THE PHOTON BAND, Part 1 (Reprise)

A Melora Article

through Joanna Neff

Although few have written recently about our Solar System's immersion in the Photon Band, it is nevertheless still happening.

In her 2004 book, Alchemy of the Nine Dimensions: Decoding the Vertical Axis, Crop Circles and the Mayan Calendar, Barbara Hand Clow asserts: "The Photon Band that is now activating Earth . . . is a key part of the great Milky Way structure. The Photon Band has joined Alcyone*, our Sun, and the Sirius star system in a synchronistic flow that started 225 million years ago . . . . The effect: total transformation of human consciousness."

* A great star in the Pleiades.

In The Sanctus Germanus Prophecies, Volume II, by Michael Mau, about the Photon Band, the author states:

During this passage, the astral, etheric and earth planes will be subjected to powerful and turbulent energy bands that will have the effect of accelerating our perception of time and causing great turbulence . . . . The combination of downward flow of finer etheric energies and the "washer effect" of the photon band has a profound effect on the earth plane as astral shells and dark astral entities on the lower sub-planes closest to earth struggle to stay alive.

See Melora's public talk, "Channeling: Processes, Perks & Pitfalls," wherein she discusses these planes of existence.

Because we are increasingly affected by the Photon Band, I decided to post this Melora article on my website, even though it was published more than 10 years ago. --Joanna Neff

From the January/February 1996 issue of The Light Expansion Times (L.E.T.)

In this article, Melora gives her perspective more on the body-physical / etheric effects of the Photon Belt--and on the state of consciousness appropriate to transmuting beyond 3rd-dimensional reality at that time. Consistent with her pro-active approach in all matters, Melora encourages us to become clear about the possibilities of conscious understanding as our solar system is affected more and more by this photon energy. Included are excerpts from the 12/8/95 public channeling session in Boulder--- Joanna Neff (Jyoti Alla-An)

MELORA: We are wishing for our Jyoti to read The Pleiadian Agenda [by Barbara Hand Clow] for the updated Photon Belt information. At this time the truth really is, as it is spoken in this book and as we have spoken, the "hot-off-the press" info, if you will, about the current scenario. And as you have sensed, this changes almost from moment to moment--not just from day to day. This is why anyone who says "We know the Photon Belt is going to arrive at exactly 10:05, blah-blah" on whatever date cannot really tell you, because the whole gestalt of the Universe is ever-changing, and even though the Photon Belt is moving physically toward you in space, it is an energetic-responsive, consciousness-responsive mechanism, if you will.

In other words, the power of the light consciousness of beings on this earth will determine the actual interplay between the Earth herself, all of her inhabitants, and all her kingdoms--mineral, animal, vegetable and human, and so forth. There is an interplay there, and so the scenario about how you interact will be written, if you will, by that consciousness at the point of immersion.

L.E.T.: So the question would be: Would the Photon Band be changing your reality at this time if you weren't noticing it? And it probably wouldn't--well, it would at another level, so it all has to do with our consciousness.

MELORA: Right. And "level" is the important term here, as you sensed, because, as the other recent books explain, the relationship with the Pleiades Star System . . . for example, the star Maya has experienced this [the Photon Band] every 13,000 years as well. And Maya and the Earth are tied together almost as if with a string.

L.E.T.: That's what it says in the book too.

MELORA: And so that is the purely physical timing--meaning, every 13,000 years that star is immersed in the Photon Belt, and so on. But the other dimensional levels of experiencing the Photon Belt--which really are the more important levels--are not physical. And so, as you seem to understand, this is about acquiring your light bodies. You see, if you're relating to the Photon Belt in the physical body, you're going to have a different experience.

L.E.T.: Also, according to this book, it seems that a good deal of our planetary system is already in it. So has our Earth already been in it since 1987?

MELORA: Not in the Photon Belt itself but almost like its "aura," the way you have an etheric body, an auric body. So when the Earth physically is immersed in it, then will be the neutralizing of electricity, and so on. But not until you actually are immersed physically in the Photon Belt will be the electronic power "failure."

