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Melora through Joanna Neff (Jyoti Alla-An)

MELORA SESSION - 6/28/07 with S.W.

QUESTION 4: In Murry Hope's The Lion People, one of the Paschats says that immature souls were never intended to incarnate on the Earth. Is this your perception as well? And please don't worry about being politically correct here. The stakes are too high now to be diplomatic.

MELORA: It is also our perception that this is true. Our Jyoti's having inferred that it isn't politically correct applies to the embodied "spiritual community" as well because they might be horrified to hear this because their assumption is that with Divine compassion and the compassion of the Ascended Masters, how could this be?

The truth is that having compassion doesn't mean you allow evil to prevail.
Having compassion doesn't mean that you give up being a Lightbearer for the sake of someone else who has such a low "spiritual IQ," if you will. We don't even know how to state this, except that everything in nature has a higher consciousness than most people on the Earth right now-a higher spiritual IQ than the lowest evil entity or negative elemental.

Like unto like is a cosmic law. Your resonance will attract to you things that are "good" for you or "bad" for you-people who are good for you or bad for you. Until you root out the results of choices-emotional and thought patterns-until you make an ac-tive, conscious commitment to changing those, you will remain in frequencies that keep attracting more dark entities, more of the same.
The stakes are high. We will not mince words here. This is what our Jyoti is consider-ing when she's saying: "Ascension: Red Alert!" "Wake up and smell the coffee before it's too late, and go as high as you can, spiritually, while you're still in your body on the Earth."

For eons Earth has been inhabited by what we will bluntly call cosmic riff-raff. The caveat here is that Earth has always been a free-will zone. More and more, the dark forces have interfered. More and more people have made choices that have changed the vibrations so that millennia ago Earth became attractive to the dross of intergalactic beings who have wished to incarnate there.

Earth was never meant to endure the blight on her body that these immature souls have perpetrated. They are like "Pirates of the Caribbean." For millennia, all these intergalactic, lower-consciousness entities have just sort of landed in bodies on Earth. More and more, as the frequencies have been taken over from the astral plane by dark forces operating from the astral plane, these immature souls have been attracted to low-frequency activities and interests. These immature souls are below that 200-threshold of integrity and courage that David Hawkins discusses in Power vs. Force. This is the level of integrity and courage--when a person has the self-honesty to say: "I need to change these things about myself."

SW: Now, the Paschats were involved in Egypt? With the sphinx and . . .

MELORA: Oh, yes. If you're interested, that book is kind of hard to get because it's not available through New Leaf Book Distributors right now, but you might be able to locate a used copy through an internet search.

QUESTION 5: When Jyoti was working on DNA reprogramming recently, at the spiritual level she found imprints, entity interference, vital life-force stolen by another, psychic energy blockages and problems with her merkabah. Could you please discuss what these are all about and whether they will be successfully reprogrammed in the next five weeks?

Our Jyoti is correct in realizing that, in this reprogramming, her Soul moved her in this direction on purpose so that as many impediments to her stated soul intention of becoming a Medicine Buddha could be removed as much as possible in her current lifetime. Just stating that intention with so much clarity . . . as we have said, go for the higher intention, the limitless intention instead of "I want to heal people with a word, a thought, a touch," go for the higher soul-level attainment. This began to be realized for our Jyoti when she said: "I want to become a Medicine Buddha, even if it takes a zillion lifetimes."

As we were discussing earlier in this session, there ARE these alien technologies now, because dark-force aliens are desparate to keep people on Earth at this time from spiritually ascending. When these clearances are done, and the reprogramming of the DNA is done, it goes across lifetimes. So we have included in the stealing of vital life-force, and entity interference, other lifetimes-- including very ancient lifetimes. Including our Jyoti's expression as the Hutronite Eagle Priestess healer.

Our Jyoti was unable to determine who stole her vital life force became it happend in such an ancient incarnation. (Your "history" has no record of the names, locations, or "times" of these ancient civilizations.) "Remember that reincarnation is simultaneous--not linear--and that the highest levels of healing go across lifetimes.

Thus, when you're working with the DNA, you're re-harmonizing the transgenerational energies that express physically, relationships you've had with your parents in other lifetimes, unresolved karma, and so forth. You're also retrieving gifts latent in your DNA, "spiritual brownie points" that you've earned in other lifetimes, and reversing your own suppression of spiritual gifts. For example, say you were about to be burned as a witch and you exclaim/ordain: "I'll never use my knowledge of herbal healing again." Until you find that vow and rescind it, it is operative across succeeding lifetimes. (You have so many complex things going on in your DNA.0

In actively working on reharmonizing her DNA, Jyoti was guided by her Higher Self to remove obstacles to her Soul intention regarding doing healing work. Everyone can do this! When you open yourself up to your Higher Self and say "Please! Help me with this! This is where I really want to go," your Higher Self embraces that and does everything possible to help you. But you also have to participate in the process.

