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Melora through Joanna Neff (Jyoti Alla-An)

MELORA SESSION - 6/28/07 with S.W.

We are Melora, and we welcome you today.Yes, and there's so much going on. We are looking forward to trying to help you with where you are on your own path. All you Lightbearers have a signature resonance that you recognize in each other. Thus, even if you're not from the same soul group you can see that other people are Lightbearers. Shall we begin ?

QUESTION 1: From your perspective, what is the greatest threat, or greatest threats, to the ascension of Earth's light beings?


Our perception is that the greatest threat to Ascension is lack of commitment. This has to be a 100% commitment--not a 50%; not a 70%. There is new information from Solara. . . . Solara is the one who brought forth the information about the 11:11 back in 1992. Recently she reiterated the need for 100% commitment. Our Jyoti hasn't yet realized that this is the main issue. What she is seeing is the results, if you will, of people not being 100% committed. Thus, we have a lot of people who are doing lower-level psychism. This comes out of the unhealed healer syndrome, if you understand.

Being 100% committed to your spiritual path means that you are doing everything you can to heal what you are aware needs to be healed. You are keeping your will intact and saying, "What other ways can I explore to bring about healing in myself? How can I get to this? How can I root this out?" in going to healing and wholeness, because there really are no shortcuts. This is something our Jyoti teaches regarding Reiki. You can supposedly become a Reiki master in a weekend. You will fall for this only if you're foolish enough to believe instant mastery is possible. However, rich Buddhist traditions form the foundations of Reiki, including the Healing Buddha mandala of 22 gates, the first of which is the entrance. There reigns the only goddess of the Buddha mandala. Monks on this path know that they have to go through every step.

When you're attuned to Reiki, Reiki will deal with you (and we'll get back to the original question, but this is part of the context of being committed and not just assuming that because there is so much help, you'll all be lifted out of there and not have to attain the required spiritual growth). The Reiki will deal with you from wherever stage of your own healing you are in and with whatever level you are in your consciousness.

There is an assumption by the ego/personality of those lacking commitment at this time that because of decades of the promise of Ascension--and because people tend to take the easy way out--they don't have to earn their ascension. They don't realize that they've become distracted by the same things that distract more immature souls. Examples would be ego needs, personal agendas in 3rd Dimension, power issues. It is quite complex. Thus, the only "ticket out" is a real, concerted, focused commitment to one's spiritual growth versus becoming enmeshed in material interests, addictions, and these sorts of things. If one does not have the strength to give up something that is harmful to oneself, the message to the Soul is: "I'm not committed."

SW: Okay. Say, the total commitment is still there, but people are still trying to maintain their physical. I'm still aware of my 3-D existence on the planet at this time.

We will give you an example out of our Jyoti's life that, hopefully, will be a demonstration of a principle that is talked about at the end of Volume II of The Sanctus Germanus Prophecies, which our Jyoti mentioned to you. Even when St. Germain walked the Earth he was able to manifest--or to "precipitate"--gold into his hand. Understand that in the New Golden Age that is forecast, for those who have remained committed, and for those who will renew their commitment, gold in the Earth is for a resonance to nurture those who inhabit the Earth--not to be made into gold bars and stored in Fort Knox and in bank vaults.

Once you're clear enough at the Soul level about your soul growth and are committed to that, this is the direction you go: to be able to precipitate what you need to sustain your physical body on Earth. (St. Germain did not get to that point without being committed 100%--and in more than just one lifetime.) Gold is very soft, and actually if you're bringing gold in energetically it would keep disappearing in the physical after you have absorbed its frequency. Through deeper and greater commitment you are able to see reflected in your life the support that you need. This is the short version of what we're trying explain.

Although our Jyoti has been experiencing this, it has taken awhile to register. Because she has been somewhat blocked from receiving information clairvoyantly until recently, she has been surprised to note something new about how she is manifesting her earthly needs. Now when she visualizes what she needs, as that is in alignment with expressing her Soul purpose, what she needs is manifesting virtually "overnight" in the form of having clients. However, this is a result of her increasingly intense understanding of and commitment to her true spiritual path as a healer--without having any personality/ego issues coming in and saying: "I'm struggling! I need . . ." whatever. Again, it's your focus on the path itself and your commitment to staying on that path rather than having those be mere sidelights to your physical survival.

Part of our Jyoti's original question concerned what we perceive should be the focus of her book on Ascension. She has prepared much material about what people attract through certain addictions --pornography being the worst and most insidious addiction right now that is drawing dark entities/ energies to those who indulge in it. However, she has not wanted the book to be some "Doomsday book." She does not want to be focusing on the negative.

