Ascension: "Many Mansions"

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Melora through Joanna Neff

(In this session Melora clarifies in what dimension of consciousness she is focused, correcting inaccurate information I received years ago from another channel.) Included within Melora's discussion of Ascension is an excerpt from a channeling by St. Germain, who frequently assists with healing during sessions with Melora.)

We are Melora, and we welcome you today. At this time on the Earth there is less consensus in consciousness than ever before about what reality is. As many variations in consciousness as there are, there are just as many experiences of reality. Now, those of you who are of Ascension consciousness, because many of you are reading some of the same books, have worked together in other incarnations and at the soul level you are re-grouping. Those of you who are Star Beings are well-awakened and well-developed. In your consciousness of your missions here you are grouping together, and so in that way there's a certain consensus.

The sense of urgency you are feeling informs you that these are maximized "times" to take advantage of the acceleration that's possible now. The way you do this is by amplifying awareness of your multi-dimensional selves--facilitating that, intensifying it, clarifying it, raising it vibrationally so that your energetic field becomes elevated more and more, as we (as a group) are also doing at our "level." (By the way, you "light workers" are incarnate beings who are awakening to the light; you're essentially remembering, and "recommencing" work that you abandoned in the forgetfulness of immersion in the 3rd dimension.)

We are aware of what are termed the "three waves" of Ascension, these being that first a few will ascend, then a much larger group, and then an even larger group. This way of interpreting Ascension is more for the convenience of the human mind so that it can understand in terms of phases, but our perception is that it is ongoing. What determines this sense of three waves has to do with numbers of people and their readiness at certain points. So it will appear, according to numbers, that there are three waves. The expectation has been that ascending means that your bodies will leave the planet; however, most of you who've ascended so far are still in their bodies. It is your consciousness that has ascended. You could term this "more or less ascended." Ascension is a gradual process of acquiring the Light Body and so in some sense all of you who are on the Ascension path are moved pretty much into 3rd-4th dimension, will be moving into 4th-5th dimension, and will finally be focused entirely in 5th dimension.

Many of you already have done some ascending, if you understand. You're not totally in 3rd dimension anymore. We don't see these boundaries the same way you do, however. It's not just that all of a sudden you jump to 4th dimension; all of a sudden you're in 5th. Again, Ascension is about focus of consciousness. At various times you are focused completely in 3rd dimension. At other times, when you're meditating or when you're really close to your guidance, you are focused in "higher" dimensions. At the point at which you are focused totally in one of these dimensions you will be there--the way you perceive you are here--all the time. Currently when you experience 4th- or 5th-dimensional consciousness you're not staying there for long periods of time. In other words, your existence (or your experience) is not focusing you there "all the time." Where your consciousness is for the longest period of time is where you "dwell," you see.

In addition to the "three waves" notion of Ascension, there is also the idea that there is one Earth "final days" scenario in which there will be much destruction. Then there's the "ascended Earth" scenario in which you experience 2000 years of peace and harmony. There will be both because there's still belief in duality. Sensing that there's either this or that is duality. Understand that in the infinitude of possibilities there is not just a choice between one and the other. In fact, there are many more choices, and of these happen simultaneously. There are those who will experience no destruction whatsoever, and there are those who will experience total devastation, and for them this will seem their entire reality.

Regarding Ascension it would be more accurate to say that, in the middle of things, you are becoming conscious of a process. What you call "The Ascension" already started some "time" ago. What you have termed the opening of various portals and gateways (Harmonic Convergence, the 11:11, the 12:12 and so on) may be interpreted as massive changes in consciousness. That doesn't mean that none preceded that. Remember: consciousness is the important key in Ascension. Expansion of consciousness is what we term as Ascension. And so until you are conscious of something it has virtually no value to you as a Soul. Consciousness is the vehicle for space travel, time travel, inter-dimensional travel, inter-dimensional communication, multi-dimensional integrity/integration. Consciousness is the key to ALL.