L.E.T.: I understood from the book that the outer planets of our solar system are moving in and out of the band now, and that part of the year even the Earth will pass briefly through the fringe of it. The entity Satya [who "narrates" the book ] says that from January through May of 1996 we will be in the Photon Belt, and that part of the Ozone hole is due to our being in that part of the Photon Belt. So there's much more photon energy coming into our atmosphere now than years ago.

MELORA: This is correct, and understand (and this is a nice tie-in) that three of the outer planets--the higher-octave planets--will be moving into Aquarius by Spring of 1996, which is the beginning of that promised Age.

L.E.T.: Yes, and there's a lot of good information about astrology in this book too. The author channels Satya of Alcyone. And the author presents the Photon Belt as a spiral, and shows how we are tied to the Pleiadian system, and that's how we are the twin with Maya.

MELORA: Yes, but this will change. Then there will be a shift through that portal, that "escape hatch" described in You Are Becoming a Galactic Human, [by Virginia Essene and Sheldon Nidle] instead of your Solar System's having to spend 2000 years in the belt, as would be normal.

L.E.T.: I found that book difficult to read, but I'll check into it again.

MELORA: We also wish to talk about the term "agenda" regarding Pleiadians. As you may know, some Pleiadians have had agendas not of the highest purpose: to return human beings to a state where they may serve as "human libraries," for example, so that they may use them because of humans' unique ability to bridge to consciousness and because human beings are one of the few species who experience emotions. And so their having that kind of agenda is something that is being tuned out because in the changes of alliance on the "side" of the light, the Pleiadians have come to be in harmony with the Lyran/Syrian system.

And so now what you are experiencing is the higher order of Pleiadians. For example, you are seeing it expressed in the influx of the higher-consciousness, higher-dimensional Pleiadians and not just 5th-dimensional Pleiadians as have been here before and interfered in Atlantis and other places/times. The higher-dimensional Pleiadians are, indeed, here to say: "We have been through this" (from Maya, for example), "and we would like to help you, and we are interested in your welfare and your growth of consciousness, and your acquiring your light bodies." And so we [higher-dimensional Sirians] are in alliance with them and in union with them in the highest levels of our work with you on ascension.

L.E.T.: I was aware of there being different Pleiadians, but it's hard to distinguish from this point of view. I'm sure that anything that is "lighter" than we are will seem to be "of the light" to a certain point.

MELORA: Right. So 5th-dimensional Pleiadians . . .

L.E.T.: . . . would still be "lighter" than we are, so it's hard to distinguish between them. So we'll probably have to do that through feeling.


L.E.T.: Can you elaborate more on "the portal" part of the Photon Band?

MELORA: If you picture the energy grids of the Universe--

L.E.T.: They are like a net.

MELORA: Yes, and so matter is attracted to geometrical relationships that empower matter coming to energetic idea. In the basic "rules" (and these are not rules of physics; these are rules of light energy and the relationship of material reality), there are no barriers in time or space for the higher-dimensional, higher light workings. And so if the Photon Belt were allowed to play out in its usual way, and have its 13,000-year cycle without any "manipulation," shall we say, it would be the natural course for it physically to take your planetary system 2,000 years to pass through it.

But because of this idea of Mass Ascension and Merging, and the accelerated processes of ascension that are soon coming into play, it is desired by all on all levels, you see, to have the process be telescoped. And so it is possible--and will be done--that the Photon Belt's etheric, energetic, electromagnetic influences will be modulated the way we have modulated time to "skip over" a catastrophic scenario for the Earth, you see.

In a way, it's like a "Time Warp." But it's more than a time warp: It's like a "worm hole" on "Star Trek." The way it's depicted in this show is that a ship enters the worm hole and emerges in another universe in a totally other time. So it's a very fast trip, dimensionally, for you. And rent the movie "Stargate," because when you experience them going through the Stargate, this will be what it's like to go through that little "escape hatch" in the Photon Belt. And this will help you understand what that portal is--for those who choose to travel much higher in consciousness.

L.E.T.: The Pleiadian Agenda also talks about a deep, droning vibration now that helps us reach higher realities.

