An Embodiment of Athena Is Merged

MELORA & ATHENA through Joanna Neff

This second of two parts excerpts material from an extraordinary session in November 1997 in which Melora helped Athena incarnationally merge with an embodiment of herself in a lifetime in Classical Greece. It tells a dramatic story about Athena not recorded in history. Also included is an October 1995 channeling that took place spontaneously after a long night of chanting to the goddess Lakshmi at the Boulder Siddha Meditation Center. Throughout both these channelings, the great intensity of Athena's love can be felt.



We would like to clarify the meditation our Joanna did yesterday in which she saw Athena in embodiment, saw the golden room beneath the statue of Athena in the Parthenon, felt herself in the statue looking out at people, felt herself refamiliarize herself with the way the air smelled and the way the breeze felt. Joanna got a bit stuck when requested to go to the feelings as Athena. There was some need in the mental apparatus to understand how she could both be embodied and also teleport in her 12th-dimensional energetic form. (Joanna now feels confident that she may move to the heart connection with that life.)

Our Joanna's experience is telescoping quite a number of successive lives. She doesn't understand the part of the vision of that embodiment in which she was, as "priestess" to herself, in the golden chamber beneath the statue of Athena Parthenos . . . the part about the cut-outs in the golden "book" leaves. These sheets could be inserted in the floor at the base of the statue, and then she would generate photon light from the heart of her lightship, and the light would project through the cut-outs onto the ceiling of the Parthenon. Joanna's interpretation was that these were Greek letters. She had a sense that Athena taught the people Greek, which was really Athena's star language (from her universe). This is a mixup in chronology.

The imparting of Athenas's language, which came to be called Greek, occurred in a much earlier embodiment on that hill that became the Acropolis, but that was centuries before the embodiment our Joanna experienced. The buildings were not, of course, there when Athena's lightship landed. If you look at languages on your Earth, the only other language that incorporates Greek letters is Russian; however, Cyril merely borrowed the Greek letters in developing the Russian alphabet. The Romance languages (meaning Roman, not "romantic") have roots in common. Sanscrit is part of the Indo-European language structure. But Greek is of itself. The people in what you would consider ancient, pre-classical Crete had a language that was more closely related to the other languages of the Mediterranean countries that eventually became Arabic, Aramaic or Hebrew, etc. The people of Hellas, or Greece, were speaking primitive versions of such languages before Athena's arrival.

As we have said, the Greek language is so rich in dimensionality (isn't that term interesting?) conceptually that only those who spoke it at that time could understand the nuances. You can study classical Greek and not be able to translate it adequately into any other current language on the earth. This is also why part of your Bible is so distorted: The New Testament was, you see, originally translated into Greek from the Aramaic because Greek was the scholarly language of the times.

Classical Greek consolidated a much higher consciousness onto the Earth because it was a star language, and that was one of Athena's many gifts. In fact, the Greeks were well aware (it's not just mythology) of all Athena's gifts and so named her the patron goddess of weaving, of literature and the other arts, and of culture and civilization. These are not just abstract terms. Think of Athena's having brought that language to them--a language that would become the heart of their civilization and culture. Our Joanna is hearing that "Ah-tay-eh" is the correct pronunication of the Greek for "Athena" (although there was a nasal pronunciation of what the character theta is supposed to represent, much as in how the French pronounce "non"). This is from where the "n" sound in the name Athena came.

Actually, the name "Athena" is a static representation of a being who has grown much greater, so those would not now be the tonals that would represent her. In other words, the tonals "Athena" would be understood on earth historically as representing that being as she was expressed at that time. We feel her: Beloved Sister! She is right behind our Joanna. It is giving her "a buzz," as they say. Athena is very excited; her energy is sort of skipping about. Our Joyoti gives permission for Athena to enter her physical-ness. Let us take a journey to that time and place again to see why there is so much emotional charge there. Athena asks that our Joanna speak as Athena to maintain the heart connection.



