Melora Talks: THE BOULDER SERIES 10/25/98 (Sunday AM--1st Talk)


SOUL RETRIEVAL & The Etheric Crystalline Body *

Melora through Joanna Neff (Jyoti Alla-An)

We are Melora. We welcome you most heartily this morning. ["Good morning"'s all around.] Our very great pleasure. We would like to talk about the etheric crystalline body as our Jyoti started to introduce it to you. And, as our Jyoti said, this is an important concept right now, and we have said several times as Theresa has said: "As above, so below." We say, "As below, so above" (laughter). The reason why we say this is so that you will understand that at least a portion of the infinite varieties of creation that you experience here, at least those are out there, as you would say, and many more, of course.

So as there are these kind of crystals that you call physical, there are also crystals that are etheric; as you have a physical body, you have an etheric body. As you have an etheric body, you have an etheric crystalline body. And up until these times of the great anchorings of the light on the earth and the great openings of the vast energy portals and so forth, the great communion through channelled information and through people connecting with their guidance and higher selves, up until this point--and what a long sentence that has been--up until this point only a few very ardent seekers have managed to create the etheric crystalline body. It is something that must be formed out of intention, out of increasing vibration.

In the past, out of many austerities in going through ancient initiation levels as the Egyptian adepts did and so forth, one could build the etheric crystalline body. Eessentially it is your translation mechanism into your light form, your light body form, and so forth. Obviously, if you went instantly from a physical body to this form, it would be sort of like spontaneous combustion, only with a happier outcome, do you see? This does not mean the death of the body and the soul leaving the body only to have to come back into another body again but actually bringing the body to light.

This is a gradual translation process, down to the DNA level, down to the cellular level, that you are calling Ascension. There are various levels of ascension, and, yes, there is some point at which you will cease to be visible to those around you, as in the New Testament: disappearing "in the twinkling of an eye."

You take Ascension. In that sense it cannot be described as occurring in levels, because at that point it is all or nothing, do you see? You take your Ascension as you are en route, so to speak, as you're going through these translation processes--translations of light, translations of frequencies, translations of what you would consider to be almost computer programs but at the DNA level. You are constantly upgrading your software at the DNA level, uploading light, more and more light quotient, of very specific kinds.

We know by what we have heard, if you will, that when people discuss going to light or "having more light," it is sort of a nebulous thing to you. You just sort of see light. We would like to say that very precise qualities, intervals, patterns, geometric structures, and so forth, are forming. Remember from basic biology what it looks like when cells keep multiplying and dividing--especially the fertilized egg, the zygote. It is much like the hologram with the flower of love, is it not? You're building a geodesic dome. You start out with one structure and then it keeps dividing and multiplying and then you have a vaster structure and so on. This would be closer to what's really happening within your cells, within your DNA and so forth.

Now, the information about the etheric crystalline body that would be helpful to discuss with you at this time regards the Atlantean tonals and The Heart-Axis mudras in combination and the colors. Using these in combination not only accelerates the process of building your etheric communication network but it accelerates the process of your own building of your etheric crystalline body.

So there are two things simplistically that are going on here: This is you individually as you change and translate into your ascension body, as it were, and how that affects virtually everyone around you in the body--your associations with other people as you link these petals together in these groups. Everyone in your soul group (your Higher Self, your Overbeing, all of these ascended masters that you have called in and so forth, and many hosts of others that you have no idea even exist out there)is affected. We cannot Ascend without your ascending.

All right. So again, many people's approach to Ascension has been, "Little old me. What do I need to do so I can get out of here?" What they're forgetting is that we're all in this together. We say, "You are not to feel small or less than we are; you are not to feel that we are above you. You are to understand that you are all interconnected in the Oneness." That should give you the appropriate perspective in your Ascension world. Y

Yes, there comes a time--and this is the time that we are in now--when people have stopped assimilating vast quantitites of information. And J. and D. and our Jyoti were talking about this on Friday night. But what they're seeing is that instead of reading three books a week on Ascension, people are going within, working on what is left to release that is standing in their way. And, yes, friendships have taken a hit here too as people renegotiate the difference between where they feel they ought to be and where they feel others ought to be and where they really are. Honestly and truly. And this is only at the 3-D level!