MELORA: We are receiving some information. We are not sure if this is exactly what the author is talking about, since Jyoti hasn't read the book yet. We are attracted to the energy of the book, and so we said to please read it. What we are receiving (and this is what Jyoti has been working on with the harmonics and the new chanting tape that they just finished in the studio) . . . the drone tone is the basis of all ancient religious and sacred music and exists, still, in Celtic music and all Middle Eastern music. The drone tone in Middle Eastern music is based on the sound of "Om," and it is so resonant in your skeletal structure. With the true "Om" tone, which is a little lower there than it is here, your body systems are at the most harmonic. And this is the "sound bed" that supports the entire material Universe. And so what is happening really is not that the tone is new but that you are now able to hear it, or feel it or sense it.

L.E.T.: Yes, and I think that I do both. At night, for two or three years now, when I go to bed, I ask my husband, "Do you hear that engine running?" And it sounds like it's something far away, like a refrigerator, but when the refrigerator stops it's still there. I thought it might be the power lines behind our property, but I also hear it when we're in other places. I even hear it when I close my ears, so I'm kind of feeling it then.

MELORA: We were about to say that certain individuals, including the Gyoto monks, are able to sing chords, but understand that these harmonics represent certain very specific note intervals, and you hear them in the Gregorian chant. Our Jyoti experiences the very highest harmonic, and this doesn't mean "better" or "superior"; it means she's experiencing it as a high-frequency sound, which is an overtone created by the lower harmonic tone combinations. So the higher harmonic that some people are hearing of high-frequency sounds are a result of the interplay between the drone tone and the other intervals in between, and these are the harmonic intervals on which all harmonic creation is made possible.

L.E.T.: I also hear another tone: that tinkling sound. I've heard it for years. I'm not always aware of it during the day because it's too noisy, but at night I hear it. And when I really concentrate on it I hear it. It is not a constant tone; it's like an intermittent tinkling.

MELORA: It is constant, but you're not aware of it constantly.

L.E.T.: That's part of the drone also?


L.E.T.: That high tone is like an electronic tone coming in occasionally. And these are tones full of information?

MELORA: Yes. Sound and light are the same energy; however, you could describe sound as having more pressure exerted on it. So you know you are receiving information on the light coming from the Sun, and cosmic rays and, now, multitudes of light ships who are sending "homing" signals to their own--meaning that you have a signature that identifies you as "one of them," and they are broadcasting to you and you are tuned-in to that particular frequency. So you can say to them directly: "Hey, out there! Give me a message."

L.E.T.: So you can really do that? You can really ask, and then wait for it, and . . .

MELORA: It will come to you in the form that is comfortable for you and for them.

L.E.T.: In The Pleiadian Agenda, there's also information about opening "the vertical axis of awareness" instead of the axis of 3-D, and it's been amazing how all of a sudden my attention is drawn to higher-dimensional thinking. In the "'Reincarnation'" issue [of The Light Expansion Times] you talk about that too, so I think that's the next step.

MELORA: Exactly, and this really is what Ascension is, and this is what we meant when we said that you are in 3rd, 4rh and 5th right now, and so is the Earth, or you couldn't be standing on her. And so the more you're all focusing in 5th Dimension, and many of you will be going "beyond" 5th Dimension, although that is the point of "departure," if you will, the point of liftoff. That's where the Earth, then, actually reaches that transformative moment--that sort of greatest momentum where all are at least 5th- Dimensional. You see, many of you will be going "back home," which is "above" 5th Dimension.

And our Jyoti had a conversation last night with another healer, someone she met for the first time through another friend. Our Jyoti was in a very vulnerable state: She was processing some old stuff--she saw an old flame with someone else. But at the point when she met this new person with whom she may do some work, they were having a totally un-3D kind of conversation in the midst of 3D-everything-else. The other person apologized the next day, saying "I don't think I was making too much sense last night." Our Jyoti said, "Oh; it's just that we were having a non-3D conversation." So expect more of this sort of thing. With those to whom you are closest and with whom your energy is harmonic you will experience more and more non-3D kinds of communication--which is what we do all the time! [laughs] We are doing non-3D communication through a 3-dimensional mechanism, if you will.

L.E.T.: I'm thinking about what you said about how you came from the Source, and how you're spreading . . . I likened this creation like the fireworks.