In the first half of the book she has planned, essentially, to say: "All of you who are doing lower psychism--here's what you're attracting to yourself. Wake up! Here's how to know whether you're doing lower psychism, what these addictions are pulling to you, and 'the 7 deadly sins' are actually appropriate things not to do today--if you're truly on a spiritual path."

Our Jyoti intends that the second half of her book focus on how to keep your aura healthy. This is key to advancing on your spiritual path because, invariably, when you make choices that attract dark-force entities/ energies, it weakens your aura. Your aura can have holes and tears in it. And so the second half of the book will cover how to heal your aura, including exercises, meditations and resources for that. If you focus on repairing your aura and keeping your aura tone (frequency) high, you can repel these dark forces and help yourself heal from lower-frequency thoughts and emotions that create lower consciousness and disease, and that attract dark entities and energies.

SW: Regarding what might be the most critical for people to know, do you have any suggestions about what Jyoti could include in her book that she hasn't already thought of?

Yes. There are so many books out right now that are focusing on Earth changes and how to survive these. In other words, what do you do to survive in 3-D? Again, the Soul choice is: "I focus on completing my mission here." For example, for our Jyoti it would be healing--at the highest levels--as many people as possible as fast as possible . . . as their Souls will allow. It would be optimal to refine your understanding of your soul purpose and not limit that understanding. For example, in the past two or three years our Jyoti has said: "I want to be able to heal people with a look, a thought, a touch." More recently she has said, "At the Soul level--however long it takes--I want to become a Healing Buddha." Do you see the difference there? This is more the direction we would suggest that people go in aspiring, at the Soul level, to where they want to go.

Our Jyoti said to someone the other day who was worried about her physical survival in the times to come: "Well, I remember in 1991 when I moved down from the mountain, the books were saying 'Pack light . . . because you will be beamed up'. Here it is-2007-and I'm still here!" In the meantime, others have gone into the mode of "Yeah. Yeah. Yada. Yada."

This has contributed to the loss of commitment--part of why Light Workers have become apathetic. They have made their soul growth dependent on whether they're going to be "beamed up"--not on advancing spiritually for its own sake. Soul growth for its own sake.

Again, if you're focusing on physical survival, then you're bringing yourself back into 3rd-density consciousness. This domain is of the ego/ personality, because the ego is your primary tool for surviving in 3rd Dimension. Your mental body is saying through your ego: "How am I going to survive?" Our Jyoti has said to her friends who are reading these same books and who are going into the same mode: "Why are you focusing on your physical survival? You know that at death your soul goes on. Wherever you are in your spiritual development by the time you go through transition in this lifetime is going to determine where you go next."

All of these things will take care of themselves according to your Soul intention. Therefore, why not focus on the highest-possible goal for yourself, which must necessarily be according to your Soul intention--not ego intention. It is so hard not to succumb to such thoughts as How can I complete my work if my body dies? Maybe you've done the best you could, the Earth changes take place and physically you don't make it. That all takes place according to your Soul intention anyway, and so you really will have completed your mission. As long as you remain committed to your spiritual growth and just keep going higher and higher, it just takes care of itself.

The most critical factor is to discover each next step. As you know, our Jyoti has been teaching Reiki again, and in a recent Level-2 workshop, as soon as one of the students arrived that morning, she asked to know more about Master-level Reiki. Our Jyoti asked her why she was jumping ahead already when she hadn't even taken the second level of Reiki yet. Again, we're back to the Healing Buddha mandala as it relates to Reiki: You have to go through each next gate, and the journey between each gate is arduous and sometimes long. You don't jump from gate 1 to gate 15.

Wisdom accrues; it accumulates; it changes. Healing is holographic-- multi-layered and multi-dimensional. We have told people so many times that probably the best request you can make of your guides is: "What is my next step?" And then each next step: "What is my next step NOW?" Instead of "When will I find my soul mate?" and other distractions from your path.

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QUESTION 2: Jyoti would also like you to comment on the separation between Personality and Soul that she keeps finding not only among those for whom she is doing soul clearances [negative entity removal] but also among well-developed psychics. Is this disconnect between these people and their Higher Selves in your perception? How and why has this occurred, and what can be done about it?


Luckily this comes right out of our Jyoti's experience. As you may recall from past sessions, there has always been this issue of her being separated from her own Higher Self. More recently in a session with you she even asked: "Is my Higher Self retarded or something?" [laughs] Well, that's our typical Jyoti. You know. Thus, she had believed in the past year that she had fully reconnected with her Higher Self. However, every time she began a session, the first thing she asked was whether she was, indeed, connected with her Higher Self, and she kept getting "No."

