* Energy Healing Facilitator for more than 30 years

* Certificate of Associate in "Interspecies Communication," through Joyce Leake's "Animal University"

* Traditional Usui Reiki Master / Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki Master

I am now offering Emotion Coding Release for companion animals. The purpose of this session is to release emotions trapped in animals' physical bodies. Trapped emotions create pain and distortion in the tissues, and can continue to "attract" other emotions to the same location(s), causing chronic illness, stress and pain.

Our Companion Animal's History Is Often a Mystery

When we "adopt" an animal from the local Humane Society, pet-supplies store, or even a friend or neighbor, we don't usually know about what trauma that animal has previously endured. As with human beings, such harsh experiences leave emotional wounds and scars. Often with "street cats" or other litters unwanted by humans, when kittens are separated from their mothers, they experience the same kinds of wounds that humans do. These include feelings of stress, rejection, anger, etc.

Because most people are not trained to communicate with an animal to "hear its story," we don't know how to remedy its behavioral "problems". In addition, we are not trained to be dog or cat "whisperers"--who know why animals do what they do and how to understand their body language and other forms of communicating. I feel so blessed to be able to be the "voice" of these dear creatures by diagnosing the harmful emotions trapped in their bodies and by then releasing them.

Impact of Technology on Our Companion Animals

In recent years, how many times have we met someone at a coffee shop--or even lunch--only to find virtually everyone "on" their Ipads or cell phones? There they sit, next to each other or across from each other, not talking or even making eye-contact. A friend of mine lamented recently that she observed her teenage son and his friends sitting together in her living room and texting each other!

During a Master Class in Animal Communication teleconference last year, my animal- communication mentor, Joyce Leake, cautioned us about an alarming new trend: We are imposing our emotional needs on animals "tri-fold." This is because, she said, of how disconnected from each other we have become, largely due to advanced technologies. Our cell phone talking, our texting, "tweeting" and posting on "Instagram"--all actually have taken us farther apart in our human interactions.

Joyce lamented that when she communicates with clients' companion animals, she has found that these creatures are so overburdened with their guardians' emotional neediness that they are literally begging for help. This is the biggest challenge, Joyce emphasized, to animals' gift to us of unconditional love. They desperately need respite . . . from us!

Thus, people's animals often "absorb" their guardians' harmful emotions because of their empathic relationship to them. Emotion Coding Release is perfect for unburdening companion animals of such harmful emotions.

My Emotion Coding Release work is based on what I learned from Dr. Bradley Nelson's book-- The Emotion Code--and from work I have alread done for a number of my human clients. (Dr. Nelson has applied the term "Emotion Code" to the protocols he uses to release these trapped emotions from his patients.) When Dr. Nelson began to apply these techniques to help his patients' animals, he was surprised that they worked miraculously-- most notably with behavioral issues:

When using The Emotion Codes technique on my own clients' companion animals, I found one-to-one correlations between the locations of symptoms and locations of emotions trapped in the animals' bodies:

CASE STUDY: Rex, a 7 year-old bulldog--diagnosed with mast-cell tumors of legs and abdomen by a licensed veterinarian.


 Negativity (Guardian's)
upper legs (all 4), abdomen & chest, brain, lumbar vertebrae #1 & #5; entire energy field and physical heart / heart chakra, root chakra, 2nd chakra, solar-plexus chakra

 (unable to release in session 1)

abdomen, upper hind legs; entire energy field and root chakra, 2nd chakra lumbar vertebrae #3 & #5,

 Guilt (Guardian's)
entire energy field, brain, heart, abdomen, lumbar vetebrae #1 & #5, upper hind legs

 Grief (Guardian's)
 (unable to release in session 1)

 Gives Too Much (to Guardian)
entire energy field and physical heart / heart chakra, solar-plexus chakra; upper hind legs (all 4) lumbar vertebrae #3 & #5,

 Wounded (physically & emotionally)
 inherited genetically from his mother: entire energy field, heart / heart chakra; solar-plexus chakra; upper back egs, abdomen , lumbar vertebrae #3 & #5

CASE STUDY, Session #1 of 3: Pixel,
a 20-month-old feline--
adopted at 13 months




 age 3 months brain, heart; vertebrae (thoracic, lumbar, sacral, all tail bones, bones of upper & lower legs and of hind feet)

 at conception (from mother) tail, legs, paws; brain, heart, large intestine; vertebrae (thoracic, lumbar, sacral, all tail bones), bones of all 4 feet)

 Exhaustion (Mental & Emotional)
 age 5 months brain, heart, large intestine; skull, vertebrae (thoracic, lumbar, sacral, all tail bones), bones of all 4 feet)

 Rejection (by mother)
 age 6 weeks ears, eyes, paws, legs, tail; brain, heart, large intestine; vertebrae (thoracic, sacral, all tail bones), bones of upper front and hind legs & lower hind legs, and of all 4 feet)

 age 5 months eyes, brain, heart, large intestine; vertebrae (thoracic, lumbar, sacral, all tail bones), bones of upper front and hind legs)

Client feedback: Pixel was found outside with his siblings, when they were about 4 weeks old, and our animal communicator told us their mama had been hit by a car. Even though the babies were bottle fed, loved and nurtured by the rescuer, the prenatal experience and traumatic loss of mother's love at such a young age, would most certainly imprint on such a sensitive soul as Pixel. -- C.L. (Carlisle, PENNSYLVANIA)


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Session Fee: $75.00 U.S.



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