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This profound meditation (which you can access at the very end of this page) was channeled in preparation for our workshop in Sedona in mid-July, 1998. Initially, I was guided to use specific Atlantean tonals (and their corresponding color combinations) found in Frank Alper's 3-volume series, Exploring Atlantis in conjunction with each chakra center.

To develop the workshop coordinators and prepare us for the Sedona workshop, Melora, St. Germain and some of the members of The Council of 12: "Lady Masters of Karma" conducted channeling sessions with us . During one of these sessions, artist Teresa Dunwell channeled the mudras (or empowered hand positions) that completed the elements of the Heart-Axis Mudra Meditation.

Thus, the Heart-Axis Mudra Meditation in its entirety, as we now teach it, consists of specific Atlantean tonals, mudras, and color visualization.

Awakened early one morning by a vision about a month before the Sedona workshop, Teresa experienced the intricate flow of energies created by this meditation. This experience was given her by The Council of 12: "Lady Masters of Karma." The results are shown below in an abbreviated representation of Teresa's poster, which depicts the movements and qualities of energies created when one does the Heart-Axis Mudra Meditation. -- Joanna Neff


MELORA through Joanna Neff

(from a channeling with artist Teresa Dunwell)

We are interested in your consciousness of these movements of energy which you have synthesized so beautifully into the art for representation. You know how to be a conduit for the energies coming from the Great Lady Masters of Karma. You did this in the vision that you had in which this information about The Council of 12 came through. You felt them energetically in your body and were able to transform that, to transmit that, and to transmute that into this beautiful representation of how all these energies work together. You do this in all your paintings.

TERESA: is there anything going within there that you would like to explain?

MELORA: In the poster you mean? Give us a moment. The double-helix coming down through the crown, the Isis energy, is also combined energy. It's not just Isis' singular energy. It is also the energy of the Lady Master Mary, encompassing. It is also the energies of the others. But Isis is like the channel, or the "tube," if you will, that contains that energy so that it may be directed, laser-like. The whole point of the laser is that it's very condensed energy. In order to do that it must be a tight beam. Lady Isis provides the energetic structure for that to be aimed somewhere in a tight beam. You also have the Athena energies coming in through the crown and the energies from the other chakras that are supported by the other masters being focused there too.

Our [Joanna] is correct in her discussion before our session that what you're representing here in these shapes over the body are Atlantean in orgin. People see them duplicated in Egyptian ornaments on the body or Egyptian adornments on the body, and she is correct in the female robes of Egyptian paintings of Nefertiti--the very gathering symbolized in the movements of these energies, the adornments around the neck that were so heavy and breastplate-like, even this diamond shape on the chin that is duplicated in the power symbol of the Pharoah's beard. It was not the fashion for pharoahs to wear real, physical beards. They put them on the masks to show authority. But your symbol there is like the beard on the Sphinx or the beard on the pharoah. That diamond shape that you have in gold there is really that connection between the chakras as you depicted them.

TERESA: I find the gold and the silver really fascinating. What energies lie within those?

MELORA: We would call the "silver" actually platinum, which is white gold. So there is white gold and yellow gold. Yellow gold is warm; white gold is cool in its resonance, in its vibration. Those are just some of the physical properties of that. They balance each other in resonance and vibration.

It is no accident that silver and gold are considered precious metals--platinum even more precious because what is materialized first has a vibration or idea that precedes it, as you know. The materialization of precious metals and precious gemstones is an actualization of templates of energy, geometric movements of molecules, and so forth that, when brought into form, take these shapes and qualities in physicality.

Along with that is the very palest of green, as a very high vibration of green, moving into the mental connection--mental not being brain-mental but mental meaning "idea." Again, we're having the intersection between spirit and matter, and the intersection of spirit and matter takes place through idea. You have consciousness. Consciousness is the pivotal point--we're calling consciousness "consciousness-generating ideas"--creating ideas. So you have Spirit, in consciousness, creating and manifesting. That is that relationship there. We think of green as a heart color as well, as in the old version of the chakra colors, although, as you know, these colors have switched out. But in terms of archetypes still encoded in human archetypal memory is that association of that color with the heart. As the very yellowy-green is showing how that transformation is taking from that understanding of that color, that chakra, to a change in color, or a combination of color that is going to switch out and transform to a color that cannot be seen.

TERESA: And then the THU-MAR in the 3rd-eye area--that is a crown. Is that the crown that we wore in Atlantean times? Is that much like that, as far as that connection?

