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Anne Boleyn (1507-1536). Queen of England (1533-1536) was the second wife of Henry VIII.
The mother of Elizabeth I, she produced no male heir and was subsequently tried for adultery
[via false accusations] and beheaded.


I didn't find out until 2017 that on one specific helix I have a DNA link to Mary Boleyn, Queen Anne's sister. (This information came through in 2017 in a DNA match via MyHeritageDNA to a distant cousin who also has Boleyn DNA.) This means I also have DNA from Anne's parents and her parents' ancestors.

What is most exciting about this fact is that it supports what I have learned about DNA, to date: that it not only contains information about all our "incarnational" lives but it also links us directly to those lives across "time" and "space."

For more information about this phenomenon, see Melora's channeling: KARMA & DNA.

11/2/97 Session
In this session I asked to retrieve information about Anne Boleyn because a great (and most accurate) guide of another channel I had worked with some years ago had alluded to my having been beheaded in a past life in Renaissance England. However, this guide rightly sensed that I was not ready to hear about who I was in that lifetime, and so he gave information only about how experiencing beheading was probably the most traumatic thing that can happen to a person--how it can affect us at the soul level.


In 1979, Sharry Edwards hypnotically regressed me in Athens, Ohio, and I saw shades of the Anne Boleyn lifetime, including a "character" who looked very much like Henry VIII. I was sensing that here was a man who hated himself and who realized that everyone else despised him as well. I sensed that he had scores of illegitimate children, for none of whom he had spent money to support. Truly this was a despicable and dark lifetime.

Because throughout the years I have worked with Melora I have never had cause to doubt the information she has brought through, I--however reluctantly--must entertain the idea that I was indeed Anne Boleyn. I believe that if I don't believe it I will miss the opportunity to do critical work necessary for merging in consciousness with myself in that lifetime and, thus, miss the opportunity to divest myself of some very heavy karma. It is in this context only--not as self-aggrandizement--that I hold the following information.

What follows are excerpts from a transcription in question-and-answer format. Sometimes Melora intervenes with comments to clarify the situation, as the person asking questions sometimes tried to direct the process with suggestions that I felt bore little or no relationship to what I was experiencing during the channeling process. Unfortunately, this work was never completed, as the person I was working with tolerated no questioning of his accuracy as a "channel." Even so, based on the emotional intensity of the experience--and the richness of visual detail I received--I believe, at the least, I channeled the energies of Anne Boleyn. -- Joanna Neff


"D": Was Jyoti really Anne Boleyn in a past life?

MELORA: Yes. We corroborate that. She is afraid that she is just getting involved in her ego. She is ever vigilant about her ego. What she has been discovering in her reading are some rather unsavory things about Anne Boleyn. She wasn't a saint. She was politically ambitious. But one of the other key things about this life besides the trauma that needs to be healed is that she made a vow before she was beheaded to renounce the privileges and the pleasures of that level of wealth and influence. And so in working with this life we are removing great blockages to having abundance come into this life. It was almost what you could think of as a "death bed" renunciation of all those things because she realized that in spite of all the machinations of her father and everybody else . . . in those days they were termed "toadies" to anybody influential who could help bring them privilege and rank. They were virtually prostitutes--all of them--in trying to get in good with so-and-so and to marry well.

The women especially were victims of having their fathers and brothers try to marry them well to create more wealth and property and influence for themselves. And so our Jyoti is finding another clue about why, in this lifetime, she has not allowed herself to feel ambition. When she has, she has been roundly "punished" for it. (This is largely her own punishment of herself.) There are many aspects of this that play upon this life and that influence this life in ways that have been detrimental. We are working on these in the background.

[Here intervened a discussion of 9th-dimensional Shakti Harmonics and some answers to personal questions by a channel whom I had asked to work with Melora on retrieving this past life expression.]

"D": Now let us work on this life of Anne Boleyn. We would like to heal this life, for it influences Jyoti's present-ness. Let us walk her through a visual meditation.

MELORA: Yes. [Here I went out of the channeling state to undergo the work as "myself."]

"D": We wish to now lead you, Jyoti, through a meditation that will bring forth this lifetime as the being of Anne Boleyn. We shall now surround and encompass you in a circular fashion, going behind you with our energies. We shall now travel to the lifetime of the one Anne Boleyn. We are now descending into the palace. You are now standing on a wooden floor. Are your feet upon a wooden floor?