MELORA: The chrysanthemum kind of fireworks?

L.E.T.: It goes exponential. Is the idea to find our way back consciously? Now can we go back and integrate all these sparks of energy again, back to the Source? Is that the idea: to unify them? Do we have to go back through that same path that we created and then integrate in the meantime, or can we choose a different path. Do we have the creative power to do that? I think we do have.

MELORA: There were several questions there. As we interpret your questions, our more appropriate answer would be to understand it in terms of how much consciousness and experience of The One are you enjoying. And so it isn't a traveling in space and time; it is a becoming so much more conscious that you are living in a constant state of experiencing more and more and more of the Oneness. And so the perception of traveling "back" to the source, the perception of having the explosion of fireworks in a multi-layered fashion is more how the physical body and brain interpret an energetic effect.

But say you don't have your body and then you just can isolate your consciousness. Say, rather, that your consciousness is free of your body--that would be more appropriate. What is your consciousness experiencing? Is it detached from desire to be expressed in Three-dimensional reality or not? That's the first thing. Is that consciousness busy planning the next physical life because it has karmic issues or because it has attachments to wanting to be in a body? Or is it saying, "I love feeling One with the God Source," or "I love feeling One with my Higher Self" or Oversoul, or whatever it might be. Or "I love being able to travel" [snaps fingers] "like that--anywhere I wish to go--and this is the state of being I know I'm in all the time," and "I wish to stay here or rise above that," and so on. You see? Being unencumbered by the body, your experience of the process is very different.

Again, the difficulty is not so much with explaining; the difficulty is with having you as a being still in the body and using the brain to understand. That is the difficulty in having this information come to you in a way that you can assimilate it. And so it might be more appropriate to say that in the moments in which you have experienced no-time, no-space, moments in which you have been totally absorbed in a creative project and hours go by in a flash . . . if you can think of those moments of consciousness, then you will be very close to understanding the exalted, higher-dimensional consciousness, only you then are there all the time when you "reach" that.

L.E.T.: Jyoti was told last year by another channel's spirit guide that her polarity is reversed. Is this true and, if so, should this be of concern?

MELORA: This is true, and it has been very uncomfortable for her. But as she has sensed (she is not believing us, even as we are saying this) that when the Photon Belt comes into your experience and the poles shift, she will actually be in a very advantageous place physically and in her being. And she has been told that she will bring her body to Light, and this is true. And she has actually chosen to experience the discomfort of having her polarity reversed so that she will actually be in a place of comfort and not suddenly be taken into the reverse-polarity that many will have to experience and adjust to rather quickly.

And so this actually is a choice on her part and should not be of concern. She will have been living with this polarity for quite some time, and actually the aches and pains in her body will suddenly be gone at this point [when the Photon Belt takes effect].

L.E.T.: Are the aches and pains in my body from the same thing?

MELORA: Not because of the reversed polarity [in the body] but because of the reversing polarity, so that, again, for both of you, it is that you are at odds with the polarity that you will end up with. So she has a polarity reverse to what the electromagnetic situation is now, and for you it is that you are slowly changing polarity so that you will align with the reversed polarity that will occur.
And so many of you, those who understand that they are on the ascension path are more in your situation--in which your polarity is gradually being changed so that when the earth's polarity changes you will have altered to that gradually. It is very uncomfortable for the body.

L.E.T.: When will the Earth's polarity change?

MELORA: We are not permitted to tell you this, and this should not surprise you.

L.E.T.: I know. It was a stupid question.

MELORA: It is a question in many people's minds, and it would not be an advantage to you to know this. In fact, it might be harmful to people to know. Again, where you focus in your consciousness is the important thing. And we wish you to stay in a state of focusing on where you're going, and the state of being that you wish to experience is the most important focus for you now--not "When is the Photon Belt going to really kick-in," and as you may already have sensed, you are under the influence of its effects now, as it comes toward you. Of course, it's not going to be just a sudden thing, although the more "dramatic" special effects will take place at that time. You understand that the magnetic changes are already starting to occur as it comes closer to the earth.

L.E.T.: And is this what was keeping me and Jyoti up so late, talking on the phone last night?