What she eventually discovered through something that was going on with her and with one of her local teachers--and what may well be going on with you--is alien technology aimed at Light Workers. This technology is aimed at a certain range of consciousness in order to suppress the abilities, the confidence, and even the financial support of people of certain consciousness levels. That is: frequencies broadcast to suppress Light Workers.

The results were feelings of "Why should I bother?" Confusion. After speaking with her friend and teacher, that friend mentioned another Light Worker in a surrounding town who had been experiencing the same symptoms. They rightly assumed that this was affecting many, many more than just the three of them. This should tell you how powerful this technology is. They all were experiencing intense self-doubt: "I'd better throw in the towel, because I can't trust my own intuition, my own dowsing or my Higher Self," and so forth.

Over the phone, Jyoti and her friend asked the highest-possible beings of the Light to remove this technology from anyone whose Higher Selves permitted it. Our Jyoti then was able to discover that she was also afflicted with other dark-force alien technology that required even-higher-level intervention to remove. (To prevent discovery by the very beings who originated this technology, our Jyoti wishes neither to discuss the exact types of technology nor their remedies at this time.)

We are answering the question in that alien technologies are being used in the dark forces' last-ditch effort to keep people from ascending, to keep people from being able to get rid of them through entity removal and other means, and to suppress Light Workers' abilities to see clearly and stay on their path. More importantly, this is directly affecting people's ability to trust their Higher Selves. If they do not trust their Higher Selves, they may choose to disconnect--or to "go around" or "above" their Higher Selves. The problem here is that your Higher Self is your direct link with the Divine. It is your direct link to higher aspects of you and to you as expressed in other lifetimes. If you do not have access to these other aspects of yourself, you cannot heal them; nor can they be resources for you in "attaining" higher consciousness.

Separation between Personality and Soul has happened because of people's wounding--especially in childhood--and soul fragmentation (and because of the gifts people have brought in with their current physical embodiments). They're choosing what feels more powerful. They have forgotten that the
real empowerment is mastery of the Self--not power over others. In any given lifetime, real power comes from adherence to Soul intention for the purpose of soul growth.

What happened to our Jyoti so long ago is that, in an ancient lifetime, her soul was put into a machine by dark forces, and she said to the Divine, essentially, "F--- you, that you let this happen! I don't believe in you anymore because you let this happen to me." Part of her ability to reconnect with her High Self and the Divine was because of the work that a friend and mentor did in discovering that our Jyoti's soul was put into a machine, and then clearing out all energetic traces and healing all the wounds around that.

Again, it's all about "Am I looking to my own healing? Am I going as high as I can and using all the resources I can?" starting with the High Self. This is your hub of communication to all higher-dimensional beings and to the Divine. We will give you an example. Someone emailed our Jyoti and said: "I'm being afflicted by Reptilians. Can you get rid of them?" Our Jyoti responded by giving this person her own impressions of what was going on and adding that only in an examination could she really determine the extent of the affliction. Our Jyoti honestly cautioned that, therefore, she could not guarantee removal of the Reptilian influences. (Our Jyoti is also well aware of karmic and other considerations that require Soul permission to clear.)

The person took exception to this and emailed back: "I should have told you who I am. Here is the link to my website," etc. This person seemed quite ego invested in the fact that she is an established psychic, and so forth. This left our Jyoti wondering why, then, this accomplished psychic asked for her help in the first place. (By the way, it is a very beautiful website . . .) Thus, this psychic said: "I am not interested, at this time, if you can't guarantee that you can get rid of them."

Jyoti had already indicated, in her first email response, that this person needed to go higher in the work she is doing. However, that person's ego said, "Well, forget it, then!" Out of compassion, our Jyoti did some free clearing work for this psychic and discovered that the psychic is disconnected from her Higher Self. It's like Frank Sinatra singing "I Did It My Way."

Your Higher Self is the hub through which you access your vertical soul hierarchy, Ascended Masters and the Divine (who always honor your free-will choices). However, if you need to do it "your way," lower-astral entities love to affix to you and to all the clients you work with! Again, what we're hearing is that if you're not focused on--if you're not committed to--your higher soul intention, you will not honestly be able to look at yourself and say, "Uh oh! I'm into my ego/personality here", and "Uh oh! I think I might have an 'Archangel Michael' pretender here. I might be passing dark entities on to my clients like a virus instead of looking to my own healing and wholeness and to their healing and wholeness."