J: Yes.

"D": Are you wearing a gown and, if so, can you describe it?

J: I am seeing sort of a deep burgundy color velvet. The waist is very cinched in, very tight at the wrists, almost to the hand itself, with white lace over about half the hand on each side. There's a ruff around my neck (the stiff, white lace collar) and pearls around my neck. It feels like I've worn the dress a whole lot of times; it's never been washed. It's kind of stinky.

"D": What about not what you're wearing, now, but smell, yes. What else might you smell?

J: The dampness and sort of a mold. (I have a sensitivity to mold in this lifetime.) Things never seem to dry out. A sort of mildew smell.

"D": Mildewey wood?

J: Yeah.

"D": The smell of wood. Wood everywhere. Wood surrounds you. Walls, ceiling and floor. And, yes, it's old, old wood and it does smell. It needs cleaning. Also, do you hear something as you walk along this hallway now, do you hear perhaps the creaking of the floor? Voices in other rooms?

J: Someone's playing music too. It sounds like a lute--sort of a primitive guitar. It's being played idly. It's not someone who's very good at it. The way someone whistles no particular tune--someone in the room who's really bored, who's just sort of plucking on the lute. The floor is creaking. I get the impression of many things with many secret things going on behind closed doors.

"D": Let us have you walk forward and see if you can't receive an impression of what lies before you. Which room are you heading towards?

J: I'm headed down a long, narrow hallway, toward the end of a hallway, and I think the room is on the left at the end of the hallway. I have a feeling of anxiety and excitement at the same time. I'm holding up my skirts so I can walk a little faster. They're great skirts sweeping along. I can feel the skirts in my hands. I have very delicate, small hands.

"D": Yes. You're a very delicate woman. Are you at the door? Is it a double door? A highly carved, ornate door?

J: I am seeing them now. They are a deep walnut color.

"D": Ah, yes, indeed. Yes. Very dark.

J: There are even darker patterns sunk in the walnut door.

"D": Is it not so that the artist, it seemed, tried to carve so delicately this work but he did not have the greatest ability and perhaps took on more than he could handle?

J: I am seeing lions' heads.

"D": Yes, lions' heads too. Great curly-cue designs all around the periphery of the door. Squares with different carved faces. A horse, a unicorn, a lion in the center. We ask you, when you are ready, to push the door forward and enter the next chamber.

J: All right. This looks like the King's chamber.

"D": Just take a moment and be in that space. Is it too dark for you?

J: There's a fire going at the other side of the room, but it's still not very warm. The heat just seems to go out through the walls.

"D": Does it seem like a private room?

J: Yes.

"D": But not yours . . .

J: Right. There are furs on the floor.

"D": Do you feel fear?

J: I see a young woman who's like a hand maiden. She curtsies in that way that the person bends forward at the waist and curtsies at the same time. It's quite amazing--like a jack knife opening and closing. She's holding her skirts as well. She's asking me if there's anything that I need further. I say no and send her away.

"D": Does she close the door?

J: Yes. I sit facing the fire, but there's nothing close to the fire to sit on, but I can see the light of the fire on my own face, as though I'm out of my body and looking at my own face. [My descriptions of what follows are stated with a tone of great weariness and heaviness.] I know that the door has been opened because of the draft I feel coming from the hallway. So I know the King is coming in, although I'm not looking at him. He's coming in to my left and behind me. I can feel his energy. He comes up behind me first, which he always does, and strokes my neck rather low in the front. And then he comes around before me. It is customary that I stand and curtsey to him. That's the protocol that I must follow, regardless of my relationship to him. I do this now. He sits down. He has my hand, and tells me that I may sit down, so I do. We're facing each other, sort of sideways--not head-on.

"D": Would it be possible to face this man?

