"The Fall,"Ascension Factions & Free Will

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St. Germain through Joanna Neff


As you may have understood in having read information about me that has come--either erroneously or truly--through other channels, and so forth, I am considered to be a master of the use of energy. An alchemist, a magician, if you will. In my Merlin expression I am interpreted as quite a crusty old fellow . . . very gruff, sort of world-weary and tired of it all.

We all have our grumpy days,and so it is in soul expression, in so-called "past" lives and in various other expressions. When you're in a body, and when, day after day, no one around you seems to want to relate to who they really are, it can get frustrating to a magician. It seems easy when you're not in a body to make all these plans for what you wish to accomplish when you're in a body, but when you get in that body, you say something like "Oh, no! What have I done!" But you're doing that in many lives at one time. There is this ringing chorus of "Oh, no!" throughout your many lives.

QUESTION: This is very personal, but when you talked about Atlantean society and the memories of a perfect society, I didn't understand that--some perfect time, some perfect place where there was harmony--and that is what I'm here to try to rebuild.

It is not only that. It is the memory of the "fall" of Lucifer, the most beautiful angel, the Archangel of Light. (Lux, in Latin is "light.") Atlantis was a parallel to that story, and you can read about that in Edgar Cayce's book, Atlantis. There were the Sons of the Law of One and the Sons of Belial. The Sons of the Law of One were as the angels in the Bible, and the Sons of Belial were as Lucifer and the fallen angels. But it is a parable for an energetic expression that happens again and again--separation from the ONE and reunion with the ONE.

Ascension consciousness is nothing more than an in-breath of God, where all are coming back into union with the Creator (and I am talking about the highest Creator Source). You are coming back into union with the ONE during this cycle. The important thing for you to do here is to sort of get off the merry-go-round. If you can imagine asking the question of yourself, in your consciousness here: "What do I suppose I have been intending to learn in going through this scenario again and again?" The fall from grace, the Camelot ruined, Atlantis annihilated, the fall of Lucifer.

Ask yourself this question: "What have I intended to learn from this?" When you can answer that in full consciousness, you will get off the merry-go-round of that scenario. You have the greatest opportunity in this lifetime, in this consciousness, to answer that question . . . the paradox, of course, being that it's all happening at the same time anyway--and also I do take exception to the word "fall." It is my understanding that the only way that the Creator could find out what it was like to NOT be Creator was for some aspect, a certain group of angels (or whatever), to say: "All right. We will separate ourselves so that Creator can learn what separation is all about."

Yes, and the Hindus say that about Shiva too. You know: Shiva divides himself into an infinitude of fragments and parts, and the game, for Shiva, is that those fragments remember that they are Shiva. In fact, in the form of a woman Shiva falls in love with himself, forgetting that "she" is Shiva, and so the game goes on. This is what the dance of Shiva" is about. I was merely using the Biblical term "fall" in terms of a story that is in the Bible. That is not my interpretation.

QUESTION: I'm antagonistic to those old patriarchal terms.

Dear One, that is separatist. You have been all things. You have been a Luciferian. You have been an Archangel. You have been a villain. You have been a hero. You have been a maiden in distress. You have been everything. All wear all costumes, you see, and when you come out of a dualistic perception, and when you come back into the Oneness you embrace ALL. Then you will have no antagonism toward the Bible and those stories. That game of forgetting was, as you appropriately mentioned, Source Energy's impulse--Source Energy's intention, gesture and expression.

To the human perception, in the cycles of creation and Destruction, the destruction part is evil. But in the entire cycle it is a necessary step. What I would like to suggest to you is that it would be important for you to examine the heat, the charge that you have in what you have just said: the patriarchy, what the Bible's stories recount, and so forth, and feel how much you are torqued in that. There you will find the heart of your separation. You have a charge there, a negative passion, an anger there. I am asking you to look at the fear this expresses.

Do not confuse the myth that has been created to explain certain cycles with something evil or with something toward which anger is an appropriate response, because that comes back and hurts only you. It doesn't change that cycle of experience that all are playing as actors upon a stage, where there is a patriarchy and where women have suffered greatly. But the wonderful news is that you are now coming back into your goddess expressions and that that portion of the cycle is coming into development and abundance now.

