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Because Masters in the Etheric realm are supporting our Ascension in consciousness perhaps as never before in Human history, our Higher Selves are not only allowing the release of our karma but are also actively compelling us to resolve our karma through healing and clearance.


Not only are there etheric cords between us in the current lifetime and us in our other embodiments, but also there are etheric cords between us and other people. I have come to believe strongly that it is these etheric cords play a major role in conveying--and binding us to--our karma across lifetimes. In other words, these cords are a major part of what keeps our karmic lessons active and shared from lifetime to lifetime.

This 80-minute session elegantly and pervasively resolves a lot of karma across lifetimes that clients have with key people in their current lifetime. Session time permits the de-cording from the client of only three people. In order to do the work I need the names/cities/states or countries of the three people in clients' lives whom they believe are, or have been, the most destructive and/or toxic to their well-being. Most people have no trouble figuring out who these people are!


This session includes, but is not limited to:

  Basic Soul Clearance for the client and for up to 3 people with whom the client shares this cording
  Determining how many past lives client has been involved with these same people
  Determining the main karmic issues that keep binding the client with these same people
  Determining how many cords there are between the client and these people
  Determining from which "direction" the cords are coming (from the client to these people and from these people to the client)
  Removing all cords between the client and these people
  Releasing from the client--and returning to these people--those soul aspects that have been "held" by the client
  Soul Retrieval for the client of lost soul aspects held by these people
  Neutralizing consciousness bridging
  Removing curses, psychic attacks and psychic aggression
  Assessing the degree client is responsible for past/recent repercussions
  Asessing to what degree client is resistant to accepting karmic responsibility

The ECR session is very comprehensive--and fair regarding
the resolution of karma--for ALL parties involved.


OBSESSIONS: First Loves and Aprés-Breakups

A classic example of the need to remove etheric cords occurs when a client breaks up with someone--or when that someone breaks up with the client. The beloved one may have "corded" to our love chakras: the 2nd chakra (reproductive/creative) and the 4th chakra (heart and emotions). And/or the person may have corded to other chakras.

By the same token, we may have corded to them. Although this is usually unconscious, some sinister individuals are able to do this on purpose. (An example is a famous "New Age" channel who customarily sent out etheric "nooses" that wrapped around the necks of workshop and readings attendees. In this way the channel could hold them captive for financial gain and as "groupies.")


When we obsess about others, and when they obsess about us, consciousness "bridges" keep being constructed energetically. These are actually forms of harassment and, as a result, we can feel ongoing intrusion, trespass and even a sense of being violated.

If there is a lot of anger involved, the repetive angry thoughts may well have become curses that are affecting one's health and prosperity. In this session we address this mental "spamming" by neutralizing what is being "sent" and by setting up shielding against further intrusion.


Amazingly often, when we think of someone obsessively after a divorce or a breakup, it's really because we instinctively know that they have pieces of us, and we want and need to have those lost soul aspects back.

Often when we experience trauma, parts of our soul just "leave." And when we have close relationships with toxic people or attract co-dependent partners, these people often "steal" parts of us.


Since clients may be "holding" soul aspects of the individual(s) with whom they share etheric cording across lifetimes, in the Etheric Cords Removal session I also do Soul Fragment Releasement. This involves the "return" of soul fragments to those to whom clients were corded--and the return of the client's soul fragments from those other individuals. Since these people who have been obsessing about my clients usually just want their soul aspects back, this lets a lot of pressure off those who have sought my help.

A client from Austria asked me whether I could de-cord him from his deceased animals. From my own experience I have learned that we share other lifetimes with our companion animals. And so the same techniques I use for people can be used for de-cording from them. It's all about clearing our karma with these beings.

Because of strong "attachment" to a former home or other location, we may literally be bound to these. Long after we have physically moved on to another residence or new geographical area, we may feel the "tug" of cords to the previous location. Therefore, I also offer a special de-cording session focusing on removing cords that bind us to past buildings and cities, etc. This is especially helpful in resolving difficulties with selling a property from which we have physically moved away.


Regarding our responsibility for the negativity between ourselves and other people across lifetimes, it seems "unfair" to expect to resolve karma when we don't remember what we did in past lifetimes to others with whom we share etheric cording. However, it does seem "fair" that we should take responsibility for negative karma we have created with others in the current lifetime, for we can remember our part in this negativity we have created with others.

As a result of doing this modality for myself and for clients, I have learned that high numbers of soul fragments seem not to be able to be retrieved if the cording is not removed between people across lifetimes. And . . . because soul fragmenting occurs dynamically across lifetimes, the number of lost soul aspects is ever-changing.

Since soul aspects are shared across lifetimes, so, too, are losses of soul aspects (soul fragmenting). There are certain soul fragments that cannot be retrieved in a regular Soul Retrieval session but only when accompanied by Etheric Cords Removal.

On the other hand, the value of doing a separate Soul Retrieval session is that we can identify critical past-life relationships/present-life relationships--and perpetrators, if necessary--as the Who's of the soul fragmenting.

(A Note: At the beginning of each Soul Retrieval session I always remove etheric cords between clients in their current lifetime and themselves in past-life embodiments. Removing etheric cords allows the retrieval of far more lost soul aspects than if I had not removed these cords. In addition, the Higher Beings who do this work through me retrieve, purify, and integrate with my clients thousands of their formerly lost soul aspects.)

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Session Fee: $135.00 U.S.

I require payment via PayPal up-front before scheduling a session.
When I have received notice from PayPal that you have sent your payment, I will email you with your session date.


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