MELORA: We will not take the blame for this. It's a "communal effort," if you will. There are many of us "out here" whom you might wish to charge with this.

L.E.T.: Last night I was very innocently lying down, trying to go to sleep, when my whole system just went on alert. It was like nothing that I'd ever experienced before. It was like my antennas were up all over the place. I was going, "What is it?" "I can feel it; I don't know what it is; I don't know where it is, but I know it's there."

MELORA: We wish for people to understand that the energy is not something that is coming just from the outside--that in your coming to, shall we say, a "point" where you are in your light body, do you imagine that this will just suddenly happen? So we are suggesting that the interpretation for all of you, not just you and our Jyoti but for all of you who are conscious of the Ascension path and of the events to come, such as the Photon Belt . . . understand that the sensations, emotions, and energies that you are feeling in your body are also from within, so that in the process of transforming into Light, there are steps along the way and experiences of that energy--just as when our Jyoti was putting on moisturizing body oil recently and felt static electricity on her arm. This is the very molecular level of change that you are going through in "acquiring" your light bodies. And we wish you to understand that it is not something that's being "inflicted" upon you from without, or an energy that you're being affected by from outside of you. It is your own light body that you're experiencing.
And in perceiving it in this way, there will be much more excitement and much less of a sense of something happening to you from outside of you--and an understanding that the transformation is, indeed, in progress in your developing your light body. This is the truest nature of what you're experiencing with these energies. And what do you think about that!

L.E.T.: I love it! So what would you say is the most appropriate way to relate to this energy?

MELORA: You are developing your light bodies, and you are feeling peculiar in your physical bodies. The appropriate way to deal with this would be to be joyful that the process is indeed taking place, as it has been foretold in many books. Through our Jyoti we know that you have these moments of doubt, and you say, "Maybe it's all just made-up; it's not really going to happen." Part of our message this evening is to assure you that this process is indeed well on its way, and that being in joy is the appropriate state of being in going through these changes in energies from outside and from within.

There is an increasing intensity of the changes of energies, not just because of the infusion of the light and the increase of the intensity of that but because of your resonant response. As your body turns to light, there's going to be more of an intense focus on the state that that is in as it moves toward light. And the fact is that we read your energy, and where you all are is like lightning bugs in your phosphorescence. From our perspective there is a sort of "light meter," if you will, and so after a certain exponential level is reached, then we can actually infuse more light on the earth. And so as the consciousnesses are all raised, and as the light grows in each of you, that creates the possibility for even more light. And so, yes, it keeps building--and quite intensely.

L.E.T.: Basically you said that the energy shift we're experiencing now is "from within as well as from without." Jyoti and I have both been tuning into volcanos recently. Does this have anything to do with this shift?

MELORA: We wish you to think of the volcano much as in the creation of the Hawaiian Islands: the volcano as a source of creating new land where there was not land before. And this is the symbolic sense we wish you to have of the volcano--not destruction of human life, not terror and agony and pain . . . from within the earth a molten substance flowing and creating land where there was no land. And this sense of creating is the Earth's self-creation. This is how we wish you to interpret this.

And, yes, past lives are involved in both of your experiences of volcanoes, and it is not an accident to be tuning in to this, because remember that in Ascension becoming conscious of your multidimensional lives is essential. And so you will be getting more and more "triggers" that connect you in consciousness with these other multidimensional lives as their consciousness and yours merge with your Higher Self in the process. It is happening with them too, in their own perception of their time and circumstance, in their own way. As other-dimensional or other-time expressions of you sharing the same Higher Self, you are all coming to this higher consciousness in the unique milieu of your time period as you perceive it.

And so when you have such a strong impression as our Jody did with Pompeii, what is happening is that that life, in that moment, is connecting with you in this life. Somehow, in consciousness a bridge is formed, and you strengthen each other in your consciousness in the light coming to you. And so this image, this symbol, of the volcano is very complex.

L.E.T.: Jyoti wishes to know about what's going on with her ears--and if she should see a doctor, which she hopes you say NO to, as she doesn't relate to medical doctors very well.