I am that whom you call Athena. I have spread my mantle of protection over the one Joanna. She is confused, still, thinking "Who am I?" "Who is she?" We will remind her of what she already knows about the expressions of The One in their diverse forms, just as in the expressions of Athena in our growth in incarnation, in our existences in other dimensions.

I enjoyed my existence back in those days when I encompassed the temple that was created for me. Yet, there was such a heavy burden and responsibility, as there sometimes can be with the greatness of love as it can be expressed. I felt abandoned by the Great Ones in that embodiment, in that sort of split between being in the body and being in my higher form--back and forth, and back and forth, trying to do the work I was called to do there. I got rather lost in the density of that existence, and it caught me so by surprise that I found myself at a point where I felt it was too late to recognize how lost I had become. I was as a butterfly whose wing is torn and who can no longer fly. In truth, in assuming that I needed to take responsibility for my choices, I forgot to ask for help.

It is interesting to note that before coming into merging with the one, here, I was unaware of how lost I was in that embodiment. In this is a lesson for ALL who wonder why they would ever choose to come into body rather than just to stay in another form that keeps one out of this density. Those here assume that those in higher dimensions are able to learn anything, to learn many more things than you are able to learn here. This is not so, for when it comes to repairing, healing, and making whole and harmonious that which is disrupted while in embodiment, there needs to be a connection to a part of oneself that is in body for that to take place.

With Melora's and the one Joanna's help, let us journey back to the temple and have my embodiment ask for the help that she needed then. [pause] I am there, standing by the statue as the embodiment. As you face it you would see the embodiment at the left of the statue. As the embodiment, I enter the statue from a golden chamber beneath. I am now in the statue, looking through the eyes at the worshippers. I suddenly realize that in looking out through the eyes of the statue from this height, and having them look so small, I have created a great distance between us without meaning to. My assumption has been that they will feel my energy from the entire statue, but they are more preoccupied with the face and eyes. So they are not focused on the energies coming to them from my enlivening the statue, and I realize with horror that I have actually created distance between myself and them by looking down on them in such a way, as a god.

I will lift my eyes up and ask for the help of all those above me: my guides, my creator source, the being just over me, from the hierarchies that are even higher than ever before described on earth--the greatest hierarchies of light. A golden being is coming to me, surrounding me, and entering me. It is requesting that I calibrate my perceptions to the worshippers now. I am embodied as High Priestess to myself, and this confuses them. I need to be with them at the base of the statue and speak as one of them. It is not possible to do this from within the statue.

It is possible to create a form that is exactly like the statue that they see as first superimposed over the statue, then a form coming out of the statue, and then I come before them. I am now moving out of the statue so that they can see me shrink in size very gradually, and I am luminous with light, so that they cannot even see the statue behind me any more. They are gathering in front of me now. I am about half the size of the statue. I am still making myself decrease in size. I long so for their acceptance of me as a being embodied, just as they, and I tell them this.

I am now their size. I am telling them that my purpose in being here is to help them with my love. I will say this out loud so that it can be felt in the body of the one sitting here: "I say to you, priestesses of Athena, that your spirits are as great as that which you think I am. Yea. Even greater. That I have come to show you the greatness of your own being. Nothing more. I have not asked you to worship me. I have in no way meant to trick you. I merely made some mistakes in what I determined would be the best way to relate to you. I am not from here, you see. I am from another Universe. I wish not to terrify you. I also wish NOT for you to worship me. Once it began, I felt that I could not complete my mission here in helping you if I suddenly disrupted the way in which you seem to have become so comfortable with me. And so I have had to continue this masquerade in ways that I felt I had to. Now I ask you to accept me in my embodiment as a demonstration of how all great beings have embodiments as part of their total expression. And I wish (being in a human body) to feel the same love, and caresses, and happiness and laughter, and even tears that you do. I do not wish to be above you."

