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The Emotion Coding Release series is based on what I learned from reading Dr. Bradley Nelson's The Emotion Code. The purpose of this series of sessions is to release emotions trapped in people's physical bodies. Trapped emotions create pain and distortion in the tissues, and can continue to "attract" other emotions to the same location(s), causing chronic illness, stress and pain.

I consider Emotion Coding Release to be "the top of the mountain" regarding all the sessions I offer. This modality is proving to be THE best way to give people relief NOW.

Emotions trapped in our entire energy field (where our karma "resides") are read by all those with whom we come in contact--usually subconsiously. This means that others often unconsciously react to what's in our energy field: major negative issues, harmful emotions, and past-life residues.The release of harmful emotions trapped in one's body is permanent. In addition, if inherited, these emotions are simultaneously released from your ancestors who also had these harmful emotions trapped in their bodies.

I ask which trapped emotions are the most harmful for the client--and which can be released "right now." Because I also diagnose when each originally was trapped in the body and where each emotion is trapped, I can release only 5-6 of the most harmful emotions in each session. [I'm finding that most of my clients have from 10-15 harmful emotions trapped in various places in their physical body (including internal organs and spine) and chakra centers.] All clients' harmful emotions are also trapped in their entire energy field!


Link to helpful video about Emotion Codes (15 mins.)


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