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Part II

CHANNELING: Processes, Perks & Pitfalls

Melora through Joanna Neff AT LIGHTHOUSE BOOKSTORE IN SUPERIOR, CO (4/13/07), continued

Channeling: Processes

In the physical process of channeling, say that you have clairvoyant abilities. For most people, when you developed from the ancient brain stem/cerebellum to this neocortex that took you into the techno age, most of you lost the ability to communicate telepathically. There are tribal groups on the Earth today who still communicate telepathically, and it is so natural for them that they don't even have a word for it in their language. What happened with the development of the neocortex was this intervening mechanism called the "censor." When ESP-type communications happen, the censor says: "Don't tell anyone about this; they'll think you're crazy"--or "You're hallucinating" or "Wake up and smell the coffee."

Information comes in all the time as energy. Our Jyoti likes to give the example of when her "Stark Trek" theme ring tone was downloaded to her cellular phone. Of course it was a wireless transmission, just like when people access the internet wirelessly. All information is energy--what we call "energy information packets." You just might not have the cell phone or computer to receive information.

With a clairvoyant, the energy information packets come in and contact the visual cortex of her brain. In other words, there is a physiological explanation for this. She is able to translate that immediately into pictures, and if her brain allows the information to come in holographically there will be audio too. There might also be clairsentient feelings in her body and emotions as well. Not only are the pictures there but also the explanations, or "narration," are there. Without the "censor" that person, without hesitation or distortion, that energy information packet, as complex as it is, is translated instantly and accurately.

With our Jyoti this process is done more clairsentiently. She knows. It's not as though she hears us talking inside her and then repeats what we're "saying." It comes in as a whole holographic construct, including many complex ideas, and it is presented to you in just that way… in the now moment, from moment-to-moment.

Then there are people who are clairaudient. The throat is the center of telepathy: clear hearing. You hear through your throat when you're telepathic. How many of you here have received telepathic information? Okay. Good. Isn't it as if you know, but you're tempted to think that you heard something? Yes.

However, understand that all of this is coming in as pure energy in the form of information that is actually contacting parts of your brain. The part(s) of your brain that are uncensored--that you've allowed reception/expression--are going to determine the form that translation takes: clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, etc. It's like the telephone operator played by Lily Tomlin, plugging in the lines to make the connections: "one ringy-dingey." However, if you need to censor what's coming through for some reason, you all are perfectly capable of taking that information that is purely given and totally changing it. Isn't this what often happens when you wake up from a dream? Your mind can't make sense of it so you change it and start reinterpreting. Or you say: "I know this sounds really stupid, but in the dream I knew that it meant…" such-and-such. Do you see?

We have observed that receiving information clairvoyantly provides the greatest opportunity for distortion. That's why when a clairvoyant is also able accurately to process accompanying information holographically, as a whole complex, it keeps her from distorting the information that comes through. Now a lot of people who call themselves psychics, clairvoyants, or whatever err when they start interpreting the pictures because they don't have the whole holographic package. Any questions so far? You must be mesmerized by Melora. [laughter]

All right. We have talked about clairsentience, clairaudience, and clairvoyance, and so forth. These are the terms that have come into usage, but you know that you can receive information in combinations of ways. We will tell you that if you want to learn to change or enhance modes of perception for yourself, all you have to do is access the location in the body that's associated with that. Our Jyoti usually is clairvoyant only when in-session. She rarely sees clairvoyantly with her eyes open. Therefore, she practices developing her clairvoyant abilities with specific techniques.

Exercises for Developing Intuition
Who, among you, would like to enhance your clairvoyant abilities? Okay. Those of you who are already adept at this know that you can always strive to be even clearer. Right? All you do is physically--consider doing this with your eyes closed if you don't want to creep each other out--look up to your 3rd eye. It's like you're really looking up to your brow chakra with your physical eyes. As soon as you do that, and you ask a question that requires a visual answer, you should receive a picture or pictures in your inner eye. An example is that one of the best things to request of a personal guide is: "Help me be clear about what's standing in my way of…" "Help me be clear about what my next step is." Ask such a question with your eyes looking up physically to your third eye and see what happens. [pause] What happened?

RESPONSE 1: I asked a pragmatic question. My son is supposed to be watching the puppy. I asked how the puppy is doing because the puppy has a little kennel cough. When I did that I saw the puppy all alone, so my son is not home. [laughter]

Seems like a very hand process for mothers, doesn't it? Or jealous girlfriends: "Where is he, really?!" Thank you. Anybody else?

RESPONSE 2: When I did it I heard voices, like a male and a female, talking, and they answered my question.

Oh. Okay. You went right to the clairaudient! You're probably naturally clairaudient so you just went right for it. That's fine. Here [indicating the temples, right above the ears], so for those of you who would like to hear information "spoken," you're going to be focusing on the temples, physically. So you're going to focus there [indicating just above the ears] and ask a question; see what happens. Try that. If it helps you to touch both your temples, then do so. We were just showing you where to focus to receive information clairaudiently. Then ask a question that would require hearing an answer.

You still need to practice. It's not as if you can play Rachmaninov after one piano lesson. [laughter] At least you know that you can actually focus on specific areas of the body--like here in the solar plexus. Then, if you want to project a message to someone, you focus here [indicating the throat chakra] and then send the message out from right there.
The reason that we went through this whole exercise with you was to tell you that . . . it's like the study of Neurolinguistic Programming, where they cure phobias by having you switch modes of perception. So if you normally experience vertigo and dizziness with heights, and you sing "The Star Spangled Banner" and then walk over to the window of some 22nd-story building, and look out, you will not experience vertigo. This is because you've switched modes of perception by singing that song.

It is the same way with intuition. You can have all of those forms of intuition operating if you practice. However, usually you will be selecting the one that is already innate to you and that you've been using for a long time. However, we wanted to teach you other options. If you want to become more clairvoyant, make your eyes feel as if they're look-ing right here [indicating the third eye chakra] and practicing.



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