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Melora through Joanna Neff

Following are some interesting excerpts from various sessions with Melora.

CHAKRAS (11/5/97 - Boulder, CO)
Perhaps you are familiar with Leadbetter’s book on the chakras. The great Hindu sages saw, for example, the crown chakra as the thousand-petaled lotus, and so forth. They have depicted human chakras in the way that they saw them at that time. Rightfully, you could consider them segmented, but they’re really almost like elaborate pie charts representing the movement of energy and the holographic, geometric, sacred patterns of each center. This varies according to the individual because of what you bring in to each lifetime, because of "where you’ve been," and so forth. During meditation the sages were looking within and seeing their own patterns, you see. And so they created a sort of map of what they believed would be what everybody’s heart chakra would look like—how many petals and colors they had, and so forth. Many of them were doing the same practices, which meant that they were coming into certain harmonics that they shared, and so there was some consistency in what they were seeing. Now we have this virtual pastiche of combinations, depending on where people are in their Ascension paths, and so forth.

What you would be seeing would be about youself. You say that you’re seeing in your heart chakra 12 "spokes." We’re seeing them as being connected directly to the 12 great rays, and then each of those has an ascended being who’s in charge of that ray. However, this is not the same as the 12 strands of DNA.

THE 12 STRANDS OF DNA (11/5/97 - Boulder, CO)
If you would look at the 12 strands of DNA in their "final" formation, they would be like braidings of light that now are activated and are connected with all aspects of you and with all expressions of you, whether incarnate or discarnate—whether Higher Self or whatever. A lot of people think that the 12 strands are just sort of on the cellular, genetic level and that they are sort of stuck to you or within you, and that’s where it ends. But the filaments of this braiding are like fiber optical tubes. They’re energetic fibers, and they’re like strands that now light up and give you consciousness connection with all other raspects of you in the Oneness.

What’s happening in what you’re seeing in the heart chakra is that you’re seeing the center, or the hub, of activation through the expression of the light rays to those Beings who are "in charge of’ them, but this is not synonymous with the 12 strands of DNA. You see, they’re not separate, but we are seeing a sort of hub of energy there with a direct connection to these beings.


KARMA, DNA & SOUL RETRIEVAL (7/10/98 - Sedona, AZ: Excerpt from Friday night Questions/Answers)

N (female): I have a question. You mentioned briefly something about releasing karma from the DNA. Could you talk a little bit more about that?

MELORA: Yes. All of the archetypal possibilities for your expression, in form, and actually NOT in form, are encoded in your DNA. So we would say, for example, "memories" of your NOT being in form are in your DNA in terms of your connection through the Higher Self to "future" lives, other-dimensional existences, and so forth.

This is what makes it possible to do work such as that which we will do this weekend.
At the DNA level, we can re-play or revivify, almost the way you reconstitute freeze-dried food, these programs and turn them into holographic representations of the point in time where we're working. These can be "read" and come to your consciousness, where they can be used like merkabas, in a way, in their holographic form rather than in that sort of flat, digital encoding. When the memories go from that linear coding to the holographic, then you're coming into that circular thing that we described in the beginning. Now you have access to all the energies as they flow around, through, about, and so forth.

The reason that Shamanic soul retrieval works at its own level is that the shaman is going on a journey and coming into contact, usually, with a visual representation of some archetype, do you see? Some of these archetypes are medicine animals, power animals. These are not to be taken this literally as many think. They're to be seen as messages (as we told S. one time) from the Higher Self to you in a form that is dramatic and that you resonate with and that has meaning for you. If that's power animals, then that's what is selected by your Higher Self as the medium for the message, if you will.

What we're working with [in Higher-Dimensional Soul Retrieval] is the Etheric Template, your perfected blueprint, your perfected energetic structure, your perfected physical body too, all of your other bodiesyour Higher Bodiesand even your CONNECTIONS to your Higher Self, other members of your Soul Group, and so forth. These are all encoded but not all activated. Part of what happens when we do Higher-Dimensional Soul Retrieval is that we energetically transmute karma encodings, as the client is ready to release them.

What you do, for example, when you come into your intention to ascend, is translating into: "I want to activate these programs so that I can work with them consciously" and so that they come alive instead of being flat (or one-dimensional) digital or linear. They're "puffed up" and spherical and have life, and you can work with them now.

So encoded in your DNA is that you might be a villain in some lifetime. You might be a predator; you might be a victim. You might be a hero, or you might be a coward. Every possible scenario expression, whether it be in a body or as a discarnate spirit, is there for you to work with.
In coming into embodiment, you essentially make an intention that you're to play this role, now, in this lifetime, and you call to the templatenot just for the physical body but also for the activation of certain scenarios, certain lineages (certain parents), certain childhood teachers, or whatever is going to happen. You're creating, essentially, holographic experience, which is what your experience in 3rd Dimension really is.

