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CHANNELING: Processes, Perks & Pitfalls

Melora through Joanna Neff



MELORA: Yes, and we are Melora, and we would like to talk you through a meditation called "The Tower of Light." This is one of the most delicious, and brief, meditations you can do to charge up your energy in the morning and to put a fully protective shield around yourself. Are you all willing to learn this? [All assent.] Good, and if you would, please, stand. Is there anyone here who's not particularly visual? It's more kinesthetic. [One person affirmed that she's more kinesthetic.] Okay. It's primarily visual, but you will probably be able to feel even more interesting things than the others.

Okay. Now please take some big, deep in-breaths as is comfortable for you. Don't force it. Make the out-breath go all the way out; the in-breath, all the way in. Let your arms dangle comfortably at your sides. We would like you to visualize a beautiful, blue light surrounding your body and permeating your body, so that it's about 9 inches out-in front and behind and all around-and about 16 inches above your head and about 16 inches below your feet. You'll find out the reason for this in a moment.

Feeling it is important too. One kind of channeling is also clairsentience--"clear sensing," and so try to feel that blue light and the frequency of that. It's not as dark as indigo. It will be your own particular frequency that you like and that will come to you naturally. Are you all surrounded by that ellipsoid of blue light? Good.

Now, about 16 inches above your head, within that blue but not touching your crown, is a beautiful globe of brilliant white light that is like burning magnesium. Are you able to visualize this there? Now feel showering down out of that globe of white light (which happens to be your Higher Self) that globe, showering little specks of that burning magnesium all down into the center of this ellipsoid. Are some of you feeling that as well as seeing it? Good.

Now, out of that same white, burning-magnesium-type, light, beautiful silvery sparkles are showering down until they fill with those white snowflake-type particles the entire inside, so that only a blue outline surrounds that ellipsoid. Tell us when that is happening for you. That should be feeling pretty good right now. This is the power of Light. Know that this is protection. Know that this connects you directly with your Higher Self--and fills you and rejuvenates you with life force and, again, through a bi-directional communication with your Higher Self. Enjoy that for another moment. Then just let that fade from your vision and experience, knowing that it has not faded in reality.

When you can tear yourself away, please be seated again. Good, and we suggest you do this in the morning--if you remember: especially in the morning--and, if you wish, at night right before you go to sleep, surround yourself with this beautiful, exquisite energy. It's one of the most powerful protections you can do. [End of meditation.]



As you can imagine, we would appreciate this within our experience with our Jyoti as this has been happening for what you term "years"--about 13 of your years. As she mentioned before, she links with us in consciousness. Our work with her has depended upon calibrating bi-directionally from 6th-7th dimension, where we exist as a group consciousness, perfectly balanced between "male" and "female." (We chose the name Melora because of its tonal resonance and to remind our Jyoti of her life in Classical Greece. Melora, in Greek, means "Golden Apple." You have Helen of Troy, and so forth, and our Jyoti was singing and playing the part of Helen of Troy in a Greek amphitheater at that time.) Oftentimes when you ask a guide, "What is your name?" and you hear "Kalua-lua," or whatever, it's not really that being's "name." Rather the sounds/syllables represent that being's signature energy, as Melora stands for our signature energy.

Also, it is our Jyoti's agreement at the Soul level with us that in this process of collaboration with us, she is to grow spiritually because she is consciously on an Ascension path. Therefore, one of the aspects of channeling that we wish to discuss with you this evening is that if you're channeling "Zork from Planet X," who's an entity outside of your vertical Soul lineage--or who is not closely aligned with your Soul Hierarchy--then chances are, you will not experience soul growth in channeling such an entity. Information may be brought through you that is quite amazing, but that information might still remain only at the intellectual level, and information does not automatically equal wisdom. Do you understand?

As we have said, wisdom represents those value points--what our Jyoti calls "spiritual brownie points [laughs]--that you earn in a lifetime by learning whatever that lesson is--and that goes with you when you go through transition. That goes with you from embodiment to embodiment. Metaphysical knowledge, itself, does not go with you. This is one of the deepest, most profound differences between sheer knowledge and Soul wisdom that you experience as a result of growth: facing the challenges you chose to face when you came into embodiment and passing with flying colors, as it were. Now that kind of wisdom, and that kind of growth, depends on a heart-spirit connection and not on some kind of mental monster (your mental body) who has controlled you all your lifetime and maybe even in other embodiments.