MELORA: It is more an energetic structure--what we call morphogenic structure that precedes physical structure. The morphogenic structure of The Temple of Solomon, for example, stills exists. The Parthenon's morphogenic structure still exists, even though the pillars are in ruins. That is why you can feel the energy when you go there, even though her physical temple is in ruins. By the same token, there is a light apparatus at the crown--quite a complex one. We've talked about this before, about the sort of antennae you have in the etheric crystalline body. At this point this shape in the etheric crystalline body enables you to connect not only to your Higher Self but also to the very Source Creator as your consciousness allows you. There is a kind of spikey sense of energy there--like lightning rods--in your chart.

TERESA: And then the lemon yellow in the crown?

MELORA: This is, as you said, the mental color. Again, this term has been so abused: "Oh, you're so mental." But the creamy yellow is a spiritually mental color. If it were just a lemon yellow, then it would be more a mental/egoistic brain kind of yellow. But the creamy yellow color is the connection to the Divine Consciousness, and since human beings have a brain and since so much of your consciousness and what you understand is interpreted through the physical brain, then that is not something you can just get rid of, because you think it's in the way. It's always going to be operating as long as you're truly conscious in the body.

The emerald green color at the base chakra, as you depict it (and as Dr. Alper has talked about in his trilogy on Exploring Atlantis) is associated with the tonal ZAU-RAM. Emerald green at this point, of course, is not heart. We associate this green with the healing color and balancing color. Here, at this location, it balances you, as human beings, in the relationship between the Earth (your physical home) and the heavens (your spiritual home). This is the balance point between your existence on the Earth and your existence in Heaven.

TERESA: So it seems too, that as a balancer, we've already moved into the higher chakras, or we're moving into the higher chakras in this process of the green being the base color rather than the red or orange. In correlation, in number of mythologies associate green with the heart, but it is that the heart is in the whole etheric system, rather than what we usually think of as just the heart. It's become that higher chakra. Is that right?

MELORA: You left out something. Let us see. Here's how we will translate what we think you said: The heart is now the base chakra as you move into Ascension consciousness, but you're not physically ascended yet. Since you're ascending in consciousness, the green that was associated with the heart chakra is now your anchoring, grounding color and is now located at the base chakra.

TERESA: Why is it that so many modalities have so many different colors they're using right now?

MELORA: We recently did a reading with a client in which we were describing the chakras and the way they looked to the ancient sages. What we said is that the chakras are going to look different for each person, depending on their consciousness and what their path is. With, say, Hindu swamis (monks) living in the same ashram, for example, they do the same practices. They have very stringent principles and beliefs: "If you follow this in a certain way, then this is what will happen," and so forth. Because they were subscribing to identical practices, philosophies and beliefs, if one seer would clairvoyantly observe something that looked very much like what another seer observed, then they would say: "Okay. This is what the chakras look like, and we will paint them now." That was true for them.

TERESA: And is that still true for them?

MELORA: This depends on whose chakras you're looking at and where they are in their spiritual evolution. There are differences according to that. If you have a group of people who gather together--say soul groups--they already have a similar resonance because they're related in their soul families. Say, someone brings in a new program, as you're bringing in here: The Heart-Axis Mudra Meditation. All the people you will work with already have a somewhat similar resonance, and so this is really going to be harmonious with them, but not everyone will be.

TERESA: So when they view the poster, when they do the tonals, what this will do is key into their remembering?

MELORA: At the Soul level. As an artist, you're familiar with the term "montage." We have people who aren't quite here yet; they're not quite lined up yet, as in the chevrons on the Stargate in the movie. provided for them. In doing these exercises they will come into alignment instead of being "all fuzzy" and not having any way to come into alignment without these keys being provided for them. Then they will click into place.

It is a mistake, however, to prescribe one path or process for everyone. When anyone says, "There is only one way," you should turn around and go the other way very fast! This is why The Keys of Enoch is NOT for everyone. It's not for our [Joanna]. It makes no sense to her. It doesn't resonate with her. It's simply not her system, and that's okay. This is why it would be a mistake to say to anyone, "Well, you don't have this system, so you're just not up on the latest." We're not creating a religion here; we are bringing together those with whom this will resonate and that will further them and lock those chevrons into place so that they can walk through that Stargate.

(from a later session)

What you're building when you do The Heart-Axis Mudra Meditation is your communication network that links you directly to the Great Beings and to The One. Our [Joanna] interpreted this correctly--that this is not synonymous with the merkaba.

"All of these vessels (or 'vehicles', if you will), all of these orbital structures work in conjunction with each other in a way that would be very difficult for you to understand or to visualize. They don't get tangled up in each other. (Our [Joanna] is getting this picture of all these light filaments getting tangled up like fishing lines, because you've got the merkaba, and you've got the orbital structure, and you've got your communication webwork.) But since this is light energy, the trick is to have it work harmoniously.