I wish to let them know that the statue is now being transmigrated to the treasuries of Athens so that the wealth of the city goes from the statue to the appropriate treasury vaults. History in the future would have it that the Christians came in, dismantled the statue and carried it away for their own use, but we are rewriting history here. And we wish to have the statue go to the Athenian treasury and let the history play out in the same way as before, except that the treasuries will be robbed. The statue will not have been carried away, which was very devastating to the Athenians. This way I am doing it and telling them that the money is going to the treasury.

To the worshippers I say this: "I want to acknowledge my understanding of the tremendous love that this represents: that you have erected this statue. And I wish to acknowledge and honor you for the generosity and the love that this shows coming from your hearts. But I now wish (since this is the statue erected to me and represents me) to change the energies of the gold and ivory and to transport them to the treasuries of Athens in their appropriate vaults for the use of the Athenians and not to be tied up in the statue. This will require an adjustment, because you have come to see this statue as Athena, not realizing that the very energy you have felt here is energy that is not inherent in the gold and the ivory. It is energy that you can call upon at any time. I have only brought it to the statue so that I could feel close to you . . . and you to me."

"And so I promise you that in transmuting the statue, in transmigrating the gold and the ivory to the treasuries of Athens, you will still feel my energy. You can still come here and commune with me--not worship me--but commune with me. You will feel the same energy, even more so than when the statue was here because now you will not be distracted by the statue itself. I promise I will be here for you. Whenever you call me I can be here so that you will never feel that Athena has left you. If I don't do this, I will have to leave, both in embodiment and in withdrawing my energies from here. And I will tell you now: I will NOT leave you. This is how it must be done."

The crowd is growing. They are almost understanding. I know that there will be those who claim they can still see the statue. In no way, however, will this have been my doing. As I withdraw my focus from this time I wish to express a feeling that I had not realized. I feel truly that they are my children, and I have had an ache in my heart the way a mother aches for her children whom she perceives are suffering. This is what drew me hence from my home universe to begin with. And so now, having made the pledge that I will be with them whenever they call (and that I will not not desert them the way I felt I must before), I feel at peace. I feel that this may bring deep changes in their worship of the false beings that so many have allowed to take over their lives.

So truly they have awakened in those lifetimes, in the simultaneous NOW, and it has benefited all very greatly. Those who accused me of trickery are now saying that they were wrong and that they are sorry. I feel at peace now, knowing that, out of my own ignorance and my own misunderstanding, I did not leave them. And I did not abandon myself.

This is a beautiful healing, and I thank you most heartily. It is important for the one, Joanna, to understand that even 12th-dimensional beings, as you term us, need to learn these lessons--that our growth depends on your growth and your awareness, that we are keenly aware of your struggles. Know how critical you are to us as more than just our children. You are seeds of us in creation. I, Athena, wish to acknowledge our dear, sweet sister Melora in her work in helping this vehicle, Joanna, who loves Melora so much that we can appear with her simulaneously with Melora now if Joanna needs that for a time. Through Joanna, the one she terms as Melora and I become even closer in our communication and energy. It adds more dimensions to our communion.

It has been my purpose to come into re-union with all other aspects of Athena and to let the one, Joanna, understand the tremendous role that is hers in this process, and then to bring all of the soul group into communion and reunion. Beyond the Athena that you know, I am one who traverses many universes. I am one who can be heard as a voice of God, not just as what you term the "feminine" aspect but who, in the purity and the clarity of The One, can be heard as a voice from the very source. The aspect of me that you could say is speaking now is that which you are terming 12th-dimensional but yet is ever greater, "higher" vibrationally . . . higher in terms of the group consciousness merging in power and vibration and yet which can resonate within individual expression inter-dimensionally, within embodiment, within galaxy expression.

It is our purpose to teach how to heal the soul families of other beings, which will result in a great Ascension not only for human beings but also for all the beings who exist on multiple levels so that all may come into reunion in oneness with the Source. I am yours, always, Athena.



