Melchizadek. So a Being of Christ Consciousness on this Council agreed to come into Earthly incarnation, and in order to perpetuate the continuity of the believers in their religion, came as The Messiah. Now the reason why most Jews don't believe He was the Messiah is that they know, at the Soul level, that there was a difference here. They know that The Christos is not a linear descendant of Yahweh. And so here is the division between the religions of Christianity and Judaism, even though that Christos consciousness came into a Jew in incarnation.

Now, a Being of Christ Consciousness has the qualities of spirit that resonate to love, forgiveness--all the things that Yahweh NEVER talked about--

S: [laughs]

MELORA: . . . hence, the schizophrenic sensations between the Old and New Testaments, where, in the Old Testament: "Thou shall have no gods before me"; hellfire and damnation; "You must obey me." "I am a jealous God" and all these things do not come into the expression of The Lord in the New Testament, do they?

S: No. How interesting.

MELORA: So what we have is a change of plan, decided by a Council of Creator Gods and titled Ascended Beings, as "Christos," to bring the Israelites out of their suffering, to introduce a World Religion of Peace and Harmony, and to give the illusion of continuity in a spiritual lineage. For some it worked, and for some it didn't. So then what happened is that people started using Christianity to kill other people (as in the Crusades) who didn't believe as they did. This is the point of saying that it is not right, appropriate, or desirable to try to impose your own religion upon someone else. They get to choose. Even if they're born a Jew, they can choose to be a shaman. If they're born into a Muslim environment, they can choose to be a Christian. That is what is supposed to happen.

S: I'm assuming that Buddha [Gautama] was a Christed Being.

MELORA: Yes. Buddha was. Mohammed, however, was not. So the divinity Allah is not Yahweh, is not a Christed Being, is not of the Order of Melchizedek. [Allah] came in not as a creator god but to kind of test the waters of his power. He did not create that race. If you remember, Iran was called "Arya," which is where you get "Aryan," and so Persion/Farsi is part of the Indo-European languages. Arabic came much later into their language and into religious influence as a result of Arab conquest.

S: So Allah is a separate Elohim or god of whatever . . .

MELORA: Not Elohim. (The "El" suffix--like Emanuel ("God with us"), Raphael, Michael . . . "El" is of the Yahweh lineage and structure. "El" was the original term for "God"--the most ancient--and evolved into "Yahweh." So "Elohim" is of that lineage. Using the lineage of the Old Testament and saying, "O come, O come Emanuel" or "His name shall be Emanuel"--attributing that to The Christos who came into incarnation as Jesus--that was part of trying to continue that line in people's consciousness.) But Jesus had a very different resonance as the so-called son of that particular god because He was not actually of that lineage. He was trying to repair what happened with Creation under Yahweh's direction.

But in the Old Testament there existed Jehovah, The Lord, and all of this sort of thing, showing that there actually are different creator gods. People are rarely able to fathom that, as they need to have one god that everybody worships. They are not able to allow that there were more (although there are many references to inter-galactic interference, as in Revelations--the "gyres within gyres" and actually John seeing nuclear holocaust, and so forth. For example, if beings are flying through the air, then the only things people had to relate that to are birds, and so they were going to put wings on them whether they had wings or not. If they were in ships, flying through the air, they were going to have them be in chariots, going across the sky, and so forth. They were going to relate that to what they understood. This should never, never be taken literally. That is what we were talking about--the mistake of using static "historic" transcriptions and trying to hold on to them forever as everything else evolves and changes.

S: Joanna's next question is: "Many Star Children feel disconnected from Spirit Source. Do they also have karma on Earth regarding Yahweh, even though they're Star Children?"

MELORA: Yes. Quite a large number of Starseed were incarnated at the time of the Crucifixion. There has been much misinterpretation in their consciousness about what this means. They go two main directions with this. One direction is that they become totally "disenchanted," if you will, with a notion of worshiping God. They should be disenchanted with worshiping! We'll get in to this in a moment. Our Joanna uses in another question the word "worship," and we wish to say that worship is the problem. Give us a moment.

The two directions that Star Children go is (1) feeling so much revulsion for this so-called sacrificing of "the Son of God" (in the interpretation it was the Son of God and that God Himself ordained this rather than The Christos choosing this as a sacrificial path to awaken millions of people to a possibility of a new way of relating to the Divine); (2) the other way [Star Children] went was to become so absorbed in the letter of the religion, as in Fundamentalist Christians and many Catholics--again, they get stuck in their ability to acknowledge the validity of any other worship, or religion, but their own.

S: It sounds like both of them are stuck in denial.

MELORA: Well, we wouldn't call it denial. We would call it a sort of knee-jerk reaction to the intensity of the 3rd-dimensional experience. But these are the two main karmic effects on Star Children and on those who are not Starseed in their incarnational journeys. It is a main problem that our Joanna is trying to resolve for herself in coming to you have you ask these questions for her, because she's getting very close to resolving this dilemma for herself--karmically and forever in all dimensions and at all Soul levels.

S: Beautiful!

MELORA: It is this question: "I want to commune with the highest possible Divine that is appropriate to me. Who is that and how do I do this?" So for her (and we will jump ahead in the questions a little bit), the closest she's been able to determine is that she is in the Athena lineage, but then she also understands that [in going to Athena as her Divine Source] she's also in polarity, which is why she says: "I can't relate to this Yahweh guy, so I jump to the other polarity and go to Athena, but then I feel guilty because maybe I'm making a big mistake here spiritually in leaving Yahweh out, but personally I'd rather leave him out because I don't believe in him and I'm not resonant with him." And indeed she is not.