Yes, you are in the forefront of that. It has been developing slowly, and there is much to overcome. I am not saying that the treatment of women by men is appropriate or all right. I am not sanctioning it. However, nothing that you hate is going to change. Only that which you love is going to change. Love does not mean being a door mat. Love starts with you loving yourself, as is said but often not understood. When you love yourself you don't allow yourself to experience hatred because it harms only you, and hatred does not change the situation.

QUESTION: We've been told that the so-called "ETs" are our future selves (Pleiadian) coming back to change what we're doing now so that our future selves (Pleiadian). . .

Not all of you are Pleiadian.

QUESTION: This is information that we've gleaned from various sources. Is there anything that we could, should, or can be doing?

I can say this: Whenever any one group says "This is the only way," you can immediately understand that it is NOT the only way. Creation is much more infinite in variety than that. The Pleiadians have an agenda, and--if you are talking about the Pleiadians of Bringers of the Dawn--they actually, frankly state that. They are 4th-dimensional and, being 4th-dimensional, they can do all kinds of magic tricks and manifest beautifully. They know that the Earth is going 5th-dimensional. They also know that many earth consciousnesses are going 5th-dimensional, and they want to hang out for the party.

They have stated their agenda very clearly in Marciniak's books, and that is: They wish humans to be restored to their 12 strands of connected DNA so that they can use you as human libraries. They say that again and again, but people keep missing that because you get so enamored of the magic tricks and of the manifesting information that they so willingly trade for your becoming human libraries again.

However, any agenda that is being put forth as the agenda for ALL, no matter how beautifully it is stated or how great it seems, can NOT be truly for your highest good. There are so many different star sources presented. You are starseed of many, many, many different systems. Pleiadians are one.

The business about the Greys is that they were expressed in the past quite negatively in their dealings with the Government, which, in exchange for technological information, allowed them to get the genetic material that they required so that their race wouldn't die. (By the way, they now they need no more genetic material for hybridization.) Those who are "coming back" to repair what they did in the past are a more highly evolved version of the Greys, but they still have no heart, no emotions. They just have a greater comprehension in their mental body of what they wrought in the past. They are in The Galactic Federation and are being monitored very carefully, I might add.

It is not the saga that you appear to believe in. They are merely a part of The Galactic Federation, coming back, yes, to seamlessly weave the new timeline at a point right before you all blew yourselves up in a massive, trigger-happy nuclear explosion. They have one small part of that whole scenario. The Pleiadians too, in their role in The Galactic Federation, are being monitored very, very closely by the Syrians. The Pleiadians created a tremendously negative karma in their interference during the times of Atlantis, and they learned their lesson. Now they are coming into this time to make reparation.

At every level of spiritual development the same seductive, possibly spiritually back-slidden kinds of issues come up. Some of those Pleiadians of the 4th dimension are essentially using Barbara Marciniak to run their agenda. Because you are all of free will, this is kosher. They are not evil. If you wish to buy into them and into their agenda, that is honored, whether higher beings deem that an appropriate choice is moot. Because you have free will, if you choose to experience that, it is up to you.

But those are just several of the infinity of choices that you have available to you. It is not the pervading, overwhelming, "only" choice that you have. Again, the Pleiadians are one small part of this tremendously complex grouping of star beings, not only from other systems but also from other ôtimes,ö here, participating in what is going on.

Again: It comes back to your discernment and your choice. Anything that causes you discomfort or fear is probably not a good choice. There is no judgment--just a suggestion that you be aware that you choose these alternatives. This also goes for how you relate to others whose choices are different than yours in what they believe or with what beings they resonate, or from what star systems they remember they have originated.

QUESTION: I understand that we are going through a process that will take us to 5th dimension. In 5th dimension, when we are truly abiding in that consciousness, don't we have the same free will that we have now?

Not in the sense that you have it now. Why would you want that? I would put it this way: When you ascend to 5th-dimensional consciousness (and, again, it is about consciousness) your heart is the "lowest" chakra, so your heart is the basis out of which you operate from now on. In that statement should be a clue to you what sort of transformation your free will might take. In 5th-dimensional consciousness, if the basis of your consciousness is operating from the heart level, you see the transformation that must have taken place in what your notion of free will is now, where your base chakra is about survival in 3rd dimension. Your free will wouldn't exist in any way that you experience it now. But, yes, there are still choices.


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