But you're doing it out of the DNA's core programs, which are more infinite than you might imagine. So the perception of scientists that there are these raw genes—and that you inherit these from your mother and father, and so forth, that's your raw material, and that's a static thing—is incorrect because there are ENERGETIC versions of these that run in tandem with, and parallel to, that.

ANIMAL TOTEMS & ARCHETYPES (11/5/97 - Boulder, CO)
Animal totems that you may experience as medicine animals through shamanic means are not actually there. This is the mechanism of communication from your Higher Self to you about what’s going on with you. In other words, the animals are not literally there. They are symbols, but the energy is information. They are symbols of information coming through in the form of precise energies, and the symbols are coming through so that you can identify those archetypal resonances that each represents.
When you experience visions about interaction with, or literally being, such animals, you are being given information about you from you Higher Self. All symbols as they’ve come through "mythology" have served this purpose. The archetypes of everything that you can choose to be exist in the coding of your DNA. And so what you’re familiar with in your milieu here on Earth is what you’re going to attach those possibilities or archetypes to, including archetypal medicine animals or power animals.
Also: certain roles that you play—villain, predator or victim, and so on. Specific qualities that you ascribe to certain animals make you fearful. Some of them are predators and some of them are not; some of them swim the ocean and some do not; some of them use sonar and so forth. These are the specific identifiable aspects of all possible archetypes that you resonate with. Your personal power animals, your shamanic remembrances, and so forth, are all going to be about you. They’re going to be information about who you are in all your multi-dimensional expressions. But the images are coming as Earth images. Do you see?

When we do soul retrieval we are energetically triggering these very archetypes that are in your DNA. So the same energetic structures that represent these archetypes are what are encoded in certain power crystals and our Jyoti has a certain soul retrieval crystal that, when she does a certain motion and then places it against someone’s third eye, it triggers archetypal memory very specific to the roles that that person has chosen to play. What you’re getting is triggered, and so if you’re going to be getting shamanic images and medicine animal images, then obviously your particular way of interpreting these has to fall within that classification—medicine animals—although it could be something totally different. It could just be conceptual. It might be in Greek. But for you it is very ancient associations with Aztec, Amerindian, shamanic associations, and so your answers, here, with these are always going to be within that context of interpretation.

That does not mean that they’re restricted to that; that’s just the way the information is coming to you because of the intensity of your incarnate experiences. That’s what they have in common: that shamanic, animal-magic kind of archetype. So your answers are going to be for your earthly mind and your consciousness at this point are going to be in books such as Animal Speak, that have very exotic animals— not just the basic ones. What does it say about the cougar? What does it say about the jaguar? There you will find your answers, but all of it is about you.

SOUL RETRIEVAL Miscellaneous (1/5/94 - Boulder, CO)
The reality that the Soul aspect experienced when it left may be brought back to you, in current experience, for a short time. And this is a question that Jyoti had too, because she suddenly got a sore throat, and there was something about every time she swims in that blankety-blank indoor pool she gets an ear infection. Well, this is a sort of auto-suggestion. There's a relationship between certain traumatic memories of swimming and almost drowning and chronic strep throat, and as a baby the ear infections, and so on.

And so she rightly guessed today that the reason . . . she sort of cursed herself because she no longer believes in manifesting these illnesses anymore . . . but the soul fragment that brought this back doesn't know the difference. And so she guessed correctly that these symptoms really manifested as a strong energetic remembrance of a soul aspect not yet quite adjusted to the current belief structures.
It's important in the process of soul aspect integration to determine that this is indeed going on and to understand in your belief structures that it's not necessary for it to go on for a long period of time. You don't need to keep it manifested. Talk to that soul aspect and tell it, "I understand that this is you, and this is your experience. We have a new way of being now. Welcome home. And we don't have to do this anymore." This would speed up the integration process.

Another aspect is that in the body's healing processes, when you make an adjustment in one place, then there may be a place temporarily out of adjustment until it's totally aligned. So if your neck is getting adjusted somewhere, then your head may—or, say, in the the skull structure there may temporarily be pressure or pain. So we work to fine-tune and align in these ways. This occurs both because of integrating the fragments and because of the work of one's spiritual guidance. The memory in the tissues that the soul fragment brings back to you is an actual sensation, because this was the experience of the soul aspect in its last in-body experience that it took with it. As it comes back in you will feel a transient vivification, if you will, of whatever it was that that aspect experienced exactly at the moment of leaving—or what state, what perceptions of your reality.

In doing such work, the intent is most important. There are ways of working with energy that vary according to the unique gifts of individuals—in bodies and not in bodies. And there's a sort of personality thing involved too. We, as you, vary in our abilities to, as you say, to visualize, or to be sentient—which all means how one uses energy. And so we have our preferred ways of using energy.