Regarding the reprogramming of our Jyoti's DNA, it will take place within the next five weeks. Then she will see reflected in her reality more and more how that is being manifested for her in physical reality.

We thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to serve you in the Light, and we are Melora.

The following material excerpts material from a Melora session with a client who, in a future expression, is "an incredibly empowered" commander of a Galactic Federation starship--one of the innumerable light ships that are stationed multi-dimensionally to help with the ascension of the Earth and those who will ascend with her. Much of the work in this session focused on how critical we are, here, to our future selves who have "come back in time" (inter-dimensionally) to help us anchor, activate, and accelerate light energies to accomplish this goal. -- Joanna Neff

MELORA: In these times coming up soon, as our Jyoti is sensing, there is going to be a re-weaving of the timeline. This is something that has been mentioned in at least one or two books in the last 10 years. The higher-dimensional Pleiadians are working on this as part of a karmic payback for the intrusions they made into human free will on Earth before the time of Atlantis. The re-weaving that the client, in her future expression, is taking part of, has to do with seamlessly reworking what would historically, "permanently" have been a nuclear holocaust.

As current events accelerate to a point of no return, these great federations of the light are all working in their expertise to re-weave this fabric so that "historically" will be recorded no such nuclear holocaust but, rather, the bringing of a Golden Age to Earth in her Ascension. As you know, we cannot tell you when and what. We cannot do fortune-telling. You would still perceive that our sense of time is distorted. There has been excitement for some time (as you perceive it), but understand that those coming in are coming in through dimensional portals, and so they can come in one minute before "now"; they can come in 10 years before now; they can come in three years from now. Do you see?

A lot of the re-calibrating has had to take place over the past 10 years. Just when it has seemed as though it was "time" for all to come in en masse through these dimensional portals to do this work that all have been anticipating, then something else has happened. Then everything has had to be re-calibrated again. There have been innumerable dress rehearsals when these light ships, and these Great Beings that you have now become conscious of, have come in to do this work, and then they have seen that there is a more optimal "time," location and whatever. If you can think of multitudes--maybe even millions--of re-calibrations and dress rehearsals going back-and-forth . . . "Is this the optimal moment. No." Now it is closer in the future as you look at it, but all these innumerable attempts have been made before now and have been found not to be optimal.

The urgency that our Jyoti and others are feeling in their own unique understanding is that these calibrations are getting more exact. The import of all of the various dress rehearsals is that they are getting the calibrations closer and closer to the point where they will then be able to act. "Closer and closer" would be sooner, in your experience, than it would be later. The more you hear and are conscious of what is going on, the more the calibrations can become precise enough that that can be completed.

The moment that the Earth ascends into 5th-dimensional consciousness is the moment when others who are also ascending to 5th-dimensional consciousness will sever from an Earth experience of nuclear holocaust. There will be those remaining in the old timeline rather than the new timeline, which is the ascended Earth timeline--and the timeline for those ascending with her. There will be an old earth timeline in which nuclear war will happen.

Something is imminent, and our Jyoti has been picking up on this. Some big shift is imminent, and we would like you all to be ready to make that shift and to remove any impediments to that . . . to discard and release all that is standing in your way so that when that moment arrives, when all the calibrations are agreed upon as exact, you will be ready to go. That is the importance of this. It doesn't matter if it is tomorrow, or a month or five years from now. The emphasis is on your readiness, do you see. We would request from all of you that you not go back into this space where you're saying, "Yes. You all said that 10 years ago" and then go back into unreadiness.

Building of the light mechanisms for your ascension, for bringing your body to light, is imperative now. In the Boulder and Sedona workshops, we were helping you set into place through the Heart-Axis mudra meditation the communication filaments so that your Higher Self, the Great Masters, your Overself, those in your Soul Group, and all could communicate with each other more readily. It's not just about each of you individually ascending. There's so much more at stake than that.

It is so critical that you be in alignment with future selves, who are aboard these great light ships--who are needing your conscious help to calibrate accurately so that they can come in for this finale. Their mission will not be completed without your anchoring those energies here. Indeed, all of you in your Ascension missions here serve that purpose: to tell us what is going on here. Therefore, it is even more important than ever before that you tell us what is going on here. It is imperative that you all look toward your greater expression and that you pull away from these things that are anchoring you here. The closer you get to your actual, final ascension (bringing your body to light), the more powerfully your 3D attachments are going to feel. Your future selves are keenly aware of you and keenly trying to make contact with you.

How do you do that? You do that through these communication filaments, energetic filaments, light filaments, and, of course, with your intention. Most of all, you do that by being aware that you have that capability and your desire to communicate that. You can talk to your Overbeing, to your Higher Self. They will relay the message "above" you. Talk to your future self/selves all the time. Say: "Here's what's going on here now." The more of you who do that, the better able they will be to calibrate the exact moment, space and location to come in and complete their missions.

We thank you so much. We send you blessings and wish you great Joy of the Light. We are Melora.

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