This works holographically. Our notion of 'holographic', rather than the technological notion of hologram, would be that some form, some substance of some sort or some energy comes into form expressing sacred geometrical structures energetically. Whether you can see them or not, those energies form certain structures for certain purposes. So 'hologram', for us, would mean that there are certain energetic structures set up, and when you are in 3-D, your hologram is your everyday life, and the people in it, the objects in it, and the events in it.

What you create when you do The Heart-Axis Mudra Meditation is a new structure. Now, certain spiritual adepts have created structures similar to this, but because of your relationship to so many others who are of this consciousness, it is somewhat different. It is much more evolved. It is much more high-tech, if you will, because it has the supporting energies of others, as well. It is very much unlimited potential as it affects you at the Soul level--not at the 3-D level. Although it will definitely enhance the rest of your sojourn here, it is really designed for your spiritual evolution beyond 3rd-Dimensional expression.

There is this structure that you set up that our [Joanna] called a 'communication web' (as you do the tonals, The Heart-Axis Mudra Meditation). As Roberta doused with her dousing rods this morning, the field extends, in its core energy, about 15 feet out from the body. This is your intersection with all of the information coming in. There are literally no time or space barriers. So the realities, the Akashic records, what is going on with people you're talking to in 3-D, what is going on with Beings who are not in 3-D at all--ALL that is possible to you as this communication web continues to be established and then is finally 'settled' around you. At some point it will be totally in place and you will no longer need to do The Heart-Axis Mudra Meditation to keep putting it in place.

You have 'miracle' experiences when this communication webwork is set up. Really, the part that is personal to you is the etheric crystalline body. The energies that you're creating to surround you give you an extension, or a receptive, communicative, transmitting-receptive power that you wouldn't have just within your etheric crystalline body itself. (See Melora's channeling on The Etheric Crystalline Body and Melora's Sedona Journal article, "Etheric Body Crystals.")

After practicing this meditation consistently for a time, you essentially 'channel' all the time. You're no longer setting up the protocols, the channeling session--no longer setting up that 'pipeline' or having all the apparati in place. You are just receiving throughout your entire light structure being constantly. As you can probably infer, that is a good description of Ascension of consciousness and as a change in your physical structure that you call bringing your body to light. As we said, having the etheric crystalline body come into full formation, having this communication web set up and finally in place, is the prelude to your bringing your body to light. It's the next step."

The Council of 12 speaks about Teresa's

Heart-Axis Mudra Poster

"It is of great intention that we proceed to give you this work. It is time for this next evolution to provide all with the opportunity to raise their Ascension consciousness. Each mudra [of the Heart-Axis Mudra Meditation] is a part of the whole--no one is done unless in context with the others. We have shown you as we match up to your centers of higher learning. Each master is responsible for a center in this course of study.

This will fluctuate as vibrations are shifting and increasing in value. Know that all will work together and with [Joanna]'s dear work all will come into great activation.

This chart will give those a mapping visually of what is to be accomplished in this weekend. It holds the vibration of light which resonates light codings in the eyes--both optical & third. Perceptually, shifts in consciousness will begin as new colors are introduced and played with. These new tonal color vibrations are key to the new Millennium and, of course, adjustments will be made accordingly.

Yes, new color vibrations . . . those you [Teresa] have received in your paintings and higher ones still. Vibrationally you have no color for such, but these too will be introduced to those who seek this information and are open to new, lighter experience of color vibration.

It is for you to do an exercise with color, asking those that they perceive not with their eyes but with their hearts, asking Lady Kwan Yin and Athena to guide them, in new understandings of color relationship. You see, they will begin to see the color between the color, the negative space is to be honored as much as the positive that they have always associated with. They will at first find great difficulty in separation . . . but in reality they will see the transference of energy between the objects on a higher plane of existence. This balance will create the new color--as in your painting 'Perception'. It is what they see or read (energy) 'between the lines'.

These are the new resonant tones for humanity. In doing this you will open up the interior plane of existence and expose the 'real' world. The illusion will dissolve away [was shown waviness occurring, dimensionally shifting--optically], moving into this non-reality . . . no form . . . only vibration. Color being a key to unlock the vibration . . . physical sound taking it a step further (moving from light vibration in color to sound vibration--and pure colorless color).

Nothing that you have as yet mastered. 'Prestidigitation'. Magicians, alchemy. Yes. Onto it and not--meaning, yes they were all on to it--and not. We are sanctioned by the Masters.

Interdimensional travel, opening doorways of experience into dimensional consciousness. The creativity is important. All life comes from passion, desire and joy . . . to create from the ethers what has not taken form. Unique you are. Don't be afraid to express your God self."

ISIS = Pillar of Light (spinal column)

PORTIA = 12 strands of DNA

MARY = All-encompassing

LADY NADA = Solar Plexus/Root Chakra

KWAN YIN = Thymus/Heart/Throat

ATHENA = Crown/3rd Eye


ARIEL = Higher Chakras





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