So if you multiply that by all the other levels that are going on with that, it's like, what is really true is if you could take off this 3rd-dimensional schlock (laughs) like an overcoat, you would be standing there in your exalted form and none of that would have any importance to you whatsoever. But the truth is that you are still in physical bodies, and as long as you are in a physical body, there is going to be some ego. There must be, or you would not be able to relate to this "reality" at all as you are moving through 3rd-, 4th-and 5th-dimensional consciousness. (Yes. There will be a point at which 3rd-dimensional consciousness drops away, but until the whole package is set and you're ready, you will be anchored in some ways into 3-D.)

The etheric body in each individual is more or less there. It really is like a building being constructed. And so what do you put on first? Perhaps the foundation, which a lot of you have been doing with reading, with workshops, with self-analysis and processing: "Where am I? What do I need to get rid of? What do I need to enhance?" Walls and a roof. You would say, rafters, floorboards and basic structure. The two-by-fours if you will, where the window's going to go and so forth. But it could still rain in there. You're really not going to have a completed form until you start putting up the bricks on the outside. And you're going to put on the drywall and so on. And this is a process that keeps taking place.

And so, is it going to be finished with just the structure? No. You have to be able to live in it. You have to be able to feel comfortable in it. And when all the furnishings are there, including the total opening up and activating of the main etheric crystals--that would be like furnishing a main room like the kitchen or the bedroom, do you see? That sort of thing? (We hope we're not belaboring this analogy too much.) We're talking about what is necessary for that really to be a finished "home."

Perhaps this gives you an idea of, yes, a linear process but also a multi-dimensional process. Also a sense of involvement of time. Also a thoroughness, so that if you leave one whole wall out, the rain and the snow and the wind are going to come in. And so you may have three walls and a roof up, but you may not have that fourth wall up. And that may be because of karmic reasons . . . things that you haven't resolved, maybe because of open portals in one of your bodies or in several of your bodies. Maybe because you have been stewing around and you've been hanging out with someone of a very unsavory nature and you caught a dark entity like a virus from that person . . . And that of course is going to really shut down the light quotient on the south side of your house or whatever, just for the analogy. So ultimately it's the choices that you make and the consciousness that you have and the intention that you have on your journey in building this.

Now. Workshops such as this, as you know and as you have experienced, accelerate this process of releasing whatever stands in your way. You have to dig the foundation so you're releasing the earth away from this area to dig the basement. Or sometimes, unfortunately, you have to move a tree if you're going to add onto your house or whatever. You're moving things around you. You are having to get rid of certain things in order to make room for something else to come in.

And so it is with your physical body as you know, releasing toxins, raising your vibration and so forth. Doing toning, healing, becoming harmonic. And so the process of building the etheric crystalline body is complex and, yes, it takes time.

We would like to describe some of the other main etheric crystals in the body at this time. Our Jyoti talked about this holographic tool here [indicating the third eye] and the "antennae," the little crystals. . . we're seeing five to seven crystals (of course, linked energetically), coiled one-and-a-half times right over the temple above each ear. And then there's a main one at the base of the skull. And so yes, R., in doing cranio-sacral work, it is critical to release blockages that would shut down the full expression and development of this main crystal here at the base of the skull.

More on Toning

And when our Jyoti woke up at 3:30 this morning, we told her to tell you (and she's reminding us to say this because she thinks she'll forget) that when you project the tonals through your hands to the client--for example, when the client is working on an issue and feels stuck--you can project the "eureka" tonals, a-ha, through your hands as you practiced yesterday. The resonance of a-ha is: "I get it." And you can actually trigger the revelatory experience by sending that through your hands to the person.

And you can launch from that in some other tonals for creating specific results, R., as can the rest of you. If you're feeling down, say, "yippee!" (and mean it). You can change your entire emotional gestalt by picking words that you use when you're feeling wonderful, when you're feeling pleasantly surprised or whatever, do you see? Okay. A little departure there.

All right. So we have the main etheric crystalline structure here at the base of the brain. You also have one behind the heart chakra, and this is not necessarily the chakra itself. This is a main center right now. It's a rather large etheric structure at the heart chakra, and out of that comes many light structures, spoke-like. This crystal is like the hub of a wheel, and they are actually transmitting energy in a very similar manner to what T. describes in her poster.

