MAP* COMPANION ANIMAL "CONING" (communicating with their personal devas and nature spirits for healing and insight)

* from Michaelle Small Wright's book:--MAP: the Co-Creative White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program

Joanna Neff: Certificate of Associate in "Interspecies Communication," through Joyce Leake's "Animal University"; Energy Healing Facilitator for 25 years; *Traditional Usui Reiki Master

During your companion animal's MAP Session . . .

I connect with the animal's nature spirits and its higher self to (1) describe to them symptoms the animal is showing, (2) request healing, (3) find out what the animal is trying to communicate to you and (4) tell the animal what you want it to know.

Particularly in multiple-animal households there can be very complex, and sometimes toxic, interactions that seem impossible to remedy. These always seem to revolve around the companion animals' guardian(s), and sometimes we request "an attitude adjustment." In most of these cases, I need to work with each animal individually--and sometimes I need to send healing to the owner around the animal's "issues."

Sometimes I find that an animal has "picked up" negative elementals and/or negative entities that need to be removed in order to restore the animal's health and well-being. However, more often than not, it is the animal's "owner" (guardian) who needs clearing.

Through the webpage for all the healing modalities I offer, I once got a request from a client in Europe to help her with the relationship between her and her horse. This client said that her horse would not come near her voluntarily and that it was very skittish around her. I diagnosed that the problem was with the horse's "owner," who needed to have negative entities removed from her. Once I had performed intensive Soul Clearance (entity removal) on this woman, her horse totally calmed down and willingly came to her.

While working on another case I discovered that in a household of 6 cats, one "problem" male cat was trying to tell its owner that there were a lot of negative entities in their home! These did not seem to affect the other cats much. However, the only female (a frail, easily intimidated older cat) was intensely afflicted because of the negative energies surrounding her.


If you know of an animal that needs assistance, please also consider these other two healing modalities.

Emotion Coding Release



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