We would suggest to you that this whole process that you call Ascension is about focus of consciousness. For example, if you turn on the television and you are watching this particular program (and we'll say that billions of people are watching), what is occurring is merely that all of these people are focusing on this program on the same channel at the same time. This is your part of the process, as you would see it. It is as though these incredibly "high" numbers of beings have turned on this station that is planet Earth with this particular program going on and are now experiencing it together as they "watch" the same program at the same time. Those of you who have Ascension consciousness, who are developing your Light Bodies, who are calling for all of your Higher Bodies to merge with you, are escalating your consciousness to a point where your perception is catching up with your evolution.

Understand that what keeps you in 3rd density is your buying into its illusions and your adhering to the belief structures that being focused there requires. This effectively keeps you continuously experiencing 3-D sorts of dramas. What is really happening in Ascension is that all Soul levels are now able to merge in communication. This is the meaning of having all of the angelic helpers, all of the Ascended Masters and their feminine counterparts, and what has been termed "the monad," the Higher Self structure, and the Overbeings above that, and so on. It is as though in a strictly 3rd-dimensional consciousness you have no telephone. When you start to become conscious in 4th- and 5th-dimensional ways, now you have a telephone that you can pick up. You can now "dial" your Higher Self, and you can dial your personal guides of the light, and you can dial the Ascended Masters. Do you see? You can call long-distance to your Overbeing. What has made this communication possible is a certain level of consciousness evolution. All experience of "reality" is based on your belief structures, and your perception of that reality is either inhibited by or freed from your belief structures. The Oneness IS all the time. The communication with all Soul levels exists whether you take advantage of it or not. Because people in 3rd-density consciousness are simply not aware that that's a possibility, then there might as well be a phone jack but no phone because they wouldn't dial up even if they had a phone.

We have stated that Ascension is expansion of consciousness. It is about being aware of more and more of the All That Is. We understand that it is difficult in this plane NOT to think of it in linear terms--or that there is a timetable: beginning, middle and end. Ascension is ongoing in all dimensions, into Infinity. Your keen awareness of Ascension is based on awareness of a momentum of energy going on in your sense of "now," and it will indeed reach its optimum point energetically in what you term "the near future." This does not mean, however, that those who are NOT riding this comet at this time will be left abandoned. They will continue to grow and come to their own awareness, as you have. There is just approaching, shall we say, what you might term "the crest of the wave." It is easier to ride the crest of the wave on a surfboard than to rise up from the bottom of the ocean and try to get somewhere.

Ascension & The Light Body

During the initial cycle of your Ascension you experience 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions simultaneously. This is actually your condition now, where you are feeling a tug-of-war between what you perceive as the old ways of doing things, including earning money, even relationships. All matters of 3rd-dimensional experience are changing "form" for you. When you "go" 4th- and 5th-dimensional it does not seem as though you suddenly skipped over to "the other side." It is a gradual cellular process in which there is actually an increase in light at the cellular level. You are actually aware of these crossings-over. Those who have "elevated" awareness perceive you in transition as emanating light, much as in the pictures of the angels and the disciples and Jesus--still physically existing in the 3rd dimension but emanating light rays that they can see.

This is a transition stage in which you are becoming accustomed to your light body. At this point you may be able to see your own light--at first more with your inner vision, as others who are of elevated consciousness really are seeing your light with their inner vision. In fact, your inner vision becomes more and more acute in this process, and it appears as if you are seeing it with your physical eyeswhat you term "clairvoyance." As you hold your hands before you, you see the light around you, and you also become more and more in a state of pure joy and love. So you experience relating to people in a whole new way. Even before your consciousness permits you fully to transcend 3rd dimension you may go through a transition in which you decide (on having acquired your light body) to release the physical body and to "move forward" with just your light body. At this time, however, the consciousness of most on the Ascension path is "inhabiting" 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions simultaneously. Finally, in that magic year, 2012, great masses will pull completely out of 3rd/4th/5th-dimensional consciousness and be focused entirely in the 5th dimension.