Our Jyoti would prefer we not say this, but it is totally appropriate. (She thinks it will sound too harsh.) What we would like to say is: You know the computer term "Garbage in; garbage out"? Okay. What are one's motives in wanting to channel? Are they because of feeling inferior--having a lack of self-esteem and therefore over-compensating by being on a power trip and wanting to look really cool? Garbage in . . . Or is it with a desire to grow and to know at levels that reach beyond levels of what you're able to read in books, what you're able to learn in a workshop? This has to do with your transaction with your Self as a being: "Self-realization."

The other factor about garbage in, garbage out is: Who are you really channeling? In one of the handouts that we promised our Jyoti we would discuss, we show how most of mass consciousness is in the Astral Plane, or what you also refer to as 4th dimension. The problem with this, as you can imagine, is that you have all the news, the politics. You have pornography. You have all of the ways people can numb themselves with drugs and other addictions of all sorts-and really all of the worst, kind of in the middle of the Astral Plane.

In the lower octave of the Astral Plane you have earthbound human spirits who are looking toward you--to live to you and attach to you instead of going to the Light, to the higher octave of 4th dimension, where you approach Christ Consciousness, and where you are heart centered and love-centered. Thus, what happens to channelers whose motivations are not of the highest is that they become vulnerable immediately to the earthbound spirits who would love to live through them, drink a lot of alcohol because they died before they could drink as much alcohol as they wanted, or whatever. You have negative ETs; you have ghosts and poltergeists; you have Reptilians.

You have all sorts of unsavory, creepy entities who would like to speak through you and make you look good enough that they get the tradeoff of . . . keeping you from Ascending in consciousness. They keep you at a level of fear; they keep you at a level of lower-vibrational priorities, and that's their food. It's energetic food for them. This is why so few actually…as our Jyoti puts it: "How does anyone ever get out of here?!" The density is so great and the path is so difficult.

Thus, this is one of the great pitfalls of channeling: So many entities are stepping up to that microphone, and because Earth is a free-will zone--whatever you choose, even though your angels are saying, "Oh, no! Oh, nooooo! She's not going to do that. Please!"--they have to honor your free will, and there you go. You've got Zork from Planet X, and you're not going to experience Soul growth. You may be given some accurate information, but it is coming from a level that is not going to help the people for whom you're channeling information and it is not going to benefit you at the Soul level.

If your High Self and you have a really good bi-directional communication, and if your High Self really is interested in what is of benefit for your growth, and so forth, your High Self will be as clear and direct with you as possible. It's what you usually term your inner guidance. Now, oftentimes you have inner guidance but you don't listen to it. Right? [laughs] The more you listen to your inner guidance--and, again, this is about discernment…If it's coming from your mental body, and it's about something you want but something you don't actually need, you can always circumvent the messages that are coming through and then somehow pretend they're coming from your inner guidance.

It takes great self-discipline-it takes great commitment and great effort to keep moving upward, as you put it, and not to let distractions over here--pettiness and social pressure to be less than you can be and all the other things that have held people back century after century, era after era: the church, the monarchy. Fear of death is a major one for most people, and so most religious say: This is it, and so of course you're going to be afraid to die if you believe there's only one lifetime.

However, we have news for you: Most of those people whom you think of as in the Old Testament times and even in the New Testament times were fully cognizant of reincarnation. The Nicean Council, in about 300 A.D., just nicely got rid of all references to reincarnation in the scriptures that they could find, except for a couple of peculiar ones. We wonder why, for example, they didn't get rid of the one where Jesus was asked: "Are you Elijah" (the Old Testament prophet)?

Why are we talking about this? It's because lifetime after lifetime you are born, and before you're able to speak you remember, in some conceptualized way, who you are and where you came from. That remembrance slowly fades as you start to become verbal. Thus, the biggest challenge for you as Souls--especially for those in embodiment-lifetime after lifetime--is remembering who you really are. This figures in directly to processes of channeling. [What Melora did not make explicit here is that she considers receiving information clairvoyantly, clairaudiently, clairsentiently, etc., actually to be channeling.]



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