Some like to be very very dramatic and flamboyant. The shamanic soul retrieval is, in a way, a dramatization that allows people to have a sense of journeying, bartering, trying to coax—things that make sense in the human domain. And in going through these processes one is really just clarifying for oneself each successive step. It's a way to slowly alter the belief structures to accommodate the aspects' coming back.

There are ways to do this in a purely energetic fashion, which we have done with Jyoti, since she had human help to do this. She needed her belief structures to turn to the point where then the rest could be done energetically. And this was her free will and her desire to do it in this fashion. She opted not to go the shamanic route. Although the storyline approach and the journeying she felt were symbolic and very beautiful, she didn't need them to believe that the process was going on. Some people do.

Jyoti's cat is very highly evolved. As she guessed from certain behavior patterns, his previous owners used to beat him. And what needs to be understood about this sort of thing is that animals, as well as people, can advance very quickly by learning lessons in this fashion. It seems brutal, but these are actually choices. And Jyoti's cat is very grateful that she rescued him from the mountains but understand that they chose each other—and also wants her to understand that, even though he's grateful, it doesn't need to be fawning—and that he is totally going to be himself. He does know that he's safe, although he has a sort of automatic reaction of fear if someone carries some big object into the room. But he knows, in his very big heart, that she would not harm him.

So in a way his sensitivity, as in many human beings, was actually enhanced by the abuse. As children, your [the client's] and Jyoti's sensitivities were amplified because you had to "read" everything very quickly to know if you were in danger or to know if people had good intent or bad intent. And it's the same way with animals.

And so Jyoti's cat is sensing energy in a way (and this is very amusing to us, that she hasn't understood this until now)—it shouldn't surprise her that this animal's forte is reading energy because so is hers. And so they actually speak the same language. His reading her energies the way she reads everybody else's energies is is funny, because he's so very much himself—and there is so much love is coming to him now—so much reward for being himself. He's enjoying himself immensely.

DREAM IMAGERY (1/5/94 - Boulder, CO)

QUESTION: Speaking of Jyoti's cat, do you have anything to say about that dream she mentioned? About the cat riding in the trunk and then escaping, running off?

MELORA: Jyoti tried in vain to discover the symbolism in this, and we would suggest that it's more like a jack-in-the-box. We would like you to understand that dreams symbolize things and yet they don't. If you get the message, then they symbolize things. If you don't get the message, then it's probably a jack-in-the-box. It's truly the Higher Self. What has been erroneously called "the subconscious" is really messages coming from the Higher Self in a form appropriate to the level of consciousness. So as one's consciousness expands, the opportunities for clearer dream images also increases. What one allows (in a permission way of free will) to come through as meaningful dream imagery will come through meaningfully. And what one has not yet given permission to come through will come through in a cat jumping out of the trunk of a car.

VERY ANCIENT EGYPT & THE ANKH (9/5/95 - Boulder, CO)

QUESTION: [When being re-initiated into the Great White Brotherhood after cellular de-coding] Jyoti saw images of the Egyptian pyramids under blue moonlight, and the sphinx when it was new, and the ankh being impressed energetically on the third eye. Were these memories, or were they just knowledge brought to her with the initiation?)

MELORA: They are both. If you will picture an incarnational experience in ancient Egypt in which Jyoti was led into the great pyramid, which really was an initiatory structure—not a tomb, not a place of worship—and picture that Jyoti went through a very rigorous initiation (years and years and years of initiatory levels in this structure) in a very ancient time that precedes even the Egyptian mysteries of Akhenaton, who came much later. Picture that she was in this structure almost at the very beginning of its, and the Sphinx’s, existence. In going through the initiation rights, she connects with all of her multidimensional selves, including this one, which, at that time, would have been considered a future self.

In the decoding initiation by The Great White Brotherhood (as you know the ankh is part of their emblem) the ankh was impressed etherically in our Jyoti's third eye. It is more than just the symbol of life; it is an energetic key into communiction), she saw the pyramids, the blue moonlight and the sphinx, and saw the ankh being energetically impressed on her third eye. She connected directly to that so-called "past" life. In that same moment they experienced each other. Her sense that the blue moonlight was from the second moon that has been referred to in We Are Becoming Galactic Humans . . . that book is correct. Before this moon was used as a projectile of destruction there were two moons and the moon that Jyoti Alla-An saw in her initiation indeed shone blue moonlight on the pyramids.
The two moons achieved fullness at about the same time, and so you had this stark white moonlight and then the blue moonlight, which really are the resonances of the third eye energy. At that time, that was the consciousness of those who inhabited that part of the planet, and so the very resonance of the blue moonlight and the beautiful white moonlight were parts of the frequencies that were established—the high levels of frequency established—to help promote and maintain the high frequency vibration of the beings at that time. As you know, that frequency has degenerated fairly completely.