J: I will ask him if I may move my chair so that I may face him. I say to him that I am tired of a lifetime of being used as a pawn. I'm even tired of my own desire to further my family and myself. I enjoy my stay in the Netherlands and my studies because I'm a scholar. I love and appreciate scholarship and reading and education. I say to him that I honor him and respect him and love him in my way but that I have had so many disappointments and have been betrothed to so many that have been broken off that it is as though my heart is sealed. I cannot fall in love. I love him in my way, but I'm not in love with him. He's more of a father figure in a way. He offers me protection and the opulence. As cold as it is there, it's more comfortable than other places. And the social access because my social contacts mean so much to me. He admires my beauty greatly. He's very smitten with me but also suspicious of me. He thinks that I'm consorting with Cardinal Woolsey and others that he's also suspicious of. He wants to maintain his political power, and he's constantly having to make sure that these men are under his control. And so I speak with him because I find it interesting to know what's going on, just to have an intellectual understanding--not to use against him. I understand that he cannot trust anyone.

"D": He is a man who is so utterly alone. He is a man who does not understand women, let alone love. He can not ever feel comfortable with a woman, for he cannot let go, even in an intimate situation. He is so bound by fear.

J: Yes. In bed he's like a pistol going off. There's not much more than that. But he thinks that the lust that he feels is love. I know that there is more, but why should I tell him this? It is not my place, and I know being Queen that power is an illusion. One must not ever let the King feel that he has not power over one, even in the bedroom.

"D": Is that why you brought forth a child that was less than perfect for him? To exert your power over him?

J: I had not been aware that I created this deformity. In fact, it put me in great fear for my life. Why would I do that on purpose? It was totally desirable to bring forth a surviving male heir. Why would I jeopardize that on purpose? I assumed that eventually it would be like it was with Catherine, where he would divorce me for not being able to bring forth a surviving male heir. I assumed that I would be protected as long as I kept getting pregnant. I also assumed that because of his passion, or his lust, for me that I was protected. I remained naïve, even with the information that I had from such as Cardinal Woolsey.

"D": Let us conclude this meeting with your husband. Bid him adieu and exit the room. Go to your bed chamber.

J: My own?

"D": Your own private bed chamber.

J: It is on the other side of the castle.

"D": Ah. Yes, indeed. And waiting for you outside the door are your ladies-in-waiting, and they will escort you to your bed chamber.

J: It is colder on that side. It is on the north side of the castle. It discourages one from staying in one's own bed chamber, you see. I can feel the wind blowing through the walls. It is winter time. I feel that my heart is empty. I sit in wonder of who I am in those times and half the time can't believe that I'm Queen because it doesn't feel any more wonderful than it was before. It wasn't the great thing that I imagined it to be. It means disappointment even as I drive myself forward in my daily activities. My ladies are sweet but haven't the intellect to have interesting conversations with me. That is not how they were raised; that's not what is expected of them.

But I want to talk to someone. No real friends. No one who is not there for their own gain too. That is what I have done. I am very disappointed in myself I think. I have reached the pinnacle of what a woman can achieve and yet I'm disappointed in myself. I'm especially disappointed in life. It all seems so frivolous--all these things that are supposed to be so important, that drive people to sell themselves out are nothing. They're like wisps of vapor.

I am inside my bed chamber now. Everyone has left the room except for my favorite person. I confide in her that I wish I were dead. It is so odd to have such power in the World's eyes and to feel so powerless and destitute in spirit. You die whether you play the game or not. I did ask for this. I plotted and schemed and waited for this. I must have tremendous power from someplace that I could be in this position. And yet exercise no great power except over the King in his lust for me.

"D": So you came to a density, a vibration which was stronger than you had perceived from the soul level. And you had a mission you wished to accomplish that did not flower. There you were in this black chasm. Your light was poofed out. You had, in a sense, your power taken away by these energies of this building, which so greatly held the power of the King and his psyche. He had tremendous psychic energies in the lower levels supporting him in his deeds of creating control over human beings so that they could not come to the light. You thought you could come with your light and switch on the light, put a flame to the candle and flicker in the darkness. You had intended that people would see your flame and yet . . . not so.

J: Even the Churchmen are not of light.

"D": And yet those individuals who flock around you when the King is not present--who feel a little more safe around you than around him-would dare not say "I see something before me," for it would be heresy. So, there you sit on your bed, in the luxuriousness of 3-D "stuff," and you are trapped. What do you do?

J: The only way out at this point is to die. To start over or just to cease to be, which is what I believe.

"D": And it is still true that the King does see a flicker of light in you. God forbid he should ever acknowledge it to you. And so you agreed mutually on a higher level: "Well, let's take care of this."