All right. These filaments of light run energy, but they are also beacons, almost like little lighthouses, in certain spiral patterns to the other beings in your vertical soul hierarchy--to the other members of your soul group and so forth. If you could see these and not be in a physical body, you would see a lot of filaments of light, almost like the silicon filaments of fiberoptics. These create beautiful spiral patterns that are almost like a pinwheel pattern on a top as you spin it and it whirls.

And that is seen from above, perceived from above. That is what you "look like" to other members of your soul group--like a beautiful pinwheel of filaments of light. Some are going counter-clockwise; some are going clockwise. And this is a very simplistic description. We're only talking about the etheric crystalline body part of it.

When you add up all the other energies of the etheric communication webwork, working with your merkaba, and so forth, you would look at it and say, "This is hopeless! I could never navigate through this and figure out what all of these are." Fortunately, you don't have to figure it out (laughs).

All right. In mentioning these things, we're emphasizing that it is important to start to detach from your identification with yourself as a 3rd- dimensional being. And one way that we have already described to do this is (actually, the Lady Master Isis was talking about this)to stop being afraid of intensity. Stop feeling intense movement and intense energy, because when you come into your experience of yourself as a light form, and when you lose the density of the physical form, you are not only going to feel like you're a helium balloon taking off but you're also going to feel like you're going very fast, and indeed you will be.

So there are reasons for terms such as "speed of light," do you see? (laughs). These are not just scientific terms. These are to help you understand that there are other ways of experiencing yourself as a being. And so you can see how impossible it is for the mental apparatus to be able even to figure this out, much less experience it, as you would something like driving your car down the street (laughs.

In order to begin to experience yourself in your light forms, it is recommended that you begin to allow yourself to experience these accelerated feelings of energy moving in, around and through your body, first of all, because if there is resistance you will keep coming back and anchoring your consciousness in 3rd dimension,because that is what seems so much more comfortable. We will assure you, however, that this will keep you from moving on.

So, yes, it is difficult to operate in 3rd-, 4th- and 5th-dimensional consciousness simultaneously. But understand that, when an Ascended Master such as St. Germain has appeared before people and taken form so that he can instruct people and remind them of their great missions in their past lives, their grand past lives and so forth as great beings, that these Ascended Masters are operating in multimensional bodies all at one time. So it is possible, do you see? (laughs) And it takes great mastery, of course, to do this. Give us a moment.

Our Jyoti gives us permission to use an example of the difficulty of operating in 3rd-, 4th- and 5th- dimensional consciousness all at one time. She's been experiencing this more lately, where her thought processes are so accelerated that it's a real challenge to try to communicate with people in her office. And it's as though they are literally in slow-motion. And this has nothing to do with intelligence. This is not an intellectual arrogance on her part; it's that they are not running at the same speed.

It's like rpm records: There's a 78; there's a 33; there's a 45. Do you see? And so each one is faster than the other and whatever. And so many of you may have felt this too, but maybe you thought it was just the content. Maybe you just thought that it was that this content was way above everybody else. They haven't studied the same books; they weren't going to the same workshops, and so forth.

It's not just that! It is that you have an accelerated experience of your reality. You have an accelerated consciousness, and so what appears to you not to be normal is something that has been a long time in coming. This acceleration . . . actually, we started to say that this is building slowly, but actually it hasn't been (laughs). It is sort of like big jumps. And so throughout the various anchorings of the light and energy portals opening, Harmonic Convergence, Hale Bopp, and since then, actually you take leaps. It's not a nice, linear, slow, comfortable way. All of a sudden you're accelerated to here (gestures). All of a sudden you're accelerated to here. And there are these big gaps in between, and we know that you know what we're talking about.

If you have people who are primarily of 3rd-dimensional consciousness, who have maybe only begun to build their etheric crystalline bodies, maybe they're really afraid, but they're, literally, on a different . . . how shall we say this? They are going much more slowly in their entire experience of reality. This makes it difficult both for you and for them, does it not? They are just as befuddled around you as you are around them (laughs). They truly know that you are not from here, do you see? (Laughter.) But it doesn't occur to them consciously to think, "Oh, this is a Star Being, of course" (laughs). That's not it. "We are not communicating" would be a good way to put, and which is probably the bottom line here. "We are just not communicating."