So here is the key word: "worship." It is NOT appropriate to worship any divine being in the sense that you fear that deity, in the sense that you exclude other possibilities for other people. [Worship] is NOT appropriate or beneficial for you in the sense that you bind yourself to one high-level being by oath, obligation or whatever. True Christos Consciousness, true Order of Melchizedek, true Ascended Beings, true benevolent creator gods do not ask this of people! It happens again and again because of 3rd-dimensional existence, and only the most advanced and evolved of such creator beings resist the temptation to bask in the light of such worship.

S: Yes, and it seems that worship is putting yourself less than, and you don't need to be less than.

MELORA: Well, of course not, because--

S: That's the way worship keeps coming out is: "I am less than and so I will worship whomever," and I think breaking that mode, breaking that stereotype or whatever you want to call it is really powerful and a little scary.

MELORA: The problem is Ego. How do you determine the part of you that realizes that you are One with All and that you are Divine? How do you know that that's what your realization is or if it's your Ego puffing you up and, therefore, that you will not responsibly use that power? That is the karmic issue again and again.

S: What's the answer?

MELORA: The answer is to undertand how you make and maintain that connection without giving up your responsibility for what you create in your life and without worshiping something as though it's outside of you. (This is the answer to the question about connecting with a Divine Being who is the most able to communicate with you--the highest Divine Being that you are resonant with or that you have a Soul Assignment with. We're going to talk about Soul Assignment in a moment.) There is no easy answer for this. This is something that Buddha [Gautama] went through. This is something that Jesus the Christ went through. This is what all those who have come into human incarnation have struggled with. Those whom you consider enlightened (as Buddha), ascended (as Jesus) successfully answered these questions for themselves and were able to transcend the 3rd-dimensional impediments to that consciousness.

So . . . the first step, as the Hindu gurus say, is to identify what, within you, is being directed by Ego and retrain it--the small self--and keep choosing, moment-by-moment to move into the Great Self that all share. When you go into meditation in which you are in that still, quiet space without any Ego thoughts or mental thoughts, you approach that and you experience that for a time. However, as long as you are in a physical body, there is some trace of Ego. There is some karmic something that you need to resolve or you wouldn't be here. Identifying those "residues" should be the primary work of your consciousness.

S: [laughs] So . . . it sounds kind of hilarious in a way. I mean, that's like the cosmic joke: "Well, you wouldn't be here if you didn't have something to be here. If you didn't have something to work on, you'd be somewhere else." So no matter how holy you think you are you're NOT, because you're here.

MELORA: [quietly] Well, there are those who have evolved beyond that but who have chosen to come here--like The Christos. So you can evolve beyond that and choose to come to help humankind. Otherwise, you're coming back because of the karmic wheel, as it were.

S: Joanna's next question is: "Do you have any advice for Star Children about how they can find out who to pray to?" I think you've answered this. "To worship as their God? To whom are they responsible? Is it the same kind of relationship as people are told to relate to Yahweh?

MELORA: No. Of course it's not the same relationship, and we did cover part of this, but we have more helpful information about that. That information also is true for what's happening with our Joanna this morning--this wonderful process. (We will talk about this notion of religious structures on the Earth designed to keep people of lower consciousness from committing acts of great karmic repercussion.) Once you understand that you're not assigned, as a Soul, to Yahweh--or "assigned with Yahweh on Earth" would be a better way to put it--this liberates you to allow yourself to ask the question: "Where can I look? How can I find my true connection?"

The answer is not going to be so much a name from another universe or not even necessarily a lineage but to go within. To realize that you can go within and not be bonded to a specific deity for direction, instruction, answers, or whatever. That your connections with your Higher Self, above and beyond, are going to give you the answers to your questions the same way our Joanna started getting information this morning, because she finally allowed herself to go away from the main point of view that it must be a specific god or nothing.

S: This may be Ego (it sounds like it even as I'm preparing to say this), but if you worship yourself--if you worship who you are--as opposed to feeling less than a god--

MELORA: As long as you're doing this in your Spirit and Heart and not in your Ego. That's a very dangerous concept when the Ego takes over and this is, as we said, the greatest temptation in 3rd Dimension on this very dense planet is that very thing. Many have "fallen" as a result of the temptations of that kind of power.

S: It also reminds me of the new movie, "Lord of the Rings." The ring of power . . . where the fairy princess had to reach for it, and passed the test of not taking it and not commanding all that she sees. But Frodo was innocent enough to not be affected by it.

MELORA: Right. That's a very good example of that kind of choice--if, out of innocence, you can remember and come back into that space of true innocence and purity. This is the true meaning of "purifying"--not flagellating yourself with a cat-o'-nine-tails and being burnt to a cinder, tortured or whatever. Rediscovering that level of innocence brings you that level of power without the temptation that that power normally brings.

S: That's almost going back to the Biblical statement about children being able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Is that correct?

MELORA: Yes, which directly contradicts the notion of "original sin," doesn't it?

S: Yeah. I never went for that anyway. [laughs]

MELORA: Our Joanna didn't either: "If your spouse isn't baptized by some Catholic somebody, then they're going to hell."

S: I always think, I'd rather take my chances not being with those people and just be on my own.


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