Now this is important: When you focus your consciousness on where you desire to go (which is, as we understand it, 5th-dimensional, at least), you will get there "faster." Part of this reunion that Ascension represents is to understand that you have control over just about the entire process. (Don't underestimate the contribution of your guides, guardians and angels in this process, however!) When you focus on "Yes, but what about getting a kerosene heater and laying in supplies for when the Lizzies land?" you are shifting your focus back to 3rd-dimensional reality. When you focus on moving through 4th dimension to 5th dimension, you don't need to be concerned with staying warm, eating, having electric light, etc. Your focus allows you to transcend those things. In addition, we would suggest that there are no banking systems in the 4th and 5th dimensions. These institutions (and you probably know every single type) will not be going with you. They are, in fact, the very ones that will be, as you will experience it, failing. The corporate structures, the International banking systems, the political systems, and so forth, will not be coming with you, do you see. An Earth remaining might or might not still have these structures in place, depending on where everybody is at this time of the crest of the wave--including those going 4th-dimensional, and maybe most especially because they are the ones who have learned to manifest, which is the prime focus of energy in 4th dimension: creating . . . instantly.

Ascension "Stew"

We have heard a number of you say that you are in a sort of "Ascension stew." You're so actively pursuing many avenues in your Ascension path that you're getting a bit muddled. We know some people whom we have affectionately termed "Ascension junkies." These are people who sign up for some workshop every other weekend. This is really protesting too much; it's saying, "This is NOT working! I need to take another workshop." In the very process of taking such workshops these people's belief structures are saying, "But I need to take yet another workshop, because this doesn't seem to be working." This is a real 3-D kind of busy-ness! If you have ever needed to blow your referee's whistle and say, "Time out!" you are not alone in this discernment.

You perhaps have stopped accepting everything hook, line and sinker. Something tells you "Oh. It's not that after all; it's this." Perhaps you have stopped swinging from one end of the pendulum to the other but have come back into your own inner guidance and said, "Well, wait a minute. This does not resonate with me" . . . period. What we're finding is that there is a lot of pressure among people's friends who are also interested in these subjects to believe what they believe. A lot of unreasonable levels of pressure make people feel uneasy about going to their own guidance. We are saying that now it is even more critical than ever to listen to your inner guidance and to follow that. We felt that this was important to discuss because there are people coming to sessions and they're competing with themselves! They make great strides in their spiritual work, and they struggle and allow and achieve, and then they are very upset and frustrated to hear from us that there is still work to do. We tell them that God keeps changing too. Why wouldn't they?

Yes--coast for awhile between these great efforts that you make to learn and grow, but understand that there is no cessation in growth at any level. The sense of evolving also involves allowing--not trying and not forcing. We're NOT saying "Don't explore various avenues of Ascension." We are, more, advocating your knowing why you're doing this. Is your motivation coming from the "I've never felt that I'm good enough" program? Is it coming from "I've got to learn more faster, because if I would just BE, somehow that wouldn't be enough" program? There are times when you say: "I ought to know more. I ought to be more adept" at this or that. In contrast is a situation in which you go to a group meeting or a workshop and you say to yourself: "I just don't see what so-and-so is talking about. It just doesn't seem to relate to me, and it seems very upsetting to everyone, and they think I'm just not listening or that I have resistance, but it doesn't resonate with me."

Don't be so hard on yourselves. Pass this along, go out there, and just be lovingly firm and say: "I'm glad you have found this out for yourself and that it seems to be so perfect for you, but it's just not comfortable for me." Allow other people to have their own viewpoints and differences, as we always allow you to do. In our service as guides for you, we don't say "You must believe this or you're not going to ascend" or "You must believe this or we will no longer work with you." Do you see? Trust that (frustrating as it feels) for those of you who seem even more compelled to do 3-D kinds of work, you do have the ability to balance expressing your mission through this work with the building of your Ascension body. What you're really doing is matching mastery of your 3rd-dimensional world with that of what you term non-3D kinds of interests in Ascension. Many of you have a tendency to believe it's going to be one or the other, that it is not properly Ascension work if you're having to earn a living doing some blatantly 3-D thing, etc. It's all one. Only the mind makes these seem separate.