And so as we were saying a few moments ago, friendships are really going in and out, making great transformations and so forth, because as things are accelerated, you're going to clash. What's clashing is the slow areas--the areas with residue, the areas that still need to be resolved, do you see? And the clashes seem more real in 3D than do the areas of harmony. Do you see what we're getting at here? So the clashes are occuring in 3D manner; they're occuring in 3D issues. Are you with us here? And so we would encourage you to shift your perception into the areas of acceleration that you share. Shift your perception into areas of harmony that you share because that harmonic resonance is going to be what you have allowed, what you have attained, in your spiritual development. Any questions?
D: You just reminded me of a woman I knew. She once explained how she would go out to lunch with fellow spiritual people and they would work in that sacred geometry. But they didn't talk to one another anymore, because it wasn't necessary. she told me that they would just go into this shift, and there wasn't much conversation because they were talking to one another at another level.

Yes, and although we are talking now to you, we are also doing other things at the same time. We are also communicating with you through this beautiful structure that you have created together. All of you are gods-- all of the great Lady Masters of Karma and our selves. We are working multidimensionally to communicate with you so that it is not just what we're saying, and that is okay. But we would caution you about just talking talking talking talking talking talking talking--just to talk (laughter), because that is very 3D.

Even if the content is intellectual or metaphysical or whatever. If you're talking as we are, and you are also consciously working in 5th dimension, that energy, that information, will be conveyed as they can absorb it according to their Higher Self--not with their ears but energetically. And so we would caution you that when you're talking, be aware of the frequency, value and content that hopefully should be there, rather than just getting on a roll and playing out the tape. Do you see?

And, yes, those women who no longer need to talk but who still communicate quite clearly and effectively have come into a consciousness where they trust their own state of being, and that "just being" is going to communicate. This is indeed the ultimate communication. This level of communication is possible if one is sitting here just in a state of being rather than doing or saying, and if one becomes still--as what happened as you did the eye-to-eye exercise: no talking, remember? And the information that you got was important information about each other. Whether linear or not, it didn't matter. You received according to what each allowed the other to experience at the soul level. And this would be a good description of what these women are doing. Another question?

D: Will we be able to ask where we are in our crystalline body?

This would not really be possible to describe because it is so complex. We could say something like, "Oh, your big toe isn't lit up"(laughter), but it wouldn't really have much meaning for you because it is not really associated with parts of the body. There are main points of juncture as we described(gesturing)-- here and the base of the skull and the heart line. This is almost like safety-pinning your bodies together with that structure as you still have a physical body. But the safety pins would drop away as you bring your body to light, something like this. It's not really something we--even if we could describe--we might not be willing to . . . set up a competitive spirit among you, for example (laughter). You're farther along than she is, and so forth.

D: My question is, we are talking about being able to travel in this body and then come back to our physical body. We're not talking about just totally leaving this body and--

No, you're not leaving your bodies. You're going to bring your bodies to light. they're going to be transmuted so that you will not leave them behind as a shell, as in death. Bring your bodies to light.

D: I'm confused because I'm thinking . . . this is the travel that (unintelligible) describes, and I believe this is the same . . . same . . .

No. You know how (this may be a rather gross example),say, you have a body, say a cadaver. Let's just say the word. And for the sake of science and medical knowledge, people start to take away layers so they can understand how the body is put together. Do you see? So you have this layer of this skin, and you have this other layer of viscera, another kind of connective tissue layer. Then you have the muscles and the tendons, and then you have the skeletal structure and so forth. But in addition to that you have the specific organs, and the complexity of those organs and their relationship to each other. And you have the eyes and their function, and the ears. And the nerve endings, and the whole nerve network, and the whole circulatory system. Do you see? T

This is the inner relationship of all these bodies. This is similar, do you see? So when we're talking about the etheric crystalline body, you could think of that as a "layer," just for a simplistic discussion. So we're saying that the etheric crystalline body is not what you go out and travel in.