I am indeed Athena, and it is my honor to be with you at this late hour. I wish to speak not as a "goddess" but as your sister. What you said to Melora about feeling the goddess energy and your inner strength is what made me wish to speak to you. I am glad that you feel my energy, and this is what I wish to bring to all women. It is not as though I am (Melora is telling me this) "a raging feminist." It is not as though I wish to separate men and women, because I do not. But for so many millennia men have controlled everything. So, as an act of love, I wish to focus on women at this time.

Women have suffered so much in the male dominated world, and I wish to say that I am a feminine energy of great strength and that I choose to work with women at this time, for they are truly the ones who need my help. I wish to speak through you because of the misconception, as you have put it, of my "persona" throughout history since the time you term Classical Greece and even before that. I am as you see me--much softer than the way I was interpreted by the Greeks. It is true that I appeared before people of spiritual excellence long, long before that time. Neither am I the totally wild snake dancer [laughs softly]. Fierce, yes, in my love of truth; intense, yes, in my desire for creative beauty and excellence. And the interpretation of my essence as "the weaver," the one who brings culture and art and weaving and craft, these are true. But not the brittle warrior, sprung from Zeus's head.

I wish to speak this evening as a representative of what you interpret to be goddess energy, an aspect of goddess energy which you have rightly understood to be coming in great abundance, now, at this time, and that has been needed so long for the healing of the entire planet. I come not as a warrior but as a champion of womanhood, and of healing and weaving back together what has been severed within so many women: their knowledge and the experience of their own great gifts and beauty. I come not as a "celebrity." I come not to impress you that it is Athena speaking.

You are perceiving me in your thoughts as "Alive, beautiful light. Soft. Strong. Confident. Not needing to prove anything. Compassionate. A friend." Yes, and Melora and I wished you to feel this, because this is the strength of woman: soft, strong, compassionate, confident. All these things that you experience are what the goddess energy expresses, and anyone who would wish to make that a warrior is not reading the true energy, you see.

And so, "look in the mirror" and see yourself, and see all of your other women friends. This is who you are, and the goddess energy as you describe it is Gaia's energy. My energy channeling through you is very strong for you, Joanna. It makes your heart beat very fast. I believe what you are feeling is the tremendous love that all of us have for you and also that the "re-emerging" of the goddess energy on the planet is so strong. And it is going to continue to get strong even faster. It is literally going to take people's breath away. It literally is going to make their hearts beat very fast, because the heart is the center of Ascension . . . the opening of the heart. And this is the energy that I bring.

Many women will not know what is happening. They will feel increased joy, strength, and power in the sense that they will no longer put up with any "nonsense," especially from men but also from opther women who are (as our Joanna puts it) "Barbie Dolls." Also they will no longer put up with women who want to "be like men," for women who want to be like men at this point in time really only want to have a "male" kind of power. So understand that female energy already is power. It is not something you put on like an overcoat. It is something that you come to an understanding about inside yourself--that you already are that tremendous, feminine Holy Spirit, Sananda energy. Sananda has been misinterpreted to mean Jesus. Sananda really is, like the Holy Spirit, the female principle. The well-balanced, integrated, totality of feminine energy is expressed in great nurturing. It is equal with the God-male principle, not second to it, not even as woman "made from Adam's rib," an un-truth.

In closing, I wish for you and all women, not just those on this path, to experience what you have experienced in our communing together this evening. In looking in the mirror and in meeting each other, I wish for all women to know this experience and to see themselves here [indicates the heart] and to see their beauty here, and to carry that with you. Always. And I wish very much for you to be able to experience this all the time.

I thank you for inviting me. I thank you for your faith and your many gifts in the light, and for receiving my words so graciously. I wish all women to know that whenever you need strength of the particular kind that I have described, any time you wish to have my comfort and my presence, my counsel in the form of your thought energy and your intuition--any time you wish for me to be there for you--you have only to call upon me. I am Athena, your protectress and guide if you wish, and I wish to be of service to all who desire this. Finally, I, Athena, wish you always to have joy and love.

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