The problem is that this sort of situation is now rampant. Jyoti asked about this in one of her other questions about that chasm she has "seen" widening between those of lower consciousness and those of higher consciousness. Our Jyoti has seen visions of those Hieronymus-Bosch-type paintings of people being escorted to hell by dozens of demons. Our Jyoti has perceived this chasm getting wider and wider, faster and faster, between those who are going to "make it" and those who aren't.

Millions of more-mature souls (not actually mature souls) who are "above" immature souls are trying to become mature souls. These millions are in danger of dropping back, and our Jyoti sees this as their being pulled down the drain along with the immature souls. If you are wishing to know whether you are among these, you would do well to ask your Higher Self: "Please help me be clear and stay on my path. What is my next step?" Merely asking these questions is a good sign, because those other millions of people are not asking them.

SW: Again, it's ego and "It's about me," and "I'm the only one who's gonna be saved. Join me."

Right. And the agenda in the past has been "I'm gonna be beamed up, so I want to be ready and I want to be in a good space." However, when it wasn't happening, high numbers of Lightbearers lost sight of the fact that spiritual growth is an end in itself. AND it is ongoing! This is regardless of what is happening on the Earth.

QUESTION 3: Jyoti keeps hearing "Time is running out." She understands that this doesn't mean the end of time but the end times. Could you please comment on this?

We perceive the end times as the starting point of events--especially physical Earth changes--and the fall of the World Economy, based on millennia of control by Reptilian and other dark-force entities. [See David Icke's books.] The end times are the end of the prevailing dark forces on the Earth. Then there will be a "shift of the pendulum," which is going to take a relatively "long time," as you can imagine. The end times are really when you have the end of the old and the ushering-in of the new. This is what ushering in the Age of Aquarius is all about.

We're also hearing that the timeline for these end-time events is synching-up more perectly with the prophecies of the last 30 or 40 years. As we have mentioned before, it can be difficult for Higher-Dimensional beings to get in-synch with Time because they are bound neither by Time nor Space. However, channels of the Master St. Germain like Michael Mau are now able to bring in timeline information that is more accurate than ever before. We would interpret our Jyoti's hearing: "Time is running out. Time is running out" in the following way. As we said about the events of 9/11, there are major forces in higher dimensions that these events parallel. The major forces that parallel those going on in higher dimensions is the victory of Light over Dark. The "battles" going on in higher dimensions with the Galactic Federation, the Intergalactic Federation, are reflected in what's happening on Earth in your now and what will happen on the Earth in your future.

Time is running out regarding the movement of these enormous forces and the results of their "engagement" as that reflects in Earth events. These effects must filter down through the dimensions to the Earth because of the unmanageable number of immature souls who have incarnated there.

CLEANSING OF THE ASTRAL PLANE (and of our Astral Bodies)

Michael Mau has brought forth in The Sanctus Germanus Prophecies that the astral plane and your astral bodies will be cleansed in the imminent "end times." In Volume 2, Michael Mau includes new information about Astral Shells. Jyoti regularly finds these attached to people when she's doing soul clearances. When a person dies, their astral body is supposed to disintegrate. If they are inordinately attached to the earthly life they just left, particularly if there were addictions, what is left of the person's astral body (as an astral shell) can take on a life of its own. It can actually "acquire" consciousness and attach to people. People who do black magic and voodoo can conjure up these astral shells and control them. [Also see Barbara Hand Clow's book: The Mayan Code. - J.N.]

In his book, Michael Mau describes how dark-force aliens are able, through some kind of non-physical electrical devices, to make these astral shells walk the earth and attach to soul-less people. There are soul-less people on the earth--more of them all the time! This is just the tip of the iceberg of what our Jyoti and others are discovering about what's holding people back.

Other authors besides Michael Mau are disclosing that these dark-force beings know their rule, and influence, on the Earth is coming to an end because this has already happened on higher planes! They know that they're going to be defeated by the Forces of Light. Being evil as they are, they will try to take as many out with them, and keep as many down, as they can before they are ejected out of the Earth plane.

According to The Sanctus Germanus Prophecies, the astral plane will be cleansed and people's astral bodies will be cleansed (if they are of a high-enough light quotient). Eventually the astral plane will be dismantled, disintegrated. There will be no more astral plane. Although we do not do prophecy ourselves, we will tell you that in the St. Germain books it says that by the end of 2007 there will occur the economic upheavals that have been forecast. The corrupt economic systems of the world will take a major hit. Then there is the strong suggestion that "Lightbearers" move to specific higher-altitude locations on various continents. These areas include the Colorado plateau-specifically Boulder-because of the Earth changes coming.

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