D: What is the function of it?

It is your personal communication--light communication --body.

D: . . . that stays within you?

Only much lit-up. Much more intricately developed for a specific purpose. The raw noetic body, if you will, is not inherently developed to that point in terms of its light filaments.

D: And what would you describe the body that you use to travel--not astrally, but soul travel?

The Light Body.

D: Does this assist . . . does this crystalline body assist our Light Body?

Yes. (long pause) The etheric crystalline body is like a liason to your light body for the sake of its communication with all the other bodies while you still have a physical body. And so when you do not have a physical body any longer, you do not need the etheric crystalline body. It is like an etheric scaffolding with centers of communication to link these developmental processes that are required for you to bring your body to light--like a scaffolding. Like painters standing on a scaffolding, building the scaffolding before--as the building is being erected.

But as you bring your body to light and you no longer have the gross, dense, physical 3D body, the etheric crystalline body is no longer necessary. It is the scaffolding for Ascension--scaffolding that enables you to build your merkaba, and you can't build it without intimate communication with your Higher Self, with other beings who are assisting you, and even with your own higher bodies. Communicating so that you can become conscious. . . yes?

J: So, in the case of an ascended master actually appearing in the physical form, then do they need to construct a crystalline body in order to do that?

No, because what they are appearing before you as is not really a dense 3-D body. It is more like a projected hologram. Anyone else?

R: I'm curious about time frame. Is it some time in the next 20 years, 50 years? Is it different for everyone? I mean obviously not, but--

You obviously haven't worked enough times with us to know that we do not do fortune telling (laughter).

R: You are sounding pretty sure that it is happening now--

What is your sense for yourself?

R: Well, that was my next question. I don't necessarily have that exact phenomenon--not being able to communicate with people around me per se . . . either that or not that I'm very conscious of it. And basically I sense a distortion in some ways, so I'm wondering if that distortion that I'm feeling is that energy accelerating.

How do you experience the distortion? What makes you know that it's distorted?

R: Well, that's what I can't quite put my finger on. Time feels strange . . . sometimes maybe accelerated and sometimes, "was it only an hour and fifteen minutes? How did I get all that done in an hour and fifteen minutes?"

Right. Or why did it take me four hours to do one tiny thing?

R: Or just come to the feeling I have right now, of: "My head feels really big" or something" (laughs)--not quite all here but not quite all somewhere else, but it's so lucid and subtle that I don't know if I'm imagining it, or . . . so that's my question. But my next question is: Is that, that? (laughs)

Yes, it is. That is that. (laughter)

R: Okay!

The time tables of course, are going to be as individual as there are people. But, as we said in our Ascension article, at no time in Earth history before this time has there been a greater opportunity for a greater number of people to ascend by the millions. In the past, Buddha (and others) did it once every however many hundred years. Someone was able to attain that, but it was much more difficult to attain it then than it is now.

So much help is here; so many exponential effects are taking place. These happened as a result of the seed portals being opened and the light being anchored and so forth--and because so many millions are consciously seeking, intending, that this process to occur. It is like this beautiful hologram of love in which you all support each other in terms of the exponential effect of light. And you don't even have to personalize it--just raise your own vibration and light quotient and build these structures in groups, these etheric geometric structures in groups.

These communication networks have great broadcasting power, great transmitting volume, if you will, to all the rest of the light structures. Of course the goal is that they will be interconnected rather in one fell swoop, which is the way that we would answer your question. You get there by heading in that direction and stepping in that direction, and all of a sudden these will link up. Or all of a sudden this portion of the vast, possible (intrinsically possible) light network as a whole will be completed . . . or not.


We would suggest that before cataclysm takes place on the Earth and whenever the Earth ascends purely into 5th-dimensional consciousness, she will take those with her that are the most complete in these networks. So if you have most of your etheric crystalline body created, D., you will go with her. But if you have only one little rung created, you probably are going to have to continue to experience your 3D whatever it was that you chose to experience.

So there is a more-or-less factor that you could say. Perhaps if it's 55% percent created, you'll go with her, and that acceleration will take place very quickly; the rest of that will be completed for you. You will not be left hanging, because, as you go with her into 5th-dimensional consciousness and all of the density drops away, the impediments to the completion will drop away. The density drops away, and so very quickly it can now be finished.

