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This excerpt is from one of several sessions in 1994 in which St. Germain came through to do physical healing and soul retrieval on myself and on another channel. In these sessions both of us channeled at the same time while we taped what was occurring and what was said. This session represents the beginning of my experience and understanding of higher-dimensional soul retrieval, and it focuses on the past life in which I was beheaded. "BC" is the other channel's guide, who did tremendous work with both of us while I was learning to become a channel. --Joanna Neff (Jyoti Alla-An)

from a session on 11/13/94 (Boulder, Colorado)

MELORA: St. Germain is working here [for Jyoti] on the upper part of the neck. He is marvelling, even with all of his knowledge and wisdom, that the work he did before doesn’t seem to be staying done on the physical level.

BC: Elizabethan lifetime partly responsible for that.

MELORA: This is a beheading problem?

BC: It was, yes.

MELORA: We say "problem," not in a frivolous manner. It is a deep trauma to all who experience it.

BC: [?] in body. Emotional scarring, too, is involved.

MELORA: This is correct. But this [beheading] is the, as delicately as we can put it, one of the greater insults of a way to die. To have the head separated from the body is one of the greatest insults, one of the grossest perpetrations that can be done on the physical body and the emotional body. And rarely is it possible for that life not to be separated from the core soul when this occurs.

BC: Are you now receiving more information about how beheading came about?

MELORA: First we are receiving that those who carried out this gruesome process were well aware of the effects on the soul level in doing this and that it was more an act of power than of punishment.

BC: It was more like taking head and putting it on platter to show person power and triumph.

MELORA: We are not receiving visual information about that life at this time.

BC: It would be too traumatic for her.

MELORA: We sense it is in the realm of her spiritual pursuits, as they were misinterpreted. Much like the Salem witches—a sense of power in either herbal use or sorcery, or some such telepathic use of power and intuition. Is this your sense? We are not adept at tuning in in a linear fashion to history [at this time] and ask your advice and would like to learn energetically the process of the linear experience of the energetic equivalent of the life.

BC: All Jyoti needs to know at this time is to read about this sort of activity in the Elizabethan times.

MELORA: The beheading process? We are getting the sense that she was a female in this life.

BC: Um hmm.

MELORA: And no more than early twenties.

BC: We see she had "bewitching" property to this man.

MELORA: And he blamed her for his own lust. But he was in a position of power and this, somehow, was an embarrassing situation to him.

BC: He did have to prove his vehemence towards this sort of activity in order to stay in power, true?

MELORA: So we are to assume that he was of the nobility. Much like a contemporary politician being embarrassed by an affair.

BC: He proved his "innocence" in situation by doing this.

MELORA: And this is one of Jyoti’s major life issues—this sense of being ganged up on, of being betrayed, of being falsely accused.

BC: Being responsible for someone else’s misdeeds.

MELORA: And she rises up with great heat of emotion when falsely accused. In her third-grade trauma in childhood, in which she was blamed for something she didn’t do and then paddled in front of the whole class of children, it was mortifying to her . . . feeling that no one believed her. This is a major issue with her. Being falsely accused by a person in power . . .




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