Understand, however, that it's easier to let your Higher Consciousness descend and anchor to you. Thus, what many of you are doing now is anchoring in 3D in ways you couldn't before. Now that you have evolved your conscoiusness, and now that you have developed your energy skills and comprehension of higher being-ness and so forth, you can be appropriate anchors for higher energies because you are no longer in danger of becoming lost in 3rd-dimensional density. One of the main points of consciousness held by us beings observing your process of Ascension at this time is that you are so much vaster and more powerful in the light than you can ever still imagine. When we look at you from our perspective, it is difficult for us to fathom that you can't see this about yourselves. Although we do not experience the frustration that you do--the human emotional palette, if you will--we do feel the urgency because we see the incredibly infinite potential that is there for this light exponent of which we have spoken. In our own way, we do have difficulty in consciousness "understanding" of why you wouldn't say: "All right! Bring it on! I'm going for it! I know it's hard work, but I can make it. This is just one body, and I'm ascending."

Wishing you great joy of the Light, we are Melora.

Melora Talks: The Sedona Series 7/10/98 (Excerpt from Friday evening talk)


L (female): I'm somewhat new to the whole reality of Ascension. Could you give me any hints on exactly what that is and what happens when you ascend?

This is a complex question. All right. Our perception of Ascension is expansion of consciousness. Consciousness is all. What you are not conscious of is virtually useless to you in terms of the Ascension process. And you become conscious, say, of this workshop, or you become conscious of something through an article that you've read. Suddenly you've opened up to possibilities that broaden this circumference within which you used to be confined--this smaller circle, this smaller sphere of consciousness. Now you allow more into possibility and belief, and the sphere of your consciousness grows even larger. There's an even greater circumference area to which you now have access. Even more of such flexibility allows a greater consciousness of all that may be possible for you.

After you do this for awhile, you soon come into contact with Higher Beings, do you see? And you soon come into contact with your own potential as an exalted being, your own Oneness, your own Divinity. As long as you're in this compressed, smaller consciousness space, you can't have access to what we've just described. So there are certain steps and stages of opening your consciousness that are required before you can get to the stage where you suddenly FEEL the presence of such Great Ones.

Ascension, as it was used in the Bible, is usually specific to the story of Jesus, who ascended to heaven--who took his body to heaven. Where you all are on your Ascension path is this infinite in description as there are people. So there's not just one Ascension scenario. Not everybody's leaving on December 31, in the year 2011. You're all in various stages of Ascension because you're all in various stages of consciousness. And it is true that NEVER in your recorded history, and in unrecorded history, has there been such a great moment in such great numbers--millions of people who have come into Ascension of consciousness--who are allowing that movement out of 3-D immersion in consciousness. You're saying: "I am letting my consciousness now start to leave its absorption HERE. Yes. I'm still in the body, so I'd better stick around in it. But I am not spending so much of my focused consciousness here. I'm spending more of it in 5th-Dimensional consciousness, where love is the center."

That reminds us to tell you that what has happened, what people are perceiving as more and more encounters with "dark" entities, is that in the ascension of your consciousness, you're moving through 4th Dimension WHILE you're coming into 5th-Dimensional consciousness, and so the perception is: "They're jumping out of the woodwork."

What you do is just go faster to the higher octave of 4th Dimension, and don't hang out in the lower octave as your consciousness moves through there, because you're going to become clairvoyantly aware of some of these reptilian beings, and so forth. Instead of contracting in fear and therefore ANCHORING yourself to the lower part of 4th Dimension, you simply keep going and don't get stuck there. When you keep going, you come to that silvery lining that is the higher octave, the "dividing line," between 4th Dimension and 5th Dimension. That's possible IN THE BODY. Dr. Joshua David Stone lists what he has been told are particular Ascension hierarchies. Yes. You can be ascended up to 9th- through 12th-dimensional consciousness and still be in your body--and still share 3rd-Dimensional consciousness.

The "forecast" for Ascension, as we understand it, is that you will bring your bodies to Light. That is most difficult to explain. How can that be? We would suggest that this will happen as you focus more and more of your consciousness on where you're going rather than on where you are now. So every time you let your consciousness be pulled back to the dramas of your life "here," and get focused there . . . . you go in the opposite direction, if you will, from Ascension.


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