R: All the population of beings on the Earth--are we all in the very early stages . . .

No. You're much farther along than you would ever dream of.

R: really . . .

. . . and the only thing keeping you from realizing that, again, is whatever attachment you still have in 3rd dimension, which is always going to give you the illusion of separation. It's always going to give you the illusion that you're not very far along because of that agreement that you will have that the rules here are that you are separated and that you are different from each other, and so forth.

So that is a good question, because the next question will probably be, "Well, how do you do more of this sort of thing and less of the 3D sort of thing?" And that's why we're proposing that you start focusing less and less on things here that are troubling you or bothersome to you. An example would be (and our Jyoti has given permission), say, that she's at work and everyone around her is on 33rpm and she is, what? Which one is higher--45? Is that faster? So they're 33 and she's 45, right?

Instead of trying to make sense of it and pounding her head against the wall to try to communicate, we would suggest that she go (laughing) "Okay!" which is really hard for her to do because she is so precise about, "This must be explained exactly right, and you must have a perfect understanding, and if we're not coming to communication I will tell it to you in another way and then perhaps you will get it." And we're saying that the speed is the problem here.

A way of not coming back and anchoring and getting involved in this would be just to say, "Okay." And then they're fine, and she's fine if she can let go of the question mark that she still has in her head that says, "This makes no sense to me whatsoever. How can I go along with this?" do you see, because they're feeling the same way: "She doesn't make any sense to me. So I'll just say this five more times, at 33 speed (laughs). And she's going, "I got it the first time" because I'm at 45, and it's just crazy-making."

And so we would suggest that this would be helpful to all of you in the room, too, to start to detach from these situations in which clearly you are not going to communicate because they are 45 and you are 33 speed. Do you see? It's not arrogant; it's just reality.

When you get involved in these interpersonal dramas that are 3-D in nature (and we assure you that every disharmonious encounter is a 3rd-dimensional encounter)--once you start to detach from those and let go of those, then you're moving in the direction of building your etheric crystalline body. You will be taking your body to light . . . holding enough light that you come out of not only physical density but consciousness density. Mm-hm?

J: I have a question about THE ONE. It seems like there's been this dichotomy about the channeled information that we're given. Sometimes it's being said that nobody is going to Ascend--not the planet and no one person--until everybody's ready. I've heard that no one will ascend unless everyone ascends, since we are all part of the One, and that nobody is going to be "left behind." Then there is the other thread of thought that goes, "Well, you know? The ones of you that are spiritual will experience this moving into your light body and actually take your physical body with you."

So I'm having a problem with the Oneness. If truly the 3-D perception of separation (you know--that we're separate beings) is illusion, then how can we be talking about some of us going and some of us staying? Or some of us choosing a 3-D experience (you know?) on another planet, and the rest of us becoming ascended masters that can move around in their light bodies, become physical and then return to where we came from, and so forth?

Part of this may have been answered by what we said a few moments ago, but we will provide more of a foundation for understanding. Perhaps this will help: As long as you're in a physical body, the timetable for the Earth's Ascension is critical to you. Are you with us so far? So those who haven't already taken their bodies to light before the Earth comes into a full 5th-dimensional translation, if you will, will not be tied to the earth's timetable. And this would include those who are actually returning to higher dimensions than the 5th.

Those who are Star Beings, who are from 7th dimension, obviously are not going to come into a light body and go to a lower dimension on the 5th-dimensional earth. Do you see? They came as Star Beings from 7th dimension and incarnated so they could be here as "ground crew" for these processes to help bring other people to light in their work here. And they're not going to be going to a 5th-dimensional earth; they're going to be going back to 6th dimension, back to 7th dimension. So there is that group.

And so their Ascension timing is not tied with the earth as a physical process; it is tied in terms of the mission that they chose to do, do you see? And that is where we're perceiving that part of your question about "until all ascend, none will ascend," but we're saying that is by choice, not by mechanism. This means: "Is my mission accomplished here, or am I cutting out and copping out too early? Do you see? There's that part of it.