MELORA: She has been having a strange sensation in the ear. It's almost as if the ear drum is pushing out, pulsing, and it makes a dull, clicking sound, or it's expanding and contracting. And she's saying: "This isn't normal. It's like some funky little animal is in there, trying to get out, and it feels very odd. It's like a nervous eye twitch, only it's in the ear. And as a result of the ear coning that she's done, in removing blockages from the ear canals what's happening is that there were obstructions there for so long that in freeing that up the mechanism is more sensitive. It used to be muffled, and now it's not, so that every noise has a greater effect, resonance-wise, on the ear drums and the inner ear mechanisms. And it's been disrupting her balance.

We wish to tell her that with the high-frequency sounds in her ears, and the reconnecting of certain brain synapses and new brain pathways, the etheric crystalline body coming into form, and all of these sorts of things, the sinus problems, the senstivity to barometric pressure, and all of this, her entire skull and mastoid processes, the teeth and jaws and everything are, as we put it before, as if someone is sounding a gong right next to her head, and it just keeps resonating. And so, with her heightened sensitivity to sound anyway, there's this almost-constant . . . it's like her entire head is a sound receiver, and so she's experiencing this in a very intense way right now.

This will calm down. It is the organic crystalline mechanisms adjusting, because, as you understand, there's a triangulation of the crystals here [indicating the temporal lobes of the brain] and then an antenna-like movement of energy here-as though you have antennae right above your ears in the temporal lobe area. And so these are constantly being stimulated right now. For those of you so sensitive to energy these are very strange sensations, indeed. You may also have experienced some of the high-frequency sounds in the ears and the discomfort in the jaws.

L.E.T.: Yes. Absolutely. And with the different parts of the brain

MELORA: Yes, and with the energetic, electromagnetic effects of the Photon Belt moving your way, as we described before, you are feeling a profound effect on your physical body and especially in your bones, your skeletal structure, which is highly resonant. A lot of people are having aches in the bones, and joints--the hands and feet.

L.E.T.: Especially in the morning.

MELORA: Yes. The bones are very sensitive to the electromagnetic changes and, yes, you are already being affected by the Photon Belt.
So the discomfort in the bone structures is because of the light body carrying more light and the etheric crystallization processes manifesting and taking form more on the etheric level--more and more profoundly, where it "holds" and is not just a temporary phasing in and out. If you would term it physical it would be solid, but of course on the etheric level you can say "where it becomes solid." The etheric crystallization process completes or is more steady . . . terms such as these. That, in itself, will enable a holographic tonality to occur. It is much as in the components of your radio and speakers and amplifiers, and so on. So the holographic sound will be created as a result of all these changes on the etheric level.

L.E.T.: Is ear candling helpful?

MELORA: Yes. If you don't overdo it.

L.E.T.: So one time is not enough.

MELORA: No. Especially during these times of releasing, because there is an etheric transference. You know that this "stuff" can't all have been in your ear canals. It's coming up through your body and your chakras and your energy channels, and then comes through the ear canal, and as it comes to the other side it is transformed into the ear wax and the other substance that is the Candida, or whatever, that is pulled into the ear cone. And so this is released from your body in a way that it couldn't be released otherwise. Because of the energetic structures that are in place, this transference can take place.

L.E.T.: Melora, I have run out of questions. Do you have anything else you wish to discuss?


MELORA: Because of Athena's statement [in Issue 5] that she chooses to work with women now, to focus her energy on them, we wish men not to feel spiritually competitive. This is something that the men who are NOT resistant to the goddess energy may all be feeling, so we welcome the opportunity to speak about this. Athena's message is very strong. She said that men have had more than their fair share over the millenia and she wishes to devote herself to bringing women to an understanding and experience of their own beauty and exalted natures, and so on. And so we appreciate this "flag" that has gone up regarding males who ARE attuned to this energy and to not leave them out. Athena did not wish to leave such men out of her message, but we know that as a woman you can understand why she made this statement as strongly as she did.

We will depart now, although we are not really "going" anywhere; we say this for your convenience. We will now end this session, and we thank you most heartily for your continued faith and your work and your releasing to make all this possible for all, including ourselves, to ascend, to grow. We wish you great love and great joy of the light, and we are Melora.

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