J: Yes. I see that.

"D": And so without any animosity on his part, without, believe it or not, any emotion--for him death is merely death and "as long as it isn't me, who cares?" So he arranged to fulfill your dream by very quickly and very painlessly snuffing out the flame.

J: Yes. I am resigned to my fate. I wish to leave. My heart is like a stone.

"D": Athena stands behind you now, her great light surrounding you.

J: Will she escort me to the light?

"D": Whenever you are ready.

J: I'm ready.

"D": Let go. Let go. Let go. Allow the light to heal within yourself. For no being is ever judged. Forgive yourself. Let go of the stone that is your heart.

J: This is going to take some integrative work. I feel that I need a break.

# # #

Unfortunately, this session ended prematurely because I felt too rushed, too directed, by the other channel. Because of my work with Melora in Soul Retrieval over the years, I knew that I needed fully to reexperience the feelings of this lifetime-- especially because of the beheading and the level of trauma it represented. Whenever I am uncomfortable with the channeling process, Melora ends the session. This experience pointed out to me once more that soul retrieval must be facilitated by experts, and Melora is an expert in Higher-Dimensional Soul Retrieval. --Joanna Neff

BEHEADING as "one of the grossest perpetrations that can be done on the physical body and the emotional body." (Melora)


MELORA: We have expressed it this way: If you picture someone in an Elizabethan
life (a female) who is accused of "bewitching" someone (instead of his taking
ownership of his own lust) and being beheaded for it, then picture being that
woman for a moment. Picture her being in The Tower. And it's cold. And
experience what you would feel like, knowing that the next morning--or in a
week, or whatever--you're going to be beheaded. While you're in that room, you
know your death is coming.

And then you're picturing yourself outside, where you're about to be beheaded.
And you're picturing all the people who are standing there--all the people you
love and all the people you fear. And there are people who turned on you, so
there are issues of betrayal. And in this dark night of the soul, everything drifts
away that is of the typical 3rd-dimensional way of thinking, because you are
confronting this moment of truth. And so all is stripped away but your own core
experience of your life at that time.

In that moment it's like a camera lens opening. You have an energetic feeling of
something so much greater than yourself, and something gives you inspiration.
Something helps bring peace to you, even if you believe your God has betrayed
you. That something is your future self . . . at the moment your future self turns
into you. In that moment, when the shutter opens, in that life there is a
consciousness and a bridging and a reunion with a future consciousness or a
future expression of yourself, and that is how you access that life back and forth
across time.

I received the following email message and thought it might be interesting regarding what I experienced in the Anne Boleyn session. 

Sent: Sunday, March 26, 2006 2:55 AM

"Hi, I was reading about your Anne Boleyn experience, and I am very interested in it. I've never heard of anything like this so I was wondering if you felt as if you were actually if you could visually see it, and touch things...? I have been interested in Anne Boleyn for the past three years now. I accidentally came across a fiction book about her, and I was so intrigued that I researched her more. My interest in her is unexplainable, but I'm strongly drawn to her. So, basically, I wanted to write to you because I'm curious to know details about it. I hope you respond. Thanks!" -- A.H.

Thank you for expressing an interest in my Anne Boleyn experience. I WAS getting clairvoyant images and other sense-based feelings as I was experiencing what you read about. Certainly the experiences, as transcribed, were quite vivid. No doubt there was some karmic relationship with her; however, I cannot say for certain whether my experiences were channeled or actual memories.

If you are aware that reincarnation is simultaneous--not linear--you might appreciate that in the work I do, the "goal" is to merge in consciousness with other incarnations of ourselves so that these are no longer fragmented. (They are as fragments to the Higher Self.) For some reason, there was healing for me in this experience. I do, for example, believe that I was beheaded in some Elizabethan life that I re-experienced during a hypnotic regression with Sheri Edwards* in 1979. And Melora, my very trusted guide for these many years, affirmed that I had suffered the soul trauma of that beheading.

Beyond these other certainties, however, there is no way to "prove" that I was Anne Boleyn.

* This is discussed in my book--Soul Retrieval: Return to Wholeness (2nd edition, 2006; ISBN # 141201613-4). Now available as a Kindle Book. and/or for single-copy orders:


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