QUESTION: About what date was that?

MELORA: The date was 97,350 B.C. The ankh is a conscious connection to the most ancient derivation of the symbol, and that is the initiatory connection between the human and the God Source in a total experience of communication. This is the truest meaning of the symbol.

THE GREAT CENTRAL SUN (12/7/97 - Boulder, CO)

Regarding "the brightest star" of the many universes, this part is for our Jyoti. Give us a moment. We interpret this as what has been called "The Great Central Sun." Often those such as the Joshua David Stone group interpret that as being in this universe, as you understand it. We are saying that The Great Central Sun is the core of the many universes.

The Great Central Sun is like a Grand Central Station of communication by means of the light rays of the many universes and the many stars.
The number of communication "cables" going through The Great Central Sun are infinite. It is the great central way-station for the communications of the multi-universes. What our Jyoti would be doing in asking for these energies is to be specific in her intent. For her it would not be to create the flower essence; for her it would be more homing in on specific energies to enhance the soul retrieval work on levels higher than she has hitherto been able to imagine. She has gone to the next step in her comprehension of doing soul retrieval. Using The Great Central Sun energies would be the highest level, meaning that entities’ or beings’ connections through the many universes of their expressions. This is more complex than even we can fathom.

By your intention you can begin to "unravel." For those who are still of consciousness in the third-dimensional body as they ascend, they can still enhance the process tremendously because they can start to [garbled] them to appropriate levels universally that their Core Souls, Higher Selves, Overbeings, and so forth can calibrate for them and work with. The intention here is the important thing. The consciousness that you can work at these levels then brings in the possibility for "disentangling" in a way that was not possible before you became conscious of this. If you bring this energy through you by your intention, you’re coming through from the highest level of that which can communicate with you through the dimensions, through your Overbeing, through your Higher Self and then through you. This is as in a relay.

Because of our commitment to the Soul Retrieval work, our Jyoti is connecting to that which is much, much, much, much higher in her vertical soul hierarchy in that relay, that combination of relays, and so forth—that Being that can connect directly with her. Of course, this enhances her own process as well. It is necessary in order to bring this through for the alignment of her mental and emotional bodies, which she has been requesting most urgently and intensely right now. When this work is done, the energies flow through her and are grounded into the core of the Earth.


JYOTI'S QUESTION (asked in her behalf by a client): "The Rev. Voight also said that in doing soul retrieval, it would be helpful to bring in Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce, Shannon Psall-Kanum of the Luma and Queen Diagna, leader of this planet’s Nature Angels."

MELORA: Yes, this is very interesting. We are receiving that it’s Lumina—not Luma. The Shamanic approach to soul retrieval has been the most basic one that has been used on Earth. It is not as pervasive. It is not done on the energetic level. This is to remind our Jyoti of the importance of Earth energies in this work as well. In fact, her client in a long session yesterday is working with Aztec shamanic energy and Sioux chief energy. This is to remind our Jyoti that a lot of this work needs also to be done at the Earth level with the physical body. The effect of shifting, transmuting and cleansing the mental body and emotional body, for example—having those set back into place, so to speak—creates an effect on the physical body.

Also, the Queen of the Devic Kingdom—bringing her in is that involutionary, nature part of manifesting change, which creation is.
You manifest change. You change from a state in which, energetically, "nothing was there" to a state in which something now appears. Lumina is the evolutionary part, the sort of Great White Brotherhood angle, what you term the "higher spiritual forces." Together, they form a triangle. You have the shamanic, which is Earth centered, body centered; you have the Devic, which are the forces here to help you materialize into your reality; you have the spiritual part. They form that triangle, and that is that body/spirit/Nature combination.

The color yellow is symbolic of our Jyoti’s specific, unique energy signature. In working with the Great Central Sun, as an example, there would be an understanding from the Source that it is she to whom this energy is being sent. This helps it be calibrated at the other end—for exactly what she needs, for her energy signature goes with the intention. Also, her particular signature color going up into that cylindrical shape ensures that when the energies come from The Great Central Sun, they are interpreted according to vibrations that will reach her without overloading her. The energies will reach her in her understanding, her energetic pattern, if you will.

In computer terminology, if your modem is too slow—or if it’s set at a different speed than the transmission it’s supposed to receive—there are going to be glitches in communication. It is like, "What baud rate are you, and what kind of modem do you have?"

Following is a paraphrase from a public session. Melora said: "There is oil and there is water. They don't mix. In Nature there is no judgment about that fact. Why should people judge themselves and each other when they're not resonant with someone else? You don't need to hang out with people with whom you're not resonant--just to prove that you are not judging them." -- Jyoti Alla-An




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