The other part of it is for those who are going to ascend to 5th-dimensional consciousness. The earth's timetable is critical to them because they will dwell on the 5th-dimensional, conscious being that you term the Earth, when she ascends. And so in that sense she is your spaceship and you all will be on it when she ascends.

And that is what we meant by the more-or-less etheric crystalline body formed. So if most of it's there and the earth takes her Ascension, you will be going with her. Because that density will drop away very quickly, the other aspects or elements of the etheric crystalline body will form. This will be more jarring to people than the other way of doing it . . . consciously and gradually, as you can understand.

Now those who are returning somewhere--the Star Beings who are returning, who are going home--are going to literally be beamed up. Now we heard this described very well and we confirmed this. Those who are star beings, who came to incarnate in bodies, will be beamed up first, and what will happen is that you will have about 15 seconds to step into the beam and it's going to appear and be calibrated just for you individually. If you're afraid, and if you hesitate, and if you're too tied here and you don't step into the beam, then you'll be around for a few more lifetimes, do you see? You may or may not be able to get home for awhile.

So for all, there is going to be sort of a moment of truth. For the Star Beings returning home--the beam comes for you . . . you have 15 seconds, you step into it and you're out of here. And you go. You're taken to a mother ship and you have a period of education and re-acclimation with members of your family, your star family, and so forth ,to help you to get over the shock (laughs).

Those who are going to Ascend with the Earth and dwell on her in this beautiful Golden Age of harmony, with the beautiful golden cities that St. Germain talks about in the I Am America books (by Leonard and Lori Toye that they translated in the mid-80's) will experience the beautiful harmony, will experience the wonders of energies of no automobiles, no pollution, colors that you've never experienced on the Earth-- everywhere. A return of the species that have become extinct now, co-habiting with you in harmony, and so forth. And then you will continue to evolve, so that you allow higher and higher dimensional consciousness for yourselves. Have we answered your question?

J: Yes, thank you. I have one other question. There are beings that have been among us that have already taken their bodies to light?

Yes, and this is a very interesting question, because it brings up another aspect of the question that you asked. It is not just coincidence that you know anyone whom you know in your life or that you share closer relationships with particular people than with others. It is like when they do those group parachute jumps--when they form a little circle? And they're floating in the air, and sometimes there's a wedding in the air . . . And you know the circle of the skydivers? They form a circle and their bodies are trailing out parallel to the earth, and they're just in this little circle!

This is what we're seeing as the image of your Ascension connections, so this is a wonderful question because it brings up what you've been discussing tangentially. That is that there is an interdependency in this timetable that you've asked about. All right? And your interdependency with each other in this process is a description of your associations together in other lifetimes. And so there is an interdependency in resolving karma, not only in this lifetime but in other lifetimes. What were your issues? What needs to be brought back, what needs to be discarded, what needs to be released, what needs to be forgiven?

You work with each other over and over again, lifetime after lifetime. What you interpret oftentimes as an individual need to release a problem with a certain person is actually a group thing. And so if you think of the hexagonal shapes throughout a honeycomb as they intersect with each other, this is how your lives touch each other--not just now but in your associations at the soul level and in the associations within what you call incarnation.

However, you all now know that reincarnation is simultaneous. It just appears to be linear. So this is why it can be resolved through soul retrieval, through the grace of such as the Lady Master Kuan Yin relieving karma, and the work of the lady masters of karma and The Council of Twelve coming from so many different, complex, multidimensional directions, if you will. We can use this term holistically to help you resolve these things, multidimensionally to assist you in reconnecting through these wonderful communication structures. One dimension of this you could call the etheric communication webwork; another, the etheric crystalline body, and your other higher bodies. Others include your Higher self and members of your Soul Group. Do you see? All right?

D: Something . . . a phenomenon that has happened to me . . . I think this is that months go by where everyone I look at doesn't seem to be a stranger. Everyone looks like someone I know. I look at them harder and they just look like somebody I know. I'm in an airport and I see face after face after face, and now I've become kind of used to it. I don't even register anymore. Do you know what I'm saying?

Part of that is actual recognition of those from other lifetimes, and sometimes you just have an agreement to pass by each other on the street and "check in." That's all that you do in a particular lifetime--just wave from across the street.

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