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with Joanna Neff

 "The result of Heart-Walls on a larger scale leads to misunderstanding, prejudices, hatred and brutality." -- Dr. Bradley Nelson in The Emotion Code

The second new session (after Emotion Coding Release) that I've developed is also based on what I learned from reading Dr. Bradley Nelson's The Emotion Code: Dr. Nelson estimates that 80% of the people on Earth have a heart wall!

Heart-Walls are created by the subconscious mind to protect the person's emotional heart from harm by others and, fueled by its infinite imagination, the subconscious mind selects a "material" that is symbolic for the person. As Dr. Nelson points out, "Quite often there will be a noticeable relevance between the personality of an individual and their Heart-Wall material." Examples: heart walls can be made of metal, fabric, wood, stone, etc. One client even had one made of diamond and which Dr. Nelson was unable to remove.

I believe that people who are self-aware, like most of my clients, realize they have a heart-wall. When I mentioned in email messages to two long-time clients that I was developing a session to remove heart-walls, each immediately knew she had one and asked for a session right away. I found that I had one too.

The key to understanding Heart-Walls is to know that they are created by the subconscious mind and that their composition is symbolic for the person in some way. In order to remove Heart-Walls, one must be able to contact a person's subconscious mind and, effectively, tell it that the Heart-Wall is composed of a specific, non-symbolic emotion (or emotions). Then a person's mind-body is consciously able to acknowledge its existence.

They can be made of wood, metal, gemstone(s), fabric, paper, glass, flowers, leather, stones, earth, clay, vegetation, construction materials.
Since the are purely energetic, they can be millimeters to miles in thickness.
They can be hidden, camouflaged, masked.
There can be windows and doors (locked or unlocked) in them.
They can have various shapes: spherical, box-like, Valentine-heart- shaped, curtained, caged (Mine was a literal jail, complete with metal bars and locks!)
Emotions comprising them can originate in past lifetimes.
Emotions that created the Heart-Wall must be released in a specific order before the Heart-Wall can be removed.


Removing the Heart-Wall is a totally different process than is Emotion Coding Release. First, all the emotions comprising the Heart-Wall must be removed. Then, with the help of your High Self and Subconscious Mind, we remove what is left of the Heart-Wall.

Harmful emotions that one inherits can become part of a Heart-Wall at conception--but the emotions don't get trapped in the body until later, perhaps as the issue starts to express in the current lifetime.

The last emotion that can be released from a Heart-Wall may well be the first that became part of the Heart-Wall, as there seems to be an inverse order. In addition, the higher the number of other lifetimes in which the emotion is part of a Heart-Wall, the longer it takes to release it. It's all quite complex!

At the bottom of your session notes for each part of the Emotion Coding Release process you will see my notes of which emotions removed from your body are also part of your Heart-Wall. For example, in one client's case, I already diagnosed "Humiliated," "Rejected" and "Abandoned" as being part of his Heart-Wall. There were others comprising the client's Heart-Wall that were not previously, also, trapped in his body.

The diagnosis part takes the most time because I have to determine whether the client is ready to release his/her heart wall, what the heart-wall is made of, whether there are "nested" emotions, which emotion(s) are trapped there and when the emotions comprising the heart-wall first happened. How long the release part takes also depends on how long--and how many "layers" of the emotions--there are in the heart-wall.

For example: When working with my own heart-wall (a literal jail that extended 8 feet out from my body), I found that 10 emotions had contributed to its creation--6 of which came from a single past life in which I was beheaded. These 6 emotions were: self-punishment, betrayal, "lies!", self-blame, feeling unsupported and guilt. (Obviously, there was a lot of self-punishment going on in my current lifetime for events I can't even remember.) One of the other emotions originated during pre-natal months and kept compounding until I was about five years old. Another originated at my birth and had continued throughout my lifetime until I was able to remove my heart-wall. The final emotion contributing to the creation of my heart-wall had been operative for 110 lifetimes!

Remote 65-min. Session Fee: $82.00 U.S.



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I do this work remotely, as there are no Time or Space barriers when working with the Higher Beings who actually do these healings. However, I do send you the